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00:39<MJCS>Well Newark is being fun
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03:49<Peng>It was going through... Fremont?
03:50<dwfreed>that's the best guess
03:50<dwfreed>but who knows, because the IPs don't have rDNS
03:57<Peng>One was in 2600:3c01::/32 though
03:58<Peng>My trick for figuring out where Linode IPs are is to traceroute them from a non-Linode source, so you get rDNS along most of the path. :-/
04:11<dwfreed>if the IPs are announced, that works, sure
04:11<dwfreed>most of the v4 IPs are not announced
04:13<Peng>Ah. D:
04:13<dwfreed>also in the most recent v6 mtr from dallas to newark, all the 2001:678::/32 addresses are not announced
04:22<dwfreed>so Linode owns 2001:678:34c::/48 and does not announce it at all
04:23<dwfreed>it is presumably used for on-link addresses
04:25<Peng>heh, it's a RIPE range
04:31<dwfreed>not very RIPE, is it?
04:32*dwfreed shows himself out
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05:15<Ahmad>Do you have windows server?
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05:38<linbot>New news from community: How to Increase Traffic From SMO? <>
05:48<linbot>New news from community: Viewing the current balance for my account from the new Cloud Manager interface? <>
06:28<linbot>New news from community: Account Limit reached. You must complete your signup. <>
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07:48<linbot>New news from community: Having trouble logging into Filezilla under the 'root' account. <>
07:50<DrJ>my response to that would be.... ummm.... good.
08:03<hays_>is there a way to play with balancers at a price point less then $20/mo
08:04<hays_>i don't have the traffic to justify it, or need, but just interested in prototyping a setup
08:06<DrJ>hays_: they are billed hourly
08:06<DrJ>so you could play with one for a day or two and it would cost very little
08:07<DrJ>3cents an hour to be specific ($0.72/day)
08:09<DrJ>beyond that, no
08:11<DrJ>oh nice... cloud manageer now has tags (aka groups)
08:12<DrJ>would be nice if you could collapse those groups
08:12<DrJ>eh, tags
08:14<DrJ>domains tab doesn't seem to remember the "group by tag" setting... however the linodes tab does
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08:48<linbot>New news from community: How to add more memory? <>
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09:09<linbot>New news from community: Google Page Insight Moaning About Server Response <>
09:21<linbot>New news from community: How does a "Live" Migration differ from a "Cold" Migration ? <>
09:31<linbot>New news from community: How does a "Live" Migration differ from a "Cold" Migration? <>
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12:21<linbot>New news from community: How do I install a custom distribution from the new cloud? <>
12:28<devilspgd>Does the new Cloud Manager not properly handle secondary domains? They show as "slave" but the edit screen is the normal record editor, no way to set/change the primary server.
12:28<devilspgd>Old manager page works fine.
12:29<devilspgd>Known issue? Or should I open a ticket and whine officially?
12:31<linbot>New news from community: What can cause a Wordpress Site to give a HTTP 500 error? <> || .1 <>
12:32<@jhaas>devilspgd: I wasn't aware before I went looking, but we are tracking this internally. I'll poke some people about getting it done :)
12:32<@jhaas>(That's a pretty significant missing feature in my opinion)
12:33<devilspgd>Yeah. Not the first time I mentioned it, but last time the answer was "It's still under development, be patient". Understandable how it could get lost in the shuffle I suppose.
12:33<millisa>it came up in here about a month ago
12:34<millisa>somewhere around here:
12:35<devilspgd>jhaas: Also mildly annoying, it requires my credit card's CVV2 to make a payment even on a card already registered. The old manager didn't. (I have no problem with requiring it to add a card, but it shouldn't be needed to make a payment against an already registered card).
12:35<devilspgd>I mentioned that in a ticket some months ago too, but it hasn't been fixed.
12:43<@jhaas>devilspgd: I'll have to do some digging to figure out if that's an oversight or intentional
12:45<@mcintosh>!point jhaas
12:45<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to jhaas. (-12) (Biggest fan: bmartin, total: 7)
12:45<@jhaas>Our API docs don't list the cvv field as required
12:47<devilspgd>jhaas: I know. But blocks submitting the "Make a payment" form if the CVV field is blank.
12:47<@jhaas>yep, meant that to support it being an oversight
12:48<devilspgd>Okay thanks.
12:51<@jhaas>huh -
12:52<@jhaas>I'm not a react guy, but I'll bug someone who is :)
13:00<@jhaas>Figured it out, cloud is submitting empty string for CVV, but API wants the key not to exist at all in the request
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13:08<@jhaas>devilspgd: and I'll link that to an internal ticket as well
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14:01<linbot>New news from community: Disk filling up, cannot see why! <>
14:26<DrJ>questions like that which make me facepalm sometimes at the thought of some of the people running their own servers
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14:31<DrJ>so nice of people to just top by and say hello
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15:20<linbot>New news from status: Emergency Network Maintenance - Atlanta <>
15:20*Peng clicks
15:20<DrJ>glad I bit the bullet last year and moved out of atlanta dc
15:21<DrJ>seems they have more issues than all the others combined
15:25*Peng shrugs
15:25<Peng>Emergency Network Maintenance probably isn't scary
15:25<Peng>I'm still mad that they have a perfectly good excuse for the Hurricane Irma outage and I can't be mad
15:27<AlexMax>man, when I think "emergency" I usually think downtime
15:27<AlexMax>i dunno if it's a good idea to yell "emergency" when in theory very little should be affected
15:28<Peng>Yes, Linode should adopt AWS severity levels. ;)
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17:02<linbot>New news from community: How do I update only the security updates? <>
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17:12<davidogles>is a glue record an A record?
17:13<Peng>Those are two different terms.
17:13<Peng>Why do you ask
17:13<Peng>"Glue" isn't a record type. Records used as glue are currently of type A or AAAA.
17:14<davidogles>I'm setting up Mail In a Box. Linode is my DNS. But I need to add the 2 ns records to the nameserver section in Linode DNS. But from everything I have read, the glue record should be set up there also
17:15<davidogles>and I am not finding any type of instruction in the Linode guides.
17:17<davidogles>Good deal. That was what I was thinking but was confused based on some of the other hosting services docs.
17:18<davidogles>So, I have added and ns2... to the nameserver section. Then I added a records pointing ns1 and ns2 back to the linode IP address. is this correct?
17:18<nuevu>Glue records are maintained by the domain registrar.
17:18<nuevu>(Or, perhaps more accurately, the parent zone to yours)
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17:21<Peng>You're supposed to have multiple nameservers.
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20:33<linbot>New news from community: Why is my machine inexplicably always shut down? <>
20:43<linbot>New news from community: How do I delete a newly created account <>
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22:34<novpiseth>hello everyone
22:34<novpiseth>could you share me idea about volume storage?
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23:10<Woet>I love ideas
23:15<wraeth>My idea about volume storage is that if you place a jar in front of a speaker with the opening facing the right way, and put the lid on quickly enough, you can save a whole lot of volume for later use.
23:24<Unit193>Do you have to then boil the jar to preserve the volume?
23:26<wraeth>You can, and it'll give it that nice wubby underwater-type sound, or you could fry it for something a little more edgy and aggressive.
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