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01:04<i-make-robots>Woet - hi. eh... I force browser cache to 30 minutes via cloudflare, and my nameservers are set to cloudflare. not sure what else I can do. I followed their startup documentation.
01:04<i-make-robots>the cacheing level is standard
01:05<Woet>i-make-robots: stop making your webserver send headers telling cloudflare not to cache it
01:05<Woet>i-make-robots: also, you have several dynamic elements on your site, why would you want it cached?
01:05<i-make-robots>lemme see what I can do.
01:05<i-make-robots>frankly, I didn't want dynamic elements.
01:06<Woet>get rid of your shopping basket then
01:06<Woet>i'm not sure why you're so focused on caching
01:06<Woet>just fix the performance first
01:09<i-make-robots>yes please! I'm trying to fix the load time, I don't care if it's via cacheing or performance. I tried all the performance tricks I could think of and then moved on to caching
01:09<i-make-robots>I checked for slow sql queries, high ram usage, high CPU... didn't find anything.
01:12<i-make-robots>actually... the server generally runs at about 20% CPU. often higher. so... maybe that could be lower.
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02:09<i-make-robots>Turned off a bunch of plugins, seems to have helped a bit. Several more theme-based I can't get rid of yet.
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06:08<Guest1777>im in china and i need a jp server,mostly used by person. i wanna know the speed if i use shadowsocks
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09:34<Woet>that's a depressing lack of international events
09:35<Abi12>gah. Is 11ms reasonable to search for 1 row within 24,000?
09:35<Woet>it's 11ms
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09:36<Abi12>Maybe I'm expecting too much. I'm not satisfied with it.
09:36<Woet>you didn't mention the software either
09:36<Abi12>I'm pretty sure that whole data set is being stored in memory.
09:36<Woet>csv? mysql? elasticsearch? mongodb?
09:36<Woet>just setting up the connection itself would probably be 5-6 ms
09:37<Woet>how long does "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE "%version%";" take
09:37<Woet>or "STATUS"
09:38<Abi12>5 ms
09:40<Abi12>The first query takes 1 ms.
09:41<Abi12>I wonder if I should look at the code? It's honestly just 1 insert and 1 select involving an inner join.
09:46<Woet>no, you should look at something more useful than this extreme micro-optimizating ;)
09:46<Woet>unless you're working on the homepage or something else with a few million visits per second, it's not worth the effort.
09:49<Abi12>I was just doing it because I had some extra free time. 11ms is fine considering they only get a few thousand visitors a day.
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11:21<Palosanto>i was just wonder if anyone can help me with an issue that im having
11:21<grawity>generally, that requires us to know what issue you're having exactly
11:21<Palosanto>ehhh.. yes of course
11:21<Palosanto>you see, i have a client
11:22<Palosanto>that have their hosting service with me, and i have all the managment of all the emails accounts
11:22<Palosanto>in this case is only one that i dont know why i cant open the webmail of an user
11:23<grawity>what webmail system (and mail system in general) are you using?
11:23<Palosanto>but if i configure the email in a mail client like outlook it works fine.. but when i try to open the mail through webmail, it looks like it open but it shows me an error: username and password incorrect
11:24<Palosanto>i tried also with Horde
11:24<Palosanto>and squirrel mail
11:24<Palosanto>but nothing...
11:25<grawity>then webmail is probably not your problem
11:25<grawity>all these clients contact your mail server via IMAP, does it show anything special in its logs?
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11:27<NYC_Corey>Hello. New to this and not sure if this is the right place. But I have a D6 site and am looking for a develloper to address Drupalgeddon2 issue.
11:47<Palosanto>just a lots of intents of log ing
11:47<Palosanto>log in
11:48<Palosanto>ok, there is also another thing
11:48<Palosanto>this email was hacked
11:48<Palosanto>we realized that it was sending a lot of spam
11:48<Palosanto>so we proceed to change its password
11:49<Palosanto>and after that , the user cant open the mail through webmail
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13:18<Naeem>Can you send me url to connect with linode support team?
13:19<millisa>But if it's not something account specific, someone here may be able to assist...
13:20<Naeem>actually it is account's specific
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15:05<rj>i recived 523 error
15:06<millisa>You'll need to give some context and ask as question
15:06<rj>I am facing this error Error 523: Origin is unreachable
15:06<rj>Cloudflare said If you're the owner of this website: Check your DNS Settings. A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. The most common cause is that your DNS settings are incorrect. Please contact your hosting provider to confirm your origin IP and then make sure the correct IP is listed for your A record in your Cloudflare DNS Settings page.
