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#linode IRC Logs for 2019-03-17

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02:14<bijoydesignery>how are you doing
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03:01*dcraig tickles woet around a bit with a large swamp-eel
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05:43<Nasir>Is there anybody who can help me?
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06:58<rsdehart>thanks for clearing that up, Woet
06:58<Woet>i'll clear you up if you don't show me some more respect
07:00<rsdehart>Thanks for clearing that up, Woet, sir
07:00<rsdehart>How are things?
07:01<rsdehart>I've actually been busy not-computering so irc has mostly gone by the wayside
07:12<Woet>other than being hit by random seafood
07:12<Woet>not too shabby
07:12<Woet>what about you
08:34<rsdehart>pretty good, hopefully starting a new gig soon
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09:11<roger_>can linode host a '.mb' top level domain?
09:14<Peng>In what context? .mb isn't a real TLD, but Linode is a VPS provider, you can host any domain
09:15<roger_>@Peng, i need <sampledomain>.mb
09:16<roger_>say, roger.mb
09:18<Peng>I don't understand. What's .mb?
09:18<Peng>You can configure a web server or whatever to use whatever domains you want.
09:21<roger_>how do others manage to aquire a website that goes ''?
09:22<roger_>*acquire, sorry
09:22<Peng>.gg domains are for sale at many domain registrars. .gg is the ccTLD for Guernsey.
09:24<roger_>can linode support a roger.mb website?
09:25<Peng>As far as Linode goes, sure, but .mb isn't an existing TLD.
09:25<Peng>Linode doesn't prevent you from using TLDs that do or don't exist, but first you'd have to found a country with a name that abbreviates to MB. :P
09:25<Peng>...if you want a .mb domain
09:26<roger_>yeah, i want a .mb TLD
09:27<roger_>how do others manage to aquire a .life TLD?
09:28<Peng>.life isn't a country code. They just did a bunch of paperwork and paid a bunch of money back around 2012.
09:29<roger_>so, i need a bunch of money to get started with a '.mb' TLD?
09:29<Peng>.mb would be a country code. You need a country.
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09:35<roger_>ok thanks
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10:50<linbot>New news from community: How do I download backups from Linode to my PC? <>
10:59<Woet>Peng: can I host a .peng top level domain?
11:14<ericoc>"You need a country." haha
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11:19<curiousgeorge>Hi, is this the right place to ask questions about linode plans/pricing?
11:20<curiousgeorge>Is there a minimum contract length? I saw on the faq's you can cancel in 7 days but after that?
11:20<Peng>You can cancel at any time. There's a seven-day money back guarantee. Otherwise you'll have to pay your bill.
11:22<curiousgeorge>Ok, thanks for the link, will read through it carefully
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13:10<linbot>New news from community: How do I change the default port of a web server <>
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20:12<nate>ugh IPv6 is still boned on my one linode
20:13<nate>it's like it's doing 1b/s traffic capacity on IPv6
20:13<nate>from the system that is, inbound seems fine
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20:14<nate>indeed, the other day it took 40 some minutes for a let's encrypt certificate to process
20:14<nate>I restarted the system after that but never tested it again until now, still doing the same thing
20:39<dwfreed>mtr is generally useful
20:40<Peng>Hard to mtr at one bit per second. :D
20:40<dwfreed>that's what lish is for :D
20:43<nate>actually I can't remember the last results of an IPv6 MTR so let me try that
20:43<nate>if I recall correctly IPv6 resolutions are fine, it was just the actual like connection traffic that seemed dismal/delayed
20:43<dwfreed>that's where mtr comes in
20:45<nate>when it even decides to make the first hop >.>
20:45<nate>60 seconds in it hasn't even shown the first hop lol
20:45<dwfreed>sounds like a configuration problem then
20:46<nate>probably something with the network adapter again, I feel like I ran into an IPv6 oddity with this linode a while back but I also thought I recall the adapter settings looking fine the other week
20:46<dwfreed>'ip -6 addr show; ip -6 route show; ip -6 neigh show; ip6tables-save'
20:46<nate>but I'll double check here shortly
20:46<nate>iptables is okay, that was one of the first things I looked at originally in case I did something dumb like accidently block outbound ICMP or something lol
20:46<dwfreed>pastebin it
20:46<dwfreed>and make sure it's ip*6*tables
20:46<nate>It is :P
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20:47<nate>oh, that's... curious, I'm not showing a default IPv6 route, this does actually sound familiar all of a sudden
20:48<dwfreed>anything in dmesg
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20:54<nate>Nup, scrolled all the way up to boot, nothing indicating any issues there, so prob something in boot time config maybe, I'll double check confs and try to re-add it
20:55<dwfreed>then you're probably dropping router adverts in ip6tables
20:55<dwfreed>static default route would be 'ip route add default via fe80::1 dev eth0'
20:58<nate>Nah, it's literally an identical config I use across several linodes, no limits on outbound (output) is completely unrestricted and inbound makes sure IPv6-ICMP is on, gotta pee quick and I'm gonna manually re-add the route lol
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20:59<dwfreed>pastebin your ip6tables-save
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21:45<nate>dwfreed: I assume you meant ip -6 route :P
21:45<nate>and give me a few, handling a medical thing with a stubborn family member
22:02<nate>It appears I have a different underlying IPv6 issue, MTR looks fine now but other outbound requests like acme are still taking ages. Bugger it, I got work I gotta do, I'll piddle later
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23:04<donut>Hi, my dashboard says my account is under review even though I just signed up. Any reason?
23:04<donut>I didn't get an email with any further instructions, even in spam.
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23:13<DrJ>donut, some accounts have to be reviewed to help prevent abuse
23:14<DrJ>If you need to expedite the review you can try calling support or emailing them
23:14<donut>Got ya, any idea how long that usually takes?
23:15<DrJ> <--info for both options at bottom of this page
23:15<DrJ>I don't believe it takes a terribly long time. Maybe a day. If longer I would contact Linode for sure
23:15<donut>Sounds good, thanks!
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23:16<dwfreed>nate: you don't need the -6 when doing route add, it figures that out for you
23:17<nate>ah, thought it still needed the -6 on RHEL stuff at least
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