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00:47<linbot>New news from community: I already have email setup for one domain, do I setup DNS to send mail using the same server for another? <>
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01:17<chandrajithkm_>how much cost it will come for
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01:17<chandrajithkm_>managed Let us manage your infrastructure so you can manage your business
01:17<chandrajithkm_>Linode managed service
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08:39<@mcintosh>hello, world
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09:10<@rdaniels>mcintosh: o/
09:17<nyancat>i have a problem, my linode server is not linodey enough
09:18<@bbigger>nyancat: you can always increase linodeyness of your linode by resizing it to a larger plan
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11:49<grawity>since the Linode backup service is file-based, does it by chance honor the "no dump" flag from `chattr`?
11:51<@scrane>I'm not familiar with that off the top of my head but I'm certainly going to dig into it a little to find out.
12:03<@scrane>Alright, grawity, I've done a bit of investigation and it looks like we don't honor the "no dump" flag from `chattr` with our Backups. That being said, it is on our radar.
12:10<Peng>There are probably like five customers who know what no dump means
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12:45<AlexMax>I never even knew that feature existed
12:46<grawity>admittedly it's probably not a very useful feature, except in rare cases
12:57<nyancat>bbigger: oh thanks!!
12:57<nyancat>Though you should know I was merely being sarcastic;
13:00<@bbigger>nyancat: you're welcome! and, I had no idea ;)
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13:40<linbot>New news from community: Best way to wipe this clean and start fresh? <>
13:44<@mcintosh>baby wipes
13:45<cruxeternus>Like, with a cloth?
13:52<AlexMax>nfa: nier finite automata
14:00<linbot>New news from community: Best way to wipe my Linode clean and start fresh? <>
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15:55<Peng>How is it possible for RTT between Atlanta and Dallas to be 44 ms
15:56<cruxeternus>Lessee, Atlanta to Dallas is ~782 miles...
15:56<cruxeternus>Speed of light is...
15:56<cruxeternus>186282 miles per second
15:57<Peng>Either there's a time portal in Linode's routers, or they have really diverse fiber paths. A little too diverse. :D
15:58<cruxeternus>Hrmm, so we've got a lower bound of 4.2ms
15:58<cruxeternus>for one-way
15:58<cruxeternus>8.4ms for round-trip
15:58<cruxeternus>What were you expecting it to be? :P
15:59<Peng>About 16 ms at best.
15:59<Peng>But it varies
16:01<cruxeternus>I'm getting a very steady 33ms RTT for Dallas-Atlanta atm
16:02<cruxeternus>95% of the readings are either 33.0 or 22.1
16:02<cruxeternus>95% of the readings are either 33.0 or 33.1
16:02<cruxeternus>Spiking as high as 34.1ms
16:03<Peng>!mtr-atlanta -buzc 8 clover
16:03<linbot>Peng: ('The read operation timed out',)
16:03<Peng>!web title
16:03<linbot>Peng: [mtr-atlanta] AS63949 2600:3c00:2222:18::2 -- 5. AS63949 (2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fe96:6bcc) 0.0% 8 44.2 38.7 33.1 44.3 5.9 -- see for full mtr
16:03<warewolf>well that sounds no bueno
16:04<cruxeternus>Ah, well I'm using IPV4.. maybe it's an IPV6 related issue
16:05<Peng>Yeah, when I checked legacy IP, it was 33 ms. ;)
16:05<cruxeternus>Do you recall IPV6 ever being ~33ms, or is it possible there's jsut ~11ms of overhead for IPV6?
16:06<cruxeternus>(I feel kinda funny arguing about 33 vs 44 ms RTTs, btw :P)
16:06<Peng>IPv6 goes as low as 16.5 ms, usually
16:06<Peng>In that mtr, the best was 33.1
16:07<cruxeternus>I remember trying to get teams to play Quake with 200+ms pings in the 90s, and they'd have killed for 44ms pings :P
16:08<Zr40>latency from to my Frankfurt linodes is 4 ms higher over IPv4 than over IPv6, so there's that
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16:55<cruxeternus>Is anyone else concerned that Eugene is no longer Linodin' Every Day?
16:57<Eugene>Honestly, I've just been too lazy to migrate the ZNC bouncer to AWS and kill this channel
16:57<Peng>AWS for a bouncer?
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16:58<Eugene>Yeah. I'm super serious about the uptime of my IRC
16:58<Peng>Then why would you use AWS? ;-)
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16:59<Peng>!dns6 ns
16:59<Peng>You really are serious about AWS eh
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17:03<Eugene>CLOUD in general. I haven't brought up Google Cloud and Azure yet.... been testing the stability of this. It's been good enough that I'm willing to migrate ZNC
17:04<Peng>I ran irssi on AWS for a while
17:05<Peng>It went well :)
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17:18<FWillie>Hello, I'm new to servers and I just wanted to confirm that Linode offers a raw server = meaning, I would have to install Cpanel on my own from a command line?
