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00:55<Dd>wondering if this server can help me to use GOOGLE?
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01:33*dcraig tickles woet around a bit with a large weeverfish
01:34<Woet>dcraig: they're an endangered species
01:34<Woet>dcraig: you're under arrest
01:36<dcraig>you're in arrears
01:44<Woet>i'd love to be in your ears
01:46<dcraig>arrears aren't ears
01:47<dcraig>u woet m8
01:47<Woet>fite me
01:49<dcraig>it's on
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02:37<ASHRAF>i am from uganda
02:38<ASHRAF>we have some .com and domains
02:43<ASHRAF>we are looking for hosting solution
02:43<grawity>we are waiting for you to describe your problem
02:43<Cromulent>you haven't asked a question yet
02:44<Woet>all you mentioned is a country and two tlds
02:45<ASHRAF>we are looking for hosting solution for both domains
02:45<ASHRAF>please adice
02:45<Woet>advice what?
02:45<ASHRAF>what solution do u have
02:46<Woet>did you try looking at the website?
02:46<grawity>technically Linode doesn't provide "web hosting solutions" in the first place, I guess you could say
02:48<grawity>anyway, this isn't the marketing team channel, this is the user community channel, so
02:49<ASHRAF>thank you
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02:50<Cromulent>well that went well
03:02<linbot>New news from community: Why Does LetsEncrypt AutoSSL fail when I use Linode DNS? <>
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03:27<vishnu>i just wanted to know if the linode has servers in india??
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03:27<dwfreed>they're working on that
03:27<dwfreed>see the end of the blog post referenced in the topic
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06:43<linbot>New news from community: What are Linode CPU provisioning policy/rules? <>
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07:57<Peng>!web title
07:57<linbot>Peng: [mtr] 10. AS2914 2001:418:0:5000::a8f 0.0% 8 45.3 45.4 45.0 47.0 0.4 -- 11. AS??? ??? 100.0 8 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 -- see for full mtr
07:58<Peng>!dns6 aaaa
07:58<linbot>Peng: 2600:3c00:e000:2e:feed:dead:beef:1
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08:22<Peng>!mtr-dallas -bzc 8
08:22<linbot>Peng: [mtr-dallas] 3. AS??? (2001:504:0:5:0:1:3335:1) 0.0% 8 1.1 1.8 1.0 3.2 0.5 -- 4. AS??? ??? 100.0 8 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 -- see for full mtr
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09:01<Tristan__>Does Linode also offer Cpanel VPS licenceS?
09:02<grawity>only in the "linode managed" tier
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09:03<linbot>New news from community: Your account is currently being reviewed. <>
09:04<clifmo>Hi, i'm setting up a HA node cluster, trying to get nodes talking to eachother on private IPs. Any guides for this? I've added IPs and maybe need to add/edit network adapter?
09:04<grawity>wait, where else have you added the IPs then
09:07<Peng_>(Why not IPv6.)
09:10<clifmo>I haven't done anything but add a private IP to the nodes and leave on Auto-configure Networking helper. Should I disable that and add IPv6?
09:10<grawity>Network Helper only takes effect on reboot, and doesn't configure private addresses at all
09:11<Zr40>it does for me
09:11<dwfreed>grawity: it does
09:11<clifmo>frankly, i'm picking up where another on my team left off. I believe he added entries to /etc/hosts
09:11<dwfreed>it is v6 blocks that it ignores
09:12<Zr40>are v6 blocks still routed to one designated linode?
09:12<dwfreed>the /64 and /56 are, yes
09:12<grawity>the /112's are on-link, and the /64's & /56's are routed to one designated on-link address
09:12<grawity>which, I've been told, may be one of your portable /112's
09:12<dwfreed>you can routethem to a /116 address
09:13<grawity>/116, yeah
09:13<Peng_>clifmo: IPv6 isn't on already?
09:13<grawity>*sigh* non-round numbers
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09:14<dwfreed>grawity: at least it's still a power of 2
09:14<dwfreed>could be 500
09:14<clifmo>Peng_: that is correct, verifying with my other team member. I think we have to create a support ticket to get that setup?
09:15<clifmo>gonna read thru the IPv6 overview and Static IP config guides again
09:15<Peng_>New Linodes have had IPv6 (one address) by default for a really long tim
09:15<dwfreed>it's on on linode's end for everybody
09:16<Cromulent>Peng_: didn't Linode start out giving everyone a /64 or am I misremembering?
