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06:22<essy>hi guys
06:22<essy>I seem to remember something about a private network between linodes
06:22<essy>is that still a thing?
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06:32<rsdehart>essy: it's more "internal" than "private". you get unmetered transfer on an internal ip between linodes in the same datacenter
06:34<essy>ahh it's only between the same datacenter
06:34<essy>makes sense
06:35<essy>I need to host a db somewhere that's acessible from all datacenters
06:38<essy> TOKYO FRANKF LONDON NEWARK FREMONT TOKYO - 260 235 164 60 FRANKF 260 - 40 84 150 LONDON 235 40 - 77 140 NEWARK 164 90 77 - 67 FREMONT 100 160 140 67 -
06:39<essy>thats better
06:40<essy>i guess since the customer base is skewed to the US, newark is probabaly the best spot?
07:14<nate>honestly if I really need a geographically accessible database I'd probably be looking at different mediums of implementation, but yeah
07:17<essy>yeah it's kinda of temporary. we'll move it and use a cluster eventually
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07:54<Yaakov>As it turns out, yes.
07:55<rsdehart>Here's the part where I have to determine whether I've just not been paying close enough attention or you have been absent for as long as I thought you were
07:55<rsdehart>the former is entirely possible
07:55<Yaakov>I have been unhere.
07:55<rsdehart>I see. Welcome back
07:56<Yaakov>Thanks. I hope all is well with you.
07:56<rsdehart>thanks, also
07:56<Yaakov>Quite well, in fact.
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08:46<Yaakov>Howedy, dzho.
08:46<Yaakov>Hrm... Howdy.
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09:52<linbot>New news from community: Can I route added IPv6 pools to multiple Linodes in the same data center? <>
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11:03<hays>is there a reasonable way to make it so a domain is always pointing to my dynamic IP address that doesn't change very often
11:03<hays>using linode
11:05<grawity>a) host the domain on Linode DNS Manager, use the api to automatically update it (perhaps via ddclient or something fancier)
11:05<hays>i was thinking this is what i need
11:05<grawity>b) host the domain on your own linode using BIND 9, use RFC 2136 compatible clients (nsupdate, etc) to automatically update it
11:09<hays>c) change providers to one that offers a static ip
11:09<Peng>Option B can update faster than option A
11:10<hays>so hmm.. i guess you just point the domain to one's linode and then run your own dns? that's interesting. i'd have to learn more about dns for sure
11:11<grawity>you point the domain's *nameservers* to your linode
11:11<Peng>You can also keep using Linode as a secondary service
11:12<grawity>(Linode DNS Manager can act as the secondary/backup nameserver, not sure how rapidly *that* updates from primary though)
11:12<Peng>As fast as you can send it a notify, plus potentially a little caching
11:13<hays>i am working on a possibly ill-advised personal project to get my data out of the cloud unless it is blind-encrypted
11:13<hays>DNS seems like it might be a pretty useful piece of this puzzle
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12:57<Yaakov>HELLO PENG
13:01<Yaakov>LTNS BUDDY
13:01<Yaakov>How's stuff?
13:16<Peng>...Same old, same old
13:16<Peng>Recent status: Eating cookies and drinking tea
13:29<Peng>Ah, Amazon updated their MaxMind geoip database and no longer thinks my apartment moved from Florida to El Salvador \o/
13:43<chesty>I know the name, I remember you were a good bloke, but I can't quit remember you, did you become a radio engineer Yaakov?
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13:57<Yaakov>chesty: No, I was eorking at a university in a technical management role, with consulting responsibilities that included radio-related work.
13:57<Yaakov>working, too.
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13:59<chesty>ah, I was close enough for government work. what are you up to these days?
