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03:58<linbot>New news from community: How do I setup FTP on CentOS 7 <>
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08:01<tsglove>Hello. I created a new account and added my credit card... about how long does it take for activation of the account?
08:01<tsglove>I am able to login, yet I have the message stating that: Your account must be activated before you can use this endpoint
08:07<dzho>well, as you can see, it's not instant. How long seems to vary, on what is not really apparent, especially since the process probably has anti-fraud components to it that they aren't interested in helping malfactors game.
08:07<dzho>tsglove: the general advice is to contact them.
08:08<dzho>!to tsglove ops
08:08<linbot>tsglove: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
08:10<tsglove>lol good stuff. Thanks dzho
08:39<linbot>New news from community: How do I add a SPF record in the new Cloud Manager interface? <>
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09:39<Woet>tsglove: did you provide the information you were requested by email?
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10:49<linbot>New news from status: Emergency Network Maintenance - Fremont <>
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11:16<joy>I wanted to know whether your standard plans offer VPS or shared hosting?
11:17<joy>Can I have root access and install any os I wish?
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12:15<lightCode>am new using linode just installed ubuntu yesterday
12:16<lightCode>have issues with my domain
12:16<lightCode>domain name
12:16<lightCode>\is there any guide or steps i can follow
12:16<lightCode>please help
12:22<Peng>What kind of issues
12:23<lightCode>getting error that site cant be reached
12:23<lightCode>and then this ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
12:23<Peng>What is your domain and the subdomain or subdomains at issue
12:23<lightCode>when i try to access the domain
12:24<linbot>Peng: The DNS response does not contain an answer to the question: IN A
12:24<Peng>!dns6 ns
12:24<linbot>Peng: The DNS query name does not exist:
12:24<Peng>There aren;t any A or AAAA records?
12:25<lightCode>i dont know what AAAA record is please enlighten me
12:25<Peng>It's like an A record but for IPv6.
12:25<lightCode>how can i fix it ?
12:27<lightCode>thank you
12:27<Peng>(Are you using Ubuntu 18.04?)
12:27<lightCode>yes am using ubuntu
12:27<lightCode>what does SOA email stands for
12:27<Peng>It's your email address.
12:27<Peng>!dns6 soa
12:28<linbot>Peng: 2019030335 14400 14400 1209600 86400
12:28<lightCode>its ubuntu 18.10
12:28<Peng>Well... I wouldn't recommend following Ubuntu 18.04 documentation, but the DNS part is the same.
12:29<lightCode>thank you \
12:29<Peng>For other things, you should look for Ubuntu 18.10 guides, though.
12:29<lightCode>thanks a million
12:30<lightCode>ill go through the guide now
12:31<lightCode>so the ip adress to ad at AAA records would be my linode IP
12:33<Peng>Adding A records with your IPv4 address is what is important.
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12:40<linbot>ericoc: 2600:3c03:e000:2:dead:beef:0:1
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13:14<neilg>Hi, I have a question about removing a linode instance
13:14<neilg>With your new interface I can't see a Remove option next to the linode
13:16<neilg>A customer set up a linode account with one Linode, with no image. I could not figure out how to add an operating system from there, so I created a new Linode instance.
13:16<neilg>My customer only needs 1 linode instance.
13:17<millisa>if you go to the details of the linode, there's a 'Settings' tab on the far right. The delete option is on that page.
13:20<neilg>OK thanks, but I see "Unable to load Linode" with no other options.
13:20<millisa>where/when do you see that?
13:27<neilg>In the middle of the screen next to warning sign
13:29<millisa>Killin' me, Smalls...
13:29<millisa>Why don't you take a screenshot
13:32<neilg>I'm on IRC channel, how do I add images
13:33<neilg>ANyway, there are no options to remove / delete the linode instance
13:33<millisa>use whatever image upload site you like and paste the url. pasteboard, imagebin, whatever
13:34<neilg>OK here on pasteboard
13:35<millisa>that happens when you click on the 'Linodes' icon on the left?
