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03:24<nick>do you offer vps in europe?
03:24<Peng>Yes, London and Frankfurt
03:24<nick>great, thank you
03:25<nick>can i have a test ip to see the latency from my?
03:26<nick>thank you
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07:16<JustMe>Hi Linode Team. Im getting an Error when creating an Image of my Linode "error creating image". I have made sure that the used space is around 1.8G below the 2GB limit but issue persists can anyone advise?
07:24<rsdehart>JustMe: hi JustMe and welcome to community chat
07:24<rsdehart>You'll probably want to submit a ticket
07:25<JustMe>Thanks, will do.
07:25<rsdehart>of course staff is here, but no one is active
07:26<rsdehart>for ages. 24 hours or more it looks like O.o
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07:55<@mcintosh>rsdehart: i mean - it was the weekend to be fair
07:56<@mcintosh>(we do try to be present on IRC but not as easy on weekends)
07:59<DrJ>how dare linodians have a life
07:59<rsdehart>mcintosh: I generally have no concept of what day of the week it is, in my defense
07:59<rsdehart>I'll say little concept
08:03<rsdehart>this wasn't helped by the fact that I'm starting Tuesday right now :)
08:12<@rdaniels>rsdehart: have you opened a ticket yet? It's easier for us to look into this account specific issue that way. drop the ticket number and we'll be on the look out for it.
08:13<rsdehart>rdaniels: JustMe was the one with the issue
08:13<rsdehart>I was merely advising to open a ticket
08:14<rsdehart>but not trying to throw shade
08:15<JustMe>ticket number: 11761691
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08:52<@rdaniels>Sorry about that, rsdehart. Scroll back can be hard to read in the morning. -_-
08:52<@rdaniels>JustMe: Thanks for the TID. We've found yout ticket and someone will be getting back to you very soon! :)
08:59<csnxs>!lick rdaniels
08:59<linbot>csnxs: Point given to rdaniels. (2)
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09:19<dand>linode servers are accessible in china?
09:20<dand>gcp is blocked for us so we are looking for alternatives
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09:29<@mcintosh>dand: typically yes, but china can block whoever it wants
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10:14<linbot>New news from community: How do I get wirguard wg-quick up wg0 to work? <>
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10:32<cloud>hel O
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12:45<linbot>New news from community: How do I better determine CPU usage on Linode? <>
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14:09<linodefan>anyone here?
14:10<linodefan>my linode plan says it has 2 cores... but when I check the cpuinfo via command line it says my proc has 1 core
14:10<linodefan>anyone know why?
14:12<@jmetz>hi there. what plan is your Linode on?
14:14<Zr40>what in cpuinfo made you think that? Count the number of "processor" lines in cpuinfo
14:15<Zr40>or do: dmesg | grep smpboot
14:16<linodefan>Hello, I am on the $20/month plan
14:17<linodefan>It only shows 1 processor... processor: 0
14:18<Zr40>can you show: uname -a
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15:00<warewolf>Linux 4.18.12-100.fc27.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Oct 4 16:22:17 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
15:00<warewolf>uname -a from a linode.
15:00<warewolf>(running a distro kernel, fwiw)
15:15<Zr40>right, was looking for that SMP in there
15:16<Zr40>anything else in dmesg that would relate to CPUs or SMP that doesn't seem right to you?
15:18<Zr40>(assuming you're the same person using a different nick, that is)
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15:37<warewolf>oh no, sorry; I'm a decade long linode customer.
15:37<warewolf>I didn't have cnotext, and just thought I was helping w/ the uname -a output. my bad
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15:57<csnxs>everyone share your uname -a and id_rsa files!
15:59<Zr40>where's my uname -a file?
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16:11<warewolf>won't be the 1st time nor will ti be the last time my uname -a output ended up indexed somewhere online.
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16:34<littlebird>Hi Linode peeps, I'm looking for a new hosting platform - our current platform is badly letting us down... :(
16:36<austin>Hola, Cuál es tu nombre de correo electrónico?
16:36<nate>Well a potentially worthy note is that linode isn't so much a hosting platform as much as a VPS platform, ie; you're getting a root virtual server that you manage and maintain yourself (unless you get managed or professional services attached)
16:36<littlebird>LAMP stack top level domain. Several sub-domains, nothing massive at all but persistent performance issues has brought me to wondering... why haven't I heard of you folks before ;-)
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16:36<warewolf>yeah, linode is a VPS service (e.g. if you break it, you get to keep both pieces), but you can pay for managed service.
16:36<littlebird>Interested in managed services certainly.
16:37<warewolf><-- Linode customer for >10y, unmanaged though. Been really happy with service.
16:39<littlebird>How helpful will managed services be, is it SysAdmin only or will there be help with performance issues if they reoccur after migrating into Linode?
16:40<nate> covers all the details of managed
16:40<nate>It's sort of a middle-platform between basic (you manage) and professional
16:41<nate>But it does come with a cPanel license/install still I believe
16:41<nate>(vs you having to buy your own or use an alternative control panel on non-managed if you wanted a control panel)
16:42<littlebird>What si thte price scale relating to Professional services?
