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03:11<linbot>New news from community: Nginx - redirected you too many times <>
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06:21<linbot>New news from community: 7 day trial <>
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06:26<rsdehart>hi rambo
06:26<rsdehart>welcome to linode community chat
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06:27<Guest1945>i tried to set up a server which will cost me $240/month on a 7 day trial basis. however when i press the button "create" it throws out the following message
06:28<Guest1945>additional verification needed for this, please create support ticket
06:29<Guest1945>but it allow me to create a very basic package which cost $5 per month.
06:30<Guest1945>i did create a support ticket 12 hours ago. no reply yet
06:30<rsdehart>I guess past a certain threshold they verify to prevent fraud
06:31<Guest1945>any idea? how long does support staff take to respond to my ticket?
06:32<Guest1945>on the trial basis, how do u pay for the server? do you pay in advance or after trial period?
06:32<rsdehart>probably usually less than 12 hours
06:32<rsdehart>you pay in advance and if you're not satisfied within 7 days you get a refund
06:34<Guest1945>it does not ask you to pay when i created the $5 server. it sent me an invoive. but there is no option on the invoice to pay? inv amount is $0.03
06:34<Guest1945>how do u pay that invoice?
06:35<Guest1945>sorry i just signed up. hence all these questions.
06:35<Guest1945>i mean yesterday
06:35<rsdehart>there's a billing portion in the panel
06:36<Guest1945>i have $5 sitting in their as credit. will they set against it automatically?
06:38<rsdehart>I would expect so
06:39<Guest1945>thanks for your help. i guess i just have to wait for the support staff to write to me regarding the ticket.
06:39<Guest1945>have a good day (its day for me here)
06:40<rsdehart>good luck
06:40<rsdehart>thanks for stopping by :)
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06:43<DrJ>Happy Billing Day everyone!
06:44<Zr40>that's every 4 days over here (-:
07:01<linbot>New news from community: How can I be notified if my disk is low on free space? <>
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09:44<linbot>New news from community: lish fingerprints <>
09:56<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - Tokyo 2 <> || Scheduled Network Maintenance - Tokyo 2 <>
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10:17<toukir>do you have any server located in ASIA?
10:19<Peng>Singapore and Tokyo
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15:26<nate>newark hiccup?
15:28<nate>just lost all external connectivity to a newark linode I just setup for a client but I can Lish in fine
15:30<nate>... okay that was weird, a `netstat -an` complained about "no space left on device" despite `df -h` showing literally no space issues
15:30<nuevu>nate: inode exhaustion?
15:31<Peng>Maybe the "device" is some kernel buffer?
15:33<nate>nuevu: It's literally like an 8 hour old linode with nothing other than apache and webmin thrown on it
15:35<nate>mtr from a fremont linode is showing traffic to newark vanishing after 2001:678:34c:6b::1 and
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15:37<nate>similar results from london, and 2001:678:34c:66::1 it just goes *poof*. Nobody else seeing any newark oddities?
15:37*nate double checks stuff
15:38<millisa>just did a mtr from fremont to newark. looked ok (was 5 hops)
15:39<mr>is this the right place to ask about my linode that suddenly stopped responding and now won't boot even in rescue mode?
15:39<millisa>ipv6 mtr to took 6 hops. also seems ok
15:39<Peng>mr: What do you mean by won't boot? What happens?
15:39<nate>getting 4 hops here from london, 3 from fremont
15:39<mr>the host job queue says "Failed" with "Linode failed to boot for unknown reason."
15:40<Peng>What does lish's logview command show?
15:40<Peng>Did Linode open a ticket?
15:40<nate>I can't mtr outbound from the linode at all, guess I'll open a ticket, maybe a local network hardware issue
15:41<nate>Man just got this client onto linode last night too, not a good starting impression lol
15:41<mr>I did open a ticket a few minutes ago. It says "Showing last 250/100 lines from previous boot" with no results
15:42<mr>One strange thing is that even in rescue mode, from lish it is asking for some kind of sudo password on boot.
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15:42<nate>mr: You always have to log in via lish, linode doesn't save your initial SSH password so it won't auto-login
15:43<mr>nate, it's not a regular login prompt. it's literally asking for a sudo password at boot
15:43<Peng>So rescue mode works?
15:43<Peng>Well, boots?
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15:44<mr>it boots to a prompt that i don't understand. is rescue mode supposed to ask for a password?
15:44<millisa>You could throw what you see into a pastebin and maybe we'd have a better idea what you are talking about
15:45<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
15:45<millisa>(lish via a terminal might make that easier -
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15:47<nate>Ah cool, just about to put the ticket in and it comes back up. Thank you whoever at linode fixed that :P
15:47<mr>hm. i went to boot it again to capture the error and it booted. i guess that works.
15:50<mr>All good now. Just got this response: We detected an issue affecting the physical host on which your Linode resides. Looks like we've resolved it and you should be able to boot your Linode now.
15:54<nate>mr: Newark VPS by chance?
15:54<mr>nate: yes, (newark1111)
15:55<nate>Ah hah, same as the one I was just having issues with :P
15:55<nate>Mine was just having network oddities though, guess it was a local hardware issue of some sort
15:58<mr>thanks everybody. back to work for me.
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16:50<sdsdf>What's wrong with london lnode? speeds are so slow
16:51<dwfreed>mtr is your friend
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16:59<ssdl>according this mtr result,
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17:01<ssdl>I did this from my linode, to where i am sitting right now
17:01<ssdl>so, there is a bit of an issue
17:01<ssdl>and i'm not sure what quite to make of it
17:02<dwfreed>there is no issue in that mtr
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17:03<dwfreed>80 milliseconds is normal for transatlantic
17:03<ssdl>put another way, if I download from east coast: -- I can download a 100 mb file indeed almost in under 2 seconds
17:04<ssdl>if I download it from london, it takes... a couple minutes
17:04<ssdl>like, literally more than a 100 times slower
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17:10<Eliz>ssdl: I did it in about a minute, as is expected for trans-atlantic downloads.
17:11<Eliz>(with my internet being foofy)
17:22<ssdl>nevermind, all is good now
17:22<ssdl>something was bad on local machine
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17:46<nuevu>Anyone have drop-outs to Atlanta? Just had one Linode go completely offline (can't connect via lish), but another is just fine.
17:48<Peng>I'm ok afaik
17:48<nuevu>Manager seems to be having trouble talking to that node as well. Guess *something's* up.
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17:56<nuevu>In case any ops care to talk, I've opened #11538432. It looks like maybe the host died.
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18:25<linbot>New news from community: Download invoice as PDF with Linode API? <>
18:31<Abi12>I'm OK in atl as well.
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18:36<ayirp>After new user add, password reset email is sent but the login does not work
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18:44<nuevu>I did eventually get a support ticket opened indicating a host problem, since resolved. We're humming along nicely again.
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22:06<linbot>New news from community: I agreed to the new UI, can I go back to the old one? <>
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