09:17<clifmo>I see a public IPv6. There's one under private but it is labled: Link-Local IP
09:17<grawity>use the public one
09:17<Zr40>ipv6 between your linodes is counted as private
09:17<grawity>in IPv4, the only difference between Linode's public and private addressing is whether you pay for the traffic
09:17<dwfreed>between linodes in the same dc, anyway
09:17<grawity>(it doesn't really give you any "secure network" features)
09:19<clifmo>thanks for talking thru it! :)
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11:34<linbot>New news from community: Clone a Linode on the new Cloud Manager to existing Linode <>
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11:58<Mikey_B>hello fellow linodes
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12:02<synfinatic>aren't we linoders?
12:03<synfinatic>sounds bad, but maybe I just have a dirty mind
12:09<linbot>beep boop
12:23<bestdesign>like on digital ocean?
12:24<millisa>or not on DO
12:26<bestdesign>that was first
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12:44<linbot>New news from community: permission denied ssh auth error on custom home dir automounted <>
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12:51<Lawrence>Hello, is anyone available to help me?
12:52<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:53<Lawrence>ok, well we are having some site speed issues. I sent in a ticket, but wondering if anyone else is having issues with their sites loading extremely slow..
12:54<millisa>Haven't seen it on any of my systems.
12:54<millisa>you'd be the first to say something about it today
12:55<bestdesign>millisa: ur a helper?
12:55<millisa>I'm a me...
12:56<Lawrence>I appreciate the help. I'll just sit tight and see if they respond to the ticket.
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13:13<AlexMax>The high CPU instances
13:13<AlexMax>look pretty nice
13:13<AlexMax>Are all virtual CPU's pegged?
13:14<AlexMax>or does each instance only get 1 guaranteed vCPU?
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13:21<Zr40>all of them are dedicated to your instance
13:22<AlexMax>Yeah that's what it sounded like
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15:00<Zr40>heh, one of my linodes says "AMD EPYC 7501 32-Core Processor" in /proc/cpuinfo
15:01<Zr40>never used one of those before
15:02<millisa>I know the 7451's started showing up last year. dont think i've seen one of the 7501's yet.
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16:56<tmberg>Zr40: :O
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17:19<Ikaros>Hm. Interesting.
17:19<Ikaros>So I swap one tiny bit on my tunnel IPv6 address and I can connect to my pooled IPv6 addresses on my Dallas Linode once more. Quite interesting. Think this is something I should open a ticket for?
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17:20<Ikaros>I only ask because it seemed using my original IPv6 tunnel address (the one I was using prior to this one) was acting like it was being explicitly blocked upstream whenever trying to connect to my pooled addresses on the Linode, and my MTR from my PC showed the traffic being stopped right after it enters Linode's network in Dallas, whereas now after swapping one bit of my IPv6 address it's all
17:20<Ikaros>good and the MTR completes fine.
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17:34<Peng>Ikaros: I'm seeing routing issues in Dallas today that sound potentially similar
17:59<Peng>Ikaros: If you can nail down details and a bunch of mtrs and file a ticket, it might help my ticket progress and get it fixed.
18:00<Ikaros>Yeah I was thinking so, it's been like this since the wee hours of the morning Dallas-time.
18:00<Ikaros>It's strange how I swap a bit in my usual tunnel address and that fixes it.
18:00<Peng>my ntpd first noticed something off ~30 hours ago
18:01<Ikaros>But yeah, I'll be filing a ticket to see if it's something that can be tracked down.
18:01<Peng>Whether it's something that can be tracked down and whether it's something that will be tracked down are two different things.
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19:58<Peng>Ikaros: Fixed now?
20:00<Ikaros>We're back up
20:00<Peng>Linode updated my ticket 20 minutes ago to say they'd fixed something
20:00<Peng>may have fixed somethin*
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20:04<Ikaros>I have to admit that's probably the most bizarre issue I've had with mine to date, personally.
20:05<Peng>I'm used to Weird IPv6 Issues happening every six months at a *different* provider, but not Linode.
20:09<Ikaros>Took a portion of my day to troubleshoot and try and nail down where the issue was given my tunnel setup on my end - I have an actual PC tower that I've repurposed as the gateway to my ISP, that also acts as the tunnel gateway as well. I felt that gave me much better freedom to control my side of the network as I saw fit, not defined by what some silly consumer router's interface restricts me
20:09<Ikaros>So naturally I look there, "did I muck up the tunnel configuration somewhere there?"
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21:02<chris>can anyone recommend a good offsite backup that would work with linode?
21:03<chris>and a service for monitoring uptime/server down/security?
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