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01:56<cj>hi, can i ask for help here?
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01:57<cj>how can i find the cpanel and phpmyadmin here in linode? i am new in this. i just messed up a wordpress website theme, and i am trying to revert it back to default by accessing the database
01:59<dwfreed>Linode provides an unmanaged server; you'd only have cpanel and/or phpmyadmin if you installed them
01:59<cj>can it be found inside linode dashboard?
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02:01<cj>where do i find it? i just don't know
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02:01<dwfreed>you should ask your sysadmin, probably
02:04<cj>thank you
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03:59<Naveen>i need help
04:02<linbot>Naveen: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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04:06<isthissupport_>is this where you go for help? or support?
04:07<linbot>isthissupport_: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
04:07<isthissupport_>does linode allow ddos attacks to be sent from there servers?
04:08<Naveen>my website as ""
04:08<dwfreed>why in the world would they?
04:08<dwfreed>isthissupport_: ^
04:08<Naveen>it is not going currently
04:08<isthissupport_>I was flooded by the IP with possible tcp or icmp flood. it is a linode connection.
04:08<dwfreed>!to isthissupport_ abuse
04:09<isthissupport_>i just looked this page up and tried to find a contact asap thanks for the email i will contact via email now thank you
04:10<dwfreed>Naveen: your webserver is redirecting to https, but not listening on port 443; you should fix that
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04:11<Naveen>how i fixed it could you give me suggesstion
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04:20<Woet>Naveen: are you sure an unmanaged Linux VPS is right for you?
04:22<Naveen>i have no idea about this
04:22<Naveen>before a day site is going perfetly
04:22<Naveen>but today i checked then error is showing "unable to connect"
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04:28<Woet>Naveen: okay, and it's up to you, the system administrator, to login and resolve it.
04:29<Woet>Naveen: just like it's up to you to install, configure, maintain, secure and update the server.
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04:35<bob>does linode host the domain
04:38<dwfreed>doesn't look like it?
04:43<bob>the owner mentions linode
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05:05<Woet>bye bob
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05:10<linbot>New news from community: I am getting an error "Server refused to allocate pty" <>
05:15<Peng_>Why did bob ask that
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06:51<chesty>I think bob asked that because mentioned linode disabled their dns server due to dmca, but I read the tweet thread he posted and epik made me cringe with their buzzword speak.
08:16<rsdehart>120% UPTIME
08:19<chesty>host your strategic domains on our industrial strength dns product to lower your total cost of ownership
08:21<chesty>I reckon you could have 120% uptime, if you bought a months of hosting and it ran for 37 days, that would be about 120% uptime
08:24<chesty>and really, who of any importance says they have to be consecutive days? 37 days over the span of a few months and you've got 120% uptime
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09:31<linbot>New news from community: My Longview client is not working as it should. <>
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10:17<ziport>Hi guys, my website was working fine after a high increase of traffic, now I'm getting Error establishing a database connection but I'm able to start a ftp and shell session but still got this issue, check the wordpress wp-config file, I restart the apache and also the linode thorough the linode manager. Is there anything else that I can check?
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10:35<ziport>Solve! With systemctl start mariadb.service
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14:55<grawity>the only thing I associate with "120%" is an industrial strength CD/DVD ripping program
15:02<millisa>above average load on a dual core?
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15:21<bumbleVole>i know this isn't exactly the right channel, but im hoping someone can make a suggestion. i run my own vpn on my linode, but i want to subscribe to a vpn service as a backup. any suggestions? when you google, it's pretty clear all the search results are gamed and the recommendations are affiliate based, so it's hard to decide which to go with
15:22<bumbleVole>basically i use a VPN so when im on public wifi, no one can snoop easily. and to hide my browsing activity from verizon fios and mobile
15:24<bumbleVole>so, anybody use a commercial vpn service that you are happy with?
15:42<@mcintosh>private internet access
15:42<@mcintosh>(my endorsement - not Linode's :p)
15:43<scivola>PIA is good, Nord is generally faster ime
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16:06<csnxs>mcintosh is a corporate shill confirmed
16:07*mcintosh hides comically large PIA check behind back
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18:27<nuevu>Is there a way to get lish to show more than the last 250 lines of the previous boot in logview?
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19:16<ryanc-->are there network issues in dallas?
19:16<millisa>you'd be the first to mention it. none of my dallas nodes have alerted
19:16<millisa>what are you seeing?
19:18<ryanc-->20-30% packet loss, 60-70ms more rtt than usual
19:19<ryanc-->the traceroute shows problems starting at
19:19<millisa>definitely not seeing that. have an mtr you can pastebin?
19:19<ryanc-->it's intermittent - a route flapping maybe?
19:22<millisa>maybe I'll take back what I said. found one thing that goes through one of those telia ips and it did have some loss
19:24<ryanc-->I do *not* see the loss on IPv6
19:24<ryanc-->but ipv6 seems to add a lot of extra latency from here
19:25<ryanc-->(v6 is going over tata rather than telia)
19:28<millisa>fwiw - outbound from a dfw linode to an att consumer ip in austin: (only thing I've found that takes a similar path)
19:29<ryanc-->millisa: thanks, so looks like intermittent issue with the telia peering?
