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00:45<FluffyFoxeh>most peculiar thing... my internet dropped at 5am. I happened to leave wireshark running overnight so I looked at it. For 3 hours packets were coming *in* but any packets going out were getting no ACKs back. just retransmissions on both sides
00:46<FluffyFoxeh>so the failure mode was packets coming in but not going out. I've never seen that before. Then someone replugged the modem and it was fine after
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01:07<chesty>where you seeing arp requests going out after you received a packet?
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01:50<FluffyFoxeh>chesty: No
01:52<chesty>FluffyFoxeh, so I'm wondering if it had a incorrect arp cache entry, it might have though your gateway ip address was on a different interface. some sort of layer 2 bridging problem, or spanning tree problem perhaps.
01:53<FluffyFoxeh>It was able to communicate with the router/modem at that time. I had a ping running and it was working
01:53<FluffyFoxeh>But beyond the modem it didn't look like packets were going anywhere
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02:01<chesty>interesting. if layer 2 was ok, then maybe the default route was missing or pointing to the wrong place
02:02<FluffyFoxeh>That is unlikely
02:02<FluffyFoxeh>It's configured with a static IP, there's no reason the default route would change by itself
02:03<FluffyFoxeh>My PC, that is
02:03<FluffyFoxeh>Unless you mean the router's default route was broken
02:03<FluffyFoxeh>Which I suppose is entirely possible. It's an ISP modem
02:14<chesty>hang on, it still could be layer 2 problem. if you had ping running for your gateway its arp cache entry would never timeout. anyway. good luck.
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02:18<FluffyFoxeh>Perhaps. Thanks :)
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02:54<linbot>New news from community: How do I solve SSH_FX_PERMISSION_DENIED Issue? <>
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04:29<zahin>need some help
04:30<zahin>can i help you about linode?
04:31<@jcardillo>I'm happy to help if I can. What do you need help with?
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04:33<zahin>i need standard Plans > Linode 4GB
04:34<@jcardillo>Do you mean you want to change your plan to a standard 4GB?
04:34<@jcardillo>What plan are you on now?
04:34<zahin>linode 4 gb
04:35<zahin>but after 1 year change linode 8 gb
04:35<zahin>is it possible same instane
04:36<zahin>is it possible linode 4gb to 8gb scalable?
04:38<@jcardillo>You can resize your Linode to be larger or smaller at anytime. We have a guide on resizing if needed:
04:38<@jcardillo>If you have a ticket open about this already feel free to pass it along and I'd be happy to respond through the ticket.
04:39<@jcardillo>The main thing to consider when downsizing is to make sure you aren't already using more than the available disk space on the new plan.
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05:59<Guest4738>Can anyone offer advice on whether linode lets me host .net core on ubuntu with their basic package?
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06:48<Zr40>linode doesn't care what technology you use. If it works on your distro of choice then it works on linode
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07:54<chesty>so apparently systemd in ubuntu 18.04 after some package upgrades now kills all user's processes, including tmux, after logout. seems like a weird change to make inside an lts release
07:56<Zr40>chesty: loginctl enable-linger youruser
07:56<Zr40>also I don't believe this is new in 18.04
07:57<chesty>oh, i never noticed it before.
07:58<chesty>I swear something has changed though. I read 10s of messages that say enable-linger and 10 more that say change logind.conf but my processes still get killed.
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08:05<chesty>yeah, my linode is 18.04 and it doesn't kill my processes on logout. but my desktop now does
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08:30<TarifEzaz>Hello, I was trying to configure my domain name with Linode.
08:30<TarifEzaz>I'm not sure whether I've configured it properly.
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08:38<Peng>What's your domain name? What's the configuration?
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10:12<cds>is support here?
10:13<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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10:14<cds>somone hoating a phishing site on there server and stole my money
10:14<cds>anyone here can take it down?
10:15<Cromulent>contact Linode on that email address cds
10:15<cds>ok thanks
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10:17<AndroUser>How can I set my IP to point to a different directory
10:18<Peng>In what context?
10:19<AndroUser>My linode ip address
10:19<AndroUser>Is pointing to a directory thesame with my domain name
10:20<Peng>IP addresses don't point to directories.
10:20<Peng>Are you talking about a web server? Or some other type of software?
10:20<Peng>What are your domain name and IP? What are they doing? What do you want them to do?
