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05:11<Naeem>Hello, anyone knows on Linode what is the better and cost fective way to keep the DB such as mySQL with Django
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05:29<linbot>New news from community: Can't access security code to log into WHM <>
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06:48<yeske>Want to know if I can just add Linode's nameservers e.g, to my GoDaddy account and host my websites on Linode and it would still work OR Must I also add the records in Linode's DNS manager
06:53<hawk>yeske: Either you delegate your domain to the Linode nameservers and add all the records there, or you keep using whatever nameservers you currently use and add the new records there.
06:55<grawity>yeske: the DNS host and the website host are unrelated, so use whichever you prefer
07:18<yeske>am sorry but what I mean is this
07:22<yeske>Currently, to add a website, I have to first add Linode's nameserver to GoDaddy then I also create an Entry in Linode's DNS manager.
07:23<yeske>Now I want to know if it's possible to skip adding anything in Linode's DNS manager
07:23<grawity>yes, the answer remains the same – the DNS host and the website host are unrelated
07:23<yeske>so that all I do is just add Linode's Nameserver to my domain provider and that would be all
07:23<grawity>so if you want to just use GoDaddy's regular nameservers, you can use them
07:24<grawity>but you can't avoid adding an entry in the DNS manager *in general*
07:24<grawity>that is, if you use Linode's DNS, you need to add records for the website through Linode's DNS
07:24<grawity>and if you use GoDaddy's DNS, you can skip the "change nameservers" bit, but you still need to add records through GoDaddy's DNS
07:25<grawity>(well, I'm assuming GoDaddy provides their own nameservers; many registrars do)
07:25<yeske>Okay, Let me see if I can repeat what you just said so I now we are on same page
07:26<yeske>so what you mean is If I buy Domain from GoDaddy now, I can just use GoDaddy's DNS. Now if I do, what Linode details do I add in GoDaddy's DNS
07:26<grawity>just the same thing as you've been adding in Linode Manager
07:27<yeske>thought how would the domain point to Linode if I don't add any Linode info in GoDaddy's DNS
07:27<grawity>that is, an 'A' record pointing to your linode server's IP address
07:27<grawity>well, you're *supposed to* add Linode info in GoDaddy's DNS or whatever DNS you use
07:27<grawity>you just don't have to switch *the whole nameserver* in order to do that
07:28<yeske>Yes, so far, the only Linode info I add in GoDaddy's DNS is Linode's nameserver
07:28<grawity>there's a different section
07:28<yeske>but I also end up creating an entry in Linode's DNS manager. Now that's the part am looking to see if I could skip
07:28<grawity>you cannot
07:29<yeske>taking a look at the link
07:29<grawity>you can only switch to doing that part elsewhere, but it needs to be done *somewhere*
07:29<yeske>Okay. now I get it.
07:30<yeske>I either use Linode's DNS manager or use another Party e.g DnsMadeSimple, etc
07:43<yeske>Additionally, am about adding an extra Linode to my account
07:44<yeske>want to know which of their data centers is closest to Nigeria
07:44<yeske>don't understand the Speed test of a thing
07:48<grawity>just run `ping` on each of the servers then
07:48<grawity>since it's really the latency that matters, even if physical distance looks ok
07:49<yeske>Please tell me how to do so
07:55<grawity>1) open 2) open a command prompt / terminal window 3) pick a hostname from the list 4) run e.g. `ping` 5) look at the round-trip times it reports
07:56<grawity>now that's a latency test, not a speed test, but it's why people want a "closest to" anyway
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08:03<yeske>I want to believe the lower the better. AM getting results within the range of time=0.414 ms and sometimes time=1.09 ms
08:04<grawity>generally yes
08:04<grawity>the less time it takes for a request to travel there and back, the faster a website feels
08:05<yeske>Thanks. Let me go pick their $40 plan
08:05<yeske>Really appreciate your time
08:05<yeske>Bye for now
08:05<grawity>although 0.4ms is a bit suspiciously low
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08:42<hawk>Indeed, did they really run ping locally?
08:44<grawity>maybe their gov't helpfully runs a local ping responder >_>
08:45<ntox>Any news on what Happened in the Dallas DC? I have quite a few VM's in that location and experiences issues on network. Unsure if fully resolved yet
08:47<ntox>I have hosted phone's as well... and I can only explain its carrier issue / network related at datacenter.. So Started to move some instances to other locations.
