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04:02<fayis003>somone please help me to figure out why my firewall is not working
04:02<fayis003>I have csf installed in whm
04:02<fayis003>but even if I added ssh it seems not working :(
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04:38<Ikaros>...good morning, Mother Nature. >.<
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09:23<Klereson>Is possibile to install Windows Server on Linode Cloud ?
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09:26<Sallt1432>Hi guys
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09:27<Salt1432>Argh. Sorry
09:28<Salt1432>Anyway does linode allow us to run a vpn server for users? I didn’t see anything in the TOS about it
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09:28<Salt1432>As in not a personal vpn but use a node a a server for a vpn network which users subscribe to?
09:29<Peng>Yes, but if they do bad things, Linoed will be unhappy with you
09:29<Peng>Linode :(
09:29<Salt1432>Logs will be kept anyway, but just for a complete answer what about if logs are not kept?
09:31<Salt1432>I guess if there’s DMCA violations etc we would need to provide whatever help we can to identify the user
09:32<rdaniels>Windows isn't a custom distrubution that Linode offers, but this user-created guide may help you:
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09:35<lvenn>There is no requirement to keep logs if you're running a VPN on a Linode
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09:38<Klereson>Is possibile to install Windows Server on Linode Cloud ?
09:38*Peng looks at rdaniels
09:39<Peng>It's possible, but it's not officially supported.
09:40<Klereson>Any tutorial explaining how to install Windows Server?
09:41<Woet>Klereson: why do you need Windows?
09:41<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
09:41<Peng>13 13:32:23 < rdaniels> Windows isn't a custom distrubution that Linode offers, but this user-created guide may help you:
09:41<Peng>13 13:32:26 < rdaniels>
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09:41<rdaniels>Thanks, @peng!
09:42<Peng>!point rdaniels
09:42<linbot>Peng: Point given to rdaniels. (1)
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09:43<Klereson>Woet for business applications.
09:43<Woet>Klereson: they don't have Linux versions and don't run using mono?
09:43<Klereson>Woet application that runs only on Windows.
09:44<Woet>Klereson: if it's for business applications, uptime is pretty important, right?
09:45<Klereson>WebServices + Microsoft SQL
09:45<Klereson>All aplications based in Windows Plataform.
09:46<Zr40>linux is a supported OS for MSSQL nowadays
09:46<Woet>Klereson: so go for a host that officially supports Windows
09:48<Klereson>Woet Can I have problems with uptime or application crash or link in Linode Cloud using Windows Server?
09:49<Klereson>Zr40 thank you!
09:49<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
09:52<Klereson>Woet ?
09:53<Woet>Klereson: yes, because it's not supported
09:54<@scrane>The thing to keep in mind is that if anything happens with the Windows installation, you would pretty much be on your own to solve it. We wouldn't be able to do much to help bring anything back online
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09:58<Klereson>Eu poderia fazer um teste por 1 mês, acredito que é hora de analisar a operação.
09:58<Klereson>I could do a test for 1 month, I believe it is time to analyze the operation.
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10:19<rdaniels>`/server add oftc`
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11:30<@rdaniels>o/ Yaakov
11:30<Yaakov>Howdy, rdaniels.
11:30<Yaakov>Howz stuph, &c?
11:33<@rdaniels>Things are great! Let us know if you need any help.:-)
11:47<nate>Good lord I cannot win with IPv6 on linode's lately
11:49<@scrane>IPv6 is tricky, haha. What's' the issue you're running into?
11:49<nate>All IPv6 stuff outbound from the box is just dying off like it's hitting a wall, prob another network goofery
11:50<nate>*network config
11:50<@scrane>Hmmmm yeah, that could be. `ip -6 a` and `ip -6 r` look good to you?
11:52<nate>hm actually oddly yeah, and I can do basic network stuff like pings
11:53<nate>just any actual IPv6 traffic attempts hang. Which probably means it's gonna be something obscure which is even worse lol
11:55<@scrane>Ugh, that's the worst. Hmmm, try doing a screen tcpdump showing only IPv6 traffic to see if you can catch anything odd, maybe. Or just double check your IPv6 firewall.
11:55<nate>I'm just gonna restart and see if the network manager automagically resolves things
11:55<@scrane>Not a bad idea either
11:56<nate>either that or figure out how the hell to get to work over ipv4 instead
12:17<nate>Oh, one of my IPv6 things actually went through, it literally just took like 20 minutes
12:17<nate>wut lol
12:20<@scrane>Sometimes it feels like IPv6 does its thing and we are just along for the ride
12:20<@scrane>Didi the reboot help, then?
12:21<nate>I didn't reboot yet, I didn't wanna interrupt acme in it's slowest-ever-cert-process
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12:33<nate>okay maybe should have done the reboot, 27 minutes later and it just now finally verified the two DNS records lol
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12:35<gidi>how can use linode on my website
12:36<@scrane>We have a few guidies for how to do that depending on what you are looking for
12:37<@scrane>This should give you the general options:
12:37<gidi>am hosting my website on godaddy but i want to remove my hosting there
12:38<gidi>is linode a hosting company
12:39<nate>Linode is a VPS company
12:39<nate>So in a form yes, however a hosting company in a manner that you're expected to maintain the system yourself (unless you buy professional or managed services)
12:41<gidi>do they have options for managed services
12:41<nate>They do, you can find details leading to all that stuff on the pricing page I believe
12:43<@scrane>To clarify, Linode Managed ( isn't a fully managed service.