10:24<AndroUser>Yes web server
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10:35<felipetomaz>Hello folks. Anybody having trouble with Ubuntu Security apt
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10:36<felipetomaz>terrible connectivity with
10:39<felipetomaz>problem with IPv6 and IPv4 =/
10:39<Peng>Even IPv4? That's unusual
10:40<felipetomaz>Yeap. Look
10:40<felipetomaz>Hit:1 xenial InRelease Get:3 xenial-backports InRelease [107 kB] Get:2 xenial-updates InRelease [109 kB] Get:4 xenial-updates/main amd64 Packages [933 kB] Get:5 xenial-updates/main i386 Packages [813 kB
10:40<Peng>That got cut off. Try a pastebin.
10:40<felipetomaz>Could not connect to (, connection timed out [IP: 80]
10:42<Peng>Someone in another channel said half an hour ago that the Ubuntu archive servers were under high load
10:42<gparent>now we know who's fault that is
10:42<Peng>For me, I can ping that IP, and HTTP works but is extremely slow.
10:55<felipetomaz>Same here. So the solution is wait
10:55<Peng>I guess
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10:57<felipetomaz>I was looking for the last updates. There is a security update for dovecot and they are very used maybe the load of all servers trying to update
10:59<felipetomaz>Can you pass this other channel that they told about the server load?
11:00<AndroUser>I installed Apache on my linode also added a domain name
11:00<AndroUser>Currently the domain and my linode ip address are pointing to thesame location
11:00<AndroUser>Can I change that please ?
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11:37<lightcode>installed apache2 on my linode
11:39<lightcode>added a domain name but both the domain name and ip address are pointing to the same directory
11:39<lightcode>how can i change that ?
11:39<Peng>Follow an Apache tutorial
11:39<lightcode>i want the ip address to point to the www directory
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12:06<linbot>New news from community: How can I import an OVF file? <>
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12:57<rick>where i
12:57<rick>WHERE DO I claim my LINODE TAX CREDIT
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13:03<Zr40>never heard of that before
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13:15<FluffyFoxeh>linode tax credit would be nice
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13:37<Cromulent>I have to say I'm quite impressed with Mail in a Box - I've always been worried about running my own email server but it has been quite painless
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13:47<FluffyFoxeh>that's good
13:47<Zr40>personally, I can't be bothered running (and maintaining) self-hosted email. I'm quite happy to pay my current mail provider
13:48<FluffyFoxeh>I configured mine myself with Exim and Courier. It wasn't "painful" per se, but definitely took time and effort to set up
13:48<Cromulent>Zr40: I used to use Office 365 for email but when you have to had mailboxes for over 10 domains (and not just email aliases) it gets expensive fast
13:49<Cromulent>$7 a month for all my domains is pretty good
13:49<Zr40>I use Fastmail. They charge per user, not per mailbox or alias or domain
14:28<linbot>New news from status: Emergency Network Maintenance - London <>
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15:06<linbot>New news from community: Announcement: Toronto (CA) Data Center Beta <>
15:13<grawity>"We have detected an issue affecting the physical host on which your Linode resides"
15:13<grawity>oh well better sooner than never
15:14<Peng>"Terrible news, it's not located in Toronto"
15:15<grawity>odd how the Toronto DC doesn't support /116's
15:15<Peng>or IPv4 failover!
15:16<Peng>(Am I planning to use toronto? No, never.)
15:44<grawity>hmm, I think the linode got auto-migrated and rebooted... but it still shows "you have a scheduled migration pending".
15:45<Zr40>I had the same happen to one of mine last month; it hasn't been migrated yet if you get that message
15:46<Zr40>but the host must be running for the linode to be able to be migrated, that's why it's up right now
15:47<Zr40>it took a few hours before the migration actually started for that linode
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15:53<grawity>hmm I could've sworn it shows a different "Host: london####" than before
15:54<Zr40>does it show a completed migration job under Host Job Queue?
15:55<akerl>Before I yank all my hair out... does the "authorized_users" parameter shown here: only work for Linode's official disk images?
