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00:18<chesty>I'd never heard of gitweb, git has a web app built into it? it's like the old emacs joke, can you boot git yet without needing a kernel and os?
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01:37<linbot>New news from community: hello <>
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01:56<Newman>Is there a option for big storage node?
01:57<Peng>Not exactly. The plans are at . You can use Block Storage.
01:58<Peng>There isn't a big storage plan, but you can use Block Storage with any plan.
01:58<Newman>Thank you Peng
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03:17<poky>Hi. What does this error means? ERROR 1044 (42000) at line 25745: Access denied for user 'shahzoor'@'%' to database 'mysql'
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08:17<venky_123>Is Linode under DDOS or is there any thing that would degrade performance. I am in the London Data center
08:17<venky_123>Even ssh has a noticeable lag
08:21<@bbigger>venky_123: I'm not seeing any general issues in London at the moment. Do you have a Support ticket number?
08:30<venky_123>bbigger: havent created one ., can you also check the Newark, NJ data center please ?
08:35<@bbigger>venky_123: Not seeing widespread issues in the Newark data center. Any issues regarding service degradation at the data center-wide level would be reported at Otherwise, opening a Support ticket would be the best way to help us look into issues that may be impacting your Linode.
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09:18<linbot>New news from community: We're Upgrading All Accounts to Hourly Billing <>
09:33<DrJ>Haven't been on hourly for many years... but don't hourly people still possibly have the old addons as well? Those don't seem to be covered in that post
09:34<DrJ>addons such as extra disk space and such
09:40<hawk>Do you mean the other way around?
09:42<hawk>(monthly rather than hourly)
09:44<DrJ>I just remember that if you stayed on monthly you could keep using extras... I'd think that would throw a wrench into their automatic conversion plan
09:44<DrJ>I think currently you have to manually remove those extras in order to convert
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10:16<@bbigger>DrJ: Nice observation. That is a fringe scenario, but we have accounted for it. Extras will persist without charge after the Hourly upgrade, but will expire upon changes to the associated Linode's plan (such as resizing).
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10:38<DrJ>bbigger: wow, that's a nice perk for as long as someone can maintain it
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10:45<DrJ>of course free upgrades overtime will probably make sticking with the extras not wise
10:47<Abi12>*waits for 2vcore nanode*
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10:59<chesty>I like how it's called an upgrade. I guess it's the right term technically, it's just a little insensitive to those unhappy about losing a feature they liked.
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11:52<nyancat>Question, when Linode launches the Canada location, are they going to charge Canadian sales tax like DigitalOcean does?
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13:29<linbot>New news from community: Does my Dedicated CPU plan run an SSD? <>
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13:48<arby>Anyone have any experience, performance benchmarks, on Linodes for choosing BLK MQ I/O schedulers? General trend I'm reading is mq-deadline for SSDs, bfq for rotational drives ... with variations for type of load (server, etc)
13:48<arby>WITH mq, is 'mq-deadline' preferred/recommended, given that our Linodes *are* on ssd? Or are there other salient, overriding factors?
13:49<arby>Dunno how any of this changes, if at all, for virtual drives in VM guests ...
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15:14<L4D>I have a question. How I can download all websites content, incude db, to my computer?
15:14<tmberg>I do not like the new dashboard. :(
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15:15<tmberg>L4D: Use tar and compress/pack it?
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15:16<L4D>only via ssh right?
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16:20<@mcintosh>tmberg: anything specific you don't like?
16:40<linbot>New news from community: Need API key from old interface <>
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17:02<Andrew_>Wondering about allocating resources to a server dynamically via API without having to rebuild the server or any downtime
17:03<Andrew_>is this something that is currently possible? Specifically CPU and RAM need to be high during 1 hour of the day and sit mostly idle othrwise
17:03<nuevu>It would require some downtime to resize/scale.
17:04<nuevu>Unless you can horizontally scale
17:05<Andrew_>Ah so if we had a box that was programmed to receive requests and do things, we could leave it powered off and power it on on-demand?