12:44<gidi>with cpanel
12:44<@scrane>It's a 24/7 incident response service. We wouldn't be running updates or changing configurations on the Linode with Linode Managed, but rather members of the Linode Managed team would have access to attempt to bring services back online if a monitor reports they are down.
12:45<@scrane>And yes, it does come with cPanel, Linode Backups, Longview Pro, and it includes a discount for Professional Services.
12:45<@scrane>It's $100/month per Linode on the account.
12:49<gidi>you don't have $50 plan
12:51<@scrane>We do not.
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13:17<linbot>New news from kernels: 5.0.1-x86_64-linode122 <>
13:17<dowdle>Greetings. I'm looking for a hosting provider where I can host an OpenVZ Legacy (based on CentOS 6) system that has mutliple public IPv4 addresses on the same subnet. If I can have a VM that allows me to install my own kernel then I can take care of getting OpenVZ going. My main question centers around having multiple IPv4 IPs in the same subnet available to a single VM. Possible with Linode?
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13:21<millisa>dowdle: they have a doc on installing openvz on deb9 at The extra IP's require justification
13:22<millisa>Info on using custom kernels at
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13:46<Peng>!point linbot
13:46<linbot>Peng: Point given to linbot. (1337) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 17)
13:47<Peng>5.0 kernel. I wonder if anything will break.
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13:48<csnxs>doubt it
13:59<Ikaros>Heh, I'm operating a 5.0.1 kernel already. Doesn't seem to be breaking anything.
13:59<millisa>using zfs?
14:01<Ikaros>? haven't touched the stuff. >.>
14:01<millisa>it's the only thing I remember seeing a month or so ago that had something up with the kernel switch
14:02<Ikaros>The Linode that is running the 5.0.1 kernel, it operates a btrfs filesystem.
14:02<Ikaros>The other one of mine, I've not touched (yet)
14:03<millisa> appears to have fixes
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14:11<dowdle>millisa: The VM will be a container host for OpenVZ containers. I'm currently wanting to host 3 containers with their own IPs... so that would be 1 for the VM host and 3 for the containers. Possible? Good enough justification?
14:11<dowdle>millisa: I'd run OpenVZ on CentOS 6.
14:13<millisa>You'd have to ask Linode;
14:13<dwfreed>Why do the VMs need to be in OpenVZ? why not just make 3 Linodes?
14:13<millisa>(I suspect that's the way they'd push you, too)
14:15<dwfreed>and you can run a custom kernel easily, so that part isn't an issue
14:19<dowdle>linode: The VM will be a container host for OpenVZ containers. I'm currently wanting to host 3 containers with their own IPs... so that would be 1 for the VM host and 3 for the containers. Possible? Good enough justification?
14:20<dowdle>dwfreed: Because I have backups of existing containers. They are "legacy" and the services not easily migratable.
14:20<dwfreed>do they actually depend on openvz, though?
14:21<dwfreed>openvz is as close to full VMs as you can get without actually being a full VM, so it shouldn't be difficult to convert them to full VMs (just restore the filesystem to a disk and install the centos kernel, then boot that) if they don't actually need openvz to be present
14:22<dowdle>dwfreed: One is CentOS 4 based and another is CentOS 5 based. And yes, those are EOL'ed.
14:23<dwfreed>should still work
14:23<dowdle>dwfreed: I can create a CentOS 4 and CentOS 5 VM on linode?
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16:13<Alex>asn : AS63949 IPV4 : has hacked my phone
16:14<Alex> dallas tx 75270 ISP: linode, LLC admin l-c: hm20-ap
16:14<Zr40>"hacked my phone" doing what exactly?
16:15<Alex>Illegal activities such as: invading my privacy
16:15<Alex>Will not let me contact authorities in washington DC
16:15<@bbigger>Alex: Please send a detailed report to, and we'll take it from there
16:16<Alex>Unfortunately, hackers will not let me send an email
16:17<Alex>I have tried sending an email several yimes
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16:21<Alex_>IP: (ipv4) does not have rights individuals abusing their power and I plan on taking legal action! Domain: Dallas, Texas 75270 Asn: AS63949
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16:22<millisa>They also are stopping me from doing my work. Or laundry.
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16:45<Ikaros>Heh. That seems a
16:47<cps>someone needs an extra layer of aluminum foil on their hat
16:54<nate>I mean it's not to say that something on that IP isn't malicious but I'm really not sure how a linode could literally act as a block against them contacting people and emailing
16:59<millisa>Have you seen the site? They do *math*. Automatically. WITCHCRAFT.
16:59<millisa>and parallel python stuff. and geolocation of IPs... work of the devil I say.
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17:14<cruxeternus>That IP turned me into a NEWT!
17:14<cruxeternus>I got bettuh...
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19:04<linbot>New news from community: Upgraded my Linode and now my site is not working <>
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19:50<Abi12>finally pointed my domain nameservers to linode :)
19:50<Abi12>This is fun.
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23:25<eghi18>I have a question. I've dedicated VPS account on linode
23:25<eghi18>I want to install Airwave on it, can you help me?
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