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06:13<Nick>I need help
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06:18<rsdehart>must not have been urgent enough to prompt a question
06:18<rsdehart>probably just a heads-up for us
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08:38<dzho>where in the world is Woet today?
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10:05<John>How can you defend terminating when they only used you for DNS?
10:09<nate>John: I doubt they're going to go into a customers records, however that ticket seems to say enough to me. "considering the history of the account", implies this isn't exactly the first rodeo
10:11<John>So they got the same kind of invalid complaints before, so what? If they only use DNS then there is no reason to accept any kind of takedown request.
10:14<John>A company should stick up for their customers when possible, not bow down just because Zuckerberg said jump!
10:20<hawk>The tweet mentions DMCA, but is it really about DMCA? Not a word about it in the screenshot of the ticket and it doesn't make sense.
10:22<synfinatic>the tweet seems to be using "DMCA" in the general "someone else complained to our provider and took down our content" not the specific law
10:22<synfinatic>in this case, it appears to be a ToS violation
10:22<hawk>synfinatic: That's what I suspect that they actually meant, but DMCA is rather specific.
10:23<synfinatic>it's becoming like "googled" or "xerox"
10:23<John>No content was taken down. Again, Linode was only used for DNS, the URLs in the complaints still work because the content is served by another provider.
10:23<synfinatic>at least that's my educated guess based on the info provided
10:24<synfinatic>I get that. but I also get that such nuances tend to fall on deaf ears.
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10:30<John>The only thing I can think of is in the Acceptable Use Policy: 5: Offensive Content You may not publish, transmit or store on or via the Linode network or equipment any content or links to any content that in Linode's belief: ... or violates a person's privacy. But again, no such content was transferred.
10:32<synfinatic>frankly it could of also just been: "you rent a single $5/mo server and we get a lot of these complaints. frankly, we're losing money dealing with these complaints so off you go"
10:33<John>But if that is the case, what does that say about the company? Why should I support them?
10:34<synfinatic>so one could argue that the data is transfered "via the linode network" due to DNS and the doxxing is a privacy violation. so that would fit the ToS
10:34<synfinatic>"via the linode network" != "over the linode network"
10:35<synfinatic>but just splitting hairs. the ToS means whatever Linode wants the ToS to mean at the end of the day.
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10:36<John>They also mention "links" and linking to Google will technically get you anywhere in one more step but let's drop that part. The problem is siding with a 3rd-party instead of their customer.
10:36<synfinatic>Note: i'm not supporting / defending Linode. I would of preferred them to not kick them off.
10:37<synfinatic>but I fully believe Linode had the _right_ to kick them off
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10:38<synfinatic>and you, I or anyone else who is a Linode customer who doesn't like it to leave Linode for another VPS vendor
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10:38<John>I don't disagree with that, that's why they have a ToS.
10:40<synfinatic>i also seriously doubt linode will provide more details about what / why. Maybe a few vague comments, but you're not going to get a blow by blow explaination.
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10:41<John>I'm more interested in the big picture. First they came for XYZ, then they came for ... etc.
10:46<synfinatic>I don't know the history. I do know if I was running archive I would be talking in advance with my providers and understanding how they might interpret their ToS when complaints arise and only working with those that could confirm I was good. I fully admit that can be difficult unless you're big enough. If you're not big enough, then diversity is key.
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10:47<ns412>Hello everyone. I am doing the Linode tutorial and just seeing if this works. Sorry for the disturbance.
10:48<synfinatic>hi ns412. welcome
10:48<ns412>Thanks synfinatic. Can you tell me more about what linode is?
10:49<John>synfinatic: And quickly moved to a different provider and their service was never interupted. The only end result was me losing trust in Linode.
10:49<synfinatic>Linode is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider. specifically targeting Linux instances
10:50<dzho>well, there's also the "linode no longer has a customer that it didn't find worth $5/month"
10:51<dzho>and my guess is any further push on this will only go down on the negative side of that accounting.
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10:51<synfinatic>John that's reasonable I suppose. I guess a lot of that depends on what kind of content you serve via Linode. I've been with Linode for years. I've had a few conversations with support re: complaints in the past. I found them reasonable and never did I worry about being kicked off.
10:51<ns412>Thanks, I'm going to continue the tutorial and learn more about IRC. Are there any good channels or servers you'd recommend I check out? I'm a DC-based web developer looking to learn more about cybersecurity.
10:53<synfinatic>cybersecurity is a really big/broad topic :) Linode is great if you want experience running a public service (like a web server). I would not recommend doing things like port scans or vuln scans from Linode servers if you're thinking along those lines.
10:53<dzho>ns412 in the More Information section from the link you posted, there's a link to another big IRC network, freenode.
10:54<dzho>The link to OFTC is broken, alas, but truncating it to the main site works
10:55<ns412>It is! And I'm very much a beginner. I've felt a little behind on understanding security for my web apps or mobile apps, and I've gotten some flak from my colleagues about some security flaws. So I don't quite know where to begin, but I'm just looking for some basic tutorial.
10:55<ns412>Thanks dzho, I will check it out
10:56<dzho>ns412: maybe has some stuff you'd find useful?
10:56<ns412>Looks interesting, thank you!
10:56<dzho>they have a channel on freenode, looks like
10:57<synfinatic>OWASP is a good start then. also reading up on "secure coding practices"
10:57<synfinatic>you can find books / articles specific to the languages you're using as well as more general purpose content.
10:58<synfinatic>i'd start with the OWASP Development Guide
10:59<ns412>This is all very helpful. I program in Django and so many things are taken care of 'out of the box' that I have gotten lazy about understanding exactly what's happening behind the scenes.
10:59<ns412>The OWASP Development Guide looks very good, thanks for the recommendation.
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11:10<dzho>if that was legit it was better work for #linode than we often get done
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11:25<trippeh_>oh hey, new node landed on a EPYC host.
11:25<trippeh_>seems to work.
11:26<csnxs>a processor processing processes? how odd
11:29<trippeh_>heh ok a kernel oops when using "perf stat"
11:30<Peng_>so it's not processing processes
11:30<csnxs>well not anymore
11:36<trippeh_>probably just my kernel beeing silly on zen
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12:22<trippeh_>performance seems fine, so thats good. slightly edges out the E5v3's on PHP 7.2. ofc no idea how much noise my neighbours are making.
12:23<trippeh_>no meltdown and l1tf probably helps :p
12:23<trippeh_>just some spectres
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21:04<Unit193>Got something against horses being on IRC, mcintosh?
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21:12<@mcintosh>only when they're hackers
21:12<@mcintosh>that's illegal
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