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02:13<zahin>need a help
02:18<grawity>need a problem description
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02:26<grawity>need a patience, clearly
02:28<gparent>both can help
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04:39<linbot>New news from community: Clone a server in Cloud Manager <>
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04:42<danish>anyone can share me there is option to add multiple IP Addresses in VPS & also ip can rotate ?
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04:54<Zr40>for the first question, yes, but you must provide technical justification to Linode
04:55<Zr40>for the second question, yes, you can swap the IP of two of your linodes
04:59<linbot>New news from community: Renaming a disk <>
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08:18<node>what is best server management panel
08:19<node>for begineer
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08:32<DrJ>not sure that it matters... all of them require more than a minute or two of your time to install/maintain
08:41<@scrane>It super depends, honestly. One second, though. I believe we have a guide on choosing a panel program.
08:41<@scrane>This might help.
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08:53<@scrane>toeshoes Comrade!
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09:22<javier_>Do you have vps server in mexico city? we need a low latency solution locally 10ms, as actually using your server we have 120ms latency
09:31<cruxeternus>dallas is going to be the closest, I think
09:31<cruxeternus>What's your ping to
09:32<cruxeternus>But 10ms is going to be hard, heh... lowest ping I have to any Linode DC is ~30ms, and I'm in the middle of the US.
09:34<cruxeternus>So I guess the answer to your question, is no, there's no server in Mexico City, and unlikely any within 10ms of you :/
09:36<javier_>30ms will be ok 10ms-30ms range, actually i have 120ms from mexico city
09:37<cruxeternus>Looks like your requirements will limit you to a DC in city there then :/
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09:56<Radim>Hi, our account was suspended (we didn't notice an expired credit card). We cannot get hold of support in any way: tried calling, web form, email…
09:56<Radim>Any idea how to get to a person ASAP? Our production webs are down, this is URGENT. Thanks.
09:58<dzho>!to Radim contact
09:58<Radim>@dzho did you read what I wrote?
09:58<dzho>that's what there is
09:58<dzho>!to Radim ops
09:58<linbot>Radim: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
09:58<@bbigger>Radim: I believe I've located your email and will get in touch.
09:59<Radim>awesome, thanks
09:59<dzho>so is linode not answering phones now or what?
10:04<cruxeternus>Seems unlikely. There's probably another explanation.
10:08<@bbigger>We still provide 24/7 phone support.
10:09<Radim>Finished a phone call with support; Ben was absolutely awesome, problem resolved. Thanks!
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10:11<abhirup>I'm here from weechat tuts!
10:11<cruxeternus>I'm here from planet Earth. Greetings!
10:12<abhirup>Where's that?
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10:12<cruxeternus>In an obscure backwater called the Milky Way.
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10:13<abhirup>No wonder it's "obscure", never heard of it!
10:14<cruxeternus>Seems no one has any more.
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10:45<v0lksman>I just deployed a new system with a stackscript I wrote years ago. When I hit Lish it seems to be hung, if I use Glish I get a new buffer and can move around the system but it's waiting on the console for me to respond to something. How come I can't access that through lish?
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11:50<linbot>New news from community: Squid Proxy IPv6 Geo Location <>
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13:01<@pwoods>@volksman is there any prompt, or just a blank screen?
13:10<dwfreed>it's v0, not vo
13:11<dwfreed>v0lksman: ^^^
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15:03<v0lksman>sorry guys...ages ago...I rebooted the node and proceeded manually. I could see the dmesg stuff on screen but no prompt and no access to the live buffer that was waiting for a response.
15:07<linbot>New news from status: London Non-Service Affecting IPv6 Maintenance <>
15:08<Peng>I love the notion of "packet loss and latency" with "no downtime" that "doesn't affect service".
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15:13<reatric>Hello. I need for a project the PCI DSS and ISO 27001 certificates for the London datacenter. Wrote a ticket to support but they have not responded in 12 hours. Any idea from where I can download those certificates?
15:40<nate>reatric: PCI-DSS is going to be largely your responsibility on a linode itself, linode's PCI Compliance is going to be in their handling of transaction stuff in the manager, which you don't really have a 'certificate' for
15:42<nate>(at least I wouldn't think they do, most you can do is wait for a response from them)
15:45<reatric>nate: I'm aware of that, thanks. However the project requirements say that I need to provide the certifications from the datacenter. I've sent the link where it's written, but they ask for the certificates themselves.
