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00:33<asif>how can i copy or clone linode from one account to another account
00:33<Peng>Clone it on the same account, and then file tickets from both accounts asking for the Linode to be transferred, I guess.
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01:28<@mcintosh>that would be the best way to do it
01:28<@mcintosh>read that was "clean it on the same account" originally, and started contemplating the nature of washing a Linode
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01:56<Woet>mcintosh: I can bathe you in exchange for monetary compensation
02:00<dcraig>the linodes aren't regularly washed?
02:01<Zr40>only when powered off, and then you get a shiny new kernel
02:03<Woet>dcraig: are your fish regularly washed?
02:03<dcraig>they're kept in water
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02:30<dcraig>as if!
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05:02<linbot>New news from community: Is it possible to upgrade Memory for specific time and downgrade again? <> || The data couldn't be read because it isn't in the correct format. <>
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06:04<hf>Will i get sudo access on a nanode machine?
06:04<Zr40>of course
06:04<Zr40>a Nanode is just a very small Linode instance
06:08<hf>Ohk Thanks
06:09<Woet>very small
06:09<Woet>like my amount of empathy
06:09<hf>Might be a bit off topic but if services like linode provide root access for 5$/month
06:09<hf>Why do people use things like DreamHost VPS which charge 13.5$ a month
06:09<Woet>$5/month is actually very expensive if you just compare based on root access
06:09<Woet>there are $2/year VPSs with root access
06:10<Woet>because the Bluehost ones are managed
06:10<hf>Yes, but 1GB RAM
06:10<Woet>even if they aren't, people pick different companies based on different reasons
06:10<Woet>just like your town has more than one barber and supermarket
06:10<hf>So is the "managed" really that hard?
06:10<Woet>and their prices vary
06:10<Woet>Linode charges $100/month for managed
06:11<hf>What does this management part involve really?
06:12<Woet>differs per provider
06:24<trippeh_>The RSA host key for has changed,
06:24<trippeh_>what are you doing linode
06:28<trippeh_>are they aware keys can be transferred :)
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06:30<trippeh_>also new lish box is spewing locale errors the old one did not.
06:34<trippeh_>guess I'll just ticket that
07:33<chesty>the old key might be an outdated key type.
10:16<dwfreed>trippeh_: it's not always a good idea to copy host keys
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10:22<dwfreed>indeed, I'd rather the host keys change in this situation
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11:14<Sadan>Hi. Can someone please tell me how much it cost to get a managed service with linode dedicated machines ?
11:17<Sadan>I do not see the prices here
11:17<Abi12>`Pricing is $100 per month per Linode on your account.
11:26<Zr40>that's in addition to the cost of the linode itself
11:33<Sadan>One quick question
11:34<dwfreed>One quick answer
11:34<Sadan>The managed services add on will take care of every day to day issues that arise on the dedicated instance . Correct ?
11:35<dwfreed>it is more of a monitoring and incident response solution
11:35<dwfreed>you are still responsible for day-to-day maintenance
11:35<dwfreed>Linode will be the "first responder" if the monitoring you've configured reports that things are not okay
11:44<Woet>Sadan: the page answers all of your questions.
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11:48<Jota>Hi there everyone!
11:50<Jota>Sorry for bothering, but I'm new at this and have a question...
11:50<linbot>Jota: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:51<Jota>Can i use #linode to run a flask (python) web app? It's recomended or should i use some python hosting?
11:52<dwfreed>yes, it's a full (virtual) server; you can use it for anything Linux can do
11:52<dwfreed>(for the most part, obviously gaming isn't going to work so well without a graphics card...)
11:54<linbot>New news from community: Linode Backup Service <>
11:58<Jota>Thank you @dwfreed (i guess @ works here haha). And in your opinion... is it better to run a web app in a virtual server or in a web host? It's a basic webpage and mysql database using flask.
12:00<dwfreed>depends on your needs and how comfortable you are with setting up and maintaining a web server, app server (eg uwsgi), and database server
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12:54<linbot>New news from community: Connecting Two Linodes to Block Storage <>
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14:21<Deyson>Anyone here recommend Linode over WPEngine? Thank you :)
14:33<dzho>apples and oranges
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