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05:23<jagan>Hi there
05:23<jagan>We looking for SMTP server will you provide?
05:25<jagan>Hi there
05:25<jagan> We looking for SMTP server will you provide?
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05:26<Mohan>Hi there.
05:26<Mohan> We looking for SMTP server will you provide?
05:26<Woet>how often are you gonna ask?
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05:26<Woet>do you know what Linode sells?
05:27<Woet>perhaps you should start there
05:28<Mohan>Will you provide SMTP
05:28<Woet>why don't you figure out what Linode sells first?
05:28<Woet>it's on the homepage
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06:30<coiax_>I read somewhere that changes to a zone file on Linode's DNS manager are updated possibly every 15 minutes? If that's true, are they aligned to specific times during the hour?
06:31<coiax_>essentially, I would like to change some DNS records to test the new deployment, then change them back to the old deployment, and want to keep the time waiting for DNS entries to change as low as possible
06:31<coiax_>when the change happens, we'll already be running a 5 minute TTL
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07:06<v0lksman>anyone else have an upgrade fail on migration cleanup?
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07:07<v0lksman>coiax_: every 15 minutes on the 00, 15, 30, 45
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07:15<aaa1234>Have you accepting Bitcoin payment?
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07:26<v0lksman>well this upgrade but it killed my server
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08:00<v0lksman>phone support is absolute garbage
08:02<Louis6321>I did the free upgrade my IRC Bouncer server a couple of hours ago, zero issues. I had a migration cleanup fail several years ago but it shouldn't affect your ability to keep using your Linode. AFAIK it's just backend clean-up. I let Linode Support know, they said thanks and (I assume) fixed it up manually, but didn't update me further as it was really just backend work for them that didn't affect me.
08:21<Zr40>which free upgrade is this about?
08:22<Zr40>v0lksman: did you submit a support ticket?
08:23<v0lksman>just some additional drive and xfer...not a huge deal...yes I submitted a ticket that wasn't touched for 50 minutes...called in, first call gets dropped about 2 minutes into the call...second one solved it (issue on the server, nothing I could have done, migration had to be re-queued)
08:23<v0lksman>every time I've used phone support (which is like 3 times in the last year) the calls either get dropped or don't connect
08:24*Zr40 generally avoids phone support (everywhere, not Linode in particular)
08:24<v0lksman>same but when your server is offline for almost an hour and you can't get anyones attention...........
08:50<@scrane>Hey v0lksman, I'm sorry your call was disconnected like that. That shouldn't ever happen without us calling back right away. I'm going to reach out to the team to address that.
08:59<v0lksman>thanks scrane and sorry for the rage. no one called me back in any of the times it's happened and I did put it into a ticket at some point so your staff were aware
09:02<@scrane>I completely understand. It sounds like that was a pretty negative experience, especially for something that was pretty urgent as well. I've just talked to the Support team about this, and I will address it again later, but is there anything else we can do for you?
09:03<v0lksman>no was just that today..thanks again
09:03<@scrane>No problem!
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10:22<Guilherme>I need Help
10:22<@scrane>Hey Guilherme, what can we help you with?
10:22<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
10:22<Guilherme>configure AMAZON DNS. TXT and DKIM
10:23<Guilherme>I'm adding the CNAME and TXT records, but Amazon does not recognize it.
10:24<@scrane>Can you clarify a little further? Are you using LInode's DNS manager to add the records, but Amazon isn't seeing it?
10:30<Guilherme>That's right. I've added the records as Amazon requests, but I can not verify.
10:32<@scrane>Is it okay if you share the domain name so I can attempt to dig it and see what the current results are?
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10:44<@scrane>Thank you! So taking a look, I do see you are using CloudFlare's nameservers of and Have you updated your records on CloudFlare as well?
10:45<@scrane>If you update the records on Linode's DNS manager, those won't propagate to CloudFlare's nameservers. That being said, if you change the nameservers for the domain to Linode's nameservers of through the changes made in Linode's DNS Manager would properly propagate.
10:46<Guilherme>That will be it ... I hesitated!
10:47<@scrane>Haha I'm glad I could help!
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15:36<arby>Anyone have any identiy info on the "Security Researchers" behind
15:36<arby>It's now just a matter of idle curiosity, as I finally got around to quietly dropping all/most of their traffic from my nets.
15:36<arby>Since they're 'vetted' (WeTF *that* means?!), hosted & protected from any sort of accountability in large part by Linode (SingleHop is their other 'benefactor'), figured _someone_ here might have a sharable clue!
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16:47<@scrane>Hey there, arby! Let me look this up on our end and I'll see what I can tell you about that.
16:49<arby>scrane gr8, thx.
