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00:30<chesty>Peng, why's that?
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04:56<You>Selamat sore
04:56<linbot>New news from community: Why is my Linode suddenly using 100% of its CPU? <>
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06:47<Archon810>Hi is anything down in Fremont?
06:47<Archon810>we're having a hard outage
06:48<Peng>!mtr-dallas -n
06:48<linbot>Peng: [mtr-dallas] 4.|-- ??? 100.0 3 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 -- 5.|-- 2600:3c01::4b 0.0% 3 34.4 34.4 34.3 34.6 0.0 -- see for full mtr
06:49<Peng>Seems to be up, and you're the first person to report an issue.
06:49<Archon810>related to block storage
07:10<Archon810>to summarize: our web layer was down because of fs-related lockups. Everything else was up.
07:10<Archon810>df, ls in /mnt all freezing
07:11<Archon810>load of 250+ on all web servers. A reboot of all web servers fixed it. Looking into how glusterfs and mounts played the part here, as something about storage was clearly the culprit
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09:43<Zr40>if rebooting fixed it, it sounds more like a glusterfs or kernel lock that was blocking everything
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12:38<linbot>New news from community: Problems finding my way around the new cloud interface <>
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12:39<tom>hello : I have a question about the Nanode 1GB plan ... who can help me ?
12:41<tom>anyone please ?
12:41<Peng>What kind of question?
12:42<tom>hello Peng : thank you for your reply
12:42<tom>Peng : I want to run a webmail portal and need to know if the port 25 is open by default
12:45<Peng>It is
12:45<Peng>Every port is open
12:45<tom>Thank you !
12:45<tom>bye for now
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18:08<shentino>is #linode-next the right place to make suggestions? I had an interesting conversation via support ticket about the guest issuing discard requests to its virtual hardware
18:08<shentino>aka trim, punch_hole, etc
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22:23<learner>hey guys, I want to get an ssl cert for my personal website. What kinda of ssl do I need? a basic PositiveSSL or a wildcard positiveSSL? I want to be able to use *.mysite.tld
22:24<Peng>Just use Let's Encrypt
22:24<learner>also if i later want to use other tlds all redirected to main site, do I need to get a multidomain? or is there a cheaper way?
22:24<learner>Peng, was that answer to me?
22:25<learner>oh thanks.
22:26<learner>but second question still kinda holds, do I get a multidomain ssl? how do I use it? thanks.
22:28<Peng>You would need to get one or more certificates covering all of the names you want. How many certificates to use is your choice.
22:29<learner>ok, so say I have,, etc. one multidomain ssl is enough? and then in nginx, I can only listen to 443 once right? how do I create different listeners / virtualhosts on the same ip with a multidomain ssl then?
22:33<Peng>You can listen to 443 more than once.
22:36<learner>ah ok, thanks, imma read up and if I can't figure it out I'll ask again. I can't seem to be able to find out the shell command for multidomain right now. I found wildcard $ sudo certbot -a certbot-dns-linode -i nginx -d "*" -d --server
22:37<learner>maybe since it's free already, I should just use multiple ssl certs?
22:37<Peng>You can just add more "-d" arguments
22:37<Peng>FYI, You don't have to specify --server with recent versions of Certbot.
22:43<learner>Peng, it seems that ubuntu doesn't have python-certbot-dns-linode
22:43<learner>what do i do?
22:44<learner>it's only available in ubuntu 18.10?
22:46<Peng>There aren't any fantastic options.
22:46<Peng>You can forego using wildcard certificates.
22:46<Peng>You can switch DNS providers. You can switch ACME clients. You can use Docker to install Certbot. You can switch OSes.
22:47<learner>isn't there a 3rd party ppa that has it?
22:48<Peng>I don't know.
22:52<learner>this might work
22:52<learner>but there's a newer version 0.31 so need to change that
22:58<learner>i'm gonna do something more evil, just change the ppa for bionic to cosmic in /etc/apt/sources/
23:03<learner>woot mister Peng, it seems to have worked. :)
23:15<learner>ok Huston, we have a problem. how do I get a dns API key?
23:20<learner>nvm found it.
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