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03:11<Zr40>given that it's just a pure python package, I actually installed that from testing
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04:19<mt8>anyone there?
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07:54<santosh>Hi All
07:54<santosh>Hope somebody could help me in one of issue
07:55<santosh>How to set my domain to open directly in a folder path
07:56<santosh>I want to open directly to
07:59<santosh>Somebody can help?
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08:05<nate>santosh: Look for the root folder directive in whatever httpd you use, it lets you define what the effective main folder is (root directive in nginx, server.document-root in lighttpd, DocumentRoot in apache)
08:06<santosh>@nate, thanks for reply
08:06<santosh>I can't find any httpd in the root folder
08:07<nate>Not what I meant, the three directives I gave are what define the root folder for a virtual host (within the software's respective virtualhost model), not that you should look in the literal root folder
08:07<nate>httpd software configs are normally under /etc somewhere w/ a folder relative named to the software
08:08<nate>eg; /etc/apache
08:08<santosh>ok checking
08:10<santosh>Lots of .conf file
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08:20<Girish>i need help from you
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08:39<santosh>My site is showing index of
08:40<DrJ>santosh: doesn't look like you have a typical index.htm/html/php
08:40<santosh>it should go directly to
08:40<santosh>Yes its not there, I removed but the working files are in bp/v2/bigpitara
08:41<santosh>the domain should directly go there
08:41<DrJ>you might should change your directory path in your httpd config then
08:41<santosh>changed just now
08:41<DrJ>will require a reload of the server
08:41<santosh>but not working, changed in bigpitara.conf
08:42<santosh>its at /etc/apache2/sites-available
08:42<DrJ>did you restart apache
08:42<DrJ>then restart
08:42<santosh>okay doing it
08:43<santosh>its rebooting
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08:44<santosh>there is a default-ssl.conf
08:44<santosh>is it for enabling domain ssl?
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08:45<DrJ>I like to have my 80/443 configs in the same conf file personally for each domain
08:46<santosh>DrJ, reboot done but still not working
08:46<DrJ>pastebin your config
08:46<santosh><VirtualHost *:80> # The ServerName directive sets the request scheme, hostname and port that # the server uses to identify itself. This is used when creating # redirection URLs. In the context of virtual hosts, the ServerName # specifies what hostname must appear in the request's Host: header to # match this virtual host. For the default virtual host (this file) this # value is not decisive as it is used as a last resort host regardless. # Howev
08:46<DrJ>no pastebin
08:47<DrJ>don't paste here
08:47<santosh>Ohh sorry
08:47<DrJ>another option is just to move the content of v2/bipitara to the root
08:48<santosh>earlier it was /bp and working finem I just changed it to /bp/v2/bigpitara
08:48<DrJ>also, I would encourage you to look into letsencrypt and getting your site set up for HTTPS
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10:41<cruxeternus>i.e. How to Get Owned in Less Than 60 Seconds
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12:41<mylinodeservice>Hello, have issue connecting via SSH to my linode
12:41<mylinodeservice>my objective is to ssh into my server so I can do a mysqldump
12:42<millisa>Why can't you do that?
12:42<mylinodeservice>When trinig to get access the mysql server keep getting ""Host xxx is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server"
12:42<millisa>So you ssh in fine and connecting to the local mysql server you get that message?
12:42<mylinodeservice>when I following the instructions to ssh via putty get network connection error
12:44<mylinodeservice>Actually, i first access another aws server. From that server I tried mysql -u -p -h and when i put enter client's creds get ""Host xxx is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server""
12:44<mylinodeservice>then I tried ssh to client's server and get network connection error
12:45<millisa>For SSH did you get on lish to see why it's not letting your connection in?
12:46<mylinodeservice>Good question. How do I use lish if unable to connect to server?
12:46<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
12:47<mylinodeservice>I did use terminal from whm
12:47<mylinodeservice>But the db is good size and thought better to export from another host
12:48<mylinodeservice>should I just use mysqldump from the terminal then?
12:48<millisa>I would
12:48<mylinodeservice>I guess I can use FTP to export the dump to another server?
12:49<millisa>or scp it out
12:49<mylinodeservice>On linode how do I set up ssh ?
