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00:02<Peng>Finally #linode has benefitted from me complaining about routing
00:02<Peng>!point Peng
00:02<millisa>!point Peng
00:02<linbot>millisa: Point given to peng. (32)
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00:56<solstice00id>fk you all
00:56<solstice00id>hy dude
00:56<solstice00id>fk you all
00:57<millisa>Did you have a linode question?
00:57<solstice00id>yes i have
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00:58<solstice00id>fk you bot
00:59<solstice00id>protocol exit node
00:59<solstice00id>where are y?
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01:04<wraeth>Well, to their credit, there at least *was* a question mark...
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03:02<linbot>New news from community: How long does it usually take to upgrade Linode? <>
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04:51<flitsinternet>We seem to have an issue with our Linode. It keeps getting slower and an equal machine with the same configuration (but on a different bare metal) is way faster. We opened a ticket but response takes waaay too long. (ID 11661978)
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06:27<LightCode>gettingb this error when i try to access a page
06:27<LightCode>This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
06:27<LightCode>sometimes not gett the error
06:28<LightCode>how ever when i get the error and i reload the page for somtimes the error goes away and it works fine
06:29<LightCode>i am using laravel any ideas please
06:31<LightCode>other page is loading without error
06:37<rsdehart>LightCode: you'll need to check the error logs (I'm assuming this is your page, as otherwise there's nothing you can do)
06:37<rsdehart>oh, derp, you said it's yours.
06:37<LightCode>yes its my page
06:38<rsdehart>"HTTP ERROR 500" just means there was an error, generally speaking. It says nothing about the nature of the error
06:38<LightCode>but when i reload the page a couple of times it works fine
06:38<rsdehart>you need to know what's causing the problem
06:38<rsdehart>we can't tell you that, only your error logs can
06:39<LightCode>the log in laravel stroage?
06:39<rsdehart>yeah, what should have been your first course of action
06:40<rsdehart>have you tried #laravel on Freenode?
06:40<rsdehart>it's my understanding that there are a lot of laravel users in there
06:41<LightCode>freenode never heard of it
06:41<LightCode>enlighten me
06:41<rsdehart>I'm pretty sure that's the official laravel support channel
06:42<linbot>New news from community: How do I edit my Linode account user information? <>
06:43<LightCode>ok thank you
06:44<rsdehart>but even if you go there, they'll want to know what error you're getting, per the logs
06:47<@jcardillo>LightCode if you open a ticket and give me the ticket number I'd be happy to take a look from my side to see if there's anything that stands out.
06:47<LightCode>when can i find the right log file
06:47<LightCode>i just checked the ones in the storage directory
06:47<LightCode>could not find any related error
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06:56<LightCode>shouls i past the ticket number here?
06:57<rsdehart>jcardillo: ^^
06:57<cosmin>Hi, I have problems trying to restore a backup and the ticket system is taking too long. We are quite desperate here
06:57<cosmin>It says "Unable to get backup lock for restore" and the disks are deleted
06:58<@jcardillo>LightCode: yes that'd be great
06:58<cosmin>so the only hope would be restoring a 2 days old backup
06:58<@jcardillo>cosmin: could you post the ticket # here, too, so we can take a look?
06:58<LightCode>thanks a million ]
06:59<@jcardillo>LightCode: np
07:00<@jcardillo>cosmin: thanks.
07:01<cosmin>thank you, too
07:03<@jcardillo>cosmin: np! someone is looking at your ticket now.
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07:31<PipeItToDevNull>Wow, an entire week of abuse from yalls network
07:32<PipeItToDevNull>Yall need to stop renting to these fools, always the same reverse DNS
07:41<PipeItToDevNull>"We are probing the internet", Bullshit, that was 40 DOS attempts against a webserver
07:42<linbot>New news from community: latency issues - our landers took some time to load <>
07:44<PipeItToDevNull>I already filed with them, but it does involve a community when a company they support allows DOS attacks
07:45<rsdehart>what would you have me do about it?
07:45<rsdehart>I'd really like to know
07:48<rsdehart>ok then.
07:52<linbot>New news from community: How to setup ipv6 on webserver? <>
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08:17<Krishna>Do linode has a chat support
08:20<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
08:22<hawk>Ie, not chat support per se. Depending on your question you may be able to ask it here (community chat), but otherwise stick to the more formal channels (ticket, email, phone).
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09:54<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
09:54<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
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10:48<nyancat>Will linode ever support U2F?
10:49<nyancat>or anything other than 2fa
10:51<@mcintosh>nyancat: possibly
10:53<nyancat>mcintosh: Ooh. Fancy.
10:53<warewolf>U2F is 2FA
10:53*warewolf is confused
10:55<nyancat>Yeah, but their implementation only lets me answer a challenge with a code sent to my email address
10:55<nyancat>I'd rather answer a challenge with hardware
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11:07<cosmin>can someone, please, re-ckeck Ticket #11663428?
11:08<warewolf>something must have changed since I enrolled TOTP 2FA with Linode then
11:08<warewolf>nyancat: I have a TOTP secret in A) my pebble watch, B) in my yubikey.
11:08<cosmin>I'm starting to lose my client's confidence that I can manage it's site...
