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01:06<FluffyFoxeh>I'm old here
01:11<Peng_>big mood
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04:24<Jay_>why is ipv6 broken so often on linodes?
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04:28<Jay_>most new linodes i create, ipv6 doesn't work, then it suddenly starts working, then breaks again - standard ubunut 16.04 image
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04:34<dwfreed>we're going to need more information
04:34<Donatello>Hi guys, is there a way to quickly switch accounts/profiles using the linode-cli command line tool? I know I can edit the .linode-cli config file and replace the [DEFAULT] section manually, but does the tool have such a command, can't seem to find any help in docs on this.
04:35<dwfreed>don't think so
04:35<dwfreed>I would make the file a symlink to different files
04:35<dwfreed>eg, have a .linode-cli.donatello and a, and then symlink .linode-cli to the appropriate file
04:36<Donatello>Thanks dwfreed, I think that is a good enough solution for now, thanks for the tip.
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05:23<trippeh_>"i've not seen overloaded hosts in a while on linode" i told someone the other day. totally jinxed it. just got assigned two overloaded hosts in a row.
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05:54<Darq>Is this chat active?
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10:24<arungp>I have lost my 2FA codes
10:24<arungp>Could someone here in support help me to recover them
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13:08<ebservices>Hey, If I want to setup multiple websites on linode and average visits per websites are 500 per month, how many websites can Linode 2GB handle ?
13:08<millisa>between 1 and several million.
13:08<grawity>that's like ~16/day, or ~0.7/hour, per website?
13:09<grawity>I would say "a lot"
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13:09<millisa>they are pretty meaningless metrics, regardless.
13:09<ebservices>wordpress websites btw
13:10<millisa>The nice thing is you can guess, and be wrong. Linodes are easy to resize.
13:10<ebservices>@grawity : how much approx are lot ?
13:10<grawity>exact amount depends on how much disk space each site needs, and whether you have any plugins or stuff for caching etc I guess
13:10<grawity>but I'd guess well into the hundreds
13:11<ebservices>Ok, lets say each website have 500MB of data
13:11<grawity>look up how much disk space the "Linode 2G" plan gives you
13:12<grawity>subtract ~5 GB from that, for the OS itself
13:12<grawity>divide the remaining space by 500M
13:12<ebservices>I am not worried about disk space or bandwidth. I just want to how many websites can Linode 2GB handle smoothly ?
13:12<ebservices>approx count
13:12<ebservices>what do you think ?
13:13<millisa>the amount of memory used by the database service and the php processes during your highest simultaneous user period will likely be the limit you'd hit first...
13:14<ebservices>will be simple websites. Can anyone give me approx number ?
13:14<csnxs>between 0 and infinity
13:15<smallclone>no, no one can give you a specific number. there are too many variables.
13:17<linbot>New news from community: Can't SSH via PuTTy <>
13:17<ebservices>Keep complex calculations aside. I just want approximation for simple wordpress websites, avg. 500MB of data, 1000 visits per month. Ok, I can store as many websites as Linode 2GB disk space provides but how many websites can run smoothly with approx these variables ?
13:18<smallclone>the answer is probably as many as you can store without running into issues due to low disk space
13:18<ebservices>@smallclone : what are the imp variables which can affect linode performance seriously ?
13:18<smallclone>you're not getting that many visits so
13:18<grawity>there's CPU usage
13:18<grawity>but with such low amounts of visits it's not really a factor
13:18<smallclone>same thing with memory
13:19<csnxs>i think the best answer is "try it and find out for yourself"
13:19<smallclone>if anything i would say the 1GB of memory is going to be more of an issue than CPU, but again - with so few visits it's unlikely to be an issue
13:19<ebservices>Ok, thanks. :)
13:19<smallclone>err 2GB
13:19<ebservices>got it
13:21<ebservices>Is it a good idea to setup cpanel on linode and host all websites there ? I have a small development firm and instead of using shared hosting, can I setup all my websites on one linode including all services a standard cpanel provides?
13:25<ebservices>anyone ?
13:25<millisa>Cpanel can run on a linode. If you like cpanel and want to dedicate resources to running it, go for it.
13:27<ebservices>anyone familiar with hostinger cpanel ? I would love to have all those services. Anyone know any reference guide to setup a cpanel like that ?
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13:32<ebservices>anyone familiar with hostinger cpanel ? I would love to have all those services. Anyone know any reference guide to setup a cpanel like that ?
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18:48<frodeborli>Good evening. I got an email saying that may physical host had a problem. And then I got an email saying the problem was resolved - but my Linode is still down 1 hour after the problem was supposed to be fixed. I'm worried that the case was closed and that nobody is working on it anymore.
18:48<dwfreed>the host probably got rebooted, and Linodes are coming up now
18:48<dwfreed>can't start all the Linodes on a host at once
18:48<dwfreed>the processors would explode
18:49<frodeborli>dwfreed: Should that take more than one hour?
18:49<dwfreed>it can
18:49<dwfreed>do you have a "Host-initiated restart" job?
18:49<frodeborli>There is a failed "Lassie initiated boot 2 hours and 39 minutes ago. But nothing after that.
18:50<frodeborli>I got the "problem resolved" email one hour ago.
18:50<dwfreed>what's the failure message for the lassie job?
18:50<frodeborli>Linode failed to boot for unknown reason.
18:51<frodeborli>But that start job was entered shortly before "A problem was detected on the physical host"
18:52<frodeborli>So the order of things is "Linode failed to boot for unknown reason. " then "We have detected an issue affecting the physical host on which your Linode resides." then "The issue affecting your Linode's physical host has been resolved, and no further action is required at this time. ".
18:52<dwfreed>try issuing a boot
18:53<dwfreed>it might not have gotten marked to be rebooted after the host came back because it was technically "powered off" at the time of the host reboot
18:53<frodeborli>There is no "Boot" button, because the yellow error poster is up "An issue affecting the physical host this Linode resides on has been detected."
18:53<dwfreed>log into lish, issue boot from there
18:53<frodeborli>dwfreed: The "Remote Access" tab is unavailable.
18:54<Peng_>It is?
18:54<frodeborli>Yes, when I click "Remote Access" I immediately return to Dashboard
18:56<frodeborli>Peng_: That last message was for you. I'm unable to click the Remote Access tab - because it goes straight to Dashboard.
18:59<frodeborli>Peng_: Now the Remote Access tab is working.
18:59<frodeborli>dwfreed: Thank you. I was able to access Lish
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19:50<frodeborli> How many hours must I expect to wait before my server boots?
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20:24<dwfreed>frodeborli: if it's been 2 hours since they said the host was fixed and you're still not booted, a ticket is probably appropriate
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23:51<gabriel1>May i know how to operate this software properly?
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