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00:21<Woet>Batmunkh: also mentioned on that page
00:21<Woet>"Your data, configuration profiles, and IP addresses will all be moved to the new host. "
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01:06<wraeth>Uh, would there be a reason I got an invoice of 6hr for 2019-03-31 - 2019-03-31?
01:07<gparent>using a linode for 6 hours would do that
01:07<wraeth>Mail server - online 24/7.
01:07<wraeth>(and others, also always online)
01:08<wraeth>Plus, you know, a monthly invoice covering one day. :)
01:08<gparent>you were charged for a month's worth then
01:08<wraeth>Is the hourly billing based on CPU cycles? I though it was online time.
01:08<gparent>it is
01:08<gparent>online or offline
01:08<gparent>shut down linodes are billed
01:10<wraeth>"it is" cpu-time? I would have expected different hours for the different nodes, then... I mean, I'm not complaining, just making sure there's no invoicing problem.
01:10<gparent>it's not cpu time
01:10<wraeth>Oh. Then it still doesn't make sense.
01:10<gparent>you used a Linode for a month and got a bill for only 6 hours?
01:11<wraeth>Correct. Well two linodes, both with the same hours billed. And the invoice (which is monthly) covers only a day.
01:11<wraeth>Which is also not 6 hours.
01:11<wraeth>Hence the confuse.
01:12<gparent>were you on an annual plan before?
01:12<wraeth>No, monthly I'm pretty sure. It's an old account and I haven't really kept up with what it is any more.. :3
01:12<gparent>I havent had issues with invoices not showing up properly
01:13<wraeth>Fair enough. Will give it a few days and see if anything else gets shaken out of the rafters.
01:13<gparent>sounds technical, but otherwise support would sort it out for you.
01:14<wraeth>Yeah, if there's a problem I'll follow it up; just wasn't sure if there was a "problem" or not.
01:17<gparent>incorrect invoices are a problem
01:17<gparent>they should always be correct
01:17<gparent>if you have used a Linode for an entire month and you get billed 6 hours, that's a problem. a nice one but a problem.
01:18<gparent>but I get the feeling there's just a misunderstanding on either side.
01:18<wraeth>Excatly, hence the question. Like I said, the billing period only covers one day, which is also an oddity.
01:18<FluffyFoxeh>So, I can assume that my Linode bill today is just an April Fool's joke and doesn't need actual payment, right?
01:18<gparent>I see no sign of executives warning Linode employees not to do April's Fools jokes, so sure.
01:19<wraeth>Invoices seem like an risky place for an April fools joke, though.
01:24<nate>wraeth: Did you upgrade the linode at some point this month?
01:24<nate>maybe at the very start?
01:24<nate>(by this I mean march)
01:24<nate>if you upgraded it like 6 hours into march, that would maybe do it?
01:25<wraeth>nate: No, I haven't (I only noticed "upgrade available" on the invoice).
01:25<wraeth>"pending upgrade", rather.
01:26<wraeth>The last upgrade I did was the switch to KVM some months ago.
01:29<wraeth>Hm, it might be the switch to hourly itself - looks like a ticket was logged (automatically) to switch to hourly at the end of the month, so maybe it was done ~6hr before the monthly cutoff.
01:30<chesty>my invoice number flash on my screen when I got the email and it looked like 12345678
01:32<chesty>I thought it was a test email sent by mistake. it's 1235 something something, I think only 1 repeat number, and almost in order
01:34<wraeth>Eventually, someone's going to get invoice 13371337. ;)
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04:19<linbot>New news from community: Accidentally deleted my server <> || Unknown image <>
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05:53<winsen>why can not Sign up
05:54<winsen>it always show "Invalid email address"
05:56<winsen>my email is
05:57<nate>Pretty sure is blocked most places (if not DNSBL'd in a lot of mailservers)
05:57<nate>May want to find a better mail service
05:58<winsen> is ok?
05:58<nate>probably not but you can try it
05:59<winsen>but i just have the qq mial and 163 mail
05:59<winsen>it always show "Invalid email address"
05:59<nate>Because those are mail services that are frequently abused and those services do nothing to curb it, so most of the web at large tend to block them
05:59<winsen>Those mailboxes are the mainstream in China
06:00<nate>(it's unfortunately the case of most china based mail services)
06:00<nate>Yes and linode isn't in china, most places outside of china tend to have a low tolerance of mail spam
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06:03<nate>You really have to ask why people/services block providers that don't prevent spam and abuse...?
06:03<winsen>This kind of limited experience is very bad.
06:04<nate>What if someone was using a linode to send you thousands of spam emails every day? Would you not ask them to stop the host doing it? Would you not be bothered if they simply ignored you?
06:05<winsen>which mail i should use?
06:05<nate>There are many many large popular email providers online, I can't really recommend any one specifically (doubly so since I run my own mail servers)
06:06<winsen>china email ok?
06:09<rsdehart>is that... is that an interrobang you keep using?
06:10<winsen>This is the biggest mailbox service provider. (
06:10<winsen>in chaina
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06:11<winsen>in china
06:11<rsdehart>the "in china" is key
06:11<rsdehart>they're also spam havens
06:12<winsen>so pity
06:13<rsdehart>agreed. It's tragic the stuff those providers allow
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06:40<linbot>New news from community: Slow TTFB due to SSL using LetsEncrypt, any tips? <>
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08:20<linbot>New news from community: Weird bill, glitch, real thing, or April fools joke? <>
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08:43<dwfreed>qq and 163 were both blocked back in my era or before (and I left in 2013)
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09:00<Zr40>I've seen spammers targeting qq users by registering on our service using such addresses and putting the spam message in the user's first and last name fields, which are included in the confirmation mail
09:00<dwfreed>I would exclude any user input from the welcome email
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10:10<nyancat>There any reason why Linode's own apt repository would be failing to connect for updating a Linode?
