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05:50<linbot>New news from community: Renewable energy in EU data centres? <>
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09:57<Abi12>he forgot the word json? :p
09:59<Abi12>Peng: I'm just going to stick to it.
10:11<linbot>New news from community: Locked out after enabling Selinux- CentOS <>
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10:52<Gustav_>Hi Guys! Quick question: if I have a plan limited to 9 TB of data transfer and I need more (lets say 20 TB). How will it be charged? Is there a calculator or something like that?
10:53<Gustav_>I think I found the information. Is this still valid?
10:53<Gustav_>FWIW, you can buy additional transfer (starting in blocks of 100 GB)…at $0.10/GB, just like all of your other bandwidth. :D
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10:56<nate>Yeah as far as I'm aware that's the overage price also ($0.10/GB). Also keep in mind your data transfer is 'pooled' between all accounts
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10:59<Jes>Hi, I am new to linode. Do they offer any cPanel or Plesk? Can i install MongoDB, Redis & AspCore(linux) in these VPS?
11:00<@mcintosh>Gustav_: that price is correct but additional bandwidth billing is automatic based on usage (once you exceed your alotted transfer pool)
11:02<@mcintosh>Jes: you'll have to buy your own cPanel/Plesk license(s) but you can install all of that stuff on a Linode, yes
11:02<Peng>nate: The overage price went down to $0.02/GB
11:03<@mcintosh>oh, good point
11:03<@mcintosh>i can't read
11:03<@mcintosh>!point Peng
11:03<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to peng. (30)
11:04<@mcintosh>Gustav_: as Peng notes, the cost is $0.02/GB not $0.10/GB
11:05<Gustav_>and for additional storage
11:08<nyancat>Gustav_: yes
11:08<nyancat>0.10/gb/month billed hourly
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11:08<nyancat>oh well fine lol
11:09<Jes>@mcintosh Does linode provide LoadBalancing facility, if i purchase multiple VPS?
11:11<nate>Peng: Oh nice
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12:31<linbot>New news from community: WIll i get charged entire month if create and delete instance after an hour <>
13:42<linbot>New news from community: Locked out after enabling Selinux on CentOS <>
13:58<@mcintosh>Alpine Linux now available for deploy :)
14:41<gparent>"Woah" - Neo
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15:04<@mcintosh> post mortem report is up for the recent London network incident on March 9th
15:06<@mcintosh>Peng highlights on "post mortem"
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15:18<prospectivecust>All, does anyone know whether Linode collects IP addresses or other information of the users of websites hosted by Linode? We're considering. using Linode to host a new website, but we want to understand whether Linode collects information about their customers' users, and unfortunately, it's very hard to decipher the Privacy Policy on this point. Thanks
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15:28<@mtjones>The only data we keep about your Linode is used for things like providing graphs in the Linode Manager of your resource ussage. We don't share any information about your Linodes with third parties without a valid US court order requiring us to do so.
15:29<@mtjones>Once a Linode's deleted, the data about it's resource usage and network bandwidth used is deleted too.
15:29<prospectivecust>Thanks, @mtjones, that's helpful. Does that mean that Linode does collect that information (e.g., IP addresses, referrers, device info, etc.)? If so, how long is that data kept? Is it anonymized in any way?
15:30<Peng>Hosting companies have better things to do than DPI on HTTP
15:30<nuevu>How does "graphs in the Linode Manager of your resource usage" equal any of that other stuff you mentioned?
15:30<prospectivecust>I'm not sure whether it does; just trying to find out for sure.
15:31<prospectivecust>I was hoping for a simple "yes" or "no" :)
15:31<@scrane>We don't store any information about the IP addresses, referrers, device info, etc. of the connections made to your Linode.
15:31<prospectivecust>Great. Thanks for the clarity, @scrane!
