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00:06<Woet>you're welcome
00:33*dcraig tickles woet around a bit with a large danio
00:33*mcintosh drinks juice
00:34*Woet tickles dcraig around a bit with mcintosh's juice
00:34<Woet>wait, there is someone called juice here
00:34<Woet>must be annoying when people keep mentioning juice
00:40<@mcintosh>Woet: hmmm you might be onto something!
00:42<Woet>I'm actually drinking some mango juice right now
00:42<Woet>chilled juice though
00:42<Woet>not fresh juice
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03:08<Francis_>how long is the default TTL setting on Linode?
03:11<Francis_>nvrmnd - referring to system defaults
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09:50<Joe_>A phishing web site is being hosted on one of your servers at the moment. Where do I report this?
09:53<Joe_>Thank you.
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12:37<Zr40>I hope our linodes never do that. If it does happen, would you contact the account holder first so they could fix the problem?
12:39<millisa>They usually drop you a ticket if you have it happen. How quickly they move to block your linode off seems to be somewhat discretionary
12:40<cruxeternus>My understanding is that they send you to Federal prison immediately.
12:40<cruxeternus>jk :P
12:42<@scrane>Haha when we get a report we will open a ticket on the Linode before taking action. How long it is until we take action on the Linode depends on how serious the abuse is. We consider Phishing to be pretty serious.
12:44<millisa>What if it's highly inflammatory and trying to incite unrest and revolution in another nation?
12:44<millisa>I have a site that suggests Tim Horton's coffee may not be the best.
12:45<cruxeternus>Instant null-route
13:04<@scrane>It depends. If we get a notification from Canada that they are writing a very terse letter to you in response to that incitement to unrest, we might have to get the Mounties after you directly.
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13:06<millisa>Collusion with Mounties?! Dibs on the band name.
13:07*scrane rushes to take the domain.
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15:22<kkk>please help i will get Cpanel & WHM are not?
15:22<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
15:24<@scrane>It's the same thing with WHM.
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16:38<linbot>New news from community: Locked out of Root Account / Broken Command Line <>
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16:54<frodeborli>Just curious; have linode ever considered providing linodes without public facing IP-addresses?
16:54<frodeborli>or do you have huge amounts of IPv4-addresses available?
16:56<cruxeternus>You can probably achieve whatever your trying to do with iptables :P
16:57<Peng>iptables can't save you $1 a month or something :D
16:58<cruxeternus>Of all the things I'd want to strip from my Linode to save money...
16:58<cruxeternus>That's not one of them. :P
16:58<@scrane>Haha I'm not sure if it's been considered, but I can absolutely pass the feedback along for consideration. Is there any specific use case or consideration you would want that option for? I think for most people looking for that, they would just use iptables or statically configure their network interfaces to only have a private IP address.
16:59<cruxeternus>If you want to block all incoming, you just add an iptables rule. If you want to block *everything* to/from the Internet, just de-config the interface.
16:59<frodeborli>haha, not to save money per se... But it feels like such a waste to have IPs for nodes that are behind a load balancer
16:59<nuevu>frodeborli: ++
17:00<cruxeternus>You're thinking of your fellow Linoder!
17:00<frodeborli>of course :D
17:00<@scrane>Hmm. I can see that point. I think some people like to have a public IP address attached so it can be accessed via SSH to make configuration changes without either having to use a VPN tunnel over a private IP address or use the LISH console.
17:00<@scrane>But I can definitely see how that sort of use case could be someone people would be interested in. I'll pass that along.
17:01<cruxeternus>Just don't take away my pub ipv4. I kinda need it.
17:01<@scrane>Another possibility could be to reach out via a Support ticket to ask to have the public IPv4 address removed.
17:02<frodeborli>scrane: Yes, sure - it is nice to be able to ssh directly to a node. Contacting support for such a thing is not something I plan to spend time on :D
17:04<frodeborli>scrane: I'm considering an architecture where linodes are disposed and created. There are two alternatives; docker swarm or just simply use linodes.
17:04<frodeborli>(probably more alternatives ofc)
17:04<@scrane>Hmmm. True. I could see that as a possibility.
17:06<frodeborli>mostly it is because I'm not very familiar with Docker, but I know the linode api, haha
17:06<bleckemby>k8s over private IP could benefit from no public IP address as well.
