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01:03<linbot>New news from community: How can I activate my account? <>
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01:43*mcintosh may have accidentally erased all of his own points earlier today
01:55<linbot>mcintosh: 1. millisa (76) 2. eugene (72) 3. dwfreed (71) 4. linbot (33) 5. peng (31)
01:55<@mcintosh>probably more accurately reflects legitimate votes anyway :p
02:14<erik>mcintosh: Sorry to bother you like this here but could you look at 11644303 ? It is quite urgent unfortunately
02:14<erik>mcintosh: Or possibly get someone else to look at it asap
02:23<@mcintosh>erik: that's okay - I reached out to someone in support directly to take a look for you
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05:16<rhonda123>pls i have a problem with my linode account
05:16<rhonda123>can anybody please help out?
05:17<Zr40>you do need to describe your problem to get any help
05:17<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
05:18<rhonda123>okay i tried login into my linode account today but it keeps telling me wrong user and password
05:19<rhonda123>I tried to reset my password I was told if i was a user a reset link will be sent to my email but i still haven't gotten any email from them yet with my reset link
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06:15<Zr40>I hope they just found their credentials
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07:13<Yaakov>I have my credentials around here somewhere...
07:13<Yaakov>Oh, I was sitting on them. Isn't that always the way?
07:15<Yaakov>Don't forget it.
07:36*waltman hugs Yaakov
07:37<Yaakov>Hey there walthammer.
08:04<linbot>New news from community: XFCE Theme system <>
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08:57*waltman *yawns* and waits for his coffee to finish brewing
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10:25<linbot>New news from community: Dropbox on Linode syncs what? <>
10:25<@mcintosh>you teach me and i'll teach you
10:30<phyber>London seems to have awful packet loss again. the 10th definitely wasn't the end of whatever is happening there.
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10:37<uytrtghjk>Does Linode provide a static IP address?
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10:44<@mcintosh>phyber: i'm not seeing anything like that in London myself
10:44<@mcintosh>if you open a ticket though, we'd be happy to investigate
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11:25<linbot>New news from community: Can I use the server as a pentest server? <>
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11:34<Talgor_ogre>Hello, I’m wondering if Visa gift cards, or refillable gift cards are an accepted method of payment.
11:36<Zr40>I don't see why not. But you do need to be careful to have a valid (and sufficiently funded) payment method when your bills are due
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12:05<linbot>New news from community: JW Player <>
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13:58<bobby>any sysadmins here?
13:58<millisa>about 300 of them
13:58<DrJ>any other questions bobby?
13:59<bobby>how do I prevent this from happening across any live vhost I got running on my server
13:59<bobby>here's my apache settings
14:00<bobby>it happens to a few
14:00<bobby>seems to crash this one, others never go down
14:00<bobby>this one not being sorry **
14:01<bobby>it crashes
14:01<bobby>i have crons running every minute for this website
14:01<millisa>either raise the timeout apache waits, or make whatever your php is doing finish faster
14:02<bobby>which timeout setting I see 3
14:03<millisa>Timeout and ProxyTimeout are my favorites
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14:05<bobby>what would u recommedn seeting them as in http.conf
14:06<millisa>depends how long you expect any one script to take to complete
14:06<bobby>whats the default
14:07<millisa>I'd have to look it up, but I want to say either 30 or 60.
14:07<millisa>you have your php max execution time set to 10mins
14:09<bobby>i see a BUNCH of other results now
14:09<bobby>this is what I shouldb e seeing yes?
14:10<bobby>i set them both BTW to 150?
14:10<millisa>doesn't look like what I'd expect just changing a timeout setting to a bigger value
14:11<millisa>might be what you'd see restarting apache/php-fpm though
14:11<bobby>i mean the error isnt there anymore correct?
14:11<bobby>i turned on debugging
14:11<millisa>it would take at least the timeout value for the error to show up
14:11<bobby>for log
14:12<bobby>true so 2 and a half mins
14:12<millisa>if you set it for 150, I wouldn't expect the first timeout to show up until after somethings been hanging around for 150
14:13<bobby>okay, now for LogLevel info is usually recommended for production servers?
14:15<millisa> (I usually stick to 'warn', but that can be noisy too)
14:19<bobby>no errors anymore!
14:20<millisa>well, you probably still want to figure out what was causing it to take so long. 60s is already a very long time for most web processes.
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14:46<bobby>how would i go about finding out what caused the error?