17:19<cruxeternus>Yes, by default, Linode includes just the VM and complete control of the guest. So you could install whatever you like.
17:20<cruxeternus>They do offer CPanel with a management package though
17:20<cruxeternus>If you wish
17:20<nuevu>There any known issues ongoing with Frankfurt? I'm seeing really high ping times (from Dallas and London to Frankfurt)
17:21<nuevu>As in 600ms+ between London and Frankfurt.
17:22<FWillie>Thank you cruxeternus! Have you had any issues with any of the services personally?
17:22<cruxeternus>I've never used the management or add-ons. The core Linode service is outstanding though... used it for >11 years.
17:24<FWillie>That is encouraging! Have you run a home server and--if so--how does it compare to linode?
17:24<Peng>nuevu: I noticed higher latency from Dallas to Atlanta and another service. But that was 10-13 ms higher than usual, not 500.
17:24<cruxeternus>FWillie: I run a custom home server... but it does different things than my VPS do :P
17:25<cruxeternus>My home server doesn't have a public IP address or gigabit pipes :P
17:27<cruxeternus>But for $5/mo., you can run a basic web/mail/ssh server that serves a small business without any hiccups, assuming you have the sysadmin know-how.
17:27<cruxeternus>And assuming you're not running something awfully bloated like Gitlab lol
17:28<cruxeternus>or an Atlassian suite, yikes
17:29<cruxeternus>But even then, you can just upgrade your Linode to one with enough memory to handle it.
17:32<FWillie>cruxeternus - somehow my tech vibes knew you would have the answers ;-)
17:32<cruxeternus>Sometimes I just happen to know them :P
17:32<FWillie>LOL! cruxeternus do you recommend a home server or VPS?
17:33<cruxeternus>Well, what do you want to do?
17:33<cruxeternus>I guess the one application I would be wary of is a media server... you're probably better off using home equipment for that, since virtual disk space gets expensive fast.
17:34<FWillie>Lionode is the most reasonably priced VPS that I've found with full features. I actually need to run my biz and not fall prey to my own creative mind bends. Hence, why I have been seeking a VPS so that others can handle backend
17:35<cruxeternus>Yea, sounds similar here. I've actually run a small biz off a local server... but there's so much Linode has that I can't do myself without a lot of time/money.
17:35<Abi12>like rDNS
17:35<FWillie>I am running a university sites for start-up companies. They range from minimal bandwidth to gargantuan amounts for wordpress heavy sites and apps
17:36<FWillie>*running university sites
17:36<cruxeternus>Well, I think Linode gives you a lot of flexibility for that. You can do it all on one big node, or split it up into smaller nodes, depending on your client(s).
17:36<FWillie>My clients have IT folks who get REALLY creative with their installations
17:37<Abi12>Peng: yup I'm pinging 11ms higher from atl to dallas. It's usually ~24ms
17:37<FWillie>cruxeternus - thank you so much! You've given me new hope!
17:37<cruxeternus>Yea, Linode gives you a way to manage a multiple-client situation like that
17:37<cruxeternus>You could even give them access to their own resources on a per-client basis, if you split it right.
17:37<FWillie>cruxeternus are there any rivals to Linode that you think might be comparable?
17:38<cruxeternus>It's been a while since I searched... DigitalOcean is probably one of the most similar
17:38<Abi12>they have a 2.50 plan with 512mb and 1vcore
17:38<cruxeternus>vultr is another one
17:39<cruxeternus>I've stuck with Linode though because of their emphasis on the quality of the platform/tools, and their transparency in dealing with customers.
17:40<FWillie>Thank you Abi12 and cruxeternus. You've sold me! Have a great week!
17:40<cruxeternus>You too man, and good luck!
17:42<FWillie>Thank you! Be well!
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17:43<@pwoods>nuevu: if you open a ticket, we can look into that for you, get a better sense if it's host related.
17:43<linbot>Peng: [mtr-atlanta] 10.|-- 2001:4978:1000:2326:: 0.0% 3 72.0 72.0 71.9 72.0 0.0 -- 11.|-- 0.0% 3 71.3 71.3 71.3 71.3 0.0 -- see for full mtr
17:43<Peng>Atlanta to Chicago in 71 ms for no particular reason. :D
17:44<cruxeternus>Peng: Probably a solar flare :P
17:46<linbot>nuevu: [mtr-london] 11.|-- 2a01:7e01:b::2 0.0% 3 505.2 505.0 504.9 505.2 0.0 -- 12.|-- 0.0% 3 497.2 497.6 497.0 498.4 0.7 -- see for full mtr
17:47<nuevu>It's not host-related :)
17:47<Peng>Maybe you're on the same host! :P
17:47*cruxeternus wonders if he's on the same host as speedtest.
