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03:00<a_raafat>i wanted to ask know i login to my linode account go to Profile -> SSh Keys and adding new sshKey for public SSH Key then try from my machine to connect via ssh always get rejected
03:01<a_raafat>anyone knows this problem and how i can solve it??!!
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03:05<Zr40>those ssh keys are used to access lish
03:06<Zr40>to add a ssh key to your linode, add it to .ssh/authorized_keys
03:07<a_raafat>but even if i tried to access the lish asking me for frontend login and its password and i don't know what is this!
03:07<a_raafat>i always give my profile login data but its not working
03:07<Zr40>that's your linux user and password
03:07<a_raafat>you mean adding it to .ssh/authorized_keys on the linode or my pc!!
03:07<Zr40>on the linode
03:08<a_raafat>the problem i can't login to linode never asking for password always reject me because if this ssh key pairs
03:09<nagchampa>a_raafat: the option to add ssh keys in your profile is for connecting via lish
03:09<a_raafat>for your question about this my linux user i don't know actually the one who own this account telling me he only has this only account
03:09<nagchampa>oh Zr40 already said that
03:09<a_raafat>should i go to the linode itself and doing reset root password and use it or what for the lish!
03:09<a_raafat>yeah now i know it
03:10<nagchampa>a_raafat: you might need to connect to your linode via lish, login using your password and add it through there
03:10<nagchampa>password logins might be disabled in your ssh server config
03:11<a_raafat>hmmm okay and for the lish login what its mean for frontend login!!
03:11<a_raafat>what is that mean which user i should use here!
03:11<nagchampa>when you connect to lish you connect to an environment where you can specify a linode, which then drops you to its console
03:11<nagchampa>use your user you've configured on the server
03:11<nagchampa>if you haven't configured any users yet then log in as root
03:11<nagchampa>you connect to lish with your linode username
03:12<nagchampa>then log in to your server using your configured users
03:13<a_raafat>yes i login with my user and after that i stuck becuase don't have any use configured so should i use the root one, and i don't know its password so i should reset it from reset root password in linode settings!
03:13<a_raafat>am i right!
03:13<nagchampa>yes, i think there's an option in the web control panel to reset the root password of your linode
03:13<nagchampa>then you can log in with that
03:14<nagchampa>also please stop using exclamation marks, i realise you might be frustrated but your exasperation is stressing me out...
03:14<a_raafat>hmm okay will try that and see hope it will solve the problem i wanna setup the SSL and am stuck becuase of that
03:14<a_raafat>haha okay sorry :)
03:14<nagchampa>good luck
03:15<nagchampa>you can access your lish console through the web control panel too, instead of using ssh, if you're having problems with that
03:18<a_raafat>yeah i know this one, thank you for sharing with me
03:20<nagchampa>no problem
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03:28<linbot>New news from community: Custom Linode? <>
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04:28<linbot>New news from community: Is there a Tokyo 1 server? <>
04:36<nagchampa>linbot shouldn't call it news. it's a question
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04:58<linbot>New news from community: using SSH download image,but the disk is full <>
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05:18<linbot>New news from community: (Solved) using SSH download image,but the disk is full <>
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06:10<bubu>Need to ask a question pease
06:11<bubu>If I host my emails with Google or ZoHo using my own domain name e.g
06:11<chesty>it's news that there is a new question nagchampa
06:11<bubu>if for whatever reason the email was used to send spam or whatever and it's blacklisted. Will it also affect my server's IP address
06:13<bubu>am contemplating on moving emails to zoho or google or any other third party but want to be sure i understand the advantages and disadvantages
06:13<nagchampa>bubu: if was used to spam it might be blacklisted
06:14<nagchampa>if you move it to google servers that might help, but i would make sure you enable spf and dkim as well
06:14<nagchampa>this should help lower its rating in spam filters
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06:47<bubu>I mean if the domain is a website hosted on one of my Linode servers but the email account was hosted at a 3rd party e.g ZoHo, Yandex, etc
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06:48<bubu>and let's say a script was misbehaving and sent spam or even a client sent spam, would it still affect my IP on my Linode
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06:48<bubu>Yes, I know about SPF and DKIM and planning on start using them both. Already using SPF
06:49<rsdehart>bubu: not if the mailserver is elsewhere
06:49<rsdehart>if your mailserver is somewhere else, then your linode has nothing to do with your email
06:53<bubu>okay. so if I instaledmy POSTFIX on Digital Ocean or on a second Linode, then my IP would always be clean even if the the domain is hosted on Linode and is hosted at ZoHo
06:54<bubu>OkayThanks. Will first try seeing if I can attach a different IP on my Liode which would strictly be used for emails so I maintain 1 Linode server since am already on an expensive plan BUT if that's not possible, then I get a smaller VPS for installation of Postfix
06:56<grawity>a script gone wrong rarely ends up being the only cause for blacklisting
06:57<bubu>Well it happened to Me that Huge emails were being sent on daily basis
06:57<bubu>so much that I was not just blacklisted BUT Linode had to place network restrictions on my Linode.
