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00:05<@jcardillo>if we'd really like to get abstract we could introduce the nonode
00:06<millisa>Status Alert: jcardillo announces nononode
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00:14<@jcardillo>beta coming soon.
00:17<Woet>darwin: if anything, that plan wouldn't have any IPv4 addresses
00:17<Woet>which is the primary cost of low cost plans
00:21<darwin>oh :(
00:22<wraeth>millisa: Would that make a broken *node an ohnonode?
00:22<millisa>no ipv6 either. only console. and zuul.
00:22<Woet>darwin: there are providers that offer NAT IPv4 though
00:23<Woet>you get 10-20 ports that are routed to your VPS, then you set your services up on those ports
00:23<Woet>perfect for things that don't need specific ports or no listeners at all (irc bots, monitoring, backups, etc)
00:23<Woet>darwin: I created a site that might be able to help,
00:23<Woet>you can get one as little as $2/year if you're okay with 128 MB of RAM
00:26<darwin>well I need more RAM than that (would prefer to have enough a swap file is not seen as necessary) and am not switching from Linode
00:39<Woet>darwin: I don't think Linode is ever going to appeal to a < $5 market
00:39<Woet>none of their competitors do
00:39<Woet>Vultr kinda does, with $2.50 and $3.50 plans, but they are available in extremely limited quantities
00:40<Woet>all you could do is use something like Docker and run multiple applications separated inside the same Linode
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01:00<darwin>and how would that make it cheaper?
01:01<Woet>darwin: because you could have a single Linode with multiple applications instead of multiple Linodes?
01:02<darwin>i don't get it
01:02<darwin>you can do that anyway without such complication
01:02<darwin>i don't really consider Vultr much of a competitor. They're not a free speech company; if you want to criticizes primitive books that advocate genociding non-believers, you can't necessarily do it on Vultr
01:19<Woet>darwin: tldr, very unlikely Linode will offer it, none of their competitors really do
01:19<Woet>dcraig: go back to fishing
01:21<dcraig>"I'd rather be lishing"
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03:30<grawity>is it normal that on one side of a GRE tunnel, tcpdump shows two TCP packets "Flags [.], seq 1:2685, ack 325," "Flags [P.], seq 2685:2966, ack 325," but on the receiving side it's shown as a single packet "Flags [P.], seq 1:2966, ack 325,"
03:32<akerl>mcintosh: agreed (and also hi!)
03:32<akerl>I filed a ticket last night about it; haven’t gotten a response yet :(
03:36<dwfreed>to be fair, one could have changed their AuthorizedKeysFile setting in their gold master
03:36<dwfreed>but I feel like those people wouldn't be using that parameter anyway
03:38<akerl>That doesn’t stop the “authorized_keys” parameter from plopping down contents in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
03:39<dwfreed>sure, but it wouldn't do any good if AuthorizedKeysFile didn't reference %h/.ssh/authorized_keys :P
03:39<akerl>True, but at least then the docs would be accurate
03:40<akerl>The major confusion for me is that this implies there’s 2 totally distinct codepaths for the “_keys” and “_users” workflows... I’d naively assumed that “_users” just borrowed saved keys from the manager and fed them into the same code path that drives the “_keys” parameter; which doesn’t seem to be the case given the observed behavior
03:41<akerl>well, that’s one point of confusion. The other is that apparently the support ticket queue is ~12 hours deep :P
03:42<dwfreed>more likely you got deprioritized, or left for somebody who could give a real answer
03:43<dwfreed>the way we treated the ticket queue is no longer really viable
03:43<dwfreed>not without significantly increasing linode staffing levels
03:53<@jcardillo>akerl: if you have a ticket # for me i can take a look
04:27<grawity>oh, I guess the TCP thing is caused by GSO/GRO or something similar
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04:51<erik>dwfreed: I do get fast answers to all my tickets. Very rarely things gets a slow response
04:51<erik>but I might be in some kind of special category.
04:52<dwfreed>more likely based on the type of tickets you open, and when you open them
04:53<erik>dwfreed: thats probably true
04:53<akerl>jcardillo: 11736027
04:54<erik>dwfreed: most of them are a easy fix for you. Generally just a live migration
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06:01<coiax>am I correct when I say that linodes (by default) use linode's own kernel, rather than the one on the machine?
