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00:07<MOO_>Hi there.
00:08<MOO_>Any admins (billing?)
00:16<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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00:32<tmberg> :-O
00:33<Woet>tmberg: welcome to the internet.
00:39<tmberg>Woet: Yeah. But that was/is a record. ( And its not even on the default port. ) My script took ages blocking all ip:s. :)
00:39<Woet>and what do you hope to gain by blocking the IPs?
00:40<tmberg>Woet: Not getting a "visit" by the same ip again.
00:40<Woet>tmberg: why?
00:42<tmberg>Woet: Ive always done that. Old habbits die hard..
00:43<tmberg>Woet: Not just ssh. Doing similar things on other services also.
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01:11<Guest552>Looking at signing up. What are the differences between the standard and the dedicated plans?
01:13<Woet>Guest552: one has dedicated CPU, one doesn't.
01:14<Guest552>Ok, thanks. Figured there was more.
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02:22<FluffyFoxeh>if your passwords are good (or disabled in favour of public key) then you need not worry about ssh bots
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07:18<chesty>if passwords are enable it adds security no matter how secure you think your password is. another account could get added, maybe you create one for a mate and they change their password to something easy to type. even if passwords are disabled, the bots chew cpu and memory.
07:53<linbot>New news from community: After installing a StackScript <>
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11:23<arby>I run my own OS/kernel on a Linode. From login shell, I easily/regularly `shutdown -r now`. Works as expected. Doing a little maintenance, I exec'd `shutdown -h now`, instead of the usual shutdown-via-Linode-online. It shutsdown ... then restarts.
11:24<arby>Not clear why it's restarting .... is there a simple/obvious auto-restart on Linodes I've missed?
11:25<arby>Peng_: Hi. So " It works by issuing a boot job when your Linode powers off without a shutdown job being responsible. " means only a job submitted via Linode ... which, I guess, is the only job it'd recognize?
11:27<arby>Is there a way to one-time-disable Lassie-restart from my end -- that being my logged-in OS? LISH would let me submit the shutdown job ...
11:29<Zr40>you can just press the shutdown button in linode manager
11:30<Zr40>or disable lassie before running shutdown and turn it back on once you're done
11:30<arby>Zr40 sure. that's not the question tho. reading Peng's provided link, looks like the answer is 'no'
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11:38<Peng_>Has life changed since 2007?
11:40<Zr40>2007? Today is Sep 9293, 1993
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13:08<sonu_nk>hi there.
13:09<sonu_nk>millisa, linode sent ticket updates that my code is sending some hack attack on another account.
13:09<sonu_nk>and after this i am not able to take backup of my code..
13:09<sonu_nk>server down.
13:09<millisa>sounds like you need to get onto your system and address it.
13:10<sonu_nk>you all are linode guys here. so i am asking help.
13:10<sonu_nk>how can i get my code back up from this down server ?
13:10<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
13:11<millisa>use lish, get onto your system, and look at what it's doing
13:11<sonu_nk>can you please tell me steps to get into Lish ?
13:11<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
13:11<sonu_nk>ok let me check
13:22<sonu_nk>millisa, its the last line in lish "nf_conntrack: default automatic helper assignment has been turne."
13:22<sonu_nk>and nothing coming after this..
13:22<millisa>hit enter and login
13:23<sonu_nk>i already putted the password and in lish but after this line its not going ahead.. like hang type'
13:24<sonu_nk>oh now its asking for login.. as you said..
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13:32<sonu_nk>millisa, 1 more , i am trying to push my code backup on git.. when i did " git push origin master " server not giving any reply..
13:32<millisa>i'm assuming linode's mail was about them cutting off your node from the network
13:32<sonu_nk>ok so i cant get my backup then ?
13:33<millisa>you could create a block storage device, attach it, copy whatever you want to it, then detach it from this node? not sure if that'd work in your state or not
13:33<millisa>unless you can identify what the box is doing and what's changed though, I'm not sure why you'd want anything from it.
13:33<sonu_nk>hm ok..
13:33<sonu_nk>i am also not a server admin .. just a developer just knows little bit about server.
13:34<sonu_nk>when i did ping via lish . its giving me reply..
13:36<millisa>that sounds odd if they did kill off network connectivity to your node. can you ping other things?
13:50<sonu_nk>millisa, its working for me..i am checking the issue in code
14:39<sonu_nk>this channel for linode official ?
14:39<millisa>it's a community channel
14:39<sonu_nk>business deal cant be here ?
14:40<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:40<millisa>If it's something with specific details about your account, that'd probably belong in a ticket
14:41<sonu_nk>i want to ask for hiring process.. may be its not against the community rule or may be it is. so i am scared..
14:41<millisa>what do you mean? like you want to work for linode?
14:42<sonu_nk>:) i want to hire anyone who can take care of my client server linode and make it more secure more reliable..
14:42<sonu_nk>my client is lay man and i am developer.. so we need expert advice..
14:42<sonu_nk>and support.
14:42<millisa>Well, they have professional services at that might be able to do some of what you are asking for
14:44<sonu_nk>yes i know but they are ready on contract base. they will require monthly support payment..
14:45<sonu_nk>means they are not ready for contract base.. and price are high.. my client cant pay ..
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15:41<William>Hi. I have a question regarding the Linode DNS Manager. If I delete the last Linode in my account will I lose access to DNS?
15:41<millisa>the dns zone would be there, but they wouldn't be served
15:42<William>So the DNS would stop serving records?
15:45<William>Thanks for the heads-up.
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16:03<trippeh_>heh, 3 overloaded hosts in a row, just around the time of linode announcing dedicated cpu instances 🤔
16:03<Peng_>I had one or two overloaded hosts magically get better recently :D
16:05<trippeh_>I bet it is just random bad luck, of course ;)
16:13<trippeh_>200 requests completed in 1.68 s, 800 KiB read, 119 iops, 476.0 KiB/s
16:14<trippeh_>what even is my neighbours doing
16:21<trippeh_>living in swap
16:22<trippeh_>that should have left some cpu for me tho!
16:23<sonu_nk>i booted in Rescue mode. my scan has been complete.. now how to make sure that virus has been remove or virus infected files are still there ?
16:23<trippeh_>aw well. this workload doesnt really care. just annoys me slightly :)
16:24<Peng_>I once saw 100% I/O wait for a few seconds. I didn't know that was possible.
16:25<Peng_>(it was apt)
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17:28<antoinehacheme>set nick MacBookPro
17:29<antoinehacheme>message MacBookPro hi
17:30<retro|blah>Can we help you?
17:35<antoinehacheme>win 1
17:35<millisa>You win!
17:37<antoinehacheme>what did I win?
17:37<millisa>Whatever game you are playing
17:41<antoinehacheme>window close/
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17:49<csnxs>ok then...
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19:14<antoinehacheme>whois jogie
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19:15<qazxswedc>nick qazxswedc
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19:18<qazxswedc>whois aker1
19:18<csnxs>you appear to be dropping this: /
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20:15<linbot>New news from community: Cannot restore a backup <>
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22:35<Jack>does Linode managed cover Wordpress issues?
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