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03:26<zlb>I need some IPs to do a ping and have a test
03:26<zlb>I am in China, and not sure whether the host in here is suit for me
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09:08<bestdesign>whats s up?
09:09<Woet>my Linodes.
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09:17<dzho>it is thursday, my linodes
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12:48<mezzat>how to link domain with linode with new cloud manager?
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14:40<Shentino>I'd like to create a linode from scratch, by booting it off of a linux distro's install CD
14:40<Shentino>how do I do that?
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14:42<Shentino>not quite what I want
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14:42<Shentino>I want to do low level installation from an ISO
14:43<millisa>you would have to dd the iso out to a temporary installer disk
14:43<Shentino>I am willing to download it from within the linode itself
14:43<dwfreed>that's exactly what that guide tells you how to do
14:43<dwfreed>dd an iso to a disk and boot it
14:43<Shentino>...can the installer disk be seen by the linode as a cdrom and not a hard drive?
14:44<dwfreed>that distinction is irrelevant
14:44<dwfreed>the fs is iso9660, which is readonly
14:44<Shentino>I mean how the volume is seen hard-ware wise by the guest kernel
14:44<dwfreed>regardless of whether the block device hosting it is a cdrom drive or a hard drive
14:44<Shentino>Anyway I thought I could just boot off the rescue image and do it the manual way
14:45<dwfreed> can...
14:45<millisa>did i link the wrong doc?
14:45<dwfreed>millisa: no
14:46<millisa>booting into rescue mode, getting the iso and puttig it on the installer disk the first 2 steps at
14:46<millisa>what OS are you trying to install?
14:47<Shentino>linux mint, or a raw install of gentoo
14:47<Shentino>let me check the docs again
14:47<dwfreed>I have done a gentoo install from rescue mode before
14:48<Shentino>ok I messed up :P
14:48<dwfreed>you don't even need an iso, just use rescue mode as what you install from
14:48<Shentino>ok, so next question
14:49<Shentino>can I just create a blank linode to start with or do I have to create from a dummy that i'm just going to overwrite?
14:49<v0lksman>stange...can't edit or delete NS records that are pointing to ns* but can that point to other nameservers. Is there a reason?
14:49<smallclone>i think the guide kinda covers that as well
14:49<dwfreed>v0lksman: so you don't break anything
14:50<smallclone>with a new linode, you create the installer disk, and then a second disk that the installer will...err, install to
14:50<smallclone>you don't really need a "dummy," this can all be done with one linode
14:50<dwfreed>v0lksman: it's fine if the zone has more nameservers than the delegation specifies; the reverse, however, is not okay
14:50<millisa>Shentino: your linode can be completely new. I'd argue it's even preferable
14:50<Shentino>so...ho0w do I create a blank linode?
14:50<v0lksman>so I have to use the API to remove them then?
14:50<dwfreed>v0lksman: you can't remove them at all
14:51<v0lksman>but I created them
14:51<millisa>Shentino: goto add a linode, pick it, pick the location, click add this linode.
14:51<dwfreed>why did you make duplicates? O.o
14:51<Shentino>that documentation appears to be out of date
14:51<Peng>v0lksman: ...Can you post a screenshot? What's your domain?
14:51<millisa>Shentino: you dont have to deploy an image to a linode. they are completely bare, no disk setup by default.
14:51<Shentino>I now have the "cloud" interface
14:51<v0lksman>I didn't...I delegated authority for a sub domain
14:52<dwfreed>going to need specific example, like screenshots
14:53<millisa>Shentino: gets to the old interface
14:54<v0lksman> - I can edit the last two to update them. I can't edit the first 4
14:54<dwfreed>can you not redact?
14:54<v0lksman>gah...last two lines would actually be more like
14:54<v0lksman>cannot delete or edit
14:54<millisa>Shentino: it looks like you can deselect the Image in the new cloud interface to have it deploy empty
14:55<v0lksman>(new dashboard interface if that helps any)
14:55<dwfreed>works fine in the old manager
14:56<dwfreed>(I actually have a zone in the DNS manager called ''
14:57<v0lksman>how do you switch back to the old interface?
