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02:28<linbot>New news from community: Backups failing <>
03:18<linbot>New news from community: SSl certificate <>
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03:49<sb>Are you ISO3402 certified?
03:54<hawk>sb: I don't know, you should probably ask Linode directly. But I also think you mean something else than ISO3402
03:55<hawk>(Quick googlage of ISO3402 shows that it's "Tobacco and tobacco products -- Atmosphere for conditioning and testing")
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03:57<hawk>Well, so much for that.
03:58<@jcardillo>hawk: lol
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08:12<@scrane>Hey hawk you can see the certifications for the different datacenters at
08:12<@scrane>Derp. I mean sb
08:13<@scrane>Though I think they might have left already.
08:13<@scrane>This is what happens when I get into the office and try to catch up on back scroll, haha
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08:19<hawk>scrane: No tobacco-related certifications. sb would have been disappointed.
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09:04<warewolf>now y'all are gonna tell me you have no arborist certifications. Think of the trees!
09:06<rsdehart>I'm afraid I can't, in good conscience, continue to be a customer if this is true
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09:29<linbot>New news from community: Solved: Having problems with SMTP <>
09:39<linbot>New news from community: How do I fix email is caught as spam from Postfix <>
10:03<@mcintosh>no tobacco-related certifications, this is true
10:03<@mcintosh>but we do have _plenty_ of tomacco certifications
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10:25<nyancat>is linode tomato certified
10:26<nyancat>is linode an instrument??
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11:06<newprogrammer>hi. i installed mysql and php on my server. mysql gave me a lot of trouble and headache. i have very little linux experience. i researched and solved problems with mysql. but now i just can't solve it. when i connect from php script it says acces denied, but my root password is correct. could somebody check my system ?
11:06<nyancat>newprogrammer: Most likely it's because you can't login to mysql from an app as the route user
11:07<nyancat>Might want to give this a look:
11:07<newprogrammer>but i can log in as root user via ssh ?
11:07<newprogrammer>why i can't log in with php ?
11:08<newprogrammer>and by the way i disabled remote connection when i install mysql. is it ok ?
11:08<nyancat>Yes that's fine, so long as you're not accessing the database remotely
11:08<nyancat>i.e. from another machine
11:09<nyancat>But anyways, yes you can access mysql console using root user `mysql -u root -p`
11:09<nyancat>In theory you should never use the root login when configuring your applications, it is very insecure
11:10<newprogrammer>i mean i can log in as root from console but i can't login as root from php. why ?
11:10<newprogrammer>what is difference when login from console and from php ?
11:11<newprogrammer>i created new user but still getting that error
11:13<nyancat>This explains why you can't a bit better;
11:13<nyancat>If you followed the instructions and it isn't working, remember that you have to FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
11:13<newprogrammer>thank you very much ! i created new user and restarted mysql now i can log in with php. i wanted log in as root but anyway it is still ok
11:14<nyancat>Actually, if you follow the instructions on that page you create a separate user which behaves essentially as root
11:14<newprogrammer>i gave new user all permissions it is equal to root user =, right ?
11:14<nyancat>To an extent
11:15<newprogrammer>then what can root do that new user can't do that ?
11:21<nyancat>I'm not here to argue, but let me explain why this is a bad idea. Firstly, you wouldn't give someone you don't know complete and unrestricted access to your system. When you are configuring your application, using *root credentials* is a very bad idea.
11:21<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - EU-Central (Frankfurt) <>
11:21<nyancat>Exploits are a thing.
11:22<nyancat>If someone were to exploit an oversight in your code, they could get access to your system or at the very least, to your MySQL server
11:23<nyancat>This is why connecting to mysql as root user does not work by design in default installations. Way too many people do this, it's silly and insecure.
11:25<newprogrammer>i understood ! thank you very much for help 1
11:27<nyancat>Cheers :)
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11:35<hunter>when is GA getting block storage?
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11:37<@mcintosh>that was fast...
11:37<@mcintosh>for the record, no plans to bring block storage to ATL
11:41<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - EU-Central (Frankfurt) <>
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11:56<csnxs>when is my house getting block storage
12:07<csnxs>can I connect that to the london datacentre?
