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01:32<linbot>New news from community: root password issue on coreos <>
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04:01<dwfreed>Happy Linode Billing Day!
04:09<erik>indeed it is. Yet another opportunity to pay for the excellent service
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04:32<linbot>New news from community: I recently split some video using ffmpeg on my Linode. Why did my network usage spike? <>
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12:19<FluffyFoxeh>Apparently I paid Linode $435 USD in 2018
12:22<FluffyFoxeh>it'd be nice if I could pay in CAD and not have to eat the exchange fees :3
12:22<FluffyFoxeh>(though I realize that's probably not practical for the company)
12:24<tmberg>FluffyFoxeh: 403284209480 Linodes? :D
12:24<FluffyFoxeh>tmberg: no, just ~3
12:25<tmberg>FluffyFoxeh: =)
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13:31<linuxgeek>hey guys, is there a problem with snapshot process in linode?
13:31<millisa>you'd be the first to mention it
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13:31<Guest69>Its running for the last 3 hours
13:32<Guest69>i had tried to stop the process as well after 3 hours
13:32<Guest69>and its still in running status
13:32<Guest69>looks like its stuck. Is it safe to boot server while snapshot is in running status?
13:32<Guest69>Opened a support ticket, but no response yet
13:33<Guest69>any help would be much appreciated
13:34<millisa>You are talking about the manual backup, right? (not images?) I just kicked one of mine off that normally takes 5 mins and will let you know if it doesn't finish.
13:34<Guest69>Im talking about manual snapshot from "Backup" tab
13:34<Guest69>ok thank you
13:35<Guest69>im sure something is wrong
13:35<millisa>how long do your automatic backups take?
13:35<Guest69>30 mints max
13:36<Guest69>i have seen so many failures in backups recently
13:36<Guest69>i mean auto backup failure
13:36<Guest69>i can see tickets opened and closed by linode team saying that it will be corrected
13:37<Guest69>Its happening for the last 1 week
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13:38<Guest69>mm got an update from support now.
13:38<millisa>the manual backup I kicked off 4 mins ago is mostly done (in 'needsPostProcessing' right now)
13:38<millisa>so, not a widespread issue
13:38<Guest69>as per the tech, there is some problem with backup server
13:38<Guest69>and hence its causing issues
13:38<millisa>sounds reasonable to me
13:39<Guest69>yes, not a widespread issue
13:39<Guest69>bad luck. I was about to perform a disk upgrade and wanted to take a snapshot to be on safe side
13:39<Guest69>looks like it wont work till they fix backup server issue
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13:40<millisa>it'd cost you money, but you could temporarily spinup a clone of the linode if you don't want to wait on the backup process
13:42<Guest69>okay got it. I have already subscribed to backups
13:43<Guest69>its showing some as successful
13:43<Guest69>im not sure if they are really successfull
13:43<Guest69>as it says backup server has isues
13:46<millisa>You can spinup a linode from one of those successful backups if you want to test them (I would even argue you *should* be doing that regularly)
13:54<Guest69>ok sure
13:54<Guest69>now new problem, the server is not booting
13:54<Guest69>looks like its also stuck
13:55<Guest69>looks like the node where the server is running is having so many issues
13:56<Guest69>anyone from support team here who can look into this?
13:57<Guest69>Server is down for more than 3 and half hours
14:22<Guest69>can someone boot my server please?
14:23<Guest69>noone from support?
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14:23<Guest69>linode support was far better earlier. Now its like noone is there to check and reply to tickets
14:26<sciv>Guest69: you can boot it yourself from the manager
14:27<sciv>oh, nvm, i didn't read backlog fully
14:27<Guest69>its still showing waiting for booting. I cant do anything from linode manager
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14:27<Guest69>only they can do something.
14:29<Guest69>System Boot - Server Entered: 44 minutes 41 seconds ago - Waiting...
14:37<millisa>you could call them
14:40<Guest69>sure. Trying it now
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14:54<linbot>New news from community: Can other nodes capture network traffic between my nodes? <>
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16:22<FluffyFoxeh>this might be distro-specific (I use Debian), but how would I schedule my linode to reboot later? Only once, not recurring
16:23<nuevu>FluffyFoxeh: Something like: shutdown -h 19:13
16:24<nuevu>I guess you want reboot, not halt though
16:24<Peng_>turn in Lassie in the Linode manager, then use halt. :P
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16:24<FluffyFoxeh>oh yeah shutdown can take a time argument
16:24<Peng_>Or use at to execute a Linode API call :D
16:25<FluffyFoxeh>I forgot about at as well
16:25<FluffyFoxeh>also if I'm using at to execute something I would just execute reboot :p
16:26<FluffyFoxeh>nuevu: shutdown -r is a thing, right?
16:26<nuevu>Indeed it is
16:27<Peng_>Can the host tell the difference between a reboot and a halt now?
16:29<nuevu>I'm pretty sure Lassie gets excited about both.
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16:45<linbot>New news from community: Trouble with outbound networking connection with Dockerhub <>
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