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06:58<bubu>If it were another host, they would suspend the account. One of the few reasons am still with Linode
06:59<bubu>So let me repeat what I have been suggested to here to be sure I understand them all
07:00<bubu>First I host the emails at ZoHo, add their SPF and DKIM, then also install Postfix on a different Linode
07:01<bubu>Anyone know if it's possible to use a different IP for Postfix so it's IP differes from that of the server even if they are both on same server
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07:07<synapt>bubu: inet_interfaces, smtp_bind_address and smtp6_bind_address
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07:07<nate>the first is mainly for listening, the latter two are for use on outbound connections
07:07<nate>er sorry smtp_bind_address6
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07:09<bubu>Thanks a lot, so it's possible to install Postfix on my Linode where the websites are also hosted BUT using a different IP address and a different information for inet_interfaces, smtp_bind_address and smtp_bind_address6 . Thanks. I would read up on them then request Linode support to sell to me an extra IP address
07:09<bubu>Thanks a lot
07:11<bubu>the first is mainly for listening, the latter two are for use on outbound connections. So I should bother more about "smtp_bind_address and smtp_bind_address6" since that's more important
07:11<nate>Technically yes, but understand that they only give extra IPv4 addresses out for VERY good reasons
07:12<nate>Purposes of sending email is most likely -not- going to be a very good reason to them :P
07:13<bubu>and I believe this is a very good reason. am already spending about $60 monthly and these extra expenses isn't cool with me but then I also need them . Really love Linode else I would have moved to those who would happily sell to me
07:14<bubu>Purposes of sending email is most likely -not- going to be a very good reason to them :P -------- Hmmm. What reasons are so important. any heads up
07:14<bubu>I understand IPv4 address space is low but most of us needthese things
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07:20<nate>bubu: Why do you think it's a very good reason? Do you some how expect it to make your email more valid or something...?
07:22<nate>Mail systems are more concerned about things like a proper PTR, SPF and DKIM records, etc than they are an IP being somehow dedicated 'just for email'. My linode that does email has also had websites among other things on the same IP for at least almost 10 years now and has no issues :P
07:23<rsdehart>nate: yeah, but I bet you aren't even spamming with it
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07:23<nate>What you're actually emailing out content-wise is going to impact you more than anything, and a dedicated IP isn't going to really change that unless you're trying to evade around your IP being blacklisted
07:24<nate>I dunno sometimes I have an absolute silly amount of back and forth with some clients
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07:51<hays>i find setting up email to be one of the harder things to attempt
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08:06<Yaakov>Proper SPF and DKIM are far more important than anything to do wit IP address. I am not sure that anyone even cares about it, so long as it isn't on a DNSBL somewhere.
08:06<Yaakov>I have quite a few domains and httpd interfaces on one address with no problems.
08:23<bubu>Well I get your points. In a situation where you have clients on your Linode, you don't have complete say over what they do. Am a developer with basic server admoin skills and needed to add hosting so everything stays at a place.
08:23<bubu>Mostof my clients aren't ready to pay a fee for something such as email as they would be quick to tell you others give it for free.