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15:07<millisa>Ok, did you check to see if your web server is reachable?
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15:08<rj>yes my linode server is running
15:08<millisa>That isn't what I asked.
15:08<millisa>Can you reach the web service via the IP you are giving to cloudflare?
15:10<rj>This site can’t be reached
15:10<millisa>So login to your linode and check if your web services are running, if they are look at the logs to see what they say
15:11<rj>in which tab am find these details\
15:12<rj>due to ip i am not able to enter my webuzo panel
15:16<rj>Succefully login
15:16<rj>via ssh
15:16<millisa>Are your webservices running? What do your logs say?
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15:56<Portland_Luggag>Good afternoon
15:57<Portland_Luggag>My company is experiencing a case of fraud by one of your customers
15:57<Portland_Luggag>I work for and these four sites are using our business address to conduct credit card fraud
15:57<millisa>Sounds like you are looking for abuse
15:58<Portland_Luggag>Yes but they haven't responded in several days
15:58<millisa>If you wrote them about it, give them a call. Linode folks are nice.
15:58<Portland_Luggag>Okay sounds great
15:58*nate wonders if the abuse dept works on non-business days
15:58<dwfreed>abuse is 24/7 just like support
15:59<millisa>It *is* national puzzle day.
15:59<nate>dwfreed: wasn't sure, several days for abuse delay seemed kinda weird but it was also just the weekend
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15:59<dwfreed>Linode isn't going to let a phishing site stay running just because it's the weekend
16:00<dwfreed>also, all of those sites are behind cloudflare
16:01<millisa>wonder how they determined they were linode customers. all those sites point at cloudflare that I can see
16:01<dwfreed>so I'm not sure how they know they're Linodes
16:01<millisa>dang it.
16:03<nate>maybe linode already handled it and they just switched around
16:03<nate>or maybe using linode DNS?
16:03<millisa>looked, didn't seem to be the case
16:04<dwfreed>all 4 are using cloudflare for DNS too
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20:58<jengra>hola alguien que hable español
21:01<millisa>Most of us are english speakers
21:02<jengra>I will deal with the translator
21:03<jengra>my problem is that my server linode is weighing 100% and my base only weighs 80 mb
21:04<nuevu>Are you concerned that the Manager shows that you are using 100% of your disk? If so, that's just saying that you have allocated 100% of the disk to the server, not that you're using all of it.
21:06<millisa>A command like 'df' would show you your disk usage in the linode. You could use 'du' or 'ncdu' to see what is using the space
21:08<jengra>nuevu, yes is in the storage option and when I do an update it goes down to 60%
21:13<millisa>You are talking about this: ?
21:15<jengra>yes millisa
21:16<millisa>Are you wanting to use more of that space?
21:16<jengra>mine is 100%
21:17<millisa>That means you have allocated all of the provisioned space to the linode. If you want more, you would need to resize the linode.
21:18<millisa>The steps for resizing are here:
21:18<jengra>the server did not respond, I realized that I was 100% and asked for updates to make them and lower to 60%
21:20<jengra>that is my doubt because the percentage drops when the linen is updated
21:22<millisa>Step 7 of the link above tells you how to use the new space after a resize
21:26<jengra>Thank you millisa
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22:02<linbot>New news from community: How do I install MailWizz on a Linode? <>
22:15<millisa>Hypothetical moral/ethics question. Say I spinup a linode, setup a web server that supports vhosts. The default vhost dumps to a 'not configured' page, and then I setup my vhosts explicitly for my intended domains. Then I notice in the logs:
22:16<millisa>There's not just one name, but many dozens of domains all showing up in the default vhost. Someone was likely doing some form of shared hosting at the IP at some point
22:17<millisa>Ethical to start serving content on those misdirected domains? I dunno, ad content, something that isn't just 'not configured'?
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22:19<millisa>(Hypothetically, I'm at least adjusting the robots.txt to maybe try to curtail some of the aggressive crawlers that might pay attention)
22:19<millisa>thenickb: Howdy
22:20<thenickb>Is there a way to test out managed linode for free for a short period of time?
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22:23<millisa>thenickb: Outside of it mentioning that there is no contract/obligation, there's not much on the managed page about trial/moneyback guarantee.
22:24<thenickb>Yeah, that's what I'm finding. I was hoping for a short trial so I can check it out for some clients.
22:24<thenickb>Thanks for looking!
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