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16:51<@scrane>Alright, so I just spoke with our Trust team. In the cases of security researchers like, we work closely with their team to review their traffic and practices to make sure nothing they are doing is malicious. In this case, the Internet Census Research Group is a team of security researchers working actively to collect publicly available information on open ports and services. They share that information internally and with
16:51<@scrane> third parties for researching vulnerable and insecure services to help prevent the propagation of malware. If you would like to reach out to them for more information or to opt out of their scans you can email
16:53<@scrane>Sorry, I typed the N twice there. The email address is
16:53<arby>scrane Riiiiight. Says who? Them? No address/telephone/identity/website/whois information ... Heh, no thanks -- "I'm not falling for that one!"
16:53<arby>I don't opt OUT of stuff I didn't opt IN to, despite it being 'loving, trusted spew' hosted by my own host, @Linode. And I sure am not going to give some unknown entity a list of all my client IPs, neatly bundled and correlated for them to 'do the right thing'.
16:54<arby>If they're so 'respectable', who are they?
16:54<millisa>you've probably already seen it, but just throwing it out there since it updated recently - (not sure I'd use that last update, the ranges are a bit too hamhanded)
16:56<arby>millisa: Yep. That's the list I started with. Hence, the 'blocks'. Doesn't fulfill the morbid curiosity of who these mystical yahoos are, or why my host enables them so 'secretly'
16:57<arby>The individual IPs seem to be accurate -- tho not a complete list.
16:58<arby>It's a personal pet peeve -- pisses me off that somebody's makin' money off my nets, Linode authorizes it, and they get to remain hidden. But whatchagonnado, right? ;-)
17:06<@scrane>I completely understand your reservations. While we can't provide any customer information regardless of whether they are or aren't a security researcher, I can say this is an organization we have spoken with and closely vetted their traffic and practices.
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17:11<arby>scrane: I hear your anwer; it's the same one Linode *always* gives. I don't care, frankly. Your lack of transparency makes it completely untrustworthy in this matter. If they're 'just a customer', then tell them to stop abusing your OTHER customers. And, srsly? You've 'vetted' their practices? Endless scan/queries/interrogations of servers that trigger resource responses are cool with Linode? And, no, the "everybody else does it" & "it's the internet"
17:11<arby>doesn't cut it with me. THEY are making money, and so are you. YOur motives are suspect. But that's me, and like I said -- whatchagonnado?
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17:31<montigny34>hola how is everybody
17:33<montigny34>anybody know how i give access to multiple randkm directories to certain sftp users?
17:41<millisa>I like using bind mounts
17:41<arby>montigny34: SFTPs a pita for such things. But, you should be able to create a per-user chroot, then 'mount --bind' the random directories as subdirs under each chroot. What the access _security_ implications are, dunno ...
17:41<millisa>!point arby
17:41<linbot>millisa: Point given to arby. (1)
17:42<millisa>this article isn't terrible on it:
17:43<arby>My general policy is "life's too short for sftp" ...
17:45<nuevu>Timely question as I need to do something similar next week. I've fought with SFTP chroots a bit in the past. The restriction that requires root to own the parent directory always seems to be a problem.
17:47<nuevu>"secure contain protect (SCP)" Wut?
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18:00<ALexander>Anyone down to help me with NGINX? I can't seem to be able to upload xenforo
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18:16<montigny34>so mount -bind is what I'm looking for
18:16<montigny34>sftp works fine i just would like to have some developpers ahve access to other folders than their own
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20:57<dwfreed>nuevu: root only needs to own the chroot directory; it doesn't need to own the user's homedir inside of that if it's different than the chroot dir, and you can always make user-owned folders inside the chroot directory for the user to use
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21:02<montigny34>i would run mount -o bind /path/to/folder /destination/folder ?
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21:15<Jordon>Quick N00b question. Will adding a storage volume automatically increase my storage capacity on the existing linode filesystem
21:15<Peng>Not at all.
21:15<Peng>...Is the existing filesystem on a storage volume?
21:15<Jordon>No, it's the base linode
21:16<Jordon>is adding a storage volume the same concept as plugging in an external drive to my local machine?
21:16<Peng>Pretty much.
21:17<Peng>Or plugging in another internal drive to your machine.
21:17<Jordon>(What I really want to do is add more size to the existing disk)
21:17<Peng>It'll be a different device.
21:18<Peng>I'm not recommending this, but you could move your fs to a block storage volume and stop using the local disk entirely.
21:18<Jordon>Ok, so the simplest thing to do for now is to increase my overall plan
21:18<Jordon>Yeah, that may be a solution going forward,
21:18<Peng>Or just have two filesystems
21:19<Jordon>Yeah, that may work with sim links
21:19<Jordon>Ok thanks
21:19<Peng>You can mount it anywhere
21:19<Peng>But symlinks are also an option, depending on what you want to do.
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