08:24<bubu>Am playing my part by ensuring everything is done to avoid issues which would bounce back to me.
08:25<bubu>Just want toensure I bring down chances of issues occuring to the barest minimal
08:25<bubu>Thanks a lot All. Really appreciate your time
08:31<Yaakov>If you have trouble with email, I sincerely suggest you consider one of the managed email solutions separate from your hosting. They do a good job, and offer a lot of nice services.
08:41<Cromulent>I'm starting to come to the realisation that I need to run an SMTP / IMAP server which I have avoided doing for the last 9 years or so but it seems like I can avoid it anymore
08:42<Cromulent>can not avoid*
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09:20<shentino>SPF and DKIM are good ways to protect yourself from being spoofed. Just make sure you have the guts to commit to it and not just do softfail.
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10:01<novpiseth>hello everyone
10:02<novpiseth>after I install cpanel on linode
10:02<novpiseth>I was restarted vps once
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10:02<novpiseth>after back my vps cannot access to internet also I cannot ping to my vps
10:02<novpiseth>any idea?
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10:14<novpiseth>any operator here?
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10:17<sharma>any one here?
10:17<grawity>novpiseth: connect to your linode through Lish (or the console in Linode Manager), and investigate from there
10:18<novpiseth>@grawity I have done all I submit ticketed but it take about 30mins already
10:18<novpiseth>it should slow replied like this
10:19<novpiseth>yesterday I wait about 20hours
10:19<grawity>are you on the "Linode Managed" plan?
10:19<sharma>I am looking hosting plan
10:20<sharma>for magento
10:21<novpiseth>grawity: no unmanage
10:21<novpiseth>brother unmanage but should not take long time like that
10:21<grawity>novpiseth: then Linode doesn't get involved in what you do inside your server
10:21<grawity>it's probably a rather low priority ticket
10:22<grawity>if it were a problem *caused by* Linode, then yeah, sure, they've been getting slow at times
10:23<novpiseth>why other vps no problem. online Linode?
10:23<grawity>but when you install something by yourself and it breaks the network config, well, it's up to you to go and fix it
10:23<novpiseth>do you have meet after install cpanel in linode and vps could not access to internet and cannot ping from computer to vps linode?
10:24<grawity>I don't use cpanel though?
10:24<grawity>so like I said,
10:25<grawity>connect to your linode through Lish (or the console in Linode Manager), and investigate from thereare
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10:37<novpiseth>it should not like this
10:38<novpiseth>could be help abit about this problem because not all problem because of install a software
10:39<novpiseth>@ all admin my ticket number is 11502588
10:39<novpiseth>please help me abit
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10:42<a_raafat>hey guys
10:42<a_raafat>am login now as a root in Glish from the web portal
10:42<a_raafat>and trying to add my ssh key to autoized_keys
10:43<a_raafat>but can't do it can't paste or do anything
10:43<a_raafat>how i can do it if anyone had the same experience
10:43<novpiseth>Network Helper did not run: could not reliably determine distribution or distribution version
10:45<novpiseth>sorry I state my prroblem
10:46<a_raafat>no problem
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10:52<grawity>a_raafat: try the ssh-based Lish for that
10:53<grawity>novpiseth: whenever a linode boots, the host tries to create a config file so that the linode would automatically set its own IP address
10:53<grawity>novpiseth: e.g. for Debian it automatically creates the correct /etc/network/interfaces, for Arch it creates /etc/systemd/network
10:54<grawity>novpiseth: and I guess after you installed cpanel it made things so different that the manager couldn't guess your linux distro anymore?
10:57<novpiseth>I'm using cloudlinux
10:57<novpiseth>my file should be /etc/sysconfig/netowrk-script/ifcfg-eth0
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11:06<a_raafat>grawity: am trying but i can't login asking for password enter the passowrd and reject it
11:06<a_raafat>don't know why
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11:19<novpiseth>grawity: I have put NETWORK=yes and GATEWAY=xxxx in file /etc/sysconfig/network now it work temporary.