17:48<nuevu>Whoa, routing just split or something.
17:48<nuevu>I have an mtr running. The path after about the 4th hop just completely updated to new hosts.
17:49<Peng>In a good way?
17:49<nuevu>Still just as slow.
17:49<cruxeternus>That 2001:678:34c block is clearly having issues... guessing a router is choking somewhere.
17:49<nuevu>I'm having a hard time interpreting this, but maybe it just failed over to a non-Linode network between the DCs.
17:51<nuevu>Interestingly, it appears to only be bad over IPv6. IPv4 is ~12 ms from London to Frankfurt.
17:51<cruxeternus>Yea, that's what Peng was seeing too, if less severe
17:51<cruxeternus>ipv4 is smooth as butter
17:52<cruxeternus>See, this is why I disable ipv6 :P
17:52<cruxeternus>(I know, I know... not an acceptable solution :P)
17:52<nuevu>Begone demon!
17:53<cruxeternus>I mean, I like the idea of ipv6 _in theory_... but there's so much new to figure out. I hand craft my firewall rules, and looking at ipv6, I'm like, overwhelmed :P
17:54<nuevu>It's pretty simple when you basically block everything by default.
17:54<cruxeternus>See, that's what I thought... until I started reading that even when you block everything by default, some stuff is allowed in anyway :P
17:55<nuevu>I allow icmpv6 and necessary services only. Not aware of any issues beyond that.
17:55<cruxeternus>Actually, that happens in a limited way on ipv4 too, but at least I know what those exceptions are
17:56<nuevu>You have me curious now. What's an example of one of those exceptions???????
17:56<nuevu>Bah, keyboard repeat.
17:56<cruxeternus>Has to do with DHCP traffic
17:56<cruxeternus>for one
17:57<nuevu>And Frankfurt is back!
17:57<Peng>IPv4 between ATL and DFW is also higher RTT than it could be ;)
17:57<cruxeternus>Hopefully they'll tell us which box they rebooted :P
17:58<nuevu>Yeah, several of the "domestic" connections were running higher for me as well, and they just stabilized as well.
17:58<nuevu>And someone tripped over the network cable again.
17:59<Peng>On the other hand, Linode - DigitalOcean got 2 ms faster today
17:59<cruxeternus>Those jerks!
17:59<nuevu>Better peering is always nice.
18:00<Peng>Always nice, and always avoided by my home ISP
18:01<cruxeternus>nuevu: And just to follow up, the IPV4 exceptions have to do with the fact that certain dhcp servers/clients use raw sockets, and thus bypass iptables altogether... so may not be the best comparison.
18:02<cruxeternus>But still, I wonder what the warts and exceptions are for the ipv6 ecosystem
18:03<nuevu>No way to know except to dive in.
18:03<cruxeternus>Well, obviously I will have to some day...
18:03<cruxeternus>But not today! :D
18:03<cruxeternus>Quittin' time!
18:03<nuevu>That's what the whole industry's said for 20 years.
18:04<nuevu>Take care!
18:04<cruxeternus>You too man... hoping for a speedy resolution, with a humorous story :P
18:04<cruxeternus>"So the intern thought the red cable was a serial console connection..."
18:05<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Fiber Maintenance - Fremont <>
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18:15<@mtjones>I've been looking into the connection between Frankfurt and London and it's running smoothly at the moment. Are you still seeing anything out of the ordiary nuevu?
18:16<linbot>Peng: [mtr-london] 9.|-- 2a01:7e01:a::2 0.0% 3 16.8 16.8 16.8 16.9 0.0 -- 10.|-- 0.0% 3 15.8 16.0 15.5 16.6 0.0 -- see for full mtr
18:19<nuevu>mtjones: No, it has settled.
18:23<@mtjones>Good to hear! If latencies spike again let us know and we'll look into it.
18:26<nuevu>I'm really curious what actually happened this time. It looks like traffic is currently routing over a different path than it was before the spike. Did Linode fail the connection over, or am I just seeing some round-robin chance of the draw thing?
18:26*nuevu wishes he'd saved the trace from the beginning
18:33<@mtjones>I'm not sure, its difficult to track down network latency after the fact. I'm not seeing any reports of usual happenings within our network so I don't have any leads at the moment.