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14:09<ade>i deployed my django app to linode and keep getting this error You don't have permission to access / on this server. Apache/2.4.34 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80
14:10<ade>what is the error
14:15<Zr40>usually the error log will show a more informative message
14:26<ade>Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Apache/2.4.34 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80
14:26<ade>thats what i get
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14:33<linbot>New news from community: Unexpected EOF from SFTP server <>
14:35<Yaakov>chesty: I retired (early), I am freelancing in photography and some IoT/Electronics development. Well, freelancing, for myself. My own company with an open-ended mission.
15:04<chesty>wow, good on you.
15:20<@mcintosh>Peng: would've had to change your nickname to Péng! ;p
15:20<@mcintosh>Yaakov: howdy :)
15:58<Yaakov>Heya, mcintosh.
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17:34<linbot>New news from community: PDF of Billing Invoice? <>
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18:02<csnxs>but can i download my invoices as cinepak videos?
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18:03<dorotaj>Hi. I need help with login in to the console trought the web browser
18:04<dorotaj>After restart I cant connect with putty anymore
18:04<dorotaj>did the server restar has cleared firewall settings ?
18:08<dorotaj>Our website is down and I have no access to the server ssh/sftp
18:09<dorotaj>and seems it runs out of space
18:09<dorotaj>any help, suggestions , please ?
18:11<dorotaj> /etc/rc2.d/S19mysql: ERROR: The partition with /var/lib/mysql is too full!
18:14<linbot>New news from community: Network Helper did not run: could not determine distribution or distribution version error on reboot <>
18:19<Peng>If it's out of space, delete stuff or make it bigger.
18:20<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
18:23<dorotaj>I cant delete anything as I cant connect with sftp or ftp to the server
18:24<linbot>Finnix --
18:32<dorotaj>Thank you
18:32<dorotaj>I'm in the middle of resizing the server up now
18:33<dorotaj>whats the reason I cannot connect with ssh/sftp after the restart ? Lost whitelisted IPs from the firewall or I have to start SSH service manually ?
18:34<Peng>I don't know. What error do you get? A lot of things go wrong when there's no free disk space.
18:35<dorotaj>Connection timed
18:35<dorotaj> out
18:36<dorotaj>will try again when the resizing will finish
18:37<Peng>That's an unusual error.
18:37<Peng>I mean, it's common, but shouldn't happen.
18:37<Peng>Maybe there are firewall or networking configuration issues.
18:40<dorotaj>I don't even know how to check it, and the list of lish console commands dosn't seems to be usefull for me
18:49<Peng>Use lish to access your Linode's console
19:02<dorotaj>I did
19:02<dorotaj>but cant do much there
19:02<dorotaj>website is running after resizing
19:02<dorotaj>thank you
19:03<gparent>you can log in as root there
19:03<dorotaj>but still no access with SSH
19:03<dorotaj>that the problem
19:03<dorotaj>i dont know the root password
19:03<Peng>Do you know the passwords of any other users
19:04<dorotaj>im a user with full rights
19:04<Peng>Then log in
19:04<dorotaj>but cannot login with those details to the console
19:17<dorotaj>is there anything else I can do ?
19:18<Peng>Are you sure you are using the correct local system username and password. Not your Linode account username and password or something.
19:19<Peng>You can always boot Finnix.
19:19<linbot>Finnix --
19:23<dorotaj>Thanks Peng, it's seams you are right and this is only a Linode account username.
19:24<dorotaj>we are using only the rsa_key to login to ssh/sftp as a root
19:25<dorotaj>so I can't logining to the server when the connection is refused
19:25<dorotaj>and web console doesn't allow to use a key
19:25<dorotaj>and I dont know the root password
19:26<dorotaj>I don't want to put the website again to play with Finnix
19:27<dorotaj>so will have to find someone who knows the root password
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19:44<dorotaj>ok, bye
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22:17<linodenoob>hello guys
22:17<linodenoob>I'm looking at high memory plans
22:18<linodenoob>suppose I select Linode 24GB, can I install an open source virtual software such as xen and etc?
22:19<Woet>technically, sure
22:19<Woet>you don't really want to.
22:19<Woet>why not just get multiple Linodes?
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22:43<Woet>ok bye
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