06:03<coiax>it's just, while I was poking around in the settings for "configuration" I noticed that you had the "Direct Boot" option, along with a whole bunch of kernels tagged linode
06:07<nagchampa>the default is to use a linode kernel, but you can use your own by using direct boot or just using grub2 boot with your own grub config
06:07<coiax>I suppose my real question is then: if you're using a linode kernel, there's no actual point updating the machine's own kernel, is there
06:08<nagchampa>pretty much, although it can be a good fallback/alternative boot, but linodes kernel is guaranteed to work, some distro kernels might not include necessary modules
06:08<nagchampa>i have no problem using the arch kernel though
06:09<coiax>I had a "delightful" time, trying to get ubuntu1204 running on linode, it repeatedly couldn't find the disk drives
06:09<coiax>and yes, I was attempting to use a 7 year old ubuntu distro, for "reasons"
06:09<coiax>luckily for all involved, I found a better solution
06:09<coiax>so I guess, do we know what those modules are
06:09<nagchampa>newer kernels should support older environments
06:10<nagchampa>you could boot with a linode kernel and poke around in /sys
06:10<coiax>I was only chasing an old version of php
06:10<coiax>found more success with just compiling that old php on a newer version of ubuntu
06:10<nagchampa>i'm not sure if they use modules, lsmod would tell you
06:10<nagchampa>yeah, that would be what I would do
06:11<coiax>well this ubuntu1804 machine has 107 modules loaded
06:11<coiax>although, confusingly, looks like not a linode kernel, because -linode is missing from `uname -a`
06:15<nagchampa>you should be able to look at your current boot config in the web control panel
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09:10<linbot>New news from community: External registered domain setup <>
09:12<@mcintosh>they're both gone but, for the record, that's not true
09:13<@mcintosh>Linodes use distro kernels by default these days
10:07<csnxs>meanwhile im stuck on some ancient linode kernel :D
10:40<linbot>New news from community: High CPU from kswapd0 <>
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11:41<@blaboon>coiax nagchampa: just following up on what mcintosh already said, the default boot option for new linodes is grub2 which means you'll be booting the distro-supplied kernel
11:41<@blaboon>we still provide and maintain our own linode kernels, but they are no longer the default
11:41<grawity>would you recommend switching existing linodes to grub2 as well
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11:43<@blaboon>if it makes sense for you, then sure. i probably wouldn't go out of your way to make the switch if linode kernels have been working fine for you so far
11:44<@blaboon>but more and more software nowadays (docker in particular) assumes that you have the ability to load kernel modules on the fly, and linode kernels do not provide that ability
11:44<@blaboon>that was one of the rationales behind changing the default
11:45<grawity>they generally have (minus the occassional "whoops we disabled nftables firewall in the kconfig"), but it turns out I actually switched to a distro kernel several months ago and forgot about it >_>
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11:46<@blaboon>that was probably my fault, so sorry for that :P
11:47<@blaboon>our kernels got a bit weird in the middle of last year as we were transitioning to a new build process, but that's all sorted out now
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11:49<bobby>anybody here familiar with nginx?\
11:49<@blaboon>also regarding distro support - we test our kernels against all of our supported distros, but ubuntu 12.04 has been EOL for almost 2 years so we make no guarantees for that
11:51<bobby>having issues redirecting http to https
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12:08<Peng>Back around 2009, Linode's new kernels supported IPv6 conntrack, but Ubuntu 8.04's ip6tables was too old to support working with conntrack, so you couldn't turn it *off*. That was nice. :D
12:09<Peng>bobby: What kind of issues?
12:09<bobby>redirecting http to https with varnish + nginx
12:10<bobby>seems trickier than normal redirects
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12:29<Zr40>no idea about varnish, but at least as far as nginx is concerned it's quite easy
12:34<Zr40>blaboon: I actually chose to use the linode kernels, so I could remove some of the userspace moving parts (grub, kernel packages, module loading)
12:36<@blaboon>Zr40: yea, we still have lots of people that like to use our kernels (especially for that reason). they're not going anywhere anytime soon :)
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13:20<nicolas>wordpress website got hacked by indoxploit
13:20<nicolas>anybody familiar with this
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14:04<newprogrammer>hi. i want to buy hosting. does linode provide cdn in europe for free ? i mean if i buy hosting can users connect to europe ?
14:05<millisa>Linode doesn't provide a cdn. There are datacenters in London and Frankfurt.
14:31<linbot>New news from community: How do I setup revers DNS if I am using a nodebalancer <>
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14:54<Jubayer>What are payment methods of linode vps?
14:55<Jubayer>thank you
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16:01<akerl>Is there an RSS/atom/etc for ?
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16:03<FluffyFoxeh>TIL there's a changelog
16:04<@mcintosh>akerl: not that i'm aware of - i noted that we should add one just now
16:05<FluffyFoxeh>!point mcintosh
16:05<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to mcintosh. (7)
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16:30<@mcintosh>akerl: someone's actively working on that
16:38<@sjacobs>looking at it now, it would be nice if each product had a feed.
16:39<@sjacobs>akerl: ^ hope that helps. even if it's just a little bit.
17:19<csnxs>!lick sjacobs
17:19<linbot>csnxs: Point given to sjacobs. (9)
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20:26<newprogrammer>hi. a while ago i registered linode. but i find it a bit hard to setup because i haven't any linux i deleted my account completely. then i decided to come back and learn linux and setup linode server. but when i registered with the same email it tell me your account is under review. but first time it didn't tell me anything instead i coulld directly start setup. why my account is under review ? i
20:27<newprogrammer>s it because i registered second time ? and how long will it take to activate my account ?. sorry for bad english
20:31<gparent>Accounts are put under review to make sure they do not represent a security risk. If you give the information required by replying to the support ticket (or email), then they will verify the account.
20:32<newprogrammer>ok. thank you very much !
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20:52<linbot>New news from community: account is under review ? <>
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21:22<needtomigrate>new to linode
21:23<needtomigrate>how can i export an entire site and import it to a different domain
21:23<needtomigrate>the site was made using wordpress
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