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05:19<sagad>hi there
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05:19<sagad>i have problem with me linode does any one here have time to help me
05:20<Peng>What kind of problem?
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07:48<DrJ>Peng: if you are not able to guess what the actual problem is that users are having then you should probably just leave
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07:50<farid>hi there
07:50<PipeItToDevNull>I am getting a lot of abuse from BinaryEdge on yalls network
07:50<farid>can you guide me
07:51<farid>on disk full issue
07:51<farid>you still there ?
07:51<PipeItToDevNull>Everyone is still there
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07:53<DrJ>PipeItToDevNull: best bet is to file a report with
07:53<PipeItToDevNull>I am writing that out right now
07:53<PipeItToDevNull>Half of me just wanted another network in my client
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09:27<skao>Today is the first day when I use IRC ) I'm glad
09:27<Abi12>oh. welcome.
09:27<@bbigger>great job!
09:28<Abi12>Atleast, you didn't connect with your root account :p.
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09:31<PipeItToDevNull>IRC is great
09:31<PipeItToDevNull>any other good channels on oftc?
09:36<Woet>only the ones I'm in
09:38<cruxeternus>and precisely because he's in them
09:40<@scrane>Without Woet, what even is an OFTC channel?
09:40<Woet>!point cruxeternus
09:40<linbot>Woet: Point given to cruxeternus. (4)
09:40<Woet>!point scrane
09:41<linbot>Woet: Point given to scrane. (18)
09:41<Woet>scrane: where have all my favorite people gone?
09:41<Woet>bhanks and bmartin, namely
09:41<Woet>I know where gjjansen went
09:42<@scrane>bhanks is doing DC stuff now!
09:43<@scrane>She also says she misses you.
09:43<Woet>not enough to STAY IN TOUCH
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10:28<FluffyFoxeh>working for Linode would be cool
10:28<FluffyFoxeh>Too bad I'm in Canada
10:30<FluffyFoxeh>well, I love Canada but there's no Linode here :p
10:38<nyancat>There's a Canada location coming sometime soon
10:41<@mcintosh>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
10:46<FluffyFoxeh>land of the FluffyFoxehs
10:46<nyancat>Now when I say location I mean you can create a Linode in a Canadian (Toronto) DC
10:46<nyancat>I'm not sure if Linode will open an office here or not
10:47<nyancat>For the sake of not collecting GST I hope not
10:47<FluffyFoxeh>I think I pay tax for linodes already?
10:47<nyancat>If you're in Canada no
10:48<nyancat>unless there's some fucky tax thing in your province that i'm not aware of, but here I just get billed the cost of the linode
10:50<FluffyFoxeh>Ontario, and yeah I don't see tax on the invoice
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11:05<@scrane>You should move to Philly and work for Linode! :-P
11:05<@jmetz>what scrane said ^^
11:06<@scrane>We are totally cool.
11:11<Woet>not enough pay
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11:18<ericoc>cost of living in phila is low though
11:20<waltman> says the latest 64-bit kernel is 5.0.1-x86_64-linode122. I just rebooted my linode and I'm still on 4.18.16-x86_64-linode118. What's up?
11:21<nate>Yeah but so is linode's salary compared to woet's skill list I imagine :P
11:21<waltman>That's not even listed as one of the available kernels.
11:21<nate>(pretty sure he's a multi-role kinda person similar to me)
11:23<@scrane>waltman: The latest 64-bit kernel on that page is listed as 4.18.16-x86_64-linode118. The 5.0.1-x86-64-linode122 kernel should be listed as an available kernel at the bottom of the 64-bit kernels list in your LInode's configuration profile, but it is not at this time considered our latest 'stable' kernel. It's still being tested, I believe.
11:24<waltman>Oh, I see. I misread the info on that page. Thanks!
11:24<@scrane>NP! Glad I could help
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11:58<Ethan_7231>Hey does anyone know what happens if you hit the transfer limit on a host? Are the extra charges or does your host just shut off?
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12:00<dzho>I guess they didn't care that much.