10:11<nyancat>0% [Connecting to (2600:3c01:1::607e:6379)]
10:11<nyancat>Stuck there
10:12<dwfreed>nyancat: is IPv6 working on your Linode?
10:13<nyancat>It's working like a new hire at a McDonald's
10:13<nyancat>Have to keep restarting apt upgrade
10:13<dwfreed>I mean can you ping -6
10:15<nyancat>yeah, rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 48.503/49.032/49.838/0.494 ms
10:15<nyancat>no packet loss
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10:21<@scrane>Hey nyancat, are you getting a 404 error when you attempt to update?
10:22<nyancat>scrane: No, none at all
10:22<nyancat>I'll note that I've encountered this problem at all stages of the update, even during when I run apt update
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10:52<gparent>Is there anything I can look at on my side to attempt to fix Linode invoices being sent twice?
10:52<gparent>I don't use extra users in the manager (that I can remember)
10:53<gparent>Nevermind, I'm blind, I see something I can verify.
10:54<dwfreed>gparent: does the account email address match your user's email address?
10:54<gparent>yep I think that's it, I wasnt looking at the 2nd To and it's the same email without the + part.
10:55<dwfreed>that'd do it
10:55<gparent>yeah my brain wasnt seeing that 2nd recipient, now it makes sense
10:55<dwfreed>the emailer takes the account email and all the user emails for users with billing access, splits them on comma, deduplicates that list, and then spams everybody left :)
10:56<gparent>they're already getting filed by sieve somewhere, I'll just let this go
10:56<gparent>thanks for explaining that, interesting
10:57<dwfreed>allows you to set the account email address to your accounts payable person without having to give them a user
10:58<dwfreed>(though you could give them a user with just billing access)
10:58<gparent>yeah when I had a shared acc for work I did the latter
11:05<LouWestin>I had a really weird issue yesterday (fixed it) when I switched over three of my sites to one new server. A couple sites weren’t showing up on my home internet. Everything on Linode’s end was fine.
11:05<dwfreed>DNS cache?
11:06<LouWestin>I think so. Maybe Comcast.
11:06<dwfreed>It's Comcastic
11:07<LouWestin>I was pinging the domain names and one was still trying to ping the old IP
11:08<LouWestin>Long story short, I had to reboot the modem and router which got it working.
11:09<LouWestin>Then the router couldn’t connect to modem. Something about a DNS issue so I connected it directly to my desktop then back to router. Which that fixed everything
11:11<LouWestin>Usually it just browser cache issues that don’t update the site. Which I cleared that out first.
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11:53<drsneeze>still having issues with my vsftpd and public key auth
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12:22<drsneeze>how do i allow my vsftp users to use password for login not a pub key but my ssh user needs to only be able to use public key + password auth afterwards
12:31<linbot>New news from community: Linode Api Bandwidth graphics <>
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12:41<linbot>New news from community: Perl httpd question <>
12:43<drsneeze>do i want pubkeyauth commented out ?
12:45<drsneeze>how come when i login via ssh it closes poutty?
12:53<drsneeze>i even put a match block for the user trying to sssh
12:53<drsneeze>i domnt understand why putty closes
13:16<@scrane>It's definitely odd that PuTTY is closing on you. If you want to use pubkey authentication I wouldn't recommend commenting it out.
13:16<@scrane>Have you fully set up PuTTY to point to the correct pubkey?
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13:54<drsneeze>pubkey by default is yes
13:54<drsneeze>so that should b fine
13:54<drsneeze>logs dont explain why it closes
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14:03<drsneeze>my matchblock is causing issues
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16:48<drsneeze>:Millisa I fixed the issues :)
16:55<drsneeze>anybody here using varniash?
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18:07<DrJ>Linode is by far the worst VPS provider on planet earth. Every day it is issue after issue. The prices are too high. The support is terrible. I can't even remember the last time I didn't go a day without and issue that was Linode's fault. I wish Linode would cease to exist so I never have to endure another hour of paying for something so absolutely terrible.
18:10<drsneeze>i need help my cert sasy name mismatch
18:11<synapt>Then fix it? Check your configs? Make sure it's loading the proper certificate?
18:11<drsneeze>it is
18:11<drsneeze>i just generated the SSL
18:11<drsneeze>iui think my server is messed up
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18:21<synapt>Just generated it as in self-signed? You sure it's a name-mismatch? Browsers will always give an error on a self-signed cert unless the certificate is 'installed' to the browser/system
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18:41<drsneeze>could my DNS be the culprit?
19:16<@pwoods>drsneeze: this may help you see what's causing it to not work:
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19:17<drsneeze> None of the common names in the certificate match the name that was entered ( You may receive an error when accessing this site in a web browser.
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19:18<drsneeze>common name isn't found
19:18<dc>i have resized my node. but hdd is not extended. how to extend it?
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19:19<bob123>i have resized my node. but hdd is not extended. how to extend it?
19:22<@mcintosh>note that if you have a simple disk configuration, we'll now attempt to resize your disk when resizing to a plan with a larger storage allotment
19:23<@mcintosh>the parameters that define "simple" there are noted here
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19:44<drsneeze>still dont dunerstand whyti yts not working
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