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01:01<learner>hey guys what's the best way to redirect permanently from to, including all subdomains?
01:01<learner>using nginx that is
01:01<Woet>what have you tried so far?
01:02<learner>rewrite permanent
01:02<learner>but that's not for subdomains right
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01:25<Woet>learner: subdomains are nothing special.
01:26<learner>well i don't know the syntax then
01:30<Woet>learner: the same for domains.
01:30<Woet>learner: what did you Google for so far? which documentation did you read? what did you try? which errors did you get?
01:34<learner>Woet, I googled nginx docs, I think I have the redirect figured kinda. I just if($host = myfirstsite.tld) { return 301 https://myotherdomain.tld?request_uri; }
01:35<Woet>learner: cool
01:35<Peng>learner: Don't use "if" unnecessarily
01:36<learner>Woet, my second part is the problem: I want to rewrite the initial bits, kinda if I can do a regex replace? so that if ($host ~ ^[^.]+\.smhabdoli\.me$) { return return 301 https://<whatever_is_the_subdomain>.mynewsite.tld$request_uri; }
01:37<learner>like the issue I have with redirecting is that I don't know how to replace that first bit of subdomain stuff
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01:43<learner>ok i get insecure connection error
01:56<grawity>don't forget that the TLS handshake happens and TLS/SSL certificates are verified *before* any HTTP requests are sent and before nginx has a chance to make any redirections
02:00<learner>grawity, how do I fix it then?
02:15<Woet>learner: use a valid certificate.
02:15<learner>I did
02:15<learner>i figured a different way to fix it kinda
02:15<learner>it's not a redirect, it's a rewrite
02:17<learner>I listen for my firstsite.tld and rewrite ^(.*) http://myothersite.tld/$1 permanent;
02:17<learner>and then on the other site I redirect to https:
02:17<learner>so it's kinda a double
02:19<Zr40>it's still a redirect even if you use "rewrite"
02:20<learner>the thing is with both return and redirect, I still see my original address
02:20<learner>it doesn't change
02:21<Zr40>sounds like it's not matching your request
02:24<learner>Ok I'm officially confused, I tried it every which way. and when it works, it doesn't work right. it changes the address but it doesn't change ssl cert
02:25<learner>which pastebin do you guys use here?
02:27<Zr40>do you have only one server block? If you have separate certificates you need to use one server block for each
02:28<learner>i am. I wanna show the code, so maybe you guys can figure out what i'm doing wrong
02:28<learner>which pastebin can i use here?
02:28<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
02:44<learner>I get insecure connection error
02:46<learner>because it shows the ssl cert from the second site
02:46<Zr40>on what url?
02:46<learner>even though I rewrite from ssl of the first site to the http of the second site and then rewriet to https of the second site
02:47<Zr40>that seems to be missing in server_name on line 10
02:48<learner>hold on
02:48<learner>I'll repaste the actual files
02:50<Zr40>in there it's missing the h
02:51<learner>ok try
02:52<learner>it goes to a default nginx page, which btw I don't even have enabled, i donno what's wrong
02:53<learner>ok nvm, fixed.
02:54<learner>Zr40, now I want to be able to redirect to subdomains too, how do i do that?
02:55<learner>Zr40, so say I want to go from to and then to
02:56<learner>but i want it do be in a regular expression or wildcard manner, so I'd have to individually redirect for each subdomain
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03:21<learner>Zr40, any ideas?
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05:01<nagchampa>the tokyo2 lish ssh server isn't responding
05:02<Peng>It responds over IPv4
05:03<Peng>Responds to ping, anyway
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05:36<learner>Mr. Peng, can you please look at my server set up of nginx and tell me what I'm doing wrong? I want to be able to redirect all subdomains from siteA to siteB. Thanks.
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06:03<nagchampa>Peng: yeah, it just seems to be not responding on ipv6
06:04<nagchampa>where do you set your lish ssh key in the new interface?
06:07<nagchampa>also it seems the host key has changed again
06:09<nagchampa>also the website is telling me it's, although is still valid it seems
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06:13<nagchampa>the hostkey provided by tokyo2 doesn't match the documentation either
06:13<nagchampa>the fact it's not responding on IPv6 and providing a different host key to the docs is disturbing
06:13<Peng>It's probably fine, but yes
06:14<Peng>I'm saying that for reasons but haven't typed them yet :P
06:14<LookingGlass>Does belong to Linode?
06:15<Peng>nagchampa: They're rebuilding the lish servers and changing the SSH keys or something.
06:15<nagchampa>at least lish-tokyo2 and lish-shinagawa1 are providing the same host key
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06:15<Peng>nagchampa: They added a second set of keys to the documentation, then removed them. Possibly by accident?
06:15<nagchampa>once again, some notification from the staff might have been nice
06:16<Peng>nagchampa: And it might be that the only reason it doesn't match is that, from my client, I get an Ed25519 key, but the docs only include the DSA/RSA/ECDSA keys.
06:16<Peng>nagchampa: Also, IPv6 on the lish servers has never been 100% reliable.
06:16<nagchampa>the ipv6 not being available wouldn't be worrying if the hostkeys were matching
06:17<Peng>nagchampa: So this is *probably* just a bad day for the lish servers and you're not getting MITMed or anything.
06:17<nagchampa>the fact ipv6 isn't working on top of that makes it possible that something has been routed funny resulting in a MITM
06:17<Peng>But I'm not gonna connect to them. :P
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06:17<Peng>It's possible, but not very likely
06:17<nagchampa>well i can do everything through the website but yeah, i'm not trusting lish until this is sorted out
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06:18<Peng>I might file a ticket later if it doesn't get fixed
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06:59<learner>Peng, did you have a chance to look at my nginx config
07:00<Zr40>why are you asking them specifically?