12:23<Woet>not enough to wait longer than 34 seconds
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14:14<linbot>New news from community: How do I connect to SSH and FTP? <>
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14:25<brian_>Hello millisa
14:25<brian_>How are you
14:26<millisa>Just linodin' about
14:26<brian_>I am using linodin
14:26<brian_>I am facing issue
14:27<millisa>What issue is that?
14:27<brian_>I just reboot server and I can not get back working server
14:27<brian_> how can I solve the issue ?
14:27<jose>i have the same issue
14:27<brian_>Hello Jose
14:27<millisa>Did you look at the lish console?
14:27<brian_> How are you
14:27<jose>reboot but is freeze
14:28<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
14:28<brian_>How can I get it working
14:29<brian_>I have to login cloud manager and set up apache again ?
14:29<millisa>Not usually
14:30<brian_>But network is disableed
14:32<millisa>Lish lets you login to a console when networking is disabled
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14:32<yashbeer>Is the down?
14:32<yashbeer>I can't access my control panel
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14:33<digitalice>Can't login to the linode dashboard!
14:33<millisa>yashbeer: looks like it might have something up. The old manager at '' appears to work
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14:34<yashbeer>Thanks millisa
14:34<digitalice>Yes, the api throws a 502 bad gateway error
14:34<Kainazzzo>I expected to come here and see others talking about the 502s lol
14:35<millisa>digitalice: Kainazzzo: old manager at should work
14:35<Kainazzzo>Thank you!
14:35<digitalice>Kainazzzo: takes ages to load ...
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14:35<digitalice>still loading ...
14:35<Kainazzzo>haha ok
14:36<jaja>anyone still facing login issues?
14:36<Kainazzzo>I couldn't login to the community page either fyi
14:36<digitalice>can't do anything
14:36<millisa>jaja: you can use the old manager at while they figure out what's up
14:36<yashbeer>I'm so glad to see such an active community here
14:36<Kainazzzo>lol I just tried and then facepalmed
14:37<millisa>it's ok, i facepalmed too
14:37<yashbeer>even is down now
14:37<jaja>Thank you ill check.
14:37<Kainazzzo>man... it's only my second day at linode!!
14:37<millisa>Well, then you are getting an interesting introduction. It's not typical.
14:37<Kainazzzo>lol I know... I've heard only great things
14:38<yashbeer>@kainazzo don't worry dude.. it's been 3 years for me and it's probably the first time
14:38<millisa>They'll likely have a status update at shorrtly
14:38<Kainazzzo>Sorry it's my fault
14:38<gparent>This is probably the first time I've had a problem reaching the manager in years.
14:38<Kainazzzo>old manager works for me now
14:39<@scrane>Hey there! We're looking into this right now.
14:39<Kainazzzo>as does the new one
14:39<jaja> is indeed working
14:39<millisa>the new manager appears to be back up
14:39<yashbeer>Cool! all systems are up
14:39<yashbeer>back to work guys!
14:39<@jmetz>looks like everything is back up
14:39<Kainazzzo>I'll see if I can close my ticket then so I don't waste your time
14:40<Kainazzzo>ehh sorry... I guess I don't have a cancel button
14:41<@jmetz>no worries, what's the ticket number?
14:42<@jmetz>great, we'll get a quick update out to you and get that closed out. thanks!
14:42<Kainazzzo>how long ago did you guys move to philly?
14:42<Kainazzzo>I'm in Linwood, NJ
14:42<Kainazzzo>I remember seeing Linode during my job search in 2013
14:44<Kainazzzo>cool thanks
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14:46<Kainazzzo>new dashboard looks good!
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14:46<@scrane>Thanks! We're glad to hear it!
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14:47<Kainazzzo>Did it really just launch today? So weird that I signed up yesterday lol
14:48<millisa>They've had the new manager available for a while
14:48<Kainazzzo>ahh ok
14:48<Kainazzzo>I just got the "try this" link today then
14:48<Kainazzzo>whoa... 2832 failed login attempts
14:48<Kainazzzo>brand new vm
14:49<Kainazzzo>Anyway.. thanks all
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14:50<millisa>(I do like the more compact theme; today's the first I looked at it)
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16:22<BD>hey everyone
16:24<BD>is linode the best for the price or do you guys know anything better?
