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01:06<linbot>New news from community: How do I enable ipv6 with Nginx <>
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01:21<mostym>Hello. A server on your network as been using my mailgun account and sending spam. It's racked up 1.6 million emails right now. This is the IP address:
01:21<millisa>Change your mailgun credentials?
01:23<g_>with Nanode 1GB $5/mo plan, how many "File Count or Inode Limit" can I have? Is it include CPanel? Other hosting normally have 200,000 file Count limit
01:24<Peng>g_: Linode does not have a policy about the number of inodes. It's a technical aspect of your filesystem.
01:24<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
01:25<mostym>millisa: I have done that. I will contact abuse, thanks Peng .
01:25<g_>Any guide to migrate everything from existing CPanel web host account?
01:26<g_>Any guide to migrate everything from existing CPanel web host account? I'm newbie and do not know how to migrate wordpress to your company
01:27<grawity>there are guides for a fresh wordpress install, and for installing plain apache/php/mysql
01:27<millisa>They have some migration howtos at but you probably should start with the getting started guide and see if it's right for you
01:27<grawity>I guess 1) install the latter, 2) copy all the files, 3) import the mysql database
01:28<grawity>it's a standard Linux server so you don't need the guide to be linode-specific
01:28<g_>How about migrate from google cloud? What is the easiest way to do? any guide?
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02:31<Guest1468>how can I restore the vps with a backup of a few days ago
02:35<Guest1468>how can I restore the vps with a backup of a few days ago
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03:12<sunil>Hello, I have few questions in hosting meteor app in linode
03:13<sunil>is it good for meteor?
03:13<sunil>in deployment?
03:22<Cromulent>sunil: Linode just provide a Linux VPS - if you can do it on Linux you can do it on Linode
03:24<sunil>is there trail
03:24<sunil>i like see how things goes
03:25<sunil>without payment
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07:55<newdriv>where is rDNS in new cloud mamager
07:55<newdriv>also how do i switch to old console
07:58<linbot>New news from community: Network Helper and interfaces.d <>
08:01<bestdesign>new is new
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08:53<NEWDRIV>where is rdns in new console
08:54<NEWDRIV>or how to switch ack to old console
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09:10<rsdehart>NEWDRIV: select the linode in question and it's under the networking tab
09:10<rsdehart>click the ... at the far right and select edit rdns
09:11<rsdehart>under ipv4, and the appropriate ip address line
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11:12<@mcintosh>postmortem up for yesterday's newark issues:
11:18<csnxs>"mcintosh did it"
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11:39<@mcintosh>howdy Yaakov :D
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12:19<linbot>New news from community: Backup & Restore Certificates <> || IP swap question <>
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12:52<kirk_>looking for info on securing a vps server. using apache, redis, postgres
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13:31<waltman>HELLO Yaakov!
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15:29<linbot>New news from community: Verifying SSH host keys on new Linodes <>
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17:10<linbot>New news from community: How do I know if a Dedicated CPU plan will help? <>
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17:21<Yaakov>And a mighty fine Sabbath to you, pardner.
17:22<Yaakov>How's the real world been treating you, waltman?
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17:39<Alevy>If i nerd to cancel an account after 3 months, is possible?
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17:42<Yaakov>Nerds can cancel accounts, surely.
17:42<Yaakov>Just open a ticket, they'll be on it like white on rice.
17:43<Yaakov>How are things in Brasil?
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17:53<Yaakov>Oh, he left.
17:58<@mcintosh>they only gave us 2 minutes!!
17:58<@mcintosh>show mercy Yaakov ;(
18:30<linbot>New news from community: Errors when upgrading from 16.04 to 18.04 <>
19:00<linbot>New news from community: nginx Strip www and only go to <>
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22:52<zifnab>hey very important question
22:53<zifnab>does anyone eat queso cold
22:53<zifnab>like, just go get a jar of it out of the fridge, and eat it with chips without heating it up
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23:00<@mcintosh>zifnab: totally
23:00<zifnab>mcintosh: thanks.
23:00<@mcintosh>esp. if it's spicy
23:01<zifnab>i'm having a work argument with people
23:01<zifnab>apparently cold queso is nasty
23:01<zifnab>i disagree
23:08<Woet>I don't eat queso at all
23:08<@mcintosh>Woet: what do you eat?
23:08<Woet>non-queso food
23:09<@mcintosh>!boo Woet
23:09<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from woet! (27)
23:09<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
23:09<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
23:09<@mcintosh>wow, 1,000,000?
23:09<@mcintosh>well deserved, I cannot lie
23:10<Woet>much better
23:16<@mcintosh>okay fine
23:16<@mcintosh>!point Woet
23:16<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to woet. (28)
23:16<Woet>thank you
23:16<Woet>!point mcintosh
23:16<linbot>Woet: Point given to mcintosh. (93) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 39)
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