19:29<millisa>probably. in mine, hop 6 (the one that beings with 12.123) is a DFW att IP
19:30<millisa>and it's pretty much stopped misbehaving at this point.
19:31<ryanc-->I first noticed it about two hours ago
19:32<ryanc-->millisa: it just started again
19:32<millisa>am seeing it increase about the same time you are then. probably should open a ticket.
19:35<ryanc-->too bad is in dallas....
19:36<warewolf>I'm seeing packet loss to dallas too.
19:36<warewolf>starting at
19:37<ryanc-->warewolf: yup, same router that's giving me trouble :-/
19:37<warewolf>ryanc--: since ~2h ago?
19:37<warewolf>er, 2.5h ago
19:37<ryanc-->yeah, off and on
19:40<staticsafe>icinga2 is alerting for me for my Dallas Linodes
19:40<staticsafe>and off and on
19:41<ryanc-->i opened a ticket
19:42<Peng_>In other news, my Atlanta node's clock is 65 seconds off
19:43<ryanc-->dear past me, why did you disable the v6 listener for ssh, you jerk
19:44<ryanc-->it's gotten worse
19:44<Peng_>In other other news, one of my (non-Linode) IRC clients is having trouble connecting to someone's IRC server in Dallas.
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19:49<staticsafe>RIP my personal inbox
19:49<staticsafe>so many alerts
19:49<ryanc-->well, accessing it from cogent works
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19:54<Peng_>The IRC connection got better
19:54<Peng_>Or got good enough
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20:00<millisa>hooray for status page
20:00<Beardanidas>took them a few min
20:01<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity issues - Linode Manager, Linode API, <>
20:07<ryanc-->looks like someone just took the telia peering out back and shot it
20:08<ryanc-->traceroute shows cogent now
20:08<ryanc-->still some packet loss and lag there
20:09<ryanc-->I guess this is a DDoS?
20:09<Abi12>50% @ dallas for me.
20:09<Peng_>Isn't this normal for Telia
20:10<Abi12>s/50% timeout
20:12<warewolf>oddly enough still having some lovely packet loss, but yeah, telia is missing now :)
20:12<Abi12>off 136ms ping from atl
20:12<warewolf>I'm just glad that mosh is happy with packet loss
20:13<Abi12>my gameserver is suffering.
20:13<warewolf>oh so is my irc client and mail clients.
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20:13<warewolf>also, my PBX.
20:16<ryanc-->even mosh was having a hard time for me
20:16<Abi12>yeah, seems like it's all working correctly now.. I hope it stays that way
20:16<Abi12>25ms from atl
20:20<Peng_>My clock got better.
20:21<Peng_>So I'm down to 1 problem, "Where did the plumber go?"
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20:22<Peng_>Dallas isn't all the way better for me
20:22<Peng_>Dallas - DigitalOcean nyc1 is more than 0% but less than 100% lossy.
20:23<nuevu>I'm hovering at about 20% loss to/from Dallas right now.
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20:24<t27duck>Hooray broken Dallas
20:24<Dianoga>And here I thought it was just me
20:25<Peng_>Welcome to the party
20:25<t27duck>It seems to be isolated. I can get to my sites fine, but New Jersey seems to be a no-go
20:25<t27duck>mainly timeouts
20:25<t27duck>yeah, hopped in to join the party
20:25<Peng_> is aware of it.
20:25<Abi12>o.o seems great for me?
20:25<scivola>my home connection runs straight from charter to linode, and there's no loss to dallas
20:25<t27duck>Yep, just giving moral support
20:25<Peng_>Probably a routing issue with one provider.
20:26<t27duck>Two providers. At least Comcast and Sprint LTE
20:26<Peng_>But it might be the same backbone ISP
20:26<Peng_>!mtr-dallas -n
20:26<linbot>Peng_: [mtr-dallas] 11.|-- 2604:a880:ffff:2:1::30e 0.0% 3 45.1 46.1 45.1 48.1 1.6 -- 12.|-- 2604:a880:400:d0::8a0:a001 0.0% 3 45.4 45.3 45.2 45.4 0.0 -- see for full mtr
20:26<Peng_>linbot: liar
20:27<Peng_>!mtr-dallas -4n
20:27<linbot>Peng_: [mtr-dallas] 10.|-- ??? 100.0 3 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 -- 11.|-- 66.7% 3 134.6 134.6 134.6 134.6 0.0 -- see for full mtr
20:29<t27duck>that pesky 9th jump
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20:38<ughugh>Would love to know what Linode found at Dallas. We're having trouble with other providers in different locations as well.
20:39<scivola>telia route seems to be stable now
20:40<t27duck>yep, starting to come back according to a contact in Jersey
20:41<t27duck>someone probably left a snickers bar on a router
20:41<t27duck>(I'm joking)
20:42<Woet>during these kind of times, it's important to remember the real purpose of life:
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21:01<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity issues - Dallas data center, Linode Manager, Linode API, and <>
21:02<Abi12>ur late linbot
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21:57<Peng_>Plumber's done (here) \o/
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23:49<Abi12>Woet: dropped that 11ms to 0.77 ms ;)
23:49<Abi12>A few good hours wasted ^_^
23:50<Abi12>Let's see how it performs in production though...
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