15:32<cruxeternus>However, it's not a license to do illegal things, of course. :P
15:35<prospectivecust>We're a privacy-conscious non-profit looking for a good home for our site. Unfortunately, it's hard to infer much about any tracking that might or might not take place from the privacy policies of most hosting services. You'd think they'd be clearer on this point, but it seems like the emerging market for privacy hasn't yet reached hosting services?
15:36<cruxeternus>Most privacy policies are written by lawyers whose only job is to protect the client. However, I do note that Linode makes some unique statements about assuming responsibility for breaches, etc. that most lawyers would never willingly allow.
15:37<cruxeternus>So, if any hosting company is going to respect your privacy, it would appear to be this one. :P
15:38<cruxeternus>And if it's worth anything, of all companies I've ever dealth with, and I've been a customer since the early 2000s, Linode has been the most honest and transparent I've ever dealt with.
15:39<cruxeternus>Ok, maybe mid 2000s... I forget exactly when :P
15:41<@scrane>!point cruxeternus
15:41<linbot>scrane: Point given to cruxeternus. (3)
15:42<cruxeternus>Is there a way to see account age / creation time in the dashboard?
15:42<cruxeternus>guess I could just look at oldest invoice...
15:42<@mtjones>You could look at the date of your earliest invoice under the Account tab.
15:42<@mtjones>Beat me to it!
15:42<@mcintosh> shows that info
15:43<@mcintosh>> Your account has been active since October 02, 2010
15:43<cruxeternus>Ah, I'm in the new interace atm
15:43<@mcintosh>it's missing from there but I believe we intend to add it soon(TM)
15:44<cruxeternus>hmmm Jan 2008... seems longer than that...
15:44<cruxeternus>I mean, in a good way!
15:52<cruxeternus>Man, when I signed up, you could get a Linode with 360MB of RAM for only $19.95/mo.! What a deal!
15:54<cruxeternus>A whopping 12GB of HDD storage too, iirc
15:54<@mtjones>Back when we all thought "12GB? Who would ever need that?"
15:55<cruxeternus>lol, now a Division 2 "patch" is 90GB :P
15:55<@mtjones>I remember measuring hard drives in "Numbers of Starcraft installs"
16:07<nate>cruxeternus: While I get you're likely being silly, the only update I've seen for it so far since release was like 800 megs, which isn't too far out of the norm for initial release patches on larger things :P
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16:07<cruxeternus>Well, this may be specific to PS4, but:
16:08<cruxeternus>I think if you downloaded it from a service, they might have already patched it by the time you got it.
16:11<nate>Ah well thankfully I avoid consoles, they're always goofy
16:11<nate>PC was only like an 800M patch lol
16:11<cruxeternus>And obviously that first patch wasn't really a "patch", it was a complete replacement since the updater mechanism was probably part of the what needed to be replaced.
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22:06<idimensionz>Hi! My Linode is currently in a weird state where the CPU is spiked over 80% but 0 disk I/O and 0 network traffic. I can't access the server even via Lish. This has happened several times over the last few weeks. Rebooting resolves it temporarily but doesn't fix it permanently. Any ideas what might be happening?
22:09<Woet>what is using the CPU?
22:09<idimensionz>That's the million dollar question, but since I can't access the server even via Lish, I can't tell.
22:09<wraeth>Set up a cronjob that periodically dumps the top cpu consumers to file.
22:11<idimensionz>@wraeth decent idea. I'll keep that in mind.
22:11<Woet>monitor it the same way you know it's using 80% CPU in the first place
22:11<idimensionz>I'm monitoring it via the Linode control panel
22:11<idimensionz>The graph shows the stats I mentioned
22:11<idimensionz>* graphs
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22:57<Abi12>That graph is sometimes wrong xD
22:58<Abi12>I remember submitting a ticket ages ago because it was showing incorrect usage on my linode.
23:01<Abi12>yeah, it'd show 100% usage even though top and other commands showed like 6-7%
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23:22<dwfreed>The graph doesn't lie, but seems that it can include CPU usage that is done on the host unrelated to guest CPU usage
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