17:07<dwfreed>Cromulent: they still need public IPs to do package updates and resolve DNS names and stuff
17:08<dwfreed>big tab fail, sorry
17:08<dwfreed>frodeborli: ^^^
17:08<Cromulent>no worries :)
17:08<frodeborli>I assume it will be considered. Picodes without IP, 15 GB storage and 0 bandwidth for $2-3 per month. excellent :)
17:09<cruxeternus>You just want Linode to do all the work for you :)
17:10<Cromulent>reading back over the history it would be cool if you could have IPv6 only Linodes
17:10<frodeborli>dwfreed: The node could have a NATed IP address assigned for that purpose. Or that's up to me to set up. A node without internet access is a secure node :)
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17:12<@scrane>Can't get through the door if there is no door.
17:12<cruxeternus>Security. It's a never ending series of layers.
17:13<cruxeternus>Until your neighbor's VPS picks up a Zero Day spec-exec exploit. :P
17:13<dwfreed>frodeborli: you would need a tunnel between the Linode without a public IP and the firewall Linode
17:13<dwfreed>Linodes can only receive traffic destined for IP addresses assigned to them, so you can't use a Linode as a router without tunnels
17:14<frodeborli>dwfreed: A node with a private IP can use a node with a private+public IP as gateway
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17:14<dwfreed>frodeborli: yes, but you need a tunnel between the two nodes
17:14<dwfreed>not just the private IPs
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17:15<frodeborli>dwfreed: I don't know how those private IPs are implemented. But I assume I could telnet between nodes over the private IPs if I wanted?
17:15<dwfreed>if you had telnet set up
17:15<dwfreed>(but why?)
17:16<frodeborli>dwfreed: Which in turn means it's simple to setup a simple route without tunnels.
17:16<dwfreed>no, it isn't
17:16<frodeborli>default gateway would simply be the private IP of the public facing linode.
17:16<dwfreed>that won't work
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17:16<dwfreed>the destination IP address of a packet is always the true destination
17:17<dwfreed>the destination mac address of an ethernet frame is the router if the destination IP address is not in an on-link network
17:17<frodeborli>the default route cause any IPs that don't match the network/mask to go to the default gateway
17:17<dwfreed>I'm aware of how routing works
17:17<cruxeternus>ya'll may be talking about two different things
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17:17<dwfreed>Linode has firewall rules on the host that drop packets whose destination IP address does not match an IP address assigned to the Linode
17:18<cruxeternus>oh really?
17:18<dwfreed>so since the destination IP address is not the Linode, but the true destination, the packet would get dropped on the host before the Linode ever saw it
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17:18<millisa>I'm still hoping for the aws-vpc style private networks someday
17:18<dwfreed>cruxeternus: yes, that's why tcpdump-ing on a Linode only ever shows you your traffic
17:18<cruxeternus>Good to know.. I guess it makes sense. Can't have arbitrary packets flying around on the private net.
17:18<frodeborli>dwfreed: Aaaah...
17:20<frodeborli>Oh well... I guess a simple socks-proxy could be used.
17:21<dwfreed>socks proxy, or an ip-in-ip tunnel, or a gre tunnel
17:21<frodeborli>or you could just provide a NATed IP-adress for all these private nodes.
17:21<frodeborli>(linode could provide it I mean)
17:21<linbot>don't stop... believin'
17:21<dwfreed>that poses scalability challenges
17:22<frodeborli>dwfreed: Sure. Everything poses scalability challenges.
17:22<frodeborli>Even the bathroom at home :)
17:22<dwfreed>the latter 2 solutions I mentioned have benefits in that applications don't need to be socks aware
17:22<dwfreed>socksify and the like don't always work
17:23<millisa>i smell cooking coming from the other room. i think i'm getting potroast otnight
17:24<millisa>and that was the wrong channel...
17:25<@mcintosh>you've piqued my interest
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17:54<frodeborli>So, is it possible to make a backup of a folder in a snapshot fashion - without having LVM installed first?
17:58-!-mode/#linode [+o pwoods1] by smccabe
17:59<frodeborli>any tools (perhaps fuse based) or other ways to ensure further writes are queued, while the backup of said folder is being performed without resorting to LVM?
18:11<nuevu>frodeborli: You can achieve some snapshot-style backups using rsync if you're desperate enough.