17:05<Peng>It costs just as much whether it's off or on
17:08<nuevu>I was thinking more about adding/removing "workers" behind a balancer of some sort. As Peng mentioned, you still pay when it's powered off, so you'd have to be prepared to automated the deployment each day (which is likely too much effort to be worth it if the window is short and predictable)
17:08<Andrew_>Ok thanks. I hoped hourly billing might aid in dynamic resourse allocation but it looks like for a live environment that needs to have 99.99% uptime the server is best left as one static config
17:13<Peng>nuevu: You can also resize them up and down.
17:14<nuevu>Sure, still requires downtime though.
17:15<nuevu>(Without some sort of load balancer, but I guess that's what you were getting at)
17:17<Peng>Right. I meant using a load balancer to avoid downtime.
17:17<Peng>Same idea as you, except with resizing instead of adding and removing.
17:19<Andrew_>Load balancing would be the ideal setup :) Then we can resize as needed and never have any downtime :)
17:19<nuevu>Sometimes I reply before my brain engages.
17:20<Andrew_>all good I came from a different approach to begin with
17:40<Abi12>Does a load balancer require configuration on the actual linodes?
17:40<Abi12>( I've never used one )
17:40<Abi12>I'd be afraid to though. I've always been on the train that your setup shouldn't be reliant on your host.
17:42<millisa>no special config. i'm pretty sure they populate the x-forwarded-for header; you might want to configure the server to do something with that (like use that in the logs)
17:43<millisa>mentioned here:
17:46<Peng>You /could/ even just use DNS. Though it's not perfect.
17:46<Abi12>I guess it uses the Table stickiness for the non-http services?
17:47<millisa>(can do a cookie too)
17:48<Abi12>Requires HTTP for the cookie though.
17:49<Abi12>Has anyone done any performance testing for non http services? I wonder what sort of delay there is since all requests are routed through that balancer.
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18:29<millisa>test failed
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18:36<BDIkaros>I sure as hell hope he wasn't seriously IRCing as the root user...
18:43<nuevu>Wouldn't be the first time it's happened here.
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19:01<BDIkaros>I should dig up the old kline reason I used way back in like '05-'06, we had a big issue with that, back then. Most people use the excuse "well I don't know how to set up my own account", they just assumed the root user was their account and set everything up on it.
19:25<AlexMax>I've always wanted to fake my IRC user or email address as root@domain
19:25<AlexMax>just to see how many panicked private messages and emails I got
19:26<Peng>You don't have to fake it! Just rename your root user account to something else, then add a non-root account named root.
19:26<Peng>Your OS will love it.
19:26<AlexMax>But Jerkcity beat me to the punch years ago.
19:27<AlexMax>Peng: I'm reasonably certain that IRC clients can fake a user
19:30<BDIkaros>Heh, on a lot of networks they err on the side of safety and lay the banhammer down on you automatically. I know IRCds which default to klining root@* in the configuration file itself, too. Heck, if you were connecting to one of my former servers back then, you got a message that said something along the lines of "Don't connect to IRC as root, st00pid n00b". Exactly like that. Yes, I found
19:30<BDIkaros>the line I was looking for, lol.
19:51<Abi12>You could honestly write up a quick book bot to do that lul
19:51<Abi12>The IRC protocol is simple.
19:51<Abi12>s/quick book bot/quick bot/ ;) lag makes me write strange things
19:54<gparent>you could write a bot or you know use the configuration files that come with your ircd
19:55<gparent>or not worry about it at all, the choice is yours, they'll all be as effective.
19:56<Abi12>writing a bot would take less time than figuring out weechat's documentation
19:56<Abi12>*bad dum tss*
19:56<gparent>if you can't figure out the weechat doc even as a joke you'll never get an ircd running, so I guess that's settled.
20:03<BDIkaros>Simple enough - I see "root@<whatever>", I can only assume you didn't 'read the docs' and boot you off.
20:03<Abi12>Poor guy may just be experimenting.
20:04<Abi12>'oh. let me dive into the wonderful world of IRC. *connects* YOU HAVE BE BEEN BANNED'
20:05<BDIkaros>Well it DOES tell you (professionally this time around at least) why that's a bad idea.
20:05<BDIkaros>It's not like a generic ban message
20:06<gparent>from weechat FAQ "Can I give money or other things to WeeChat developers?"
20:06*gparent gets the sacrificial goats
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22:41<linbot>New news from community: Can servers in the same datacenter be prevented from sharing hardware? <>
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