13:37<millisa>there is an old github issue from 2 years ago that claims a recently deleted linode could stay in the list and I'm assuming clicking on it would give the message you see.
13:37<millisa>If you hard refresh, or log out and back in, does the node still exist in your linodes list
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14:44<ala>hi all
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14:45<ala>i wantedd to findout if the linode 2GB vps comes with root access
14:45<millisa>all linodes do
14:46<ala>do they come with cpanel too
14:46<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
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15:08<montigny34>hola amigos
15:08<montigny34>anybody here proficient with MVC?
15:20<linbot>New news from community: Speed of Block Storage <>
15:25<montigny34>I'm trying to edit my controllers but am having issues connection to my database
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17:16<kritical>hello. i just had a quick question. if i exceed my monthly quota instead of being charged overages can the vps be automatically shut down until the next billing period begins?
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17:18<Peng>There isn't like a built-in way to do that. You could use your own monitoring and the Linode API and write something to shut yourself down.
17:18<Peng>Which raises the question of how you'd start up again :P
17:20<kritical>well i would be using it just for personal purposes, not really serving static content, i'm just not sure how much data i'd actually go through. i used to use an unmetered dedicated server but got tired of paying the high prices for it for the little i do
17:23<kritical>specifically a single icecast server, with my own personal mixes, used maybe once or twice a week serving to a private audience of under ~20 friends. just not sure how much i'd go through at 320kbps
17:24<kritical>never really paid attention to my data usage before since i was on an unmetered connection
17:26<kritical>would a linode be suitable for such a purpose?
17:28<kritical>or would i likely hit transfer limits?
17:30<Peng>1958 GiB apparently
17:31<Peng>2102 GB. ;-)
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17:31<kritical>but would that be if i were streaming 24/7?
17:31<kritical>i only stream once or twice a week lol
17:31<kritical>i need sleep and have to actually create my music lol
17:31<Peng>Okay but do you stream for 3.5 days straight twice a week :D
17:33<millisa_>there's also a notification setting you can put on a linode to have it send you a notification when you reach X % of your transfer quota
17:33<kritical>okay i think i'll give linode a shot :) thanks for answers :)
17:34<kritical>oh that's good
17:34<kritical>okay that would work then :D
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17:38<markvandenborre>any staff around? I got this not so nice ticket opened that I would get forcibly changed over from biennial invoice to hourly billing with monthly invoicing
17:38<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
17:39<markvandenborre>millisa_: thx
17:39<millisa_>(I wouldn't mind seeing what they said if you wanna share it)
17:39<markvandenborre>it was worded in a neutral way, no worries about that
17:40<markvandenborre>but I dread the idea of having to collect yet another invoice every month and adding it into my accounts, and having my accountant treat it
17:40<millisa_>with the hourly setup, you can still pre-load an account and it'll bill off that credit first
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17:42<markvandenborre>but if it's like any other preload, I'd still have to put every single one of the invoices billed against my credit into my account
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17:42<millisa_>yeah, it wouldn't really reduce that; they still would send you something on the first of each month
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17:42<markvandenborre>because I would not get a proper invoice for preloading my account, which the state revenue service would refuse...
17:43<millisa_>did they say they were finally making a push to do away with remaining pre-pays?
17:43<millisa_>they've had a couple carrots to try to get folks off it (some upgrades, the availability of the new node types, that sorta thing)
17:43<markvandenborre>very little in the form of carrots for me
17:43<Karrde>But I like my discount for prepaying annually :/
17:45<markvandenborre>it's not so much the small discount/the price increase, it's the paperwork increase
17:46<markvandenborre>I mean, a 17.65% price increase on a $8.5/month item is not good news, but clearly not horrible either
17:47<markvandenborre>it's mostly the additional paperwork where there was none before
17:49<Karrde>I got a notice that I will be forced to hourly billing at the end of March. I am going to solve this by doing nothing, because the cost to me is little, but: I liked the discount, and I don't curretly care about any of the carrots offered.