14:57<dwfreed>just go to it
14:57<v0lksman>ahhh...there we go
14:57<dwfreed>if in the cloud manager you can't remove the equivalent foobar NS record, then that's a bug in the cloud manager
14:58<v0lksman>yep...totally is
14:58<v0lksman>and all that just to adjust the TTL
15:13<Shentino>figured it out
15:17<Shentino>it's under advanced configurations to muss with the volumes
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16:03<Shentino>new question
16:03<Shentino>can I tell my linode to boot off a custom bootloader like grub installed to the linode's hard drive?
16:08<Shentino>let me try creating a bios boot partition first
16:08<Shentino>yay for GPT ^^
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17:26<jose>When I register as a new user, are there limits of the size of instance I can create?
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17:27<Shentino>I copied a bootable iso to a disk, and I'm trying to get my linode to boot from the iso
17:27<Shentino>but it's saying it's not bootable
17:28<millisa>did you set it up exactly like the custom distribution doc using the same profile names?
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17:29<Shentino>I just created a custom config after using the rescue config to cat an iso
17:31<Shentino>ok it booted from that
17:31<Shentino>but apparently I need to catch the VM within 15 seconds of bootup or the iso's own bootloader crashes
17:32<millisa>sounds odd, what iso are you using
17:32<Shentino>gentoo livecd
17:35<Shentino>I officially give up
17:35<Shentino>I'm just going to go with a premade linode config
17:35<Shentino>less hassle
17:36<Shentino>my impression is that my kind of custom setup isn't supported
17:38<Shentino>gentoo's iso appears to want to default to booting from the "local hard disk" which, chicken vs egg, isn't bootable yet
17:40<millisa>gentoo used to work with this method; haven't tried it recently though
17:41<Shentino>well, it works, technically
17:41<Shentino>the problem is that the gentoo iso doesn't give me enough time to use the lish thing to get to the "screen" before it defaults to the local disk and then bites the dust
17:42<millisa>are you using lish or glish?
17:42<smallclone>so you're booting into the installer profile?
17:43<Shentino>sorta. I cat'ed the gentoo install iso to a disk, and then created a config to boot that disk, with the "Direct Disk" kernel
17:43<smallclone>err, i assumed by "cat'd" you mean used dd?
17:43<Shentino>same thing, but yeah
17:43<millisa>The minimal install cd or the hybrid iso/livedvd?
17:43<Shentino>I used cat
17:44<Shentino>minimal install cd
17:45<millisa>i'll take a stab at it if you want to wait a few mins
17:46<smallclone>Shentino: could you post a screenshot of your config profile page?
17:46<Shentino>once I get past the "install from the iso" bit I was going to set up lvm on gpt
17:48<Shentino>I'm afraid the profile page is too big to screenshot
17:48<smallclone>nvm i have to run, but if you do find that there's an issue with that guide please open a GH issue - it doesn't get much attention these days
17:48<smallclone>huh odd
17:48<smallclone>i haven't used the new manager yet
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17:51<millisa>seems to be working ok for me.
17:51<millisa>oooh, and ended up on an epyc 7501 too. maybe i'll keep this
17:52<Woet>im gonna sell "pick the cpu you want" as a service
17:52<Woet>you enter the cpu you want
17:52<Woet>my service will spam the linode api and create thousands of linodes until you get the one you want
17:52<Woet>mcintosh: thats ok right?
17:53<millisa>Shentino: so I used lish for the initial hitting a key. Had lish open in rescue mode first - kept that session open while hitting the reboot key in the manager. when lish dumped me out to the lish prompt, i hit enter a few times
17:55<millisa>i took over with a glish session once I saw it booting
18:04<@mcintosh>Woet: sure, it'll cost ya though ;p
18:05<Woet>waiting for the per-minute billing
18:05<Woet>like your competitors do
18:05<millisa>Spinnin' up linodes repeatedly to get the processor you want? That's a paddlin'
18:09<Shentino>millisa: was it complicated?
18:10<millisa>not really. i literally followed that document as written, using a 300mb installer disk. for getting the iso to the disk: curl | dd of=/dev/sda
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18:11<Shentino>that was the easy part
18:11<Shentino>the hard part is the lish catching the iso before it dumps to boot
18:11<millisa>i didnt' take it past the point where it got to the livecd prompt and I could see the other disk at /dev/sda
18:13<millisa>try using lish, not glish for the initial catching of the 'hit enter'. i used 'ssh -t mylinodename' when it was in rescue mode
18:13<millisa>when i told it to reboot, it dropped me at the lish prompt and i just tapped enter every second.