14:46<bobby>the PID returns httpd everytime
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15:40<BOBBY>okay so its happening now
15:40<BOBBY>not as frequent
15:56<linbot>New news from community: WordPress installation: unable to reach <>
16:02<Patforg>Hi I would like a live migration of a linode... I think the host its on is having issues
16:03<linbot>Sounds like ticket time! Your problem will probably be solved much faster by submitting a support ticket, rather than hoping to catch an employee's attention here.
16:03<millisa>(you can give them a call too)
16:03<Patforg>yeah I did a ticket already... lately it takes a day to get a reply from support
16:03<Patforg>yeah I'll just wait
16:04<Patforg>I guess just high volumes of tickets lategly
16:04<Patforg>I guess just high volumes of tickets lately
16:04<millisa>It happens, but they really do pickup quickly if you call them. If you drop a ticket# in here, sometimes one of them can see it and give support a nudge
16:07<@cmcfarland>Hey Patforg, whats your ticket number?
16:11<Patforg>@cmcfarland 11646626
16:15<@cmcfarland>Thanks-- I found your ticket and put it on the Support teams radar. Someone should be looking at it shortly.
16:20<Patforg>@cmcfarland thanks, I won't make it a habit :)
16:29<@cmcfarland>No worries :), appreciate your patience, looks like we've got you going in the right direction now.
16:31<Zr40>are live migrations new? I ask because a few weeks ago one of mine needed to be migrated and the migration had to shut down the linode
16:32<Peng>I don't think they're that new, but they use old-fashioned migrations when live migrations aren't feasible.
16:33<Zr40>when would that be?
16:33<Peng>I don't know. It would be hard to live migrate if all a host's NICs malfunctioned simultaneously, but that doesn't happen much.
16:33<@cmcfarland>there's a few situations such as hardware incompatibilities between available hosts, and migrating between different data centers
16:34<@cmcfarland>also if the migration was related to emergency maintenance
16:34<Zr40>yeah, that was the case
16:34<@cmcfarland>to name a few
16:34<@mtjones>Currently live migrations are only able to be done manually from our end since they're quite new.
16:36<Peng>Live migrate all my Linodes from Intel to AMD CPUs, it'll be fun ;)
16:37<AlexMax>I remember seeing a cross-datacenter live migration done once
16:37<AlexMax>it was demonstrated with a quake 3 arena server
16:37<AlexMax>Not Linode, but still, was pretty neat seeing the dude's ping change in realtime
16:38<Peng>How'd they handle networking?
16:40<AlexMax>that's a very good question.....that I"m sure the talk would answer - it was done in front of a live audience
16:41<@mtjones>The way I'
16:41<AlexMax>if anything was capable of doing that, it was a quake 3 server, since it uses 100% UDP and iirc it's netcode essentially sent a diff between the current state and the last acknowledged state, meaning even if packets were dropped there were no weird artifacts
16:42<@mtjones>That enter key though. The way I'd recommend doing something like that is by having a reverse proxy to handle the connection.
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18:13<svJoseph>Wondering if the dedicated CPU instances are upgradable as easily as the standard plans?
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18:26<chesty>how, how do upgrades work these day? in the good old days it was moved to another physical host
18:27<Peng>I think it's still usually or always the same.
18:28<millisa_>svJoseph already left - but I did try migrating to/from the dedicated cpu instanes. it worked just like the regular instnaces
18:28<millisa_>I can't spell instance apparently.
18:37<millisa_>Calling 'nanodes' 'linoodles' going forward.
18:38<Peng>!point millisa_
18:38<linbot>Peng: Point given to millisa_. (1)
18:38<Peng>!point millisa
18:38<linbot>Peng: Point given to millisa. (77) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
18:39<@mtjones>chesty: That's right, resizes will move your Linode to a different host during the resize.
18:43<chesty>I've heard google have mastered moving vm's to different hosts, I guess they pause, copy and resume it, no need to for a reboot. it's not a required feature for most, it would a cool feature to have though. a feather in the cap.
18:44<Peng>Does Google do that for resizes, though?
18:44<dwfreed>memory hotplugging requires guest support; Linode cannot assume that guest support is there
18:45<dwfreed>also Linode has live migrations too; they are used where it makes sense
18:46<chesty>I was listening or reading about a project to calculate pi (I think it was pi), their algorithm didn't handle nodes going offline, I think they had something like 180 google nodes running for 6 months, 0 downtime and 1000 moves
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19:07<linbot>New news from community: How do I see the real IP address of a connection through a NodeBalancer? <>
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