15:46<@scrane>If you need the certificates themselves, you can open a Support ticket and we should be able to share what we have.
15:48<reatric>@scrane: Can you check ticket 11640256 ? Opened for the last 12 hours, thanks :)
15:49<@scrane>Sure thing!
15:50<@scrane>reatric Just to make sure we don't need to go back and forth, can you update the ticket with the email address you would like those certificates to be sent to?
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15:52<reatric>@scrane: done! and thank you
15:54<@scrane>Thanks! I'll get eyes on this straight away.
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16:41<linbot>New news from community: Why didn't my Linode's disk resize when I updated my plan? <>
17:06<v0lksman>does auto-configure networkig for ipv4 not work anymore on current distros?
17:06<millisa>worked the last time I booted a system up
17:07<millisa>what are you seeing?
17:07<v0lksman>millisa: nothing at all...public IP is configured...private is non-existant
17:09<v0lksman>confirmed the setting is on and a reboot should enable it right?
17:11<millisa>I just spun up a new centos7 system with a private ip and networkhelper turned on. seemed to configure the public and private ok
17:11<v0lksman>worked fine on an ubuntu 16 machine but not an Ubuntu 18
17:12<millisa>hm. the old distros it would create .linode-last and .linode-orig files when it was replacing a file
17:12<millisa>see anything like that in /etc/netplan?
17:13<@mtjones>v0lksman: I'm deploying a new Ubuntu 18 Linode from our stock image right now to try and replicate.
17:13<v0lksman>mtjones: same
17:13<v0lksman>millisa: nothing
17:15<@mtjones>Did you use our 18.04 or 18.10 image, upgrade from 16.04, or deploy it as you would a custom distro?
17:15<v0lksman>mtjones: lemme know your results...1804 doesn't seem to like it
17:15<millisa>just tried a fresh 18.04 and it appears to have the pub and priv ip
17:15<v0lksman>did you apply the private before first boot?
17:16<millisa>it was already on the system. the only file in netplan is set to use dhcp, so may not be a good test
17:16<v0lksman>what do you mean it was already on hte system?
17:18<millisa>i took a linode that had the private ip on it and used 'rebuild' to deploy it fresh as ubuntu 18.04
17:19<@mtjones>Ubuntu 18.04 worked for me. Full disclosure: It didn't work for me the first time I booted because I forgot I had Network Helper set to 'off' by default for my account. Turned it on, rebooted, and it worked.
17:20<millisa> /etc/systemd/network/
17:20<millisa>that seems to be the relevant file.
17:20<v0lksman>just rebuilt the system with the IPv4 already assigned so it should bring it up on first boot...nothing
17:20<millisa>(I see a .linode-last and .linode-orig for that)
17:22<v0lksman>that's /etc/systemd/network/
17:22<millisa>this is mine from a fresh spinup:
17:22<v0lksman>there is a last and orig file in the dir
17:23<@mcintosh>18.04 also worked for me just now, with network helper enabled on the very first boot
17:23<v0lksman>what do you see when you run ifconfig? do you see an entry for the internal?
17:23<v0lksman>so what am I doing wrong?
17:23<millisa>using ifconfig
17:23<@mtjones>v0lksman: Those IP addresses are working from my end.
17:24<@blaboon>v0lksman: it looks like both your public and private IPs are in the output you posted above
17:24<millisa>use 'ip a' and you should see it
17:24<v0lksman>what should I be using then?
17:24<v0lksman>weird...never had to use that before
17:24<millisa>or 'ip addr list' if you like
17:25<@mcintosh>ifconfig is deprecated
17:25<millisa>welcome to the world of tomorrow!
17:25<@blaboon>ubuntu 18.04 uses systemd-networkd to configure networking, so running `networkctl status` will show you all the configured addresses for eth0
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17:26<v0lksman>TIL...thanks all
17:26<millisa> probably needs an update for ubuntu18+
17:26<@mtjones>v0lksman: No problem! If you need anything else just ask.
17:27<@mtjones>millisa: That may be on our radar already, but if it's not I'll make sure it is.
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