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00:29<linbot>New news from community: If I turnoff the server, do i need to still pay? <>
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02:37<sf_>This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
02:37<sf_>how to fix this
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03:46<fergtm>is it normal that I have to enter the 2fa code every time I log into the new manager?
03:46<fergtm>I checked the "trust this computer" and I'm sure it has not been more than 30 days since the last time I logged
03:46<dwfreed>could be a bug
03:51<fergtm>maybe, I'll try clearing the cookies
03:51<fergtm>I'm still getting familiar with it since I was forced to migrate my account to the new hourly billing
03:52<fergtm>is there a way to download the zone file for a domain?, I see the option in the "..." menu but it is disabled
03:54<fergtm>also I don't see a way to import a zone file :(
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04:06<dwfreed>it is not possible to import a zone file; you can host it on a local bind and allow Linode to AXFR it
04:07<Peng>Anyone published a "zone file to Linoe API" program?
04:07<Peng>Linode :(
04:07<dwfreed>if not, I'm sure you could throw something together with dnspython
04:08<dwfreed>another solution would be local-bind-to-axfr-from-as-a-service
04:08<dwfreed>or LBTAFAAS
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04:25<gene>hi, I have a question
04:26<gene>what the difference between apache and nginx?
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04:29<Peng>Hey I was thinking
04:29<Peng>Don't leave
04:57<dwfreed>one's a ford, the other's a chevy
04:57<dwfreed>(sort of)
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05:09<Baekmark>Hi all, I'm getting errors in delivering mails to Can anyone help?
05:09<Baekmark>Remote-MTA: dns; Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 5.7.1 Unfortunately, messages from [] weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (S3140). You can also refer your provider to []
05:09<Baekmark>I do have SPF in place
05:10<Baekmark>host -t txt descriptive text "v=spf1 mx -all"
05:10<hawk>Sounds like your IP address is in some block list.
05:11<Baekmark>Anyone knows how to get out of the block list S3140?
05:11<Peng>isn't every IP address on Microsoft's block list
05:11<hawk>Peng: Probably
05:11<Baekmark>They claim it's in a list, but how to get out fit?
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05:16<Baekmark>I'm running a mailserver in the iRedMail framework on a node in Frankfurt. Ubuntu 18.04 and Postfix
05:21<hawk>Baekmark: I don't know if there is a clear way. I suppose "do not send spam" is obvious thing (but it may be a whole block of addresses that is on their list without you having done anything wrong), maybe combined with reaching out to Microsoft and/or Linode for help on how it can be resolved.
05:22<dwfreed>if you follow the link in the message, there's a link on that site to open an issue with microsoft support
05:22<dwfreed>it's a lot of text, but it's under the "Sender services, tools, and issue submission" section
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05:25<chesty>nginx took an interesting turn. It started out getting popular because it was fast and lightweight, probably still is, idk. but some people warned everyone that it was developed by one guy, and what happens if he got hit by a bus. now I saw there's a closed source enterprise version with features not in the open source version. I guess they are now
05:25<chesty> bus proof, but now not so open source focused.
05:25<Web_dev>Hello, let me know about server migration for Magento 2 from other server to linode.
05:28<dwfreed>chesty: most of what goes in the enterprise version is still open sourced, there's just a delay
05:28<dwfreed>there are a few enterprise-only features that'll never be open sourced
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05:54<Baekmark>hawk: Thanks, I have submitted an request to Microsoft. There is btw, an option on Linode where I can chat with a Chatbot. It gives me information on how to remove my IP from the list, by providing a link: Sorry to hear that you're having issues with emails being blocked. Microsoft has a link you can use to request that your IP address be delisted from their block list. That link is here:
05:55<Baekmark> but the link is broken and throws an error: Service Unavailable - DNS failure The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later. Reference #11.2ff01502.1552295969.c825cde
06:00<chesty>how awesome is this?
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08:01<priyank>Is anyone online? I need help related to Linode
08:03<@bbigger>Hey priyank, feel free to ask any questions here. If you have a Support ticket open, let us know the ticket number and we'll be able to look into it.
08:04<priyank>Ticket #11596710
08:05<priyank>My website is down and need to bring it back online asap.
08:06<priyank>I searched about the error on internet and tried various solutions but still couldn't fix.
08:07<@bbigger>priyank: got it, thanks. We'll take a look and have an update to you shortly.
08:07<priyank>Thanks @bbigger
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09:43<chesty>it's been 23 hours since I submitted my support ticket to linode. no response.
09:43<chesty>it's pretty much if you have a hardware problem don't bother with a ticket, just bring it up on a different host
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09:53<linbot>New news from community: cPanel insufficient disk space upgrade error <>
10:13<linbot>New news from community: How do I see the storage space usage from the Cloud Manager interface? <>
10:13<Zr40>when one of mine had a hardware problem, they had already opened a ticket themselves before I could even log in
10:16<dwfreed>it depends on whether Linode detects it with their monitoring or not
10:18<dwfreed>chesty: if you're experiencing an urgent issue, it is recommended that you call them (I know you're in AU or NZ; skype allows anybody to call US toll free numbers for free)
10:21<chesty>I wasn't sure if it was a hardware error, zfs said there was a fatal I/O error, I tried to google to see if it could be a software issue but didn't really find anything to say one way or another. So after 12 hours of waiting I moved it
10:22<chesty>whatever. if everyone needs to call, then the phones will become slower and slower. It's all good. I fixed the problem.