12:49<mylinodeservice>From terminal I do see sshd running
12:53<millisa>You mentioned whm; you'd troubleshoot an ssh issue like any other cpanel system. It's not going to be linode specific.
12:54<millisa>check the cphulk stuff to see if it's blocked your IP, check if the account you are using is allowed to ssh, check /var/log/secure to see if it mentions anything when you try to ssh
12:55<mylinodeservice>right. I'll take a look. thanks
14:08<Abi12>you'd need to configure mysql to accept remote connections, and specify the user host in mysql from which you're connecting from.
14:08<Abi12>You could always do the wildcard though \o/
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15:56<jfm>i would like to switch over from digital ocean
15:56<millisa>Sounds good to me
15:56<jfm>my question is coult i open port 25 so that plask control panel cand send emails
15:56<millisa>Linode doesn't restrict ports.
15:57<millisa>You'd need to observe the aup/tos in regards to mail, but there's no reason you can't do mail stuff at linode
16:00<jfm>could i manage nameservers
16:00<jfm>i havev multiple domains
16:00<millisa>you can run your own name servers, or use linode's.
16:01<millisa>or use someone else's.
16:01<jfm>ohh perfect
16:01<millisa>you can even get fancy and run your own hidden master and let linode's name servers slave zones off it
16:02<jfm>okay im swtching over from digital ocean
16:02<jfm>thank you very much,
16:07<linbot>New news from status: Service Issue - Lish/Glish on the Cloud Manager <>
16:10<jfm>I've just created my account
16:10<jfm>and its under review
16:10<jfm>How long do I have to wait
16:10<millisa>I don't think there's a specified time frame; they usually get to them pretty quick. Watch your email
16:11<millisa>If they need more info they'll ask for it there
16:11<jfm>I got an email saying welcome to linode but that it
16:12<millisa>There's usually a couple mails during signup.
16:14<@scrane>Hey jfm, you should be getting another email from us shortly.
16:14<jfm>I was able to log in
16:14<jfm>you have have a promo code i wasnt able to appy at sign up
16:15<jfm>is it still posible to apply after
16:16<@bbigger>jfm: you can only apply promo codes at signup so you probably missed out, but if you open up a Support ticket we'll hook you up
16:17<jfm>perfect thank ytou
16:18<csnxs>!point bbigger
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16:25<@mcintosh>I guess his points just got...
16:25*mcintosh puts on sunglasses
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16:32*csnxs ¬_¬
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20:10<jm>how to close my account
20:12<dzho>!to jm contact
20:12<dzho>!to jm ops
20:12<linbot>jm: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
20:13<dzho>d'oh. guess I should have gone straight to the second one
20:13<dzho>does the linode management interface not give an option for closing an account?
20:14<jm>yea no button
20:16<dzho>jm: have you tried contacting them directly yet?
20:22<Peng>Old manager has a button. I dunno about new manager.
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20:40<@pwoods>jm: dzho is correct, you'll need to do this through Classic Manager:
20:41<@pwoods>There's a link at the bottom of the page that reads "Cancel this Account"
20:42<@pwoods>And as a reminder, Cloud Manager is still in beta, so there's a few things that haven't carried over as of yet.
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20:58<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - Newark <>
21:01<copart>4mo old?
21:01<millisa>Geologically new
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21:51<montigny34>rookie question but if my hostname is primitiv
21:52<montigny34>what would i put next to my servers IP in my hosts file?
21:52<montigny34>my domain is
21:54<montigny34>srerverUIP primitiv?
22:00<@jcardillo>montigny34: I believe that should do the trick for you.
22:00<montigny34>ok than you :)
22:01<@jcardillo>For a little more context (if interested), here's our guide on using your hosts file:
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22:54<linbot>New news from community: my server can not ssh? taptipshujuku <>
23:01<AlexMax>that's one of the best forum thread titles I've ever seen
23:04<gparent>you didn't cover the taptipshujuku part
23:04<gparent>what a failure of an answer
23:04<@jcardillo>can you subtract points from me?
23:07<gparent>I would but I can't ssh to the point box
23:08<millisa>!towel jcardillo
23:08<linbot>millisa: Point taken from jcardillo! (-1)
23:08<millisa>!point jcardillo
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23:08<millisa>!point jcardillo
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