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01:10<_01>I'd like to know how the fee is settled.How can I create any instance of $0?
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01:11<millisa>Instances cost money
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01:11<_01>Why am I creating instances for $0?
01:12<_01>Is it deducted automatically from the credit card?
01:13<grawity>it's deducted automatically at the end of the month, yes
01:13<millisa>If there isn't credit on the account, it would be deducted
01:13<_01>Ok, thank you
01:14<millisa>You uninvoiced balance shows in Account Settings -> Billing Info
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02:18<Marcus>Hi linode did you take over Hostify? My website was being hosted by them.
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06:29<Sailab>Hi, I need help from someone
06:30<Sailab>This is my first time and never used Linode hosting before if someone can help me please?
06:38<akerl>sjacobs: not sure if this changed after your comment, but based on your tip I poked around a bit and found that seems to work
06:38<akerl>So I guess I amend my request from “have a feed” to “add a <meta> tag to the changelog page so the feeds are discoverable :D
06:40<akerl>It looks like the changelog site is build on Hugo; I checked but couldn’t find it on :D
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08:04<Warface>What's up with the support... tickets are taking ages to respond... used to be minutes back then
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08:08<rsdehart>back when there were only 20 customers
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08:13<DrJ>I think if it is really urgent they expect that you'll call
08:13<DrJ>but he was right... I remember being shocked if it took more than 10 minutes to get a response... now it is usually an hour or two at least
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08:43<@jmetz>hey Warface, thanks for your patience. what's your ticket number? i'll see if we can get some eyes on it.
08:44<linbot>New news from community: Why am I receiving an upload quota error in cPanel when my Linode has plenty of space? <>
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08:48<DrJ>jmetz, he gone
08:49<DrJ>and I'm not complaining in my prior statement. If I ever have an issue that is so urgent that I need a response right away I'm calling. end of story
08:49<@jmetz>yea, we appreciate the DrJ. we do the best we can, but sometimes there are delays.
08:49<@scrane>I appreciate you, DrJ
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08:58<nyancat>We appreciate you more, scrane
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09:07<jaskal>Interesting that under the new cloud manager, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS appears under "older images", even though it has a (significantly) longer support life than 18.10 which appears as a "newer" image
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09:28<shaba>can i make ip[ adress point to a seprate directory from my domain name
09:28<shaba>i use apache2
09:31<@scrane>Hey there! Just to make sure, you want to have connections to a specific IP address direct to a different folder on the same Linode?
09:32<shaba>the main ip adress for my linode
09:32<nate>I'm guessing he's talking the default webroot
09:32<nate>ie; if no domain is specified (or no SNI)
09:32<@scrane>Cool cool. So what you will want to do is create a virtual host entry for that, I believe.
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09:33<@scrane>Pretty much any connection from <IP address>:80 or <IP address>:443 should have a specific DocumentRoot entry there
09:33<shaba>so the serverName there would be the ip adress?
09:36<shaba>already i have some domain names and set virtual hosts for them
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09:36<shaba>but the i p address is pointing to one of the directories
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09:45<shaba>any body here please
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10:22<ngx>Hello, can anyone guide on billing for a short term project? (4-6 months)
10:30<DrJ>ngx: what is your question?
10:31<@pwoods>ngx: billing is hourly, but there are montly caps. Essentially, you only pay for Linodes that are active on your account, regardless if they're powered on or off. This guide has prices and explains billing
10:32<@pwoods>There are no contracts, so you only pay for what you use, which you're free to change at any time.
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10:47<DrJ>FYI: When you get alert emails from linode about things such as a server reboot it references in the email even though if you initiate it through
10:47<DrJ>maybe time to change that?
10:47<DrJ>specifically this: You can change your notification settings via
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10:48<NETOO7>Hello guys
10:48<NETOO7>I have a pending value in my Linode account
10:48<NETOO7>and my linodes was deleted
10:48<NETOO7>if I pay, my servers will back on?
10:50<@jmetz>if your linodes were deleted, we keep a record of the image for a short period of time, so you can redeploy those linodes in the event that you clear your balance. i'd suggest opening a support ticket ASAP to make sure you let us know that you'd like to retain the images before they're deleted.
10:55<NETOO7>I did it.
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11:03<@jmetz>what's the ticket number?
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11:13<NETOO7>@jmetz 11743235
11:21<@jmetz>thanks for sharing that ticket number. you should have a reply soon.
11:22<@mcintosh>!point jmetz
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11:22<@jmetz>woohoo! my first point
11:27<csnxs>!lick jmetz
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11:28<@jmetz>@csnxs <3
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11:42<AlexMax>Does Linode use ECC RAM in their servers?
11:43<AlexMax>I figure you guys do, but I didn't see anywhere that said for certain.
11:48<gparent>ECDSA ram for maximum sucuruty
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13:48<akerl>I assumed we'd want ED25519 RAM?
13:55<linbot>New news from community: Add my domain to a nodebalancer <>
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14:55<linbot>New news from community: Having problems with SMTP <>
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15:13<NorthSoundTech> I'm trying to get ahold of support. I opened a ticket yesterday and have not received any response.
15:16<@bbigger>NorthSoundTech sorry for the wait — mind dropping a ticket number here so we can take a look?
15:16<NorthSoundTech>Sure... #11741559
15:19<@bbigger>NorthSoundTech taking a look at this now, we'll get you an update shortly.
15:19<NorthSoundTech>Great, thanks...
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15:31<gth>can we chat?
15:34<Peng>Hello. What?
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16:08<gparent>WOOF WOOF
16:13<NorthSoundTech>Sorry... I didn't hear the beep.. Yes
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16:54<babyjane>Hi all, I would like to ask about the pricing and package. To whom should I chat? Please assisst
16:54<Peng>You can ask here
16:54<dwfreed>Thanks Pengbot
16:54<Peng>beep boop
16:55<babyjane>Anybody from linode here that I can have a chat with?
16:55<dwfreed>about what? Linode's pricing is clearly spelled out on that page; there's no special discounts
16:56<babyjane>I would like to have consultation about which package I should go. it's for an app
16:56<dwfreed>Linode isn't really going to be able to answer that question
16:56<babyjane>Owh really, that's too bad. So Should I just ask here then?
16:56<dwfreed>it depends on so many factors, some of which aren't known until it's set up and running
16:57<dwfreed>nobody else can answer that question either; if we could, a lot of us would be out of jobs
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16:57<babyjane>oh I see.
16:57<Peng>You can start with one plan, and upgrade or downgrade in the future, if you want to
16:59<@bbigger>babyjane you can find all of the details on how our billing works here:
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17:17<babyjane>Thank you
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19:12<avril>Can anyone speculate when the Toronto DC will be fully functional and out of beta?
19:20<nuevu>I think we can all speculate. Doesn't make any of it accurate :)
19:21<nyancat>I'd actually like to know if Linode will be charging HST to canadians when that DC rolls out
19:25<avril>Someone with some inside info may know a thing or two more than us the public in this case :P
19:25<avril>nyancat: agreed tax info would be helpful from my end as well
19:39<@mcintosh>for all intents and purposes it's fully functional, save for the lack of block storage service (which is coming)
19:39<@mcintosh>it will be out of beta Soon(tm)
20:26<linbot>New news from community: Undelivered mail returned to sender, coming in by the hundreds. Help stopping? <>
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