18:12<nuevu>I'm not sure off-hand if that would be atomic. Probably not.
18:16<frodeborli>nuevu: With LVM it's possible to have snapshots using rsync
18:17<frodeborli>nuevu: But I was hoping for a less involved solution. Looking into btrfs.
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19:23<frodeborli>When I add a partition of type raw, it is not added to the linode as a block device.
19:31<Peng>Have you edited the configuration profile and rebooted?
19:31<Peng>(Wait, is rebooting still necessary?)
19:31<frodeborli>Peng: Yes, I've rebooted. You must turn off the linode to add or modify partitions.
19:32<frodeborli>Peng: The only two devices available was /dev/sda and /dev/sdb (swap). I tried removing the swap, but then I was left only with /dev/sda
19:32<frodeborli>Peng: According to lsblk that is.
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19:41<Abi12>:( can't transfer my domain to porkbun from 1and1
19:41<Abi12>well. I can, but I'd need to disable private registration.
19:41<Abi12>Dam 1and1 for that .99 cents promotion for one year
19:42<DrJ>1and1 ... eh
19:42<Abi12>yes. I was a kid :(
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19:58<nate>Abi12: That's a case with all registrars as far as I recall
19:59<Abi12>yeah, it's because I have to receive the confirmation email.
19:59<Abi12>Kinda sucks honestly.
19:59<Abi12>I can't exactly lie on the registration info.
19:59<nate>could always leave the domain there :P
19:59<nate>You CAN, just can't get -caught- lying :P
20:00<Abi12>true, but their awful ionos portal literally takes 10 minutes to open one thing.
20:00<Abi12>that's why I pointed my ns to linode
20:00<Abi12>so I don't have to login as much.
20:00<nate>I don't think I've actually been in the admin interface since they became "Ionos", but yeah my nameservers are spread across multiple linodes
20:01<Abi12>LOL will the ICANN task force tackle my door down
20:01<Abi12>ahh it's basically the same as before, it just has a bit more shine.
20:01<nate>Nah but ICANN will send you a notice saying you need to verify them if someone reports they might be fraudulent
20:01<Abi12>like literal *shine*.. like a new car.
20:01<nate>(even behind a privacy wall)
20:02<Abi12>yeah, it's not worth the risk of losing my domain name.
20:02<Abi12>I wonder if letting it expire, and just renewing it on porkbun is an option?
20:02<Abi12>Does it really *expire*? or would the registrar hold onto it for a few days/weeks before letting it go?
20:02<nate>prob not, as you'd have it wait the grace period and hope someone doesn't snatch it immediately :P
20:03<Abi12>I wonder if purchasing a P.O box, and using a family member's name might work.
20:04<Abi12>seems like overkill for a 10/year domain name though :p
20:15<Peng>If the whois privacy service properly forwards emails, transfers should go through.
20:16<Peng>Abi12: If you let the domain expire, it will be pointed at your registrar's parking ads, or deactivated, for like two months.
20:17<Peng>Abi12: And it might get snapped up by some creep
20:52<nate>Peng: That's the problem a think, a surprising amount of registrars don't actually forward
20:52<nate>Tucows had a thing going where it would actually auto-reply telling you to fill out some web-form, not sure if it still does
20:54<Peng>Well if your registrar is bad and doesn't let you transfer, you should transfer to another one. ;D
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21:03<bobby>can somebody help me with my mysqlp php syntax, I'm having an issue with some values
21:08<bobby>this is my syntacx
21:08<bobby> doesn't work
21:08<bobby>when I remove the WHER clause it works except it grabs every single image not just the one associated with the post from the database
21:08<bobby>which is why im trying to state it with the where clause
21:11<nate>well a column that says "media_ids" being linked to one called "id" makes me think it's not going to work because the former may have multiple of some sort
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21:12<bobby>i just need the pictures linked to the post being display to show
21:13<bobby>nate go on the link i sent
21:13<bobby>youll see what i mean
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21:16<bobby>i feel its something soimple
21:18<bobby>nvm i got it
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22:11<montigny34>{"upload_id":"315006320610464","pk":"1 how do i call thsi is my php mysql query
22:11<montigny34>i forget the terminology
22:12<montigny34>its the value found within my table
22:13<montigny34>key value>?
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