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10:29<Zr40>it could certainly be either hardware or software
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11:25<gparent>that narrows the scope quite a bit
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11:53<Zr40>I just meant it's not necessarily hardware
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11:58<@scrane>Hey chesty I'm glad to hear you fixed the issue. We are absolutely always available via phone at any time, and I'm sorry the ticket was not addressed quicker. Can you PM me the ticket number? I'd like to make sure we get a deeper look at any issues just to make sure there isn't anything underlying what was originally happening.
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13:20<csnxs>aa the right side my mouth is still numb from my trip to the dentist
13:20*csnxs drools in the general direction of mcintosh
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14:03<bobby>Mem: 1978 947 85 9 946 837
14:03<bobby>iran free -lm
14:03<bobby> total used free shared buff/cache available
14:03<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
14:03<millisa>just at a glance though, it looks like you've got half used, half being used by buffers
14:04<millisa>ok, what about it
14:04<bobby>my server crashed around 3 hours ago
14:04<bobby>wondering if low memory caused it to allocate memory from important services to the application demanding a lot
14:05<millisa>your current memory usage wouldn't answer that.
14:05<bobby>i have 1 CPU 80GB storage 2GB ram
14:05<millisa>do your logs show it going OOM?
14:05<bobby>which los /messages?
14:05<millisa>syslog or messages typically
14:05<bobby>i see this around when it crapped out
14:06<bobby>how do i output between certsain times only?
14:09<bobby> millisa
14:10<bobby>it mentions memory at some point, i believe this is when i booted my server up
14:10<bobby>would that mean my assumption might be correct?
14:12<bobby>it killed mysqld
14:12<bobby>at 10:50:23 EST
14:13<bobby>thts not good..
14:14<bobby>does this indicate i need more ram?
14:14<@scrane>It could be, but I would recommend checking your configurations first to see if there is a way to tune MySQL. One second, I am looking for a guide to share on how to do that.
14:15<@scrane>Here we are, this one should be helpful to you, bobby
14:15<@scrane>For good measure, if you are running Apache I would also recommend this one.
14:18<@sjacobs>worth mentioning that mysql may have been fine, but another process may have pushed the system to a point it needed to evoke the OOM killer.
14:19<@sjacobs>without seeing what was going on at the system at the time, it's hard to say.
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14:21<KARTIK>Can I use whm IN free for life with linod
14:23<@scrane>Hey KARTIK, can you clarify a little more what you mean by whm IN? I know what whm is, but I'm not 100% certain what you mean by IN
14:24<linbot>New news from community: Extremely slow internet connection when upgrading <>
14:24<bobby>would i b requird to go into recue mode
14:24<bobby>to sere system rile check?
14:26<@scrane>If you want to do a filesystem check, yes. You should boot into rescue mode. We have some information on that here
14:27<KARTIK>I mean can I use whmcpanel without Buying licence with Linode vps
14:27<bobby>how long would it take to get the info needed and reboot normally, roughly?
14:28<bobby>mysqld is at 0.9 % cpu right now
14:28<bobby>thats what it usually is around
14:32<@scrane>Aah. KARTIK we do not provide WHM or cPanel licenses, so you would need to purchase one or utilize Linode Managed on our platform. Linode Managed is $100/month per Linode on the account and does include the Linode Backups service as well as a cPanel/WHM license for each LInode.
14:33<@scrane>bobby Typically not long. The reboot into rescue mode is generally pretty fast and most filesystem checks don't take long
14:33<bobby>millisa i ran curl -sL | sudo perl
14:33<bobby>everything came back fine besides low uptime due to the restart few hours ago
14:34<bobby>says pghp-fpm is using almost 1GB of memory andmsql is using 0.25GB
14:35<bobby>httpd jses 0.25GB
14:35<bobby>so i have 1.5GB of ram chewed up by apache?
14:36<bobby> :millisa
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14:39<bobby>if thats the case i would need to get 4GB of ram to be stable
14:41<@scrane>bobby I would recommend double checking the apachetuner guide I shared, as that should have some settings to help decrease some of that usage I think.
14:42<bobby>scrane check the bpaste
14:42<bobby>it seems to mention everything is fine
14:42<bobby>maybe you can identify something out of it
14:42<bobby>besides me using almsot 2GB of ram from apache altogether
14:51<bobby>how do i assing memory to kdump?
15:00<@scrane>I'm not seeing anything too weird in that output, but I will cede to anyone with more experience. As for kdump, I am not entirely certain but I think this might help point you in the right direction.
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15:12<bobby>was I right about the comsuption of RAM in the paste you checked?
15:12<bobby>its close to 1.5GB if not more of ram being used?