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11:19<novpiseth>hope linode support help more about this
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11:33<a_raafat>hey any one why i got this error on ubuntu with the cert --apache
11:33<a_raafat>Error while running apache2ctl graceful. httpd not running, trying to start Action 'graceful' failed. The Apache error log may have more information.
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11:59<a_raafat>i have a dns problem with my domain how to fix it
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12:11<smallclone>the apache error log probably has more info, as that error indicates
12:12<smallclone>also what is the dns problem and what is your domain
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14:44<smallclone>ain't that the truth
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15:07<csnxs>no, uterm
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15:20<linbot>New news from community: Make a copy of a disk <>
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16:36<hays>if i buy a storage volume can i expand it
16:37<millisa> (see Dynamic Resizing)
16:37<hays>or do i need to migrate data to a new bigger volume
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20:20<Login440702>Who can help me activate my account?
20:21<millisa>They usually get to them pretty quickly. Watch your email for info
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23:33<PC-Pod>I've been running a tracert to my domain and it dies after a number of hops. Is there a ddos or other issue going on? It's been like this for hours.
23:35<Peng>How dead? How many hops? Can you pastebin an mtr?
23:36<linbot>Peng: [mtr-atlanta] Start: Thu Feb 21 04:36:03 2019 -- HOST: jane Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev -- see for full mtr
23:36<linbot>Peng: ('The read operation timed out',)
23:36<Peng>!mtr-dallas -n
23:36<linbot>Peng: [mtr-dallas] 4.|-- 0.0% 3 16.8 16.9 16.8 17.0 0.0 -- 5.|-- ??? 100.0 3 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 -- see for full mtr
23:36<PC-Pod>Give me a minute to hop back onto my PC.
23:37<Peng>PC-Pod: I haven't noticed any issues in Atlanta recently. Maybe your Linode is down? Or has a networking issue?
23:37<millisa>you can't ssh to your linode? can you get on with lish?
23:38<Peng>PC-Pod: Can you access something like over IPv4?
23:39-!-PC-POD2 [] has joined #linode
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23:39<PC-POD2>I cannot SSH, SFTP or in any other way connect to my server instance.
23:39<PC-POD2>I logged in via the website interface and rebooted, and it ran fine.
23:39<PC-POD2>Let me check it. I've never used lish.
23:40<millisa>(the followup being if you can get on with lish, what can you see from the linode's perspective? mtr out, can you get to the gateway, that sorta thing)
23:41<Peng>Any tickets open?
23:41<PC-POD2>There was a ticket from a few days ago, but nothing open at the mometn.
23:42<PC-POD2>What is lish?
23:42<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
23:46-!-PC-Pod [~oftc-webi@2601:980:8200:2020:f035:4172:9a30:6ae6] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:47<PC-POD2>Ok. Trying to login, but getting an access denied.
23:47<Peng>From what? Double check your usernames / passwords / SSH keys
23:48<PC-POD2>Trying to login to lish
23:48<Peng>You have to log int otw odifferent things though
23:48<PC-POD2>Yes. Working on that. Just a moment. Trying the web interface for lish rather than using an SSH client.
23:49<millisa>when you are doing the 'ssh', that user is your linode manager user/pass. that gets you to the console of your linode, then you have to use your shell user/pass
23:49<Peng>FWIW, your IPv6 address doesn't respond either.
23:49<Peng>to ping, I mean
23:51<PC-POD2>I was able to login to my linode instance through the lish console.
23:54<PC-POD2>I get 12 hops into a tracert and it fails at:
23:54<PC-POD2>After that just request timed out.
23:55<PC-POD2>From the lish console, I cannot ping anything or in other way appear to connect to the outside world.
23:56<millisa>does your linode think it has an IP?
23:56<PC-POD2>I apologize, I'm not sure what you mean by the question.
23:56<millisa>if you run 'ip addr list' does it show your IP on eth0?
23:57<PC-POD2> eth0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN qlen 1000 link/ether f2:3c:91:db:64:5a brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
23:57<millisa>state DOWN?
23:58<PC-POD2>Yes, looking at that, all the listings are state Down
23:58<millisa>ifup eth0 ?
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