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08:49<hawk>ntox: I have no insight other than that the status page lists an incident for Dallas that was supposedly resolved ~13 hours ago. If you still have issues it's probably best to contact Linode about it.
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08:49<ntox>Ok. Non issue at moment, but was for 2 days.
08:49<ntox>alleviated most of it by moving hosts to other locations and have VM's split between DAL & ATL
08:50<ntox>I've been beginning to use Vultr more often ....
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11:12<@mcintosh>millisa: made an adjustment to the plan column
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11:23<@bbigger>ntox: Sorry to hear that you've been particularly affected by recent issues in Dallas. The recent issues were the result of two separate DoS attacks, which were more severe than what we normally see.
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11:26<hmmKsnakes>If your Vps is off Does They pay You???
11:26<hmmKsnakes>If your Vps is off Does They pay You???
11:26<hmmKsnakes>If your Vps is off Does They pay You???
11:26<hmmKsnakes>If your Vps is off Does They pay You???
11:27<csnxs>if a linode is listed in the manager, you will be charged for it
11:27<hmmKsnakes>It says " Hourly billing - no charge when not in use"
11:28<@bbigger>If your Linode is powered off you will still be billed for it. It has to be removed from your account entirely to avoid charges.
11:28<hmmKsnakes>Why does it say Hourly billing - no charge when not in use
11:28<csnxs>it doesn't
11:29<hmmKsnakes>It does
11:30<csnxs>probably just badly worded
11:31<@bbigger>hmmKsnakes: Thanks for pointing that out, that's poorly worded. We'll work on getting that clarified.
11:31<hmmKsnakes>Thanks for clearing that out
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11:36<csnxs>spam your question for guarenteed response!
11:37<@mcintosh>csnxs - English, but can't spell English words
11:37*mcintosh ducks
11:37<csnxs>!to mcintosh urmom
11:37<linbot>mcintosh: Yo mommas so insecure, she gets exploited more than Roundcube! (17:1/0) [ommur]
11:38<@mcintosh>!upvote 17
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11:41<csnxs>bot seems indecisive on whether it displays the biggest fan
11:42<@mcintosh>it does some stupid hacky number thing to only do it every few times (thought it'd be annoying to highlight two people incessantly)
11:44<csnxs>so spam !point until it shows up - got it :D
12:01<warewolf>!point mcintosh
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12:51<Kingu_>Is Newark under attack, or am I just lucky?
12:51<Kingu_>Getting 3-4 fail2ban hits per minute for the past several hours
12:51<grawity>you're just lucky
12:52<Kingu_>12,900 entries since midnight
12:52<Kingu_>Guess they dont like Toastmasters
13:21<linbot>New news from community: How linode network infrastructure deals with IP spoofing? <>
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14:01<linbot>New news from community: How do I download all of my Linodes as a .csv? <>
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17:08<warewolf>that oddly looks like Linode asked a question, and then Linode responded to that question
17:09<@mcintosh>warewolf: that's what happened
17:09<@mcintosh>it's an FAQ type pattern of posting currently in-use
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17:13<millisa>mcintosh: oooh, my nanodes now say they are nanodes now too
17:14<millisa>!point mcintosh
17:14<linbot>millisa: Point given to mcintosh. (90)
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17:36<notabot>Has anyone added additional IPs for their server
17:37<warewolf>mcintosh: oh. okay.
17:38<smallclone>notabot: yes it has happened, Linode requires justification though
17:39<notabot>how much does linode sell them for?
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17:40<smallclone>$1/month, assuming you have a valid reason
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17:44<notabot>awesome. thanks for the help
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20:09<Rasel>Can I deploy Django apps in Nanode 1 GB plan??
20:09<Woet>why wouldn't you?
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21:35<Abi12>oh no.. the era of is approaching :(
21:35<Abi12>please keep the current portal as an alternative. It's honestly great.
21:59<millisa>did i miss something that said the old portal is going away soon?
22:00<Abi12>no. The main page log in button takes you there now though.
22:01<Abi12>which I guess I means they're ready to roll it out.
22:03<Abi12>whale whale. It seems to be by location? Clicking 'Log In' from singapore takes me to the classic portal, but from Atlanta it takes me to the cloud portal.
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22:05<millisa>linode's been pretty good with dangling the carrot to get us to do what they want. 'you want this free ram upgrade? just migrate from kvm. you want this extra disk? hourly billing, you know you wanna...'
22:07<Abi12>If they give me another core on my nanodes I'll do anything.
22:08<Abi12>I'm sure that'll happen eventually though.
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