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12:09<Eugene>Sure, just set up a peering agreement
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12:44<jaskal>What's the turnaround oj support tickets these days? Had a couple of backups fail and no response yet to the autogenerated ticket...
12:51<@mcintosh>jaskal: we don't reply to every automated ticket we open and there's not really a set turnaround time (some tickets are intentionally prioritized - some days ticket load varies - so no straightforward answer to that)
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13:20<nyancat>Hey robonline
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14:39<nelson>how try out linode with cart?
14:40<nelson>without cart
14:44<Peng>What do you mean by cart?
14:46<nelson>credit card, sorry
14:46<Peng>Oh. No, sorry.
14:47<Peng>Well, you can use a cheque or a money order.
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15:31<Abi12>*creates new account to get 10.00 promo* ;0
15:51<csnxs>but can linode sell me a personal mcintosh?
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16:00<linbot>New news from community: dashboard does not show anything about disk allocation. <>
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17:00<linbot>New news from community: Access log files - laravel app <>
18:00<SleePy>Why do I find it difficult to find the support tickets in the cloud manager...
18:41<linbot>New news from community: New domain for existing website - smooth switch? <>
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19:33<@mcintosh>Get Help -> Customer Support -> ticket stuff
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19:35<millisa>-> Ice Cream
19:36<Peng>Summary: Please send me ice cream (express)
19:36<Peng>Regarding: Other (general, billing, etc.)
20:07<nyancat>I'm proud to say that Linode is the first provider with a canadian PoP that doesn't have weird ass routing for Canadians
20:07<nyancat>unless this is my provider finally smartening up, I just did a traceroute and the trace stayed IN canada
20:07<nyancat>GG linode
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20:10<ranger_185>Clever, but no. Just fat fingers.
20:10<nyancat>Ah, fair enough.
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20:18<newprogrammer>hi. i want to ask a question. if i buy a domain and write linode nameservers to that domain, do i need still add a domain in linode account ?.
20:19<FluffyFoxeh>W: Failed to fetch Unable to find expected entry 'main/source/Sources' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)
20:19<FluffyFoxeh>anyone else seen this?
20:20<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: try with; if it's still broken, at least it's not Linode's fault :)
20:21<newprogrammer>please answer my question
20:22<dwfreed>newprogrammer: Linode wouldn't know what DNS records to serve if you don't specify them in the Linode Manager
20:22<FluffyFoxeh>dwfreed: kk
20:22<Unit193>Jessie was archived,
20:23<Unit193>(Mostly archived, at least.)
20:23<dwfreed>Unit193: source was also archived?
20:24<dwfreed>main/Contents-source exists, at least
20:25<newprogrammer>@dwfreed but normally i just add nameservers and when i type domain in browser it works normal .
20:25<Unit193>dwfreed: I had heard that -updates and -backports were removed, but I haven't validated that claim.
20:26<Unit193>"Backports were archived, I believe, and jessie-updates is simply gone."
20:29<Peng>newprogrammer: How does that work? Linode has no way to know if the domain is yours or what DNS records you want.
20:31<linbot>New news from community: is it necessary to add domain from linode account ? <>
20:31<newprogrammer>Peng: in this video he just adds nameservers. video :
20:35<retro|blah>newprogrammer: In that video he appears to be using the registrar's nameservers for his domain and adding records with the registrar. See 2:33 in that video
20:36<retro|blah>newprogrammer: Unless you can identify where in the video he's "writing linode nameservers to that domain"?
20:38<newprogrammer>retro|blah: he copies his linode ip adress and adds it to domain and that's all. he doesn't add a domain in his account. so it means i can just copy my linode ip adress to domain and that's all ?
20:39<retro|blah>newprogrammer: Before I answer that question, can you confirm that "using the registrar's nameservers" is in fact what you're doing for your domain?
20:41<Peng>newprogrammer: What *is* your domain?
20:41<newprogrammer>i haven't bought a domain yet. i want to know the correct steps before i buy a domain
20:44<newprogrammer>retro|blah: i didn't understand you. do you mean "using the registrar's nameservers" is the only thing i do to domain ? sorry my english is bad
20:45<Peng>newprogrammer: It's *one* option.
20:46<Peng>You could use the DNS service from your registrar, or Linode, or any other service
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20:47<newprogrammer>Peng: ok. i understood. thank you very much !
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