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00:01<montoigny34>hola folks :)
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00:02<montigny34>i need help editing my php max file upload
00:02<montigny34>its set to 2000kbn currently\
00:02<montigny34>any thoughts??
00:03<montigny34>i tried editing the php,ini but it doesnt affect anything
00:03<millisa>other than editing your php.ini or fpm pool config?
00:03<montigny34>fpm pool coonfig\
00:03<montigny34>yes i forgot i did that
00:03<montigny34>i believe thats what it is
00:04<montigny34>\the lodead config is pointed to /etc/php.ini
00:04<montigny34>but it wont do anything
00:04<montigny34>so it must be the fpm i was messing with last time we spoke??\
00:04<millisa>if you are using php-fpm, you'd want to edit it in the pool config usually, but php.ini would work too
00:04<millisa>have you created a page with phpinfo to check where it's getting it's values?
00:05<millisa>it tell you whether it's a master value, local value, and what ini files it is using to come up with them
00:05<montigny34>master and local both 2M
00:05<montigny34>how do i find my fpm config ?
00:05<millisa>did you reload your pool after changing the php.ini?
00:06<montigny34>i only edited /etc/php.ini but that does 0 effect
00:06<millisa>(/etc/php-fpm.d/somepoolname.conf is common, but it should use values from the main php.ini if you haven't explicitly overridden them in the fpm config)
00:06<montigny34>i efen renamed it to php2.ini everything works the same
00:06<millisa>after you edit php.ini, in an fpm config you need to reload or restart php-fpm
00:06<montigny34>i only restarted httpd
00:06<millisa>systemctl reload php-fpm <--something like that
00:06<montigny34>lemme try that hold up!
00:11<montigny34>moment of truth
00:11<millisa>looks like it changed to 100
00:12<montigny34>YOU R A GODDESS
00:12<millisa>so even though it worked -
00:12<millisa>the /etc/php.ini would impact both command line php and the fpm stuff
00:12<millisa>I argue that if this is just a change for a site (or one of your sites), you'd want to put it in the specific php-fpm pool config.
00:12<millisa>if it's a global thing you want for all your configs, it's fine in /etc/php.ini (and it's not like you can't still override it in an fpm config if you wanted)
00:24<montigny34>of course, unfortunately this isn't for either i was cleaning up sorta ish
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01:06<Vinod>Can anyone help me?
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01:28<Woet>Vinod: not without a question, no.
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02:08<millisa>40 mins till launch of dragon crew module test
02:14<dwfreed>millisa: #launches :)
02:14<millisa>those peopel.
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03:38<vish>is anyone there?
03:38<linbot>vish: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
03:44<react>that's rude.
03:44<dwfreed>there's no need for caps lock
03:47<vish>sorry about that
03:48<dwfreed>Linode provides you with a (usually) Linux VPS; you can install whatever you'd like on it
03:48<dwfreed>(usually meaning that's what most people pick, not that it's a random chance that you'll get Linux :D)
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07:09<a_raafat>hey guys my linode server trying to ssh connect respnd times out and even the request in the browser times out just like that
07:09<a_raafat>trying to reboot the linode form the linode manager but it takes 10 minutes for now
07:09<a_raafat>so ...?
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07:18<Zr40>one of my Linodes in Frankfurt isn't responding since about 18 minutes ago
07:19<Zr40>ah, the manager now mentions that an issue is affecting the physical host
07:26<a_raafat>my linode also the same iin frankfourt and for 18 minutes
07:29<Zr40>it seems to be back up now
07:32<Zr40>and it's scheduled to be migrated
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07:58<linbot>New news from community: How can I install a free SSL certificate to secure my site's traffic? <>
08:02<Peng>More host buddies!
08:08<linbot>New news from community: Sir, what is Glue record and how do i update ? how to Setup the Glue Records & Nameservers For my New Server.? <>
08:14<Woet>is Linode gonna get hacked again?
08:14*Woet hides his hot wallets
08:19<Peng>screaming emoji
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08:27<montigny34>using certbot on my centos machine is giving me not secure
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08:27<montigny34>i type 'certbot'
08:30<montigny34>any ideas
08:31<Woet>which guide are you following?
08:31<Woet>what is the output of the command?
08:31<Peng>What is your site
08:32<montigny34> is the site having issues
08:33<montigny34>is the output
08:34<montigny34>all my sites are behaving the same
08:34<montigny34>i believe im using php-fpm idk if theres a setting i need to mess with
08:34<montigny34>normally https works
08:35<Peng>Works for me
08:35<montigny34>does it show green??
08:35<montigny34>or red not secure
08:38<montigny34>thanks gents must have been a caching issue
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09:08<Zr40>it's still scheduled to be migrated
09:09<Zr40>but that gave me enough time to just add another linode and do a failover of that node. Saves me the downtime (-:
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09:13<a_raafat>hey anyone here
09:13<a_raafat>i add a A dns record for an IP
09:13<a_raafat>now i need to remove it from the erver using the terminal any idea how i can do this?
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09:30<JohnCarl>I buy linode nano, after a while , could I upgrade it ?
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09:35<Shentino>linode at 5 bucks a month is cheaper than many game subscriptions
09:39<Shentino>playing with my linode is fun
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10:08<linbot>New news from community: How Do I set the text record for Mailgun? <>
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10:09<richard>anybody there?
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10:23<frogzilla>how come linode has not so many users compared to the competitors.. aws and DO hardware's performance is crap in my opinion
10:24<frogzilla>plus linode is one of the first vps reseller isnt it?
