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00:07<montigny34>does this work for anybody
00:07<montigny34>what do you see, and does it redirect you to non www?
00:08<montigny34>my pretty face?
00:09<montigny34>because for me it shows dreamhost still
00:12<Woet>clear your DNS cache
00:12<Woet>or change your resolvers to /
00:13<montigny34>I'm using varnish
00:13<montigny34>would this be the culprit?
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04:10<Cromulent>hmm just fired up a new linode to run an email server and the IP address is on a blacklist already
04:15<dwfreed>which blacklist? does the blacklist have a record of when it was added?
04:16<Cromulent>DNS Realtime Blackhole List and SORBS SPAM
04:17<dwfreed>what's the IP?
04:19<dwfreed>"02:33:43 19 Oct 2018 GMT-04" is the date on the SORBS listing
04:19<Cromulent>I guess I'll just carry on and ignore it - this isn't really for production use just so I can have an email address for each of my domains cheaply
04:24<dwfreed>sorbs is checked pretty commonly, so it might be wise to get it delisted
04:24<dwfreed>I got it delisted from already
04:24<Cromulent>ah thanks
04:31<Cromulent>gah they ask for a lot of information from you to register
04:31<Cromulent>not sure why they need my phone number and address
05:24<Cromulent>welp email seems to be working fine
05:24<Cromulent>thanks for the help
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08:12<chesty>can I set up linode dns as a slave then after the zone transfer change it to a master?
08:13<chesty>I want to migrate off self hosting bind to using linode's dns
08:28<DrJ>chesty, yes. You will have to reconfigure the records when you make it a master though
08:29<chesty>the whois records?
08:30<DrJ>no, all the dns records
08:31<DrJ>like your A, NS, MX, TXT, etc
08:31<DrJ>it's not that hard to do
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08:34<DrJ>actually now that I reread your question I think you are better off just starting with a master
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09:20<chesty>oh, I can't think why they would need to be reconfigured. do you mean when you switch to master there will be no records and they need to be added?
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10:10<bobby>hola amigos, let's see if we can fix it
10:10<bobby>my sshd_config should be correct I can paste the outpujts
10:11<bobby>essentially when i use /var/www/websites it works
10:11<bobby>but when i use /var/www/websites/%u it still crpas out with bad modes or permissions for chroot directory
10:11<bobby>%h is the same
10:12<bobby>%u was working briefly, I'm not sure if anything else could have triggered it to break but I do not reckon changing anythin else
10:26<bobby>also certbot won't work now
10:30<bobby>Using default addresses 80 and [::]:80 ipv6only=on for authentication. sorry meant t o send this
10:30<bobby>this I believe is the culprit
10:30<bobby>since nginx is on 8080 now
11:01<dwfreed>chesty: you can have the DNS Manager clone the zone from a nameserver, provided it can AXFR from that server; then it would be a master zone in the DNS Manager, and would have all of the records from the original
11:02<dwfreed>at least all of the records the DNS Manager supports, anyway
11:04<bobby>sorry for caps
11:47<bobby>my vsftpd also blocks me from using sssh to login
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12:03<Osman>Is direct support via chat is available for vps clients on your company ?
12:03<millisa>This is a community channel.
12:03<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:03<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
12:04<Osman>okay thank you
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14:07<linbot>New news from community: Use Google Domains name servers with an A record pointing out to linode's public IP? <>
14:10<Brettman>Hey all I'm a noob. Question. If I have a linode vps ubuntu that I a screwed setting up. Can I just delete and and add new one. Meaning delelting original then recreating a new one. The reason I ask don't want to billed for two vps. I will deleting and starting over basically. Can I just delete and readd it or will charge me another fee?
14:11<millisa>If you don't care about retaining anything on the node, there's a 'rebuild' option
14:11<Brettman>don't care about data.
14:11<Brettman>ill look for rebuild
14:11<millisa>it keeps the linode you have, same IP
14:12<Brettman>where is rebuild option?
14:12<Brettman>your the best thanks
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14:17<Brettman>Thanks for that help. It Worked! I appreciate the assistance.
14:17<millisa>sure thing
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14:20<dzho>well, that went well
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15:00<chesty>dwfreed, cheers
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15:13<confusedschmuck>Hello all. I installed lightdm on an Ubunutu 18.10 setup with Lubuntu as the GUI. However, even after a system restart, I cannot get the GUI to boot up. Any ideas on how to remedy this?
15:34<confusedschmuck>Anyone there :)
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16:16<@pwoods>confusedschmuck: what kind of error messages are you seeing when you try to run it, or run `systemctl status lightdm`, or the equivalent?
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23:27<dwfreed>I'm going to say Happy Linode Billing Day a half hour early, because I'm going to try to get some sleep
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23:51<Batmunkh>how to upgrade current node
23:51<Batmunkh>upgrade means upgrade ram cpu
23:51<Batmunkh>to necxt package
23:52<Batmunkh>thank you
23:52<millisa>sure thing
23:52<Batmunkh>will it destroy data ?
23:52<Batmunkh>is it online resizing ?
23:53<Batmunkh>should I shutdown my vps ?
23:54<millisa>It shuts it down as part of the process. It's not supposed to remove data - but if it were my system, I'd make sure my backups are good before doing anything like it
23:55<wraeth>Any changes to the filesystem itself should be considered potentially unsafe.
23:55<Woet>Batmunkh: millisa sent you a link with a lot of information
23:55<Woet>Batmunkh: you asked a question less than 60 seconds after
23:55<Woet>Batmunkh: perhaps you can read the actual link first?
23:56<Batmunkh>okk. I just went to resize command.
23:56<Batmunkh>I will read now
23:58<nuevu>!point millisa
23:58<linbot>nuevu: Point given to millisa. (81) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
23:58<Batmunkh>I have 1 question now. in the doc says it will move to new host. what about IP address? will it remain ?
23:59<nuevu>(for the April Fools)
23:59<millisa>Batmunkh: the IP will stay the same; it's referring to the physical host
23:59<Batmunkh>I see. thank you
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