07:01<Zr40>also if you want nginx help, try #nginx (on freenode)
07:01<learner>i asked you Zr40 long ago, but you didn't reply. I thought maybe you're sleeping
07:01<learner>ok thanks.
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08:26<Woet>no one?
08:27<grawity>no, just zero
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11:23<ZiiShoW>Whos up for something INTERESTING ?
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11:24<@mcintosh>well... that went unexpectedly well
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11:25<Peng>TIL there are people named root and root1 on OFTC already
11:26<Yaakov>HELLO PENG
11:26<Peng>Hello Yaakov2!
11:27<Yaakov>How are you today, Peng0?
11:27<Peng>Pretty good! I had Girl Scout Cookies and leftover Chinese food for breakfast.
11:28<Yaakov>Very eclectic. The Peng Diet would sell.
11:28<Peng>2 day money back guarantee. These claims have not been evaluated by a medical professional.
11:29<Yaakov>Today I repaired our treadmill, then had to run specially fast to stay on schedule.
11:30<Yaakov>Treadmills have dodgy engineering.
11:32<Yaakov>I ran three miles in 8:45, 8:30. and 9:00. My average heart rate was about 173. That's quite high.
11:41<Yaakov>That's *supposed* to be higher than my maximum heart rate, but I sustained it for more than 25 minutes without dying.
11:41<Yaakov>Medical science is a scam!
11:43<Peng>I ran straight to one of those grocery store pulse/blood pressure machines once. It estimated I was pretty close to death.
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11:52<Zr40>is your heart beating? Then you're most likely not dying
11:59<Zr40>no idea what my maximum heart rate is supposed to be, but I've seen 188
11:59<Yaakov>There are calculators online, but the formulas for most are dodgy.
12:00<Yaakov>This one is pretty comprehensive, and includes several:
12:03<Yaakov>My resting heart rate is between about 45 and 50 depending on the day. My empirical max heart rate is right about 175 when exercising intensely. I suppose I could get it higher than that, but I don't try since most of my exercise is for sustained periods.
12:04<Zr40>that page suggests a higher maximum for me
12:05<Zr40>my resting heart rate is between 60 and 80 bpm, according to my watch
12:06<Yaakov>60 is fine, 80 is a bit high.
12:06<Yaakov>If I didn't do a lot of cardio, mine would be too low.
12:07<Yaakov>That is, ~45 is brachycardia in a person who doesn't do cardio training.
12:07<Yaakov>Err... technically, I suppose it is bad brachycardia, it is always brachycardia.
12:10<Yaakov>Zr40: Which watch?
12:10<Zr40>Apple Watch
12:10<Yaakov>I use one too. I really love it.
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12:20<Zr40>I like to think the lifestyle changes I made over the last year or so really helped. Started running (done a 5k so far), went to the gym somewhat regularly, controlled my diet, and recently commuting by train+bike rather than by car. Let's just say the HR chart looks a lot better now than it did a year ago
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12:25<Yaakov>Zr40: Very cool. I have been working on this for a few years now. I am racing death, which will eventually catch up, but I am keeoing ahead for now.
12:25<Yaakov>keeping, too.
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19:12<tharkun>How can I meassure if CA is closer to my current location than TX from a logical point of view.
19:13<tharkun>Any idea of a server I can ping on TX just to get a logical readout on the number of hops?
19:17<Yaakov>Oh well.
19:17<linbot>Yaakov: [mtr-dallas] HOST: clover Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev -- 1.|-- 2600:3c00::12 0.0% 3 0.6 1.0 0.6 1.7 0.0 -- see for full mtr
19:17<Yaakov>Oh! Well
19:17<tharkun>mcintosh: 403 Forbidden
19:18<@mcintosh>tharkun: you asked for a server to ping
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19:18<Yaakov>tharkun: That's the hostname for a traceroute or mtr
19:18<@mcintosh>not for a server to initiate web requests towards
19:18<@mcintosh>(but you could download the speedtest file, if that was what you wanted to test)
19:18<tharkun>mcintosh: yes, sorry I pasted on the wrong window ;P
19:20<Yaakov>What a lovely evening on #linode.
19:20<tharkun>mcintosh: It seems freemont CA is only at 8 hops away and dallas like ny at 10.
19:21<Yaakov>The packets are chirping, the backups are humming...
19:22<dwfreed>fewer hops doesn't always mean better transit
19:23<Yaakov>Sometimes, hops are literally in the same room.
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19:24<dwfreed>right, it's not uncommon for a single IXP to show as 2 hops in mtr
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20:23<tharkun>Before I panic, all linodes come with a fixed ipv4 public address right?
20:24<tharkun>FTR Dallas seems to be quite fast.
20:27<tharkun>Networking question, I am supposed to have ipv6 address on my local network but also ipv6, what is the use criteria to connect to a server? I mean why when I connect to one linode I use ipv6 and when I connect to another I happen to use ipv4?
20:29<dwfreed>are you using a DNS name that doesn't have an AAAA record?
20:30<tharkun>Ok, I get the idea. I will check when I get to the dns part of this new instance
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22:08<nagchampa>anyone know where to set lish ssh keys in the new interface?
22:09<nagchampa>nevermind i found it
22:10<Woet>62 seconds.
22:32<nate>That sounds like a pretty... premature speed there woet, might wanna get that checked out
22:35<Woet>nate: only while looking at you
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22:48<sderle>hiiii so I've already been been billed by Linode. How long do I have to wait until my account is reviewed?
22:56<Woet>did you submit the documents requested by email?
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