16:24<millisa>I think they are.
16:25<BD>why are people running heroku and amazon instances i really dont get them
16:25<millisa>One of their competitors with similar pricing and system sizes is Digital Ocean. They have a few other features Linode doesn't have, but I like how some of Linode's features work more (backups for instance)
16:25<BD>when you can have your own server for the same price
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16:26<BD>I've never needed any backups in the past so I think I cannot appreciate it enough
16:26<millisa>There's often other features those folks may want to take advantage of - database instances, other integrated services
16:27<millisa>The other bit I like about Linode is they are pretty aggressive on keeping their pricing competitive. Their often the first to either drop prices or increase resources you get for the same price.
16:27<millisa>Er, they're.... I should just stop typing today. Can't even grammar goodly.
16:27<BD>I need a REDIS server but I think redis providers are charging too much just because they are "only" providing REDIS.
16:28<BD>I can host my redis with almost %10 off the price in linode as far as I can tell
16:28<millisa>Roll your own -
16:28<BD>Am I approaching this in the wrong way?
16:28<BD>Ah great haha
16:28<millisa>As long as you are comfy managing the server, the backups, recovery when things go wrong, go for it.
16:29<BD>So what PaaS's are really commercializing is convenience in managing your server?
16:29<millisa>Take a look at the getting started guide ( ) and see if it looks like your sort of thing
16:29<BD>Because PaaS's looks like they are doing everything I could do but for like triple the price
16:31<millisa>The assumption is they have folks ready 24x7 to deal with updates, incidents, and that sort of thing. Not taking the 3am call can be valuable
16:32<millisa>For a developer type that just needs the service available and doesn't want to actually manage the service - there's value to them too
16:34<BD>I love 3am calls they are easier to charge higher lol but it's my first time rolling my own project out to public I'm now lost if I should pick a PaaS or a server I can manage myself
16:35<BD>A server I can manage myself feels free if you know what I mean
16:35<BD>But a PaaS seems like they should know A LOT more than I do if they charge that much
16:35<millisa>Well, linode's bill by the hour. You can try it out and see what you can do. At worst you lose a few dollars finding out if you are capable
16:36<BD>Do you work for linode or are you just telling this lol
16:36<millisa>Just another customer.
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16:38<BD>Thanks for all the advice you've given
16:38<millisa>sure thing
16:39<BD>You hang around here giving advice to newbies? lol
16:41<millisa>I'd say I hang around here more to talk about linode stuff. When there's announcements or incidents, it's often talked about here.
16:44<BD>Their newest release, dedicated CPU instances look reaaaaallly attractive
16:45<@mcintosh>> is linode the best for the price?
16:46<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
16:46<@mcintosh>(full disclosure :p)
16:46<millisa>He's biased.
16:46<@mcintosh>(but still yes)
16:46<millisa>(and not wrong)
16:52<@bbigger>!point millisa
16:52<linbot>bbigger: Point given to millisa. (76) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
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20:02<shentino>two questions
20:03<shentino>Does a linode host subscribe to guest discards (block devices) in such a way that they can clean up or deallocate storage being used to store a guest's volumes etc?
20:03<shentino>guest discards, and host interprets by deallocating the associated storage (and possibly issuing discards of its own to the physical ssd)
20:04<shentino>and question 2
20:04<shentino>if not, could it in the future? It's an optimization opportunity. Letting the host free up space occupied by volume data the guest says to drop
20:06<shentino> could cause a risk of getting caught in an overcommit situation though
21:23<@mtjones>Hi shentino! For Block Storage and for a Linode's disks the space is reserved until the disk is resized or removed or the Volume is deleted.
21:28<linbot>New news from community: can not access Quora <>
22:14<Abi12>*gags at mention of azure*
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