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10:30<nate>I'm not sure they were 'one of the first', but past that I don't believe linode has publically disclosed actual customer numbers has it?
10:38<frogzilla>dont know.. but looking on websites like stackshare or hostadvice it looks like linode has always the less amount of ratings
10:38<Abi12>why not just try it :p. It's an hourly rate.
10:39<Abi12>Spin up a test instance for a few days and see the results with whatever application you're using.
10:39<Abi12>People give shit ratings because a support tech looked at them wrong way. It's not as reliable as one of would think.
10:40<frogzilla>no the ratings are not bad at all.. linode has always the best ratings but always half of the ratings the other companies have
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10:48<frogzilla>i cant complain :/ both price and performance are very good.. i would like Linode to extend the maximum disk space capacity one day <3
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12:57<chesty>nate, linode wasn't one of the first, it was the first. uml user mode linux in the naughties
12:59<chesty>I think 2003 from memory. I saw the announcement and um'd and ah'd for 6 months before signing up.
13:01<Peng>Wasn't VR or something slightly older?
13:02<chesty>oh, maybe, I never heard of VR.
13:04<Peng>All I know about them is that they advertised on :D
13:04<Peng>Dedis only, apparently.
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15:23<nate>chesty: Linode was definitely not "the first" VPS provider, servint and hostrocket I believe provided VPS services if I recall at least a year before linode existed, possibly 1&1 too (I remember having some VPS's with them in the early 2000's but it might have been around 2004~)
15:42<dzho>slicehost, prgmr, systeminplace ....
15:43<dzho>if not before, then in close succession to
15:44<Peng>Linode was way before Slicehost
15:45<Peng>Prgmr's about page says it's been doing business since 2005
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15:51<chesty>nate, first you say definitely, then you say i believe. I check servint and hostrocket, they didn't advertise vps services in 2003 let alone 2002
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15:55<rsl>howdy. i've setup passenger + nginx on my linode. i can load `rails console -e production` just fine but passenger pointing at the application keeps saying "The application encountered the following error: The `production` database is not configured for the `production` environment."
15:56<rsl>the production database definitely seems to be there. not sure why passenger isn't seeing it.
16:24<chesty>I can't find any companies offering uml's before linode, there were some ones providing VPS's using virtuosso, which wasn't a virtual machine
16:43<nate>chesty: I'm seeing references on wayback for servint and virtual packages back in 2001, while it doesn't explicitly say anything about being UML the pricing and details make it seem so. Hostrocket looked to be calling theirs "semi-dedicated" plans. I said "definitely" because I do remember hearing about VPS shit in at least 2002, and I said I believe because those were the two that popped into my head
16:44<nate>and some creative archive searching looks to show at minimum one company explicitly talking about UML VPS's literally the same month as linode started, which is rimuhosting
16:45<nate> looks to have been registered in march of 2003, interestingly registered in 1995 despite no website history before 2003 o.O
16:45*nate wonders who held it before and for what
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16:49<encode>from memory there were a few other vps providers around back in the early 2000's, but linode is the only one that people were recommending back then
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16:55<chesty>yeah, vps's were around. uml's weren't
17:05<nate>Yes but you were the first to explicitly mention UML, the original statement was about VPS providers in general :p
17:05<nate>meanwhile brb, I'm craving taco bell
17:10<retro|blah>taco hell!
17:14<csnxs>taco lel
17:29<chesty>yeah, I didn't know or forgot there were VPSs available using virtuozzo, but I'm still comfortable with linode being the first DO or AWS like company, which frogzilla mentioned. Linode only sold VMs and they were auto provisioned and managed using a web panel.
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18:02<GeorgeJetson>Hello, I entered all of these subdomains the same way, yet when I `dig` on them, I get different results:
18:05<Peng>What's the difference
18:07<GeorgeJetson>well, for one the status returned is `NXDOMAIN` for but `NOERROR` for the others
18:09<Peng>Works for me.
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18:09<GeorgeJetson>This shell script is not doing what I want : for domain in "supreme williambrown osheaaddy" ; do echo "${domain}"; done
18:10<Peng>No quotes
18:10<Peng>Or, quote each one separately.
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18:11<GeorgeJetson>different responses from dig, even though the entries in the linode DNS manager are the same
18:11<GeorgeJetson>for domain in supreme williambrown osheaaddy ; do dig "${domain}"; done
18:12<Peng>The NXDOMAIN might be cached. Like I said, it works for me.
18:12<GeorgeJetson>nslookup reveals more
18:12<GeorgeJetson>for domain in supreme williambrown osheaaddy ; do nslookup "${domain}"; done
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18:25<GeorgeJetson>i'm back
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19:40<Jay_>how does support work for linode?
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19:56<Woet>ah yes
19:56<Woet>"how does support work"
19:57<retro|blah>How does responding to vague questions work?
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20:49<arby>Ok, so I know it's gotta be in here SOMEwhere ... In the new Cloud Manager, where do I find/edit my DNS slave zones' master IP address? I see I can _create_ a new one, but can't manage to find the existing IP address to edit.
20:50<arby>And, yes. Running low on beer.
20:50<Abi12>Spacestarology Woet .
20:51<Peng>arby: I don't use the new manager, but I think that might actually be a bug.
20:51<Peng>/ anti-feature
20:52<arby>Peng fair nuf / can open an issue. Can we somewhere switch to 'classic'/old UI without logging out/in?
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