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00:50<ewsc>Hello i am a new client
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00:51<millisa>:( That prince was going to be my friend
00:51<Unit193>Alas, it was never meant to be.
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00:52<fayis>I am facing some issues with the linode droplets
00:52<nate>BOPM? Jesus I don't even remember the last time I saw a BOPM reference
00:52<nate>fayis: Define issues and in detail? :P
00:52<millisa>linodes are linodes. digital ocean are the ones with droplets.
00:53<fayis>I just cant access any service but the droplet is running
00:53<fayis>also I have tried white listing the ports
00:53<fayis>can I get your contact number please
00:53<fayis>I am from india
00:53<millisa>Have you used lish to get on the console and check things from there?
00:53<nate>That's not likely something they'll directly assist with unless you're paying for managed/professional services. Are you actually -in- the linode now?
00:53<nate>ie; SSH'd in?
00:54<fayis>I can access the console via the linode portal
00:55<fayis>inbuilt web console only
00:56<millisa>when you try to connect via ssh, what does it say?
00:56<nate>Try temporarily turning off whatever firewall of choice on your selected distro and see if that resolves anything, if it does then you know to double check your rules
00:56<fayis>I could see that there were more than 20k failed attempts
00:56<fayis>I think someone trying to hack my server
00:56<millisa>that's pretty normal for something on the internet with a listening ssh port
00:56<nate>technically automated bots are trying to brute force in, fairly normal if you kept the SSH port on 22
00:57<fayis>I am using the dom9 firewall on top of firewalld
00:57<fayis>I have not kept it open but only for my ip
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00:59<nate>"on top of"? You mean Dome9? I'm not familiar with a "Dom9". Perhaps get Dome9 out of the way first and see if that resolves things. (that's not even a locally installed model is it? Isn't that like cloudflare if I recall?)
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01:00<fayis>yeah it is a kind of firewall
01:00<fayis>right now I tried to disable firewalld
01:01<fayis>I have been using dome9 since I spun up the server
01:01<fayis>and never faced such an issue
01:02<fayis>wont they help if the issue is with the server
01:02<millisa>It doesn't sound like it is
01:02<millisa>What is the IP of the linode
01:03<nate>It's most likely not "the server". Are you trying to access directly by IP or through your DNS protected by Dome9? If the latter, try the former, and share it here also.
01:05<fayis>I cant access directly via IP also
01:05<fayis>only I can do to connect is using their web console only
01:05<fayis>and I have cpanel installed in the server
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01:08<fayis>this is the IP
01:09<millisa>i can ping it. ssh looks open.
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01:09<fayis>yes it happened now
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01:10<fayis>I think I have messed up something in firewall
01:10<millisa>the reverse for it looks weird though... are you sure that is your IP and not a name server?
01:10<fayis>it is my IP
01:10<fayis>I am sure
01:10<millisa>then you are wrong.
01:10<millisa>that's one of the nameservers in newark.
01:11<fayis>let me know if you have any suggestions ?
01:11<millisa>use your ip
01:11<fayis>I am very sorry
01:11<fayis>this is the IP
01:12<fayis>it was my mistake
01:12<fayis>could you please check this ip
01:13<millisa>it pings, looks like most ports are filtered
01:13<fayis>can you ping ssh port also ?
01:14<fayis>also I could see something weird now that I cant update any package using yum
01:14<fayis>it simply not connecting to repo
01:14<fayis>let me know what could be the reason ?
01:15<millisa>The output of iptables-save put into a pastebin would probably help
01:15<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
01:15<millisa>but generally if it pings, but you can't get through to the ports, it usually means you've got something incorrect with the firewall setup
01:16<fayis>sure I will get it done please hold on
01:18<fayis>kindly check the output
01:20<millisa>you've cut off the top
01:21<fayis>oh let me check again
01:22<fayis>actually I cant scroll to top using their web console
01:22<wraeth>Can you connect out from the machine?
01:22<fayis>I cant connect only using the inbuilt console
01:23<millisa>or use a pager like less or more
01:23<wraeth>fayis: So the machine itself can't ping google or anything?
01:23<millisa>(i can ping their IP from another linode, so...)
01:23<fayis>@wraeth I think so
01:24<wraeth>If it can, `iptables-save | curl -F 'f:1=<-'` should paste the full output of iptables-save to and give you a paste URL.
01:24<fayis>@milisa thanks for the reference let me try to connect using it
01:24<fayis>ok let me try
01:27<fayis>iptables-save | curl -F 'f:1=<-' this command simply hangs
01:27<fayis>I think the machine cant access internet
01:27<wraeth>Then try a terminal to lish as millisa suggested.
