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05:24<Tim>hi, is there an uptime SLA for Linode services?
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11:35<linbot>New news from community: MySQL login and database backup <>
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11:37<Henry>hi guys , I'm new to linenode
11:38<Henry>anyone got some info if I'm launching cpanel node , will the mailserver get port 25 retrictions ?
11:42<Woet>Henry: for starters, it's spelled Linode
11:42<Woet>Henry: and yes, maybe. why?
11:45<Henry>sorry for the sticky hand :) and yes for #linode :)
11:45<Henry>we are running our cpanel shared hosting using some DC in Malaysia
11:46<Henry>we are exploring some vps node in SG DC which we are cloring Linode now
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13:27<@pwoods> /msg nickserv set cloak on
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13:48*gparent signals servants to bring the finest cloth of the land to pwoods
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14:11<montigny34> anybody know why it returns false istead of the records?
14:12<montigny34>when I remove the LIMIT it works fine?
14:13<nate>probably because you forgot to include the space after LIMIT
14:13<montigny34>Trying to get property of non-object in
14:14<nate>add to that mysqli_*, while somewhat outdated, if you must still use it, please at least use prepared statements for the love of everything :P
14:14<millisa>mmm. injection.
14:20<montigny34>THANK YOU!
14:20<montigny34>sorry for capsd
14:23<nate>It's almost always simple
14:23<nate>If you use PDO and a try-catch w/ exceptions you can get nicely detailed errors :P
14:24<montigny34>i dont know pdo at all much
14:25<nate>It's a good model to get into; are two good sources
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15:45<GrantM-RXAAP>I have a question regarding load balancing
15:45<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
15:45<GrantM-RXAAP>anyone game to answer?
15:46<GrantM-RXAAP>I have services hosted on-premises and multiple internet connections. I need to load balance these services in the cloud. Would it be better to host them locally and load balance with a cloud based balancer (is this possible with linode), or host in the cloud and use a vpn connection to my local DMZ?
15:48<millisa>if all the services are on premise, what's the point of putting the balancer off premise? So you can serve up some downpage when the whole facility goes dark?
15:49<GrantM-RXAAP>we have redundant power and internet connections, so the likelihood of everything going down here is low
15:50<GrantM-RXAAP>unless there's some manner of natural disaster
15:51<GrantM-RXAAP>eventually everything will likely be in the cloud, but as an interim step, we were considering standing up load balancing in the cloud and using it to control failover for our multiple connections on prem
15:51<millisa>you could certainly do something like that with a linode, but it might not be the ideal tool
15:51<millisa>cloudflare or something similar might be more suited for what you are looking to do
15:52<GrantM-RXAAP>yeah, they're coming up in my searches, I'm thinking that linode's balancers are pretty much only for use within their virtualization infrastructure.
15:53<Peng>Yes and no. Mostly yes.
15:53<Peng>Linode NodeBalancers can *only* proxy to Linodes.
15:53<Peng>But you could do NodeBalancer -> some Linodes -> on-premise
15:53<millisa>but that's not say you couldn't roll your own on a linux using something like nginx, a proxy service, or even lvs
15:53<Peng>That too.
15:53<millisa>er, on a linode
15:54<GrantM-RXAAP>very true.
15:54<Peng>Also, proxying adds latency if your data center isn't near one of Linode's
15:55<Peng>Which is often acceptable, depending on the circumstances, but it's something to consider.
15:56<GrantM-RXAAP>Thanks guys. Now I have something to go ponder, I suppose.
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16:16<linbot>New news from community: How do I update packages that have been held back? <>
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16:20<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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18:16<linbot>New news from community: The semaphore timeout period has expired <>
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19:30<Guest3621>Hey guys, I cancelled my linode service about a year and a half ago. Is there anyway I can retrieve a backup?
19:30<Guest3621>I know the chances are slim to none but just wanted to be sure
19:31<Guest3621>I’m guessing it’s been overwritten like 5x by now lol
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19:32<hello_>Sorry accidentally clicked the back button. Let me know if anybody has the answers!
19:36<nuevu>hello_: I don't work for Linode, but so far as I know, their policies say that data's been gone for a really long time.
19:36<hello_>Ok sounds good- thanks!!!
19:37<nuevu>You might get a more specific response if you call and/or email them directly (so you can share account info if needed)
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