16:42<littlebird>*is the
16:43<nate>As the page I linked notes, managed is a flat $100 per-linode you want managed, professional services are quoted based on what exactly you're looking for, you would need to reach out to them
16:43<nate>ie; they'll quote you a charge each time you need to use them
16:45<littlebird>I'll get intouch directly on that so, flipping onto a different aspect then for a moment: with any VPS or dedicated platform is smtp, mysql, etc. all entirely up to who ever is managing the box to setup?
16:47<@mtjones>That's right, by default a Linode doesn't have anything installed. That being said, we have several stock distro images that you can deploy, and there's many StackScripts that will automatically set up both the distro and common software on your Linode:
16:48<nate>There's also a LOT of user guides too on installing things yourself
16:49<littlebird>sure, lots of reading to be getting into...
16:49<littlebird> but your answers here are a much appreciated fast track.
16:51<littlebird>question just comes to mind there relating to the stackscripts: can a setup be codified/captured for easy restore as a standard feature or only by custom setup?
16:51<littlebird>or anything like that?
16:55<@mtjones>You can make your own StackScript! We have a guide on using and making StackScripts that can help:
16:55<@mtjones>Other than that, there's a Clone tool you can use to make an exact copy of one of your Linodes:
16:57<littlebird>sounds like time for me to RTFM :-D
16:57<littlebird>thanks for all the answers
16:58<@mtjones>Anytime! If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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18:08<Ahmed>Hello Guys, Good evening from Egypt.
18:10<Ahmed>I've just subscribed subscribed to and my account pending activation, do you guys think it's taking longer ? i googled that case and seen many reviews saying that " it could take a couple of days "
18:10<Ahmed>:D sorry duplicate word of "subscribed "
18:10<millisa>They usually get to them quicker than that - watch your email; they'll send a note if they need further info
18:11<Ahmed>@millisa, thanks for the info. I will keep watching my email.
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18:21<dand>is it possible to change a nanode or standard linode to dedicated-cpu from the console?
18:22<dand>or only resize in the same instance family?
18:22<millisa>what do you mean by 'from the console'? (it is possible to migrate to/from dedicated)
18:23<dand>millisa: if I have 'standard linode' can I resize to other types like 'dedicated cpu' and 'high memory'?
18:23<dand>or can I only resize to a different 'standard linode'?
18:23<millisa>(I tried it when they announced them. It works just like any other resize)
18:25<dand>for china tokyo is the recommended DC?
18:25<dwfreed>tokyo or singapore are probably pretty similar
18:26<dand>I'm not in china so I can't test now :)
18:27<nuevu>It's not critical for us, but we're seeing a big-ish spike in latency between Dallas and Singapore (~200ms -> ~260ms). Been holding at the elevated level for about 30 minutes now.
18:27<@mtjones>It depends on where in China you're located. Some locations in China see better latency to our Fremont datacenter. If you're in western China, Frankfurt may have pretty good latency as well.
18:28<@mtjones>nuevu: I'll take a look to see if there's anything out of the ordinary.
18:28<nuevu>Thanks. Like I said, not critical for us, but thought it was worth bringing up.
18:29<dand>mtjones: so Fermont and Frankfurt might be better than Tokyo?
18:29<dand>that's surprising
18:29<dwfreed>that's the internet
18:29<@mtjones>Yes, in some cases. It depends on what route the connection takes and where you are in China.
18:30<dwfreed>sometimes you go to tokyo by way of the US
18:31<dand>I don't know where the user will be in china
18:32<dand>I need to build a demo server for tommorow
18:32<dand>what's my safest bet?
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18:34<millisa>linodes only bill by the hour. all of them.
18:34<millisa>keep the one that performs the best for them tomorrow
18:34<@mtjones>That's a tough call since sometimes connections to servers in the US will be blocked by local ISPs in China. If you only want to set up one Linode I would say Fremont, but I would personally make one in Fremont, Tokyo, and Singapore, just to have options.
18:34<dand>it's more important from me to check that it's not blocked
18:35<Ahmed>Interested for a huge community of Linode's member, hopefully i will get my account set up for today :) still pending activation . keep refreshing the mail inbox
18:36<@mtjones>Ahmed: You should receive an email soon if it's not on the way already.
18:36<Ahmed>@mtjones, hopefully
18:38<@mtjones>nuevu: Latency from Singapore to US is higher in general right now, from what I'm seeing. Tested it from a few servers outside of our network, as well. I'm not an expert, but my best guess would be congestion on the undersea cables.
18:39<nuevu>!point mtjones
18:39<linbot>nuevu: Point given to mtjones. (6)
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23:39<linbot>New news from community: apt-get error message <>
23:52<Unit193>..That's not precisely the recommendation I would have given.
23:54<Peng>jessie isn't entirely off the mirrors, either
23:55<Peng>I don't know why that error is happening though!
23:56<gparent_>maybe Linode doesn't want to carry it anymore
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23:57<gparent>oh nvm, deb8, I was thinking older.
23:58<Unit193>Peng: Debian wiki says: "jessie-updates no longer exists as this suite no longer receives updates since 2018-05-17."
23:59<gparent>yeah honestly that answer is lacking
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