11:12<@cmcfarland>Hi cosmin, I was able to locate your ticket-- a Support team member will be looking at it shortly
11:14<cosmin>thank you
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11:48<bobby>ever heard of indexploittrojanlove?
11:52<cosmin>Any news about my ticket - 11663428? It's getting hot in here...
11:54<@cmcfarland>Hey cosmin, appreciate your patience, I can tell you that someone is currently working on your ticket now and should have an update out to you soon.
11:54<cosmin>ok, thank you
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11:56<@mcintosh>43 degrees F here, so actually a bit chilly if you ask me...
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12:13<linbot>New news from community: How to provision servers more quickly? <>
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13:36<linbot>New news from status: Emergency Network Maintenance - US-East (Newark) <>
13:43<JoeK>anybody noticing issues on the internet?
13:45<@bbigger>JoeK: No more than usual. Feel free to open up a ticket if you're seeing performance issues on a Linode and we'll look for problems on our end.
13:46<JoeK>looks to be a problem with a site to linode, or the site to the internet
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15:07<nyancat>Is there an easy way to spin up a specific plan in multiple DCs at once?
15:08<nyancat>Also what’s the policy on multiple accounts?
15:31<DrJ>nyancat: I don' tthink they have a problem with multiple accounts... although you may not need them. You can assign certain accounts limited access to resources in your main account
15:32<DrJ>as for spinning up specific plans in multiple DCs, you could look into using the API
15:32<DrJ>which would allow you to script it
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15:38<Axatudo>Is it possible to send a vm to the linode?
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16:59<Q3Man>Anyone experience this before? I'm rebuilding an image, deleted all my disks and created fresh ones. Only I can't attach the block device in my configuration profile. The UI says: "Disk ID xxxxxx for /dev/sda not found". Opened a ticket 3 hours ago but I don't have a response yet (which is why I'm checking here for any ideas)
16:59<dwfreed>Q3Man: old manager or new manager?
17:00<dwfreed>use the old manager
17:00<Q3Man>ok, I'll give that a shot :)
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17:19<Q3Man>well... made progress with the legacy manager. I could get the disk to attach, but now I'm getting a new error: "Linode disk /dev/sda not ready to boot. Please contact support.Linode Configuration Profile problems detected. "
17:22<Q3Man>interestingly enough, going back into the new manager it shows the disk as no longer attached :(
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17:36<nuevu>Q3Man: Are you trying to boot from block storage?
17:36<Q3Man>no, just local storage. Actually trying to re-deploy from a stack script I've used hundreds of times
17:54<@pwoods>Q3Man, what's the ticket number? I can take a look at that for you.
17:59<@pwoods>Q3Man: Thanks! I've located the ticket. I'm going to start looking into this now.
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19:46<Dr_Rescue>hi, best antivirus /. malware scanner for centos?
19:50<@pwoods>That's our ClamAV guide. It should work for CentOS.
19:52<Dr_Rescue>indexploit indoxploit trojan lopve hack
19:52<Dr_Rescue>ever heard of it
19:53<Dr_Rescue>it's a live server i cant put it offline
19:53<Dr_Rescue>any alternatives
19:53<@pwoods>- ClamAV -
19:53<@pwoods>- rkhunter -
19:53<@pwoods>- R-fx -
19:53<@pwoods>- Maldet -
19:54<@pwoods>Here at the other scanning options that I often recommend.
19:56<Dr_Rescue>thank u sir
19:57<dwfreed>if it's infected, taking it offline is the best course of action
19:58<dwfreed>this prevents the malware from causing further damage to both you and others
20:19<@pwoods>^ true
20:19<@pwoods>!point dwfreed
20:19<linbot>pwoods: Point given to dwfreed. (72) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 17)
20:21<Peng>Turns out /27 isn't even a very good channel. Oh well.
20:21<@mcintosh>Peng: what's in buffer 27? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
20:22<Peng>#coffee on Freenode! It's better than ##tea but that's a low bar
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20:50<Dr_Rescue> what does telnet 25
20:50<Dr_Rescue>mean if i find this in my root commands?
20:50<Dr_Rescue>in history, is this bad
20:51<millisa>someone testing smtp via telnet?
20:51<millisa>it's godaddy's smtp relay
20:53<Dr_Rescue>somebody logged in on the 26th of this month
20:53<Dr_Rescue>and ran that command
20:53<Dr_Rescue>it got hacked on the 22nd
20:53<Dr_Rescue>still infected
20:53<Dr_Rescue>is it safe to assume the culprit ran this command
20:54<Dr_Rescue>last time root history is dated 2018-09-19
20:57<millisa>if smoeone had root, it's not safe to assume anything
20:57<Dr_Rescue>yum wont find rkhunter?
21:03<Dr_Rescue>why id that
21:04<Dr_Rescue>Error: Cannot retrieve metalink for repository: epel. Please verify its path and try again
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22:08<bobby>thinking of seting up a new server
22:08<bobby>would you recommend apache or ngix
22:08<bobby>and centos 7 or another distro
22:08<bobby>website server will be the main utility
22:08<bobby>php, sftp, ssh, phpmyadmin, crons, whole lot of everything
22:08<bobby>current server having issues is centos 7 apache
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23:54<montigny34>thoughts on varnish caching?
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