01:27<fayis>curl: (6) Could not resolve host:; Unknown error
01:27<fayis>ok checking
01:31<fayis>I tried using putty and got connected
01:31<fayis>executed the cmmand
01:32<millisa>that's still only the tail end. and it's odd that it looks different than what you had earlier.
01:32<fayis>yes me too thinks the same it is different
01:33<fayis>but I had done some enable/disable in firewalld
01:33<fayis>would it cause such an issue ?
01:34<fayis>should I try disabling the dome9 agent fully
01:34<fayis>and let the firewalld alone ?
01:35<fayis>okay let me uninstall the dome9
01:36<millisa>(I can't ping your IP anymore, so who knows)
01:38<wraeth>Changing the thing someone is helping you investigate without noting that you're changing it, let alone /how/ you're changing it, doesn't make the investigation any easier...
01:39<fayis>could you give me a better advice then
01:39<fayis>I'm trying to uninstall the agent
01:39<fayis>and will send you the updated iptables
01:39<fayis>please hold on
01:44<fayis>please check now
01:44<fayis>I'm extremely sorry for the delay
01:45<millisa>you would need to post more than the end of the output
01:46<fayis>sorry ? could you explain please
01:46<millisa>that isn't the full output of the command.
01:46<fayis>any other command to get the full output ?
01:47<fayis>I just tried ping to google from the console and it is not happening
01:47<fayis>not connecting
01:49<millisa>iptables-save usually starts with a line that says something like '# Generated by iptables-save ...' and ends with '# Completed on ...'
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01:50<fayis>but I can only able to copy this lines :(
01:51<fayis>also I wonder why it keep changing
01:51<fayis>right now the rules seems to be changed again
01:55<millisa>You can page output of a command by using |less or |more
01:55<millisa>Something like: iptables-save | less
01:56<millisa>And honestly, if you have to be told that, you probably need to be hiring someone to administer your server
02:00<fayis>as having issue to connect to internet from within server ?
02:00<fayis>please check the output
02:01<millisa>that looks like you stopped all your firewalls. and not surprisingly, i can ping your IP
02:02<fayis>omg :(
02:03<fayis>what to do now
02:03<fayis>but I had started firewalld :(
02:03<fayis>please help me out :/
02:04<millisa>if that is your current output of iptables-save - can you ping from the linode?
02:05<fayis>let me try
02:06<fayis>yes I can ping
02:06<fayis>--- ping statistics --- 5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4003ms rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 1.041/1.189/1.289/0.100 ms
02:13<millisa>I have never tried it, but supposedly there is a script in a default cpanel install at /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/configure_firewall_for_cpanel that will create the default port openings
02:14<millisa>it's mentioned down at the bottom of,CloudLinux7,andRHEL7firewallmanagement
02:17<fayis>ok thanks let me try
02:22<fayis>done and now I can see the dome9 entries are gone
02:22<fayis>but still cant connect
02:24<millisa>you ran the configure_firewall_for_cpanel script? your iptables-save output did not change from the bare one you had before? or does it have entries for the port openings you need?
02:28<fayis>hello I had opened a ticket and they said they restricted the network
02:28<fayis>:( because of some phishing attempts from my client's hosted websites
02:29<fayis>thank you very much for your time and I appreciate your great support
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04:05<Kantha>is anyone there?
04:05<linbot>Kantha: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
04:05<Kantha> i need an SSL certificate for my linode server
04:06<Kantha>can you guys suggest about this ?
04:07<wraeth>I just use LetsEncrypt.
04:14<Kantha>Yeah i knew that and am already using that one
04:15<Kantha>But i need to set up as like cost wise ssl for period of years
04:15<Woet>Kantha: why?
04:15<dwfreed>let's encrypt typically autorenews every 60 days, and will (most likely) never cost anything
04:16<Kantha>is my site secure through the letsencrypt ssl?
04:16<Kantha>for a long period of time
04:17<dwfreed>no more or less secure than paying for a 1/2/3 year cert
04:18<Kantha> do you have any plan for paid ssl?
04:18<dwfreed>paying money doesn't make it more secure
04:19<wraeth>LE certs are just as good as paid certs, and for much cheaper.
04:19<dwfreed>you might just as well light your money on fire for all the benefit paying for a cert gives you over using letsencrypt
04:20<Kantha>okay i can understand dwfreed
04:21<Kantha>so LE is enough for secure the site? right?
04:22<Kantha>is autorenew one right?
04:24<nate>Kantha: There's really no difference between LE and other DV level certificates as far as validity goes with exception of LE's have a shorter lifespan than paid ones generally do, however LE has the capacity for local auto renewal which makes that not a huge deal
04:25<Kantha>okay Nate
04:25<Kantha>Thank You
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04:28<Woet>dwfreed: but what about the $10 million USD insurance
04:28<Woet>they pay it out all the time, right
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09:25<Ankur>Hello, Linode provides server in Canada region?
