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00:21<darwin>i forgot, if my storage fills up, can I buy more storage, or have to update the entire plan?
00:23<Woet>you can use block storage
00:23<Woet>but it might not be the same performance
00:45<Peng_>Otherwise, you have to upgrade the entire plan.
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01:34<darwin>apparently the design changed and I can't find anything... like my balance (paid several months ahead) and which (sub)domains I had pointed at IPv4 & IPv6 addresses assigned to my linode
01:37<Peng_>Can you still access if you type it in yourself? :D
01:40<darwin>yes. I really hope I won't have to use URL that has 'cloud' for the subdoman, as cloud is not an actual CS term rather than marketing term
01:44<darwin>one old hacker described businessmen did the same thing to IT, like renaming 'information security,' 'cybersecurity' when it has nothing to do with cyborgs, and even if you broaden that term to computer systems, there's other information security (not having to do with computers) such as avoiding social engineering
02:27<nate>Not sure where 'cyber' was ever in any form limited to cyborgs in the slightest, in fact pretty sure cyber has by far been oriented around the internet-scape than relative to cyborgs in scifi. As for cloud, cloud is entirely a CS term, just one badly misused. In my experience it mostly started out as an alternative phrasing for CDN's
02:28<nate>well CDN's, geo-balanced *aaS's, etc
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02:29<Peng_>remember when *aaS wasn't a term either
02:30<nate>Yeah but both popped up around the same time, I just always pegged it as people being too lazy to try and explain the different models and just went "Cloud computing!"
02:31<nate>but then all of a sudden it seemed like everyone was suddenly saying if it was online, it's cloud
02:32<Peng_>we're in a cloud chatroom~
02:35<nate>That... could technically be accurate to the original concept of the word, we -are- sorta scaled geo-relational, if by a 30 year old protocol with no failover meshing :P
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03:02<user>is anyone there
03:02<linbot>user: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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03:02<Guest494>i want to know how i get managed account
03:03<dwfreed>by signing up for managed after you buy a Linode
03:03<dwfreed>note that Linode's managed offering is different than most others; it's primarily monitoring and incident response
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03:34<polo>i need a window server
03:35<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
03:36<polo>how to use USB remotely
03:36<dwfreed>you can't
03:37<polo>how to install window OS?
03:37<dwfreed>see the link linbot spit out
03:37<dwfreed>but really, if you're asking this many questions, you really shouldn't be running windows on a server directly accessible from the internet
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03:39<polo>but there is no window
03:39<polo>i need to setup right now
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03:48<dwfreed>you should probably hire somebody to do it for you, then
04:01<Woet>polo: why do you need a Windows server?
04:02<polo>i have searching how to setup window server 2012 R2 in linode
04:02<polo>but not many informations
04:02<Woet>[16:35:00] <linbot> It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
04:02<Woet>[17:01:15] <Woet> polo: why do you need a Windows server?
04:04<polo>I have a better understanding of Windows Server than Linux.
04:06<Woet>perfect opportunity to learn more about Linux then
04:06<polo>i can not understand from the guide
04:07<Woet>then an unmanaged Linux VPS provider is not for you
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05:00<Zr40>when I have two dns zones, and, both at linode, do I need to add subdomain NS ns[1-5] to the zone?
05:01<Peng_>Yes and no.
05:02<Peng_>The answer is yes, but if you're using the same nameservers for both zones, and you're not using DNSSEC, nothing will go wrong if you do it wrong.
05:07<Zr40>thanks. And I do need to have a separate zone for if I want to use a * wildcard record, right?
05:10<Peng_>Unless it was recently changed, yes.
05:10<Peng_>It's a technical limitation of the Linode DNS manager, not of DNS in general.
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06:34<Jam>hey all, i was wondering if someone could help me in deciding what would be the best way in a) allowing additional users to access and edit a few folders and b) ensuring that they can only access the allocated folders - i.e. in sshd_config { ..ChrooDirectory .. }.
06:36<Jam>i was thinking of creating a new group and assigning both users into it. then making sure that all the editable folders belong to this new group with wrx permissions. Then with setgid i should be able to ensure that all new files created also belong to the group
06:37<Jam>The problem is with regards to ChrootDirectory settings - not sure if I should mount the files to the said users home directory (after changing its ownership to root:root) or look into something like symlinks
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06:58<linbot>New news from community: How do I easily manage my PHP version? <>
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07:48<aniket>how to remote access linode mysql databse from shared hosting
07:51<Woet>aniket: also, be sure to use SSL or a SSH tunnel - else your SQL is plaintext for anyone to see.
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16:50<@marques>has anyone here tried pulumi? I created a Linode provider for pulumi -- it was fairly straightforward and borrows entirely from the work of the terraform provider. i'm looking for anyone interested in field testing it ;)
16:58<@marques>pm me for details
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