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03:33<linbot>New news from community: not getting ping and ssh access <>
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03:52<jaskal>Dedicated CPU instances a good idea and all, but not so much when I get better CPU performance on a 1GB nanode than a 4GB dedicated...
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05:54<Md_Rasel>Is it possible to deploy Django Apps in Nanode 1GB plan ?
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11:05<FluffyFoxeh>I want an ethernet router that runs Linux and I can SSH into it instead of screwing around with a Web interface. Does such a thing exist in a consumer price range?
11:06<@jhaas>I actually just did that 2 days ago because I got fed up with my Verizon Quantum G1100
11:06<@jhaas> >
11:06<@jhaas>there are cheaper ones
11:07<@jhaas>Installing OpenWRT was just uploading an image file via the OEM web interface
11:07<@jhaas>(I bought that one specifically for 802.11ac)
11:08<FluffyFoxeh>I've had mixed results with openwrt/ddwrt
11:09<FluffyFoxeh>Someone should sell a router with it preinstalled and supported properly :p
11:09<@mcintosh>raspberry pi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
11:09<@mcintosh>(or another SBC)
11:10<FluffyFoxeh>mcintosh: yeah exactly. I basically want a raspberry pi with more ethernet ports and routing hardware
11:11<FluffyFoxeh>jhaas: GL.iNet... huh
11:11<@jhaas>I haven't used them, but they came up while I was doing research before buying the Linksys
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12:05<linbot>New news from community: Disk I/O speeds seem too slow <>
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12:51<Guest465>Sorry for the silly question but does Linode update Apache and other applications running on the server or is that on the client to do?
12:51<millisa>it's unmanaged, the customer is expected to do all that stuff
12:52<Guest465>That's what I thought, just wanted to confirm. Thanks Millisa
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14:15<linbot>New news from community: HOSTNAME resets after reboot... why? <>
14:45<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: jhaas: I have a GL.iNet device; I put stock OpenWRT on it easily (GL.iNet contributes their work back to upstream), and it works really well for what I use it for (travel router)
14:45<FluffyFoxeh>ah, neat
14:46<dwfreed>the OEM firmware is also OpenWRT based, as I'm sure the Amazon link mentions (I didn't click it)
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14:54<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: if you want to splurge, Ubiquiti EdgeRouter devices do run Linux, and can be SSHed into
14:54<dwfreed>EdgeRouter Lite is probably best bang for the buck
14:54<dwfreed>for a home setup, anyway
14:55<dwfreed>Unifi APs run Linux and can be SSHed into as well, though they're definitely easier to manage from the Unifi Controller webapp
14:57<FluffyFoxeh>Like this?
14:57<FluffyFoxeh>Actually quite a bit cheaper than I expected
14:58<dwfreed>yes, but the Lite is significantly better than the X
14:59<FluffyFoxeh>that one's about $60 more. Not too bad
15:01<dwfreed> 150 CAD
15:03<FluffyFoxeh>I have a 500mbit uplink at home
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16:10<synfinatic>if you're going to run any other Ubiquiti gear, be sure to pick either their UniFi line or the EdgeRouter/etc line.
16:10<synfinatic>The ERLite-3 is great, but kinda annoying if you're using their sweet AP's/etc which are UniFi
16:11<synfinatic>since you're @ 500Mbps- be aware that certain features are software (not hardware accell) and will hurt performance
16:25<dwfreed>synfinatic: meh, you can run both UNMS and Unifi Controller
16:25<synfinatic>sure you can. but they don't talk to each other
16:26<synfinatic>i dunno. my network at home is complicated enough. i don't want to config all my vlans/etc twice
16:26<dwfreed>most routers that don't include APs don't talk to the APs anyway
16:28<dwfreed>I'm setting up a network soon with an ER-4 and a Unifi Switch 24 and nanoHD; network setup requires 4 ports on the router, and I am not paying for the USG Pro
16:28<dwfreed>it's not going to be that much of a hassle, even though I have 7 VLANs
16:29<synfinatic>i was given a ER3 and once I added the Unifi switch 24 & AP, I bought the USG. the USG Pro is a bit more. not sure it's worth it. tempting though.
16:29<synfinatic>but my cable service is the limiting factor, not my USG.
16:30<dwfreed>USG Pro is $350 ish
16:30<dwfreed>unless I buy it from Baltic, in which case I can get it for $303
16:31<dwfreed>even so, the ER-4 is $172 from Baltic
16:34<synfinatic>i totally get it. just my time is $$$ and in the end i realized it was cheaper to buy a USG even though I had a perfectly good ER3 in my hand. everyone's calculation is different.
16:35<dwfreed>I have all the time in the world, in this case
16:44<synfinatic>i really really do wish UniFi supported more of the advanced USG features. the way you have to effectively reverse config it (do it on CLI, export JSON, copy JSON to controller) is such a PITA
16:45<synfinatic>since there isn't a full JSON schema available
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17:01<dwfreed>synfinatic: they just released a new controller version yesterday; probably has a lot more USG features
17:01<sehh>hey there, I'm trying to use an older playbook that I had with ansible 2.5 and it was working fine. This playbook uses the linode module. When run with my newer ansible 2.7.5, it complains with: linode-python required for this module, but I've already installed linode-python with pip/pip3 (for both python2 and python3). Any suggestions please?
17:02<dwfreed>ansible is probably not looking in the path linode-python was installed in
17:04<sehh>I am not aware that I need to do something extra to get ansible to look for packages in a specific dir, previously it worked without modifications.