09:26<@bbigger>Ankur: We're aiming to release a Toronto data center on March 18, 2019
09:27<@bbigger>In the meantime you can see our data center locations and test latency here:
09:41<DrJ>bbigger: didn't know that
09:41<DrJ>any plans for a north korea datacenter?
09:42<@bbigger>not after that summit...
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11:17<v0lksman>newark issues again?
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11:27<tafa2>I get too many e-mail notifications from servers - is anyone using a log management tool they would recommend?
11:27<tafa2>Maybe something I can pipe e-mails into as well?
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11:41<renato>good afternoon
11:41<renato>i have problem
11:41<renato>could anybody help me?
11:42<DrJ>depends on what your problem is
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11:42<v0lksman>tafa2: checkout either rollbar or datadog but it's dependent on your app type really
11:42<renato_>i have pboblem with linode
11:43<DrJ>gonna need more than that
11:43<renato_>I can not log into the dashboard
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11:44<renato_>i dont understand you
11:45<renato_>could you help me?
11:45<DrJ>what dashboard are you talking about?
11:45<DrJ>the linode manager?
11:46<renato_>I am talking of the linode login
11:46<renato_>this message is show to me: The Beta Manager and API V4 are not available for legacy pre-pay accounts. Please convert to Hourly billing.
11:47<renato_>i do not know what to do
11:48<smallclone>renato_: you need to convert to hourly billing
11:48<smallclone>if you have one of those plans with the prepaid annual discount, you will lose the discount
11:48<smallclone>only real caveat to be aware of, otherwise the cost is the same
11:49<renato_>i understand
11:49<renato_>thank you
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11:55<DrJ>opps, wrong channel
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12:18<linbot>New news from community: My Linode was hosting a phishing site, why was it shut off after only 4 hours? <>
12:19<millisa>"There was a linode hosting a phishing site, why did it take four whole hours to shut them off?"
12:20<millisa>"Why did the police stop me after I only killed 3 people?!"
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14:05<tafa2>v0lksman thanks I'll check them out
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15:59<graydon>Hi everyone. new here. Are there any major rules I should be aware of?
16:02<graydon>I have a strange issue with one of my linode servers and my google searches are failing me
16:02<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - London <>
16:03<Peng>What kind of issue?
16:06<graydon>It's EXTREMELY slow
16:06<graydon>if I ssh, it takes several seconds for it to log in, and then even basic commands take a long time to execute, all with a 2-3 second latency when typing
16:06<graydon>It's new, as of yesterday when it started slow and go worse and worse and worse over the whole day
16:16<graydon>Another IRC channel I'm in suggested I open a ticket with Linode (which I have done), but I was hoping for any ideas while I wait
16:20<AlexMax>graydon: I'm not Linode, but which datacenter?
16:22<graydon>but the linode status seems to indicate no problems, and I have a few other servers at that datacenter which are fine
16:24<Peng>Can you determine if it's a general networking thing or a Your Linode thing?
16:24<Peng>E.g. use mtr and do stuff with a different Linode, e.g. the main lish console?
16:24<Peng>And check htop/top/iostat/vmstat/whatever for things like CPU usage, steal, context switches, disk latency...?
16:25<graydon>OK, so mtr from the slow server to returned concerning, very high latency results. Same command from a different server showed no such problems. Same command from my machine also showed no problems
16:25<graydon>Cpu usage is low (as reported by linode, and the top command)
16:27<graydon>results from iostat:
16:28<Peng>Those CPU numbers are alarming
16:28<linbot>New news from community: mysql not restarting after server reboot <>
16:29<Peng>If you use "iostat -x", it also shows numbers about disk latency
16:29<graydon>iostat -x:
16:29<graydon>i'm very much a noob at this. Not sure what I'm looking at
16:30<Peng>51% steal is very bad and probably what's making everything feel slow.
16:31<Peng>Problematically high steal is something you should contact support about, by the way.
16:31<Peng>30% sys time is odd. Might be part and parcel with the other stuff, or might indicate you're doing something odd, I dunno.
16:31<graydon>Oh ok, great. Good to know. Thanks for the tip on steal
16:33<graydon>If it helps at all, all this started (or at least I noticed it) when I was setting up new nginx sites on the server through laravel forge. I noticed it took a long time for it to open up the nginx config files there.
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16:33<graydon>No idea if that's relevant or not
16:33<Peng>The disk I/O latency is also high, but that's probably caused by the CPU issue. And disk latency doesn't harm stuff that doesn't touch the disk.