18:34<nuevu>!point mtjones
18:35<linbot>nuevu: Point given to mtjones. (4)
18:35<Peng>Atlanta doesn't peer with HE?
18:40<@mtjones>Peng: I don't think so, but I'm not one of the network peeps.
18:41<@mtjones>I know for that all of our US datacenters we have our own fiber lit between them, so the connections between them are all on Linode's ASN.
18:41<@mtjones>Not sure if that helps with your question, though.
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18:45<Peng>Nah, my question was mostly separate from earlier stuff.
18:45<Peng>"Nah" was not meant to say "nah, that isn't helpful". D:
18:45<@mtjones>I gotcha!
18:47<Peng>Atlanta seems to reach HE via Tata, who love making everything take scenic routes. :(
18:47<Peng>(Is it a problem? No. Do I run traceroute a lot? Yes.)
18:48<@mtjones>I double checked and we're not able to disclose who we peer with for which datacenter, so I wouldn't be able to get you more info on that in particular. If you have other questions, though, let me know and I'll do my best.
18:49<Peng>Alright, thanks for checking. :)
18:49<Peng>Does whoever wrote that rule realize that HE runs a looking glass and anyone can run traceroute? :P
18:51<Peng>My home ISP uses Tata a lot. It takes real engineering to make everything take 9 ms longer than it should. :(
18:54<@mtjones>There's a few ways to check which transit provider a particular route is using, yeah. Have you considered moving your Linode to a different data center to get different routing? I'm not sure if it'd work for you but it may be worth trying if the routes out of Atlanta aren't optimal for you.
18:56<Peng>I swear sometimes they route Dallas via Atlanta and Atlanta via Dallas
19:01<Unit193>Well, when the DCs get lonely, sometimes they like to send eachother messages. >_>
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21:13<MJCS>I once had traffic to my linode in Dallas being routed in from my house in Southern California to Northern California, back down to Southern California, then out to Dallas. It was adding another 20-40ms of lag. It was all Cox's fault too and even after contacting them multiple times to tell them that their routing was FUBAR, they said it was correct. In the end I just moved my linode to
21:13<MJCS>LOL at the max string there
21:16<MJCS>When I had mine in Atlanta, I saw traffic being routed typically through Dallas and then to Atlanta. Every few weeks or months I would see it route through Chicago for some damned reason
21:17<MJCS>A friend in Arkanas had a similar issue. His traffic was routed to Chicaco or St. Louis and then down to Atlanta
21:18<MJCS>Hmm was it Atlanta or was it East coast...
21:18<Eugene>Are you talking about me? It depended upon the peering of my carrier.I don't live in Arkansas anymore though
21:18<MJCS>Eugene: nope not you
21:19<Eugene>A good bit of the mid-west has weird circular routes because of hand-off points on the east coast vs chicago vs dallas vs caligornia
21:19<Eugene>Shrug, its the internet.
21:26<Peng>My old ISP had really good routing. It was slow, overpriced, high latency ADSL, but excluding the last mile, it was good. :P
21:27<Peng>Now I'm stuck with Tata transit and routes that introduce one or two unnecessary cities in everything
21:27<Peng>It's still usually lower total latency, but still! :P
21:29<Eugene>I live on an island now. Comcast serves the area, it's respectable uptime. Shrug.
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22:57<bhargavacds>Hi I can't login into my phpmyadmin
22:58<bhargavacds>Error I get is #2002 - No such file or directory<br />The server is not responding (or the local server's socket is not correctly configured).
22:58<bhargavacds>Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.
22:59<bhargavacds>Even one of my database is missin
22:59<bhargavacds>I don't know what's happening and how this can be handled
22:59<bhargavacds>Can anyone help on this
23:11<MrPPS>bhargavacds: so is file or directory there when you look?
23:13<Woet>bhargavacds: does it work on the CLI?
23:13<Woet>(connecting to MySQL)
23:14<bhargavacds>Actually my Mysql-server package was deinstalled So I reinstalled it now the issue is solved
23:15<bhargavacds>But there is one database which is dropped like a month back Is there any way to bring it back?
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23:33<Woet>bhargavacds: sure, restore your backups.
23:35<bhargavacds>I didn't enable backup at the time when I dropped the table. I only enabled backup recently so I can't find the missing table in the backup
23:48<Woet>bhargavacds: sounds like the data wasn't important then
23:50<bhargavacds>But now it's very important is there any way of retrieving it
23:50<Woet>bhargavacds: no, not without backups
23:51<Woet>bhargavacds: but as mentioned, if you don't have backups, it couldn't have been important
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