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10:03<linbot>New news from community: How can I use windows 10 VM image on linode ? <>
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12:04<brandon>ls -l
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12:05<warewolf> /dev /usr /lib /home /tmp /etc /root
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12:05<warewolf> /bin /sbin
12:05<warewolf>(why the fsck did I forget /bin and /sbin)
12:07<SleePy> /usr/(s)?bin, /usr/local/(s)?bin, /opt/(s)?bin
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12:27<dwfreed>warewolf: you forgot /boot /run /var /opt /srv
12:28<dwfreed>though to be fair, i don't think most distros make /srv by default
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12:37<warewolf>we all fprgot /proc
12:37<dwfreed>yes, and /sys
12:38<dwfreed>/mnt is usually there too
12:38<dwfreed>sometimes /media as well
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12:44<linbot>New news from community: Connecting to postgres using PGAdmin <>
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12:45<Zr40>don't forget /lost+found
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13:25<Justin_>Hi, do you offer unique IP in australia?
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13:28<millisa>These are the datacenters:
13:28<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
13:29<dinesh>hello, does Linode offers discount if I pay for an Year in advance
13:29<millisa>Not anymore
13:31<dinesh>I see, Thank you for answering
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14:43<SleePy>Boo to no yearly discounts!
14:45<Peng>Netflix just got more expensive too
14:57<Cromulent>gah just found out that Google automatically fails DKIM keys equal to or smaller than 512 bits
14:57<dwfreed>yes, because they're insecure
14:57<Cromulent>I'd be happy to fix it if I knew how :)
14:57<gparent>Generate a larger key?
14:57<dwfreed>512 bit rsa is already cracked
14:58<Cromulent>I use mail in a box so everything was generated for me
14:58<dwfreed>Cromulent: txt records aren't as limiting as people think
14:58<Cromulent>I'll do some googling
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15:02<dwfreed>should already be 2048 bit
15:02<Cromulent>hmm odd that it wasn't on my install
15:03<gparent>you have one job now
15:06<dwfreed>they could have reverted it
15:06<Cromulent>I really hate email :)
15:06<dwfreed>that pr will show you where to look
15:07<Cromulent>hmm seems like this is what I need opendkim-genkey -b 2048 -r -s mail -D $STORAGE_ROOT/mail/dkim
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16:53<gEEK>can you here me ???
16:54<gEEK> this is my website
16:54<gEEK>now my webhost is bluehost but more and more downtime
16:54<gEEK>so Want to transfer the website to your vps
16:55<gEEK>2 Million Page Views Per Month Which Better Which plan should buy
16:57<gEEK>ans me
16:57<smccabe>due to the content on that website we would be unable to provide you with hosting.
16:58<gEEK>  Our website does not host any games
16:59<smccabe>gEEK the issue is it looks to provide access to those games, which would be against our terms of service. You can check out our terms of service here:
17:01<gEEK> + + + ???
17:02<dwfreed>you are facilitating infringement
17:02<dwfreed>which is just as in violation of the DMCA as the infringement itself
17:03<nate>gEEK: US law (which linode has to follow) tends to frown upon 'cracked' releases of things in the way you're doing it
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17:03<Peng>Another satisfied customer
17:04*Peng rings the bell
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18:05<tanja84dk>I'm sorry to ask but do anyone remember how to add rules to a running iptables firewall and the rules shall not be at the end
18:05<tanja84dk>I have tried to google it but have not been able to find anything ( maybee I googled wrong )
18:08<Peng>-A puts them at the end. -I lets you choose where.
18:09<smccabe>^^ so sudo iptables -I <# line in rule> .....
18:10<tanja84dk>Thanks alot Peng and smccabe that was the flag I were missing in my cheat cheet I have
18:13<dwfreed>iptables -L -nv --line-numbers is your friend
18:18<tanja84dk>dwfreed: I'm using this to see the line numbers "iptables -L INPUT -n --line-numbers" because I'm only working in the INPUT chain but true If I needed all the lines. It were the flag about adding the rules between lines ( the -I ) I had forgotten about
18:19<dwfreed>you always want -v with iptables
18:19<dwfreed>the output is useless in many common cases otherwise
18:21<tanja84dk>not sure I agree there but thanks I have still added it in my cheat sheet where I have all the commands etc that I dont use every day but is good to remember
18:22<dwfreed>without -v, you don't see the source and destination interface for a rule
18:23<dwfreed>also you don't get the packet and byte counters, which are helpful for determining if your rules are actually working
18:25<tanja84dk>true but tbh I only use it on the vps servers and there I do know when I see the IP what interface its then on. About the packet and byte counter that is true exept that I do not have that much trafic so I have learned to test the ports with trying to connect from home after the rules are added
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18:27<tanja84dk>but again thanks alot for your input also dwfreed
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