16:34<graydon>OK, so while I wait for a response to my linode ticket
16:34<Peng>Steal means your VPS wants to use the CPU, but has to wait in line because other customers are using the CPU and there's not enough to go around.
16:34<graydon>what could I try in the meantime? Would it help to upgrade to a larger server? (because more resources, or because different vm)?
16:35<Peng>If *you're* the one using too much CPU, it means you're being a jerk and should stop. :P But in this case that's not you.
16:35<dwfreed>resizing would move you to a different host, which may have more or less resource contention
16:35<Peng>Hopefully not more!
16:35<graydon>I see.
16:36<graydon>Looked at a few other systems and they have like, 0 steal
16:36<graydon>so that's interesting.
16:36<graydon>Although I want to go back a step and ask about something
16:37<graydon>You said "if you're the one using too much CPU"
16:37<graydon>I don't *think* I am using too much cpu... what's the best way to check that in this context? As I mentioned, linode is reporting like... 4-8% cpu usage
16:37<graydon>and this is a live server, like... it's hosting a site that people visit regularly
16:38<graydon>(so I expect some, obviously)
16:38<Peng>The user and nice % add up to barely 0.1%, so it probably has nothing to do with you.
16:38<graydon>OK. I will try upgrading to bigger linode (and maybe going back down, depending) while I wait for linode to review my ticket
16:42<Peng>Anyone have thoughts on those iostat screenshots? 0.1% user and nice, 30% sys, 51% steal. 100 ms disk latency. <1 GB disk I/O.
16:42<Peng>Is the sys time and disk latency *just* a symptom of the steal, or could some malfunctioning kernel module be eating time?
16:43<Peng>Or some workload like updatedb that does huge disk I/O and little CPU
16:53<graydon>Just heard back from Linode support. They also pointed out resource contention on the server. they're migrating me now. We'll see!
16:53<graydon>Thanks for your help Peng. I am very much still interested if anyone has answers to Peng's questions above ^^
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18:29<nate>Random question; anyone come up with a guide script for doing let's encrypt automatic renewals w/ linode's DNS API? or am I gonna have to rig something up myself
18:30<Peng>Some ACME clients come with support for it.
18:30<Peng>The 15+ minute delay is kind of painful though.
18:32<nate>Ah yeah didn't think of that, ugh
18:33<nate>maybe I should just throw their domain on my own personal nameservers and write a hook there... though that might be a bit more time than I want to put into this
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19:13<millisa> (they do have a mention at the bottom about having a 1000 second delay to account for it)
19:13<millisa>haven't gotten to try it yet
19:17<SleePy>Oh nice.. Would make it easier to issue *.domain.tld and *.*.domain.tld for my sites. Instead of a massive list of domains on a single cert.
19:17<Peng>*.*.domain.tld is impossible
19:17-!-graydon [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
19:18<SleePy>I thought certbot allowed *.*.doamin.tld :(
19:18<Peng>CAs don't.
19:18<SleePy>But it lets *.sub.domain.tld though?
19:19<SleePy>Perfect. What I meant to do anyways
19:20<nate>I've seen some that do with a warning that support may not always be there (ie; Internet Explorer), but that was ages ago
19:47<nate>Welp tried to do certbot with the linode dns plugin and apparently completely broke certbot lol
19:49<nate>Ah nevermind looks like the linode dns plugin needs a far newer certbot than the extended ubuntu repos have, lame
19:51<Peng>The Certbot plugin's not easy to install on Ubuntu. :( Except for Cosmic and Disco.
19:53<nate>installing the plugin wasn't hard at all, found it in pip, it's just it expects certbot >= 0.33 and ubuntu apparently has 0.28 :/
19:54*ajmitch_ prefers, easier to manage
19:54<nate>well of has a method for easily accessing linode's DNS API for wildcard certs, I'll gladly look at it :P
19:55<Peng>It does
19:57-!-kwatson [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:00<nate>-easily- accessing? I shall take a look then when I get back :P
20:07<dwfreed>I run my own hidden master anyway, so I just point dehydrated's dnsupdate hook at that
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21:29<linbot>New news from community: How can connect to SSH ? <>
22:00<linbot>New news from community: How can I connect to SSH ? <>
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23:19<joey>Hi, has anyone ever been locked out of their account due to 2FA before?
23:19<millisa>sure, use your scratch code
23:20<joey>I did not record the scratch code as I didn't think this would happen :-(
23:21<millisa>next time, record the scratch code. you'll need to contact them if you dont have it
23:21<joey>I've contacted Linode twice with the pictures they requested but have received no reply. I was wondering if there are any tech support people in this channel
23:26<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
23:26<rsdehart>joey: ^
23:27<joey>Thanks. Guess I'll have to give them a call
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