15:59<gparent>a wild akerl appears
16:00<grawity>Zr40: no, just a "host-initiated boot". which is why I'm confused
16:01<Zr40>right, so it's not actually migrated yet. I suppose the new host number is of the host it's going to be migrated to
16:01<akerl>Host-initiated boot sounds like the kind of job that occurs after a migration, intentional or otherwise
16:01<akerl>well, a maintenance, of which migration is a kind
16:02<akerl>gparent: I've appeared to gripe about API behavior :D
16:03<gparent>it's a solid reason
16:03<Zr40>mine had host-initiated boot some time before the migration actually started. (This particular event doesn't show up anymore because a reboot I did pushed it out of view). Then you'll get "Migrate Disk", then "Linode Migration Cleanup", and finally "System Boot".
16:08<Peng>Don't you get "host-iniated boot" after e.g. a power failure with no migration?
16:08<akerl>That's another way to get one
16:09<Peng>There aren't any jobs logged for a live migration, though. :D I think.
16:10<Zr40>I heard those aren't used for emergency migrations
16:11<Peng>I think it depends o nthe type of emergency
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16:16<akerl>Huh, just confirmed via the UI... if I deploy the stock 18.04 image, Imagize it, and then deploy from that w/ authorized_users set... it doesn't have any impact. No keys get loaded onto the image
16:16<akerl>if I deploy the stock 18.04 directly w/ that parameter, works fine
16:16<akerl>seems strange, given that authorized_keys works on all of the above
16:51<nuevu>Any ops able to confirm the SSH fingerprints for the new It's not listed in the docs yet, and I hate to open a support ticket just for that info.
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16:56<Cromulent>I'm sure they would appreciate being told it is not in the docs so that they only have to answer the question once (in the docs)
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16:57<nuevu>Cromulent: Undoubtedly, but this also has proven to be a useful way to point that little stuff out without overwhelming the support queue even more.
16:57<Cromulent>true :)
16:59<nuevu>I did open a ticket for another issue (can't seem to set the rDNS on IPv6). That was potentially more account specific, so it made more sense to do it that way.
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17:03<Peng>...What's going wrong with your rDNS?
17:04<nuevu>I plug in the hostname, select the IPv6 entry, and ... application error.
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17:05<nuevu>"Whoops! Something went wrong :(" ...
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17:28<ziport>Hi there, I'm using CentOS 7/MariaDB, Where I can find the path to edit the html file that shows a Database Error is happping, I want to change to another message diferent than 'Error establishing a database connection'?
17:29<nuevu>ziport: That's going to depend entirely on what application is generating that error message.
17:30<nuevu>CentOS uses /var/www/html for the default host, so you might start there I suppose.
17:32<ziport>I want to edit whats generating this file
17:33<nuevu>Same comment. Without knowing what application is generating it, we can't tell you where to look for it. That's a *really* generic error.
17:34<nuevu>You mentioned the OS and the database. Are you trying to use something like PHPMyAdmin and getting that error?
17:38<ziport>It's not about to fix the error, its to change the display message to another
17:39<nuevu>The message is undoubtedly generated and displayed by the same application that you'd need to fix.
17:41<ziport>Mmmm thanks nuevu
17:49<ziport>nuevu: Thanks a lot, I found it
17:49<ziport>I thought it was the DB or the OS that was doing it
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18:37<@mcintosh>nuevu: Peng: I fixed that RDNS thing - sorry for the trouble :)
18:38<nuevu>!point mcintosh
18:38<linbot>nuevu: Point given to mcintosh. (4)
18:38<nuevu>I'll confirm that whatever you did fixed my specific case.
18:38<nuevu>So, thank you!
18:40<@mcintosh>was toronto specific for whatever that's worth
18:40<nuevu>No worries. It's beta :)
18:42<nuevu>mcintosh: Any word on the SSH fingerprints for the Toronto Lish gateway?
18:45<Peng>!point mcintosh
18:45<linbot>Peng: Point given to mcintosh. (5)
18:46<Peng>!point mcintosh
18:46<linbot>Peng: Point given to mcintosh. (6)
18:46<nuevu>Perfect, thanks again
18:46<@mcintosh>my pleasure
18:46<@mcintosh>Peng: <3
19:04<@mcintosh>akerl: that behavior seems weird to me too, fwiw
19:04<@mcintosh>(also, hi :3)
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19:38<clcl>hey, so - is there a way to mount my old Linode configuration's virtual disk from my new configuration? I want to copy stuff over without having to shut down my current config and boot the old one
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20:21<millisa>clcl: not sure you can do it without a shutdown, but you can put the old disk from that same linode in the new profile and have it show up as /dev/sd[b-h]
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20:26<millisa>it's in a weird spot in the new manager - if you click the '...' next to the configuration profile label, it has a menu that slides out from the right where it lets you assign it. (I kept looking for a spot to do it in the 'Disks' section right below it)
20:31<clcl>@millisa I figured it out, it was in the old linode manager's configuration profile section. the new UI is confusing with disks not being in the same place as volumes :\
20:31<millisa>yeah, i find that stuff easier in the old manager (but it *is* there in the new manager)
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20:33<Ian>What speed does the cpu run on the VPS plans?