18:17<millisa>once I saw it 'Loading gentoo... okk' and 'Loading gentoo.igz...okk' in the lish window, I switched over to glish
18:17<Shentino>sounds like a hassle
18:17<millisa>I'm assuming there were probably options I could have done at the boot: prompt to make it work in lish
18:17<Shentino>I think my internet's a little flaky and can't intercept it in time
18:17<millisa>'installing gentoo' + 'sounds like a hassle'?
18:18<Shentino>the hassle is catching the iso at the console before it autoboots the unbootable hard drive
18:18<Shentino>it's a race condition
18:18<Shentino>installing gentoo itself is manageable once I get past that
18:18<Shentino>and I've wrangled gentoo plenty on my desktop
18:22<Shentino>so with my shitty internet and it being a flat out race condition where the gentoo iso has a stubborn mind of its own...I giv eup
18:22<millisa>my only other suggestion is to power off the linode, and get logged into lish first. it'll throw a 'There is no screen to be attached matching linode####..' but at least you'd be at the point where you could hit enter after you hit the boot button
18:23<millisa>hitting enter before you boot the linode will just keep throwing the no screen message, so you can keep tapping it
18:24<Shentino>my internet is a shitty dsl line
18:31<millisa>i suppose the other option would be to rebuild the install cd to remove the timeout 150 from the isolinux.cfg
18:31<millisa>or remove the ontimeout line
18:38<Shentino>too much hassle
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18:53<Shentino>gentoo, you are a pain in the ass
18:54<millisa>testing a rebuilt iso right now
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19:09<millisa>Shentino: you can try
19:10<millisa>Shentino: these are the steps I used to create it and edit out the two timeout lines:
19:10<millisa>it appears to give me a 'boot:' prompt in lish that sits and waits forever
19:19<Shentino>thanks. I decided it was less hassle to just eat a premade gentoo install
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19:31<Peng>You have a .work domain?
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19:55<Woet>does it work?
20:11<Shentino>how fast is a linode resize supposed to happen?
20:12<Peng>Are you doing one now? Pretty fast.
20:12<Shentino>I'm resizing a nanode to a dedicated cpu 16 and back again
20:12<Shentino>taking several minutes
20:13<Peng>You should be able to watch it copy the disk images in the manager.
20:13<Shentino>I wanted to give it bigger muscles to flex to do a compile churn
20:13<Shentino>if I resize my linode does it have to switch physical hosts?
20:13<Peng>Either "usually" or "yes definitely"
20:13<Shentino>is that why it's taking so long?
20:14<Peng>Linode won't promise that it will be fast, but my rule of thumb is that disks are usually copied at about 1500 Mbps. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
20:15<Shentino>so basically, copying using the bandwidth of the LAN backend
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20:38<millisa>Peng: yeah, it amused me and porkbun had them for cheap
20:40<Peng>:D Saaaaaaame. Except the .work domain I bought at Porkbun is boring
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23:22<pclover>So a question... What is linodes IPv6 setup? Are you able to get a routed /64 block?
23:26<pclover>reading it says by default you get one IP via SLAAC which to me seems like it's going to change each time you reboot...
23:30<Zr40>no, it won't change
23:31<pclover>hum that's interesting afik SLAAC address will change on each boot. perhaps i thinking of privacy extensions
23:32<Zr40>those do change over time, even without rebooting
23:32<Zr40>SLAAC itself relies only on the router advertisement and the MAC address
23:33<pclover>i thought there was another random variable it uses as well to generate a v6 address.
23:36<pclover>then i suppose for v4 that can be pulled via typical dhcp
23:37<pclover>i'm just use to everything having to be static
23:38<Zr40>if you're using the default configuration, linode will put static configuration in place for v4
23:40<linbot>New news from community: NodeBalancer Multidomains support? <>
23:41<pclover>and another big question is how well has linnode kept up with CPU microcode updates
23:41<pclover>since Meltdown, Spectre, L1TF and SSB are extremely serious issues still
23:41<pclover>esp for shared environments like linode
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23:44<pclover>good to see. Still is a bit scary since it truly can't be fixed unless they completely do re-design how branch prediction works
23:54<pclover>anyhow thanks for the help
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