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00:00<millisa>carrots are a type of root. we like root.
00:01<Abi12>PermitCarrotDangling yes
00:05<chesty>I can't see an account number anywhere
00:06<@mcintosh>fwiw I would actually argue that signing up is the least painful it's ever been (you don't even have to make a deposit in the new signup system)
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00:07<@mcintosh>that said - most accounts are activated instantly - the exceptions are the ones that come in this channel
00:09<chesty>yeah, i only see the people asking about activation problems, not all the people without activation problems
00:09<Peng>Hey maybe some people come to this channel 'cause they like us
00:16<chesty>i must say, first linode told me to Get Help, i guess their data collection identified i have an issue, but they weren't exactly helpful themselves. I suppose they were specifically saying they would help me, they were just saying to Get Help.
00:17<millisa>they updated that search stuff recently so you could do things like 'type:linode || type:domain'
00:20<chesty>"Didn't find what you need? Get Help." thanks, but that packet of tim tams was all the help I needed
00:24<millisa>shoulda searched for carrots. the first community post matched on shopping carrts
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00:37<smallclone>fwiw, Linode has to be the last major vps provider anywhere that offered these sort of plans as long as they did
00:37<smallclone>there's a surprising amount of work that goes into those old billing packages and really, the industry as a whole is just moving away from billing that way
00:38<smallclone>even if lots of annoying finance departments, etc aren't
00:39<millisa>Something looks off here. same linode. I like the 'unhumanized' dates in the new release, but the timezone or something is off
00:40<millisa>or it's late and I'm reading something stupidly.
00:42<smallclone>i wonder if maybe "date created" goes by when the backup starts, as opposed to when it finishes. also
00:42<smallclone>i dunno if the new manager inherits the old one's time zone preferences?
00:43<smallclone>i'd think that it would. but i also haven't looked at the cloud manager much really.
00:45<chesty>smallclone, the industry has changed a lot from when linode started, to me anyway a vps used to be a cheap permanent server to administer manually and keep long term, these days the more common use is to create and destroy as needed with automation
00:46<smallclone>millisa: that appear to be the case
00:46<chesty>so yeah, I can see now why they don't optimise for the long running linode
00:46<smallclone>my manager account is set to like, russian time (long story) but cloud.linode appears to be using GMT
00:47<millisa>It just looks like everything is an hour off in one or the other.
00:48<chesty>the old manager has a user adjustable timezone setting, so if it's an hour off maybe it isn't set correctly
00:48<millisa>I think I am just an hour off in converting cst to gmt and that 'gmt -5' is throwing me. cant math.
00:50<smallclone>erm isn't there an offset at certain points in the year
00:50<smallclone>i used to have to know this stuff
00:50<millisa>yeah. it's changing this weekend I htink
00:54<Peng>wait what
00:54<millisa>this weekend is DST, sunday morning.
00:54<Peng>shit, I forgot
00:56<millisa>and now that I have my own timezone set correctly, the new managers backup UI makes more sense than the old one.
00:59<millisa>smallclone: date created in the new manager is definitely the start time. old manager has the finish time and it's later.
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02:22<linbot>New news from community: Is it a break now? No customer service to deal with my problem <>
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04:48<Ala>hi all
04:48<Ala>how do i talk to th guys at linode
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05:33<linbot>New news from community: How do I view the CPU specifications for my Linode? <>
06:13<linbot>New news from community: Why is Annual Billing Deprecated? <>
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07:23<linbot>New news from community: Unable to connect after Certbot installation <>
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07:55<rsdehart>hi Kamal_
07:55<rsdehart>welcome to Linode community chat
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07:56<Kamal_>I need some help
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08:03<dzho>too late
08:05<Yaakov>I hope he meant with something related to Linode...
08:16<dzho>that's usually it, I hope so too
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09:34<linbot>New news from community: How do i transfer my Authorative Name server from Wix to Linode. <>
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10:24<linbot>New news from community: "No more space left on device" error <>
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11:29<Guest2490>hello world I am new to this
11:30<Guest2490>hello everyone
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11:40<warewolf>Welcome to Cat Facts!
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11:46<neilg63>HI, I have an issue with letsencrypt. This affects only one server.
11:47<nate>more context/describing the issue would be a pretty notable step
11:48<neilg63>I used the same setup and configuration as another server with other domains (where it worked), but at the final step I get the same error message re acme challenge
11:48<neilg63>I have set up DNS records correctly and ensured the .well-known folder is writable and a available to the server (www-data)
11:49<nate>"same error"? same error as in relation to what? Also state the -exact- error you're getting and if you're doing auth via your installed httpd, check your httpd logs to see for any errors and the actual exact request in access.log
11:49<neilg63>Via SSLForFree I get an interesting error message: Warning: Your verification URL is not returning the correct contents to our verification servers. The URL looks like it is blocking bots and which inadvertently blocks our servers from receiving the correct content. Contact your host, a professional developer or admin for further help with fixing it.
11:50<neilg63>I have spent a long time on this comparing config files and checking both ipV4 and ipV6 work via the dig command.
11:51<neilg63>I can access the file directly in my browser though.
11:53<neilg63>I;m not getting any access denied errors in the nginx error log.
11:54<neilg63>I just checked again. I resolved other minor config issues (e.g. fastcg_cache_key), but this problem persists. I suspect something else is blocking the response/
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15:31<u0_a216>how to change nick?
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15:53<Abi12>neilg63: what?
15:53<Abi12>You're not using certbot...?
15:54<Abi12>I've never actually used the .well-known method. I also just shut down my running web server and choose option 1 to spin up a temporary one.
16:06<nate>certbot does .well-known with --webroot
16:06<nate>that's how I did it for ages up until the wildcard support came out
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17:09<Mohan>Is any one there ??
17:13<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:48<chesty>but they did ask a question
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18:13<millisa>might not be related to the letsencrypt guy earlier, but have had a couple folks impacted by this today: both were centos6/7 systems that hadn't updated in a bit so weren't on the latest certbot (0.31 is in the epel repo)
18:22<millisa>Text of the mail that showed up today about it:
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18:23<Peng>One week left \o/
18:24<millisa>on the plus side, it didn't take much of anything other than updating certbot to make it happy again. it started using http-01 without me having to run their little sed script
18:25<Peng>Yeah, the sed script's *almost always* unnecessary
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19:21<SleePy>Ahhh.. They are getting rid of the yearly billing on me :(
19:21<Peng>Yup :(
19:24<SleePy>There goes my discount as well..
19:25<Peng>Yup :(
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19:32<SleePy>Well that sucks. I liked the yearly pricing. Was easier to deal with on my bills
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23:17<Abi12>Holy bollacks. Setting up gitweb with lighttpd took longer than I thought.
23:18<Abi12>It looks fucking great though.
23:35<Unit193>Went with gitweb over cgit?
23:35<Abi12>yeah. It's straight to the point.
23:38<Abi12>ahh cgit. I remember running past the project's web page awhile back. I didn't fancy the style I think?
23:40<Unit193>Fair enough, it's the one I use and quite like it but each to their own.
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