20:33<gparent>as fast as it can
20:34<Ian>what ghz though?
20:34<Peng>Two point something.
20:34<gparent>it varies.
20:34<millisa>e5-2680 v3/4's are common . I've seen e5-2697 v4's. There are a couple different EPYC procs in there. Saw a xeon gold 6148 recently
20:34<Ian>for the Dedicated 8GB
20:35<Peng>It varies.
20:35<Ian>im just trying to find out the speed the cpu runs before i buy
20:35<gparent>they're VMs, so the underlying hardware may change
20:35<Peng>We've given you the only answer that's possible.
20:36<Ian>alright thanks but not having a fixed speeds is kind of a turn off because you dont know what your buying
20:36<gparent>you want a dedicated server then.
20:36<Peng>The advantage is they get better over time. :D
20:36<gparent>VMs aren't fixed speeds in any way.
20:37<gparent>yeah, I could recreate my VM, get lucky and end up on a much "faster" host (for some definitions of faster)
20:37<clcl>yeah - VPSes aren't going to allocate all the resources possible to your VM all the time. if that's what you need, you need dedicated hosting. VPSes dynamically allocate resources based on resource consumption and farm-wide availability
20:37<Ian>im going to be hosting game servers
20:37<Peng>Dedicated CPU Linodes aren't as dynamic though
20:39<clcl>you probably don't need dedicated for that. lots of people host gaming servers on dynamically-allocated hosting packages
20:39<Peng>It's prudent, though.
20:39<gparent>yeah if you want to provide a consistent experience I think you'd want a dedicated server or at least VM for that.
20:39<clcl>yeah, I guess it depends on your plan - if you're going to be hosting paid servers, affording the dedicated plans is a lot easier
20:39<gparent>it's really up to how much you want to pay vs. what service you want to offer
20:40<gparent>what level of service I should say
20:40<Peng>You can take the skinflint cloud approach of just killing slow servers though. :D
20:40<millisa>depends on the game too. linode has been just fine for my factorio needs
20:41<Ian>i plan on hosting FiveM and Rust
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20:48<Peng>So every CPU Linode has ever used has been two-point-something GHz.
20:48<Peng>Whether you're talking a Pentium 4 or a Xeon Gold.
20:49<Peng>It's such a useless question.
20:49<Peng>Plus modern CPUs automatically clock from like 1.2 to 3.7 GHz.
20:50-!-spiki [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:52<Peng>do Dedicated CPU Linodes use the same hardware as other Linodes?
20:52<millisa>the couple I spun up seemed to
20:54<millisa>first one I tried had a 2697; when I migrated it to non-dedicated it also ended up on a 2697
21:09<gparent>maybe it's just those servers who have shown dedication to the Linode cause
21:10<gparent>they're not really reserved to you, they're just really nice CPUs
21:11<Peng>Maybe they're the ones that don't crash when you overclock them and fire up Prime95. :D
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22:14<cristianmontes>hello, i can to know if it is posible install a email server ¡?
22:17<cristianmontes>can u send me some tutorial please?
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23:51<darwin>i wonder how much chance there is of Linode offering an even smaller plan than their smallest (nanode)...
23:51<millisa>raspberry pinodes
23:52<darwin>my current plan only ever uses up about 1% its possible network traffic and I doubt I need all the CPU power either
23:53<darwin>like several smaller companies that have comparable $5/month plans also offer $2.5/month plans... of course, they have fewer resources, probably less technical support, etc. Often it wouldn't be good enough for people who expect what Linode has
23:53<millisa>if they keep the naming convention and make the one above the nanode a the micronode . . .i'd be guaranteed to only buy the level above *that*
23:54<millisa>because, millinodes. *sigh*
23:54<darwin>oh yeah, matching your nick
23:55<millisa>I still have a $1/month 256mb atlantic net vps.
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