17:49<Peng>I might downgrade something to a Nanode
17:51<millisa_>downgrading to the nanodes is what got me to switch most of my accounts
17:54<Peng>I registered a second account. Nice for Nanodes and nodes that only exist for an hour.
17:56<Peng>I haven't got an emai -- oh, there's a ticket open
17:56<Peng>> Since you also have one or more Linodes with a discount for annual or biennial billing, we'll also provide you a discount for the next 3 months, or the same amount of time that you had remaining on any annual or biennial plans that you had before, whichever is greater. At the end of that, your billing will adjust to the normal monthly rate.
17:56<Peng>Not entirely terrible.
18:00<Peng>This is actually the best timing for me -- I think I have a renewal April 1
18:00<Peng>I wouldn't go so far as to call it a silver lining, but
18:09<markvandenborre>the change costs me several minutes and a few euros of accountant's time a month
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18:42<@mcintosh>Karrde: note that you're not immediately losing that discount - you'll either keep it for the remainder of the time period you paid for, or you'll get 3 months at the discounted rate (whichever is longer in your case)
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21:32<linbot>New news from community: I can't connect.can you help me? <>
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23:01<Karrde>mcintosh: ya, I saw. I'd rather keep the discount for another 10 years, but like I said this is something I'll do nothing about except post a couple lines on IRC
23:19<Peng>One line of IRC per year!!
23:19<Peng>Never forget!
23:20<dwfreed>Happy Linode Bill-You-More-Frequently-And-More-Expensively Day
23:21<nate>wait what >.>
23:21<Peng>dwfreed: Whoooo
23:21<dwfreed>nate: people who had annual and biennial plans found out today that their plans are being axed and they're being converted to hourly billing
23:22<nate>was linode really losing out much on those?
23:22<nate>Though if I remember they discontinued the ability to even choose one of those kinda plans like two years ago didn't they?
23:23<Peng>Was it only two?
23:24<dwfreed>nate: I believe it's more a desire to start axing old billing code
23:26<nate>as long as they never ax manager.*
23:26<nate>else me and linode are gonna FIGHT
23:30<millisa>I am hoping they release more skins for the new cloud manager. One that looks close to the old manager would be good enough for me
23:30<dwfreed>I mean, they can't axe it right now, because it's the only one that can do everything :D
23:31<Peng>I want the manager to look like WinAmp
23:33<millisa>LINAMP. It Really Whips The Llinodes Ass.
23:36<wraeth>millisa: I read that in the winamp voice...
23:37<chesty>just an observation, not saying I;m right or that it's good or bad. it seems linode works really hard on fraud prevention, which makes it costlier for someone to sign up, now they have removed (well I guess they removed it years ago) a carrot to keep a customer long term. hard to sign up, no carrot to stay loyal.
23:39<dwfreed>I mean, before you could still cancel and get a refund on the annual plan
23:39<dwfreed>so it's not like it was really that much of a carrot to stay loyal
23:39<dwfreed>more of a reward for being loyal
23:40<chesty>oh, maybe I don't know what carrot to stay means
23:40<millisa>a bribe? something to lead you the way they want you to go?
23:45<f8>I'm kinda bummed it doesn't show the linode # anymore. I have a linode running since like 2006 and I was proud of that dumb number.
23:47<f8>Oh wait
23:47<f8>It's still in the URL
23:47<f8>That's enough for me.
23:48<millisa>think it shows on your invoice, too
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23:50<f8>millisa: You are correct.
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23:54<Peng>Which you will now get many more of, in case you lose them ;)
23:56<Abi12>the word carrot really comes up alot here.
23:56<Abi12>horse people.
23:57<Peng>If only had been available when Linode was founded
23:59<Abi12>or linode.carrot
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