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02:04<cj>how do i find or edit php.ini file?
02:05<Woet>cj: what have you tried so far?
02:07<cj>i am really new to linode, and the wordpress website I am currently building has least php memory limit, and I am having trouble where can I edit the php.ini file
02:08<cj>i researched a lot on articles and all of them are on linux
02:08<Cromulent>Linode runs Linux distros
02:09<cj>that's why i don't know what to do. my client's server is linode and i don't have access to the cpanel. the only thing i am having access is the wordpress alone
02:09<Woet>cj: then you cannot find and edit php.ini.
02:09<Woet>cj: you need Administrator access to cPanel or SSH.
02:10<Cromulent>cj: there is no cpanel - you just use SSH and php.ini will be in /etc/php/ or something like that
02:10<cj>oh okay, will take note on that.
02:12<Cromulent>the civilisation 6 expansion comes out on valentines day - anyone want to guess how many relationships break down because one of the partners is spending all of the day playing civ?
02:24<Zr40>the 32GB plan seems to be unavailable in Frankfurt. Any idea when more will be added?
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02:54<zaher>hello guts
02:54<zaher>i have a question anyone hear ?
02:55<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
02:56<zaher>first of all do linode servers support cloud servers
02:56<Zr40>what does 'cloud server' mean to you?
02:56<Zr40>linode servers support anything you can install on Linux - you get root access.
02:57<zaher>can i deploy .net apis ?
02:58<Zr40>I don't know anything about .net. If it works on Linux then you could do that
02:58<zaher>how can i know ?
02:58<Woet>zaher: Linode sells unmanaged Linux VPSs
02:59<zaher>which means?
02:59<Woet>zaher: if you don't know what that means, Linode is not the right host for you.
02:59<Woet>zaher: unless you want to purchase managed -
03:00<Zr40>unmanaged means you do all the configuration, Linode deals with the hardware part
03:02<zaher>okay but how can i know if i have a server side done by .net if i can deploy it on linode
03:03<Woet>zaher: a sysadmin will know.
03:03<Zr40>ask the developers of the application you want to deploy
03:04<Zr40>ask them if it will run on Linux, and if yes, what you need to do to deploy it
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04:09<cj>hi, where can i find the php.ini? I am now accessing via sftp
04:10<cj>what sub folders it is located?
04:10<grawity>generally /etc/php, although it may depend on which Linux distro you've installed
04:11<Woet>cj: use SSH, not SFTP.
04:11<grawity>what's the difference
04:11<Woet>grawity: one is for editing files, the other is an actual CLI.
04:11<cj>sftp is the only access they provided
04:12<Woet>cj: SFTP means SSH access unless they did some fancy stuff.
04:12<grawity>Woet: it sure sounds like cj is trying to edit a file
04:12<Woet>grawity: and how do you want to apply the php.ini changes without SSH?
04:12<grawity>cj: who did you get the access from; some reseller?
04:12<grawity>Woet: you ssh into it after editing
04:12<grawity>Woet: or reboot the server lol
04:12<Woet>grawity: exactly, so they need to use SSH.
04:12<grawity>yes I'm (mostly) joking on the latter
04:12<cj>i want to increase the php memory limit on php.ini
04:12<Woet>grawity: might as well do it with SSH entirely
04:13<Woet>cj: if they don't trust you with SSH, just tell them which changes to make.
04:13<Woet>cj: but I sincerely doubt they gave you SFTP access that has permissions to edit php.ini
04:13<Woet>cj: also, the default memory limit of 128 MB should be more than enough for any HTTP request.
04:14<cj>the recommended php setup on the theme i am using does not meet on the php configuration on the php.ini
04:14<cj>so i am trying to edit the php.ini file i hope it works
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08:30<asif>anyone here?
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08:31<asif>hi shani
08:32<asif>do you know how to apply promo code?
08:32<shani>Is it human service now?
08:33<asif>idk, I am human
08:33<asif>I don't know chinese shani
08:33<asif>I understand english
08:33<asif>please tell me in english
08:33<shani>Are you a real person or a robot? Don't you know Chinese?
08:34<asif>I am a real person, I don't know chinese
08:34<shani>I'd like to ask if linode has vpn.
08:35<asif>I guess Linode doesn't have a VPN
08:36<asif>Can I have your facebook id, shani?
08:37<shani>I didn't use Facebook. I only have QQ and Wechat. It seems that they are not popular in America.
08:38<asif>okey, you can give me anyone of those
08:38<shani>Can QQ be given to you?
08:39<asif>yesh sure
08:39<shani>3068888882 是我的QQ号码 It's my QQ number.
08:40<shani>Chinese is so popular. Why didn't you learn Chinese?
08:40<asif>I will learn
08:41<shani>I seem to be talking to a robot.
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08:43<asif>are you a linode user?
08:43<grawity>welcome to Linode user community, where users are bots, the staff are bots, and linbot is an FBI agent
08:43<asif>Tell every which country you are from?
08:44<asif>Asif: Bangladesh
08:44<shani>I must be a linode user, meaning all robots...
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08:49<shanzi>halo ?
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08:50<asif>shani you there?
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10:25<notalp>Hello everybody!
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11:24<crowsoft>hi all, is there a problem known, that the verification email is not send?
11:24<crowsoft>for account creation
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21:30<jfbourdeau>noobie linode new customers are welcome here ? LOL I can try my 1st question ? JF from Canada
21:33<jfbourdeau>I am installing several Linode VIrtual Linux Machine. I need to make them talk to others machines that are on another network behind a CISCO ASA FIREWALL. With AWS I was used to create a Tunnel that all the VM (EC2) would use to talk to the other network. WIth Linode, is there such a functionnality ? Or I need to buy/create a VM and install a firewall ( let's say pfsense) and my linode VMs will reach the other netwok through a tunnel I created on
21:33<jfbourdeau>PFsense ( that is also running on a Linode VM) Hope it's clear... I don't waant all linodes VM to have 5 or 10 tunnels to t alk to all the other machines on the other network...
21:41<jfbourdeau>I prepared a little drawing for you :
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21:42<dzho>jfbourdeau: not sure what you used on AWS, but I don't see why something like that couldn't be done with linode too. But the configuration of it is up to you.
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21:48<jfbourdeau>tks @dzho ! SO there is not built in feature to create an IPSec tunnel ? It's up to me wit the VM to install a firewall product in one VM that will be in front of the others... OK tks
21:49<jfbourdeau>Do appreciate your time replying :-) @dzho
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23:40<Abi12>pfsense is is shit. Just install bsd and write your pf rules yourself.
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