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00:00<montigny34>ANY IDEAS
00:00<montigny34>sorry for caps
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00:59<Sophearin>can i ask some question here?
01:00<wraeth>It would certainly make it easier for people to answer you. ;)
01:01<Sophearin>I have an account at Linode but not active for while and now i can't my node in those account
01:01<Sophearin>any problems?
01:03<wraeth>I'm not an authority on the subject, but have you logged a support ticket? Otherwise, just hang around here for someone who knows more than the nothing I do. :)
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01:10<Sophearin>so when i can ask about the question?
01:12<MrPPS>Sophearin: is the issue that you cannot log in
01:12<MrPPS>or that you can log in and cannot see your node?
01:12<wraeth>I read it as "Old account, where are missing linode(s)".
01:12<MrPPS>That's what I'm *guessing*, but if they can log in and see that
01:12<MrPPS>then they can submit a support ticket
01:13<MrPPS>and then they can get problem solved \o/
01:13<wraeth>My thinking also.
01:14<Sophearin>i lost my node with the ip address:
01:14<Sophearin>could you check?
01:15<wraeth>Sophearin: Are you able to log in to your linode manager account and can't see the linode there, or are you unable to log in to the account?
01:16<MrPPS>If by lost you mean "the linode is no longer in my account" - I have to ask, did you not pay the bill?
01:16<MrPPS>Either way, if you can log in, submit a "support" ticket - they actually have access to the account (this is just community support)
01:17<Sophearin>Yes, the linode is no longer in my account.
01:17<Sophearin>Yes, I didnot pay the bill
01:17<MrPPS>Support ticket it is - quickest path to a resolution
01:17<MrPPS>Okay, if you did not pay the bill, that explains why they cancelled it
01:17<MrPPS>Likely you wouldn't be able to get it back, but, you never know your luck!
01:17<Sophearin>how can i recover it back?
01:17<MrPPS>You might be quicker just spinning up a new node and restoring your backup to that
01:17<wraeth>Support Ticket.
01:17<MrPPS>and then point your DNS at the new IP
01:18<Sophearin>you mean i have to open support ticket
01:18<MrPPS>but, submit a support ticket - there may be a purgatory for VM's!
01:18<MrPPS>yes, you do have to open a support ticket if you wish to have a chance of getting that exact VM/IP back
01:20<Sophearin>what's the subject i have to write down?
01:25<MrPPS>Anything you like - you could try "Lost my Linode due to unpaid bill - can you recover?"
01:25<MrPPS>or something like that
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03:36<linbot>New news from community: how can I change payment type form Credit Card to Debit Card <>
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03:56<linbot>New news from community: My filesystem is read-only <>
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05:17<linbot>New news from community: Unable to create an image of my disk from the Cloud Manager interface <>
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05:56<light_>domain not pointing right with out www
05:57<Peng>What domain? What's it doing?
05:57<light_>pointing to a wrong directory
06:02<light_>i have two domains
06:02<light_> and
06:03<light_>vgnnigeria pointing to halismans directory without www
06:03<light_>but points to its directory with www
06:03<Peng>Check the web server configuration?
06:04<light_>more detailed explanation please
06:04<light_>am new
06:06<Peng>Does the correct virtual host include that name?
06:06<Peng>e.g. with server_name in Nginx, or ServerName and ServerAlias in Apache.
06:07<light_>you mean the name without www?
06:09<light_>i only added the one with www
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06:11<hawk>Well, there you go
06:12<light_>i deleted the www and it worked
06:12<hawk>keep both
06:12<hawk>(unless you only want one of them to work)
06:12<light_>i want to work
06:14<light_>ServerName ServerName
06:14<light_>is it suppose to be like that?
06:14<light_>after adding like that just the second one worked
06:15<Peng>No, one of them should be ServerAlias
06:16<rsdehart>and in most cases you want one to permanently redirect to the other
06:17<light_>perfect thanks
06:17<light_>redirect ?
06:18<rsdehart>probably muddying the waters. sort of a separate issue. probably disregard
06:19<light_>thanks a million
06:19<light_>am really learning alot from ..
06:19<rsdehart>good good
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08:07<crha>Are you from linode hosting supports?
08:07<DrJ>ops here are staff of linode
08:07<DrJ>the rest of us are typically customers, but we all try to be helpful
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08:14<@scrane>Hey there! I'm from Linode!
08:14<@scrane>Aaand he's gone
08:16<DrJ>scrane: I already answered his question
08:16<DrJ>so he left
08:16<DrJ>I think I deserve a point
08:16<@scrane>+point Drj
08:16<@scrane>waait. I haven't done that in so long I forget the command
08:16<DrJ>ni either
08:16<@bbigger>!point DrJ
08:16<linbot>bbigger: Point given to drj. (9)
08:16<@scrane>That's the one~!
08:17<@scrane>!point drj
08:17<linbot>scrane: Point given to drj. (10)
08:17<@bbigger>!lick scrane
08:17<linbot>bbigger: Point given to scrane. (17)
08:17<@scrane>Thank you bbigger
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08:42<@scrane>9 seconds.
08:47<DrJ>I'm not even that fast
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09:35<millido>Hi! I am trying to set up a domain using linode name-servers. It might be just that i am to impatient. But the TLD i am using requires that the zone-files are set up BEFORE i can set up the domain to point at them. So the question is, when i now have set up the domain in linode. Is it just a waiting game for the zone-files to get updated, or don't they get updated with my new domain before it can resolve?
09:36<Peng>Just a waiting game, I think.
09:37<Peng>They're updated every quarter hour, plus a little caching
09:37<millido>Peng: Well, i just have to be patient then...
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10:28<linbot>New news from community: Retrieve MySQL and root password <>
10:34<Peng_>You might want to /mode -se !*@*
10:35<Peng_>I don't think +s was set before? I'm not sure
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11:07<Avinash>when trying start tomcat on ubuntu it gives error " object '/usr/local/lib/' from /etc/ cannot be p reloaded "
11:09<@scrane>Hmm. that issue is a little unfamiliar to me. Were there any recent updates to your system?
11:18<linbot>New news from community: How do I Fix the PHP Fatal Memory error? <>
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11:48<linbot>New news from community: My Linode’s IP is on a blacklist. What happened? <>
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13:13*Eman wonders if anyone is gonna look at his ticket
13:14<Eman>open for an hour with no response :/
13:14<millisa>Probably. if it's critical, you can call
13:20<@cmcfarland>Hey Eman whats your ticket number?
13:24<@cmcfarland>OK I'm putting your ticket on the Support teqms radar, a Support team member will be looking at it shortly.
13:24<Eman>thank you
13:25<@cmcfarland>no problem
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14:48<linbot>New news from community: How To Upgrade to PHP 7.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 <>
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19:39<linbot>New news from community: How can I find all of the domains pointed to my IP address? <>
20:05<nuevu>Was the domain mentioned in that "community" post supposed to be there? You usually scrub that info when you post these types of questions.
20:08<nuevu>These situations are why exists.
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21:29<@mcintosh>nuevu: belongs to a linode employee ( would probably have been better there though, fair point)
21:36<gparent>how do you think feels?
21:36<gparent>it's just sitting there, waiting to be used for examples and resolved, and yet we ignore it
21:44<Woet>nuevu: I don't mean to alarm you, but domains are not private information.
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