17:05<sehh>I know that pip3 installed linode-python under /usr/local/lib/ and from the shell I can run python3 and import linode, but ansible still complains. Any suggestions how to debug this problem? I tried running the playbook with -vvv but that did not show anything relevant.
17:08<dwfreed>is PYTHONPATH set in your shell?
17:08<dwfreed>(echo $PYTHONPATH)
17:10<sehh>dwfreed, no its not set
17:10<synfinatic>dwfreed or might be the sec vuln fix :)
17:14<dwfreed>sehh: the linode module in ansible requires linode-python be installed for python2
17:14<dwfreed>check that 'python2 -c "import linode"' works
17:16<millisa>can you share a sample task from the playbook that uses the module?
17:16<linbot>Maybe not a verb. But you can do it here:
17:17<sehh>I'm going to try ansible_python_interpreter, so force ansible to use python2
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17:21<sehh>changing the interpreter worked fine, thanks to the guys over at #ansible
17:21<sehh>more details here:
17:33<sehh>in case you are wondering, the linode-python package does not work with python3. It will install with "pip3" but it won't work, but ansible will complain it can't find it. The solution as I mention above, is to force ansible to execute the python2 interpreter.
17:34<sehh>at least temporarily, until ansible 2.8 comes out, which will support the newer linode v4 api module
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18:56<ZetZ>I just discovered Linode, seems pretty neat!
18:56<millisa>Some of us think it's swell
18:58<gabriel1>hola, mi amigo
18:58<ZetZ>One think they could do to improve is probably to reduce the memory prices
18:59<ZetZ>But I guess that is not easy, since memory is so expensive these days...
18:59<millisa>the pricing seems to be in line with their competitors right now
18:59<ZetZ>Yea, I know
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19:39<ughugh>Does anyone know how I can get to the old control panel?
19:42<@mcintosh>it's still there
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19:43<@mcintosh>it even links to it at the bottom of the new login page
19:43<@mcintosh>it says "Looking for the Classic Linode Manager?" which is a link, directing to
19:43<ughugh>Ahh, it bypassed the login page for me because I authorized for 30 days
19:43<@mcintosh>ah i see
19:43<@mcintosh>no problem
19:44<ughugh>I was unable to get a Linode on Freemont to connect. So I created an Atlanta one and it works.
19:47<@mcintosh>hmm not aware of any issues in Fremont
19:47<@mcintosh>is that Linode still active?
19:48<ughugh>Nope, I destroyed it
19:48<ughugh>I'll try again later and contact support if it happens again
19:51<@mcintosh>please do! thanks ughugh
20:00<Woet>mcintosh: bless you
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20:04<@mcintosh>!point Woet
20:04<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to woet. (28) (Biggest fan: woet, total: 18)
20:04<@mcintosh>not gonna lie, i laughed
20:04<@mcintosh>lol'd at "Biggest fan: woet" - linbot ain't lyin'!
20:05<ughugh>ugugh, total: 0
20:05<@mcintosh>!point ughugh
20:05<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to ughugh. (1)
20:05<ughugh>Hehe, thanks
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20:12<Woet>mcintosh: what happened to bhanks? bmartin? Zimsky?
20:16<@mcintosh>no clue about Zimsky, bmartin doesn't work at Linode anymore, bhanks is still around but not as much time for IRCing
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20:28<dzho>bmartin was the only linodian I recall having met irl
20:29<dzho>may have been others at the OLF table but I didn't catch the names
20:30<dzho>got con swag that stands as perhaps the least useless of any I may have ever gotten.
20:30<dzho>those little snapped bands for cable management
20:48<Unit193>Hrm, didn't see a Linode table last time I went, might have missed it.
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21:17<linbot>New news from community: How Do I get wordpress going? <>
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21:45<heckler>the ip4 address assigned to my VPS shows someone elses website when i type it into my browser... I understand multiple domains can point to the same IP, but then how am I able to ssh to my ip directly without using a domain name?
21:46<heckler>because that works fine
21:49<@mcintosh>a linode's public IP isn't shared in that way
21:50<@mcintosh>so whatever you're seeing at the IP is in some way configured on your Linode (the VPS)
21:51<heckler>the A record for their website is pointing to my ip
21:53<@mcintosh>an A record shouldn't dictate what is displayed if you browse directly to the IPv4 address
21:53<@mcintosh>unless this is a shared VPS of some sort, you'd have to be configuring something that would result in the IP address displaying something when browsed to directly in a browser
21:54<@mcintosh>shared meaning e.g. you aren't the sole accountholder
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21:56<heckler>i'm shutting the vps down right now
21:57<heckler>ok my vps is shut down and when i browse to my ip this other website is still showing up there
21:57<heckler>so it's not running on my vps
21:58<@mcintosh>if your Linode has an IPv4 address and you shut it down, the IP won't be connectable any longer
21:58<@mcintosh>fundamentally, that's how Linodes work
21:58<@mcintosh>so, if you're seeing something strange, I'd recommend opening a ticket so we can help clear things up
22:00<heckler>yes, that's what i thought, but i think i figured out what's going on, my mistake
22:00<heckler>thanks anyway
22:01<@mcintosh>no problem - glad you may have gotten to the bottom of it!
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22:57<linbot>New news from community: Is there any DDClient Support with LiNode? <>
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23:09<appstone>Hi! Would it be alright to ask questions here?
23:10<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
23:11<appstone>Got a question about using linode for a small video streaming mobile app.
23:11<appstone>would one be able to calculate the cost per second of streaming? pretty new to this and confused about how it works
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