15:17<@scrane>Try running ps aux | grep -i httpd
15:18<@scrane>That should let you know how much RAM is actually being used. What is in that output isn't reflective of 4 separate processes.
15:19<bobby>what number do i look for
15:23<@scrane>Percentage wize, httpd is taking up 1.3%, 0.4%, 1.7%, 1.6%, 1.8%, and 1.7%. So a total of 8.5% of your total RAM
15:23<bobby>can i do the same for mysld
15:26<bobby>1.3% non-contiguous is that OK for rexcue mode
15:26<bobby>i checked my main disk
15:27<@scrane>That's usually pretty fine. IF you ran e2fsck -f /dev/sda then the command should automatically fix any issues.
15:27<@scrane>It's a little on the high side, but I think you should be okay
15:27<bobby>thatsexactly what i ran
15:28<bobby>i ran it on sdb and it gave me an aeeror
15:28<bobby>is that because its the swap ?
15:29<@scrane>You don't need to run it on sdb
15:29<bobby>so is there anything else to check
15:29<bobby>or can i exit rescue mode?
15:31<@scrane>You an exit rescue mode
15:32<bobby>do i just reboot server to do so?
15:32<@scrane>\yeah, just reboot through Linode Manager
15:33<bobby>ok done
15:33<bobby>i ran it with mysqld
15:33<bobby>i believe it shows 0.1 7 and 0.1 so still under 10%
15:34<bobby>apache is 11,.5% roughly
15:34<bobby>so lets say 30% for all 3
15:35<bobby>says i have 1.3GB available rn
15:36<bobby>IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready isnot something to be worried about this is the expected bhavior on boot correct?
15:37<@scrane>Yeah, that's not something to worry about
15:38<bobby>ok php-fpm cause oom-killer
15:38<bobby>i believe php-fpm is the cuprit
15:38<bobby>cuprit** I believe to have not installed it properly or configured it properly
15:39<bobby>does anybody know how to revrt to not having php=fpm like how to disable it?
15:40<millisa>it doesn't change how much memory php uses. you can tune how many php processes can run to limit it
15:40<millisa>(you'd see the memory php-fpm uses get used by the php in the httpd process)
15:40<bobby>max children?
15:41<bobby>php-fpm causes mysqld to get killed
15:41<bobby>which resulted in the server bugging up
15:41<bobby>from what I can see in the logs
15:44<bobby>still unsure if i shoulf upgrade my linode
15:44<bobby>i see what u mean for php-fpm
15:44<bobby>apache and php-fpm show the same but apache has more
15:48<bobby> [/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/named.conf:1] Unknown user 'named'.
15:48<bobby>this is the last issues I'm trying to resolve
15:50<bobby>d /run/named 0755 named named -
15:50<bobby>this i s the output of the file but idk what it does
15:51<bobby>user named doesnt exit
15:51<@scrane>Hmmm I'm not 100% certain. It looks like named.conf is a temporary file there
15:52<bobby>can i just delete it?
15:52<bobby>ill do that and see if the service can run now
15:53<bobby>OK i removed the content of the file
15:53<bobby>and now tmpfiles-clean can stgart
15:53<bobby>shows up as inactive is that the normal behaviour of this service?
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16:09<@scrane>Did you make a backup of the file first just in case?
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17:15<shaba>hi i need help installing laravel and setting up domain
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18:05<montigny34>I'm trying to give my longview access to my apache but I' geting the following error
18:05<montigny34>500 Can't connect to (Connection refused)
18:05<montigny34>previously it couldn't be found, so I fixed that by editing httpd.conf and adding the server status handler
18:06<montigny34>oh nvm it seems to work now
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20:52<chesty>dwfreed, coincidentally nginx are in the news today. f5 are buying them. It's awesome to have a successful company backing open source software, and if they can make money by delaying features then it's all good.
20:58<chesty>I have been frustrated by a company's implementation of that model in the past. They built a successful community driven open source project, then removed features from the open source version and locked them up in a SAAS product with the promise of delayed open source release. It caused bad will in the community who helped them build their product
20:58<chesty>. It wasn't the model that was the problem, it was the implementation of it.
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21:01<montigny34>can somebody help me allocate memory to my kdump?
21:01<montigny34>for some reason it wont start because of this
22:07<montigny34>what about named.conf anybody know about this?
22:09<rsdehart>montigny34: you're going to really have to start asking better questions
22:38<montigny34>kdump wont start because theres no memory allocated to it
22:46<montigny34>amny idea
23:16<nuevu>montigny34: What distro?
23:18<nuevu>montigny34: Maybe something here can help you:
23:18<nuevu>Looks like you specify the reserved memory in the boot configuration
23:19<montigny34>is what im currently trying
23:20<nuevu>And you provided the "crashkernel=128M" line in the grub config?
23:20<nuevu>(Or whatever value you wanted)
23:44<montigny34>then rebooted
23:45<montigny34>but cat /proc/cmdline
23:45<montigny34>produces root=/dev/sda console=tty1 console=ttyS0 ro devtmpfs.mount=1
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