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00:01<Peng>Unit193: Ah!
00:03<Unit193>So Deb8 has 'lts' support, but otherwise has been archived and reached end of life.
00:03<Peng>My mistake. I saw a thing that said they'd deleted jessie for uncommon architectures, and assumed there weren't different announcements about deleting different things. :D
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00:03<Peng>gparent: I've seen like 3 people using Debian 7 this week
00:03<gparent>I've happy to report $WORKPLACE seems free of most of that stuff.
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00:03<millisa>I still have a redhat 7 system...
00:03<Peng>Isn't that supported until 2040?
00:04<millisa>not redhat enterprise...
00:04<Unit193>Peng: Epoch problem will hit before then. :3
00:04<gparent>I believe redhat policy is to support distro until two proper heirs to the CEO have succeeded.
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00:07<Peng>If it's a feudal kingdom where the CEO gets assassinated by usurpers every 5 or 10 years, that fits
00:13<gparent>"My lord, the peasants... they want softer bathroom tissue again after our latest budget cuts!"
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01:29<linbot>New news from community: Dashboard "This Month's Network Transfer Pool" <>
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02:21<imran>could please tell me how to connect filezilla
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02:24<memorymusk>are you their ?
02:25<wraeth>memorymusk: Sometimes, though I do wonder at times...
02:25<memorymusk>could you please tell me how to connect filezilla
02:26<wraeth>I don't use it, but it's just an FTP package, isn't it? So any FTP client, which I believe it also provides, should be able to.
02:27<Unit193>It also does sftp, etc. So plain ssh *should* just do
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02:28<wraeth>Coolies, problem solved I guess. :)
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03:01<newnode>who is from linode?
03:01<newnode>i have some question
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03:13<vyanky>I am getting this message in email - Your Linode, has exceeded the notification threshold (90) for CPU Usage by averaging 96.8% for the last 2 hours.
03:13<vyanky>what does this mean?
03:13<vyanky>please help me understanding this
03:13<Peng>What part don't you understand?
03:13<vyanky>Your Linode, has exceeded the notification threshold (90) for CPU Usage by averaging 96.8%
03:14<vyanky>do i need to take any action on this?
03:14<Peng>It's just a configurable notification. If it's normal for your Linode to use that amount of CPU, no.
03:14<Peng>If it's not normal, you should investigate what's happening.
03:14<Peng>If it is normal, you can configure a higher notification threshold in the Linode manager.
03:15<vyanky>but what is notification threshold?
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03:26*Zr40 likes the notifications, but wishes there's a lower bound notification as well
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04:51<melek>I would like to support an email server on linode, with multiple ip addresses, it that supported, and if i do so, will there be restictions on the quantity or the quality of emails i send ?
04:54<nagchampa>melek: i think spam is against the terms of service
04:54<nagchampa>multiple IP addresses are possible, you pay for addon IPs
04:55<Zr40>and you'll need to provide technical justification for the additional IPs
05:01<melek>Thanks guys
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05:23<nate>Which email usually isn't technical justification
05:25<nagchampa>yeah, it's definitely possibleto host multiple domains from a single IP
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05:54<nagchampa>well i'm missing most of those characters in this font
05:55<Zr40>looks like spam to me
05:55<nagchampa>it's already gone
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09:48<ian>hi folks, I have a few questions relating to accounts side fo things, if there's anyone here who can help?
09:48<ian>1. Can the 'Sign Up' details attached to an account when created be easy changed to completely different details at a later date?
09:49<ian>2. Can I easy change Linode instance resources be changed at any point? If I started with an 8GB Dedicated could I change that 8GB Standard or vice versa?
09:50<DrJ>ian: you can change your linode plan at any time. It does require a bit of downtime.
09:51<DrJ>Also, if changing to a plan that offers less disk space you might have to shrink your disks first
09:51<ian>ok, a bit of downtime ~ a few seconds/minutes/... ?
09:51<DrJ>depends on the size of your disks really
09:51<DrJ>anywhere from a few minutes to 20-30 minutes typically
09:52<ian>fair enough
09:52<cruxeternus>Because it is literally moving your whole disk image from one machine to another.
09:52<ian>3. Who do I contact about organising a site migration?
09:52<DrJ>that would really be up to you to handle or contract out ian
09:53<DrJ>you could "contract" Linode to do that for you:
10:05<ian>many thanks
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15:03<Neto>hi guys
15:03<Neto>We have a due of $84.99
15:04<Neto>Last months we never use our cloud
15:04<Neto>Could Linode give us a discount to be possible pay this ASAP.
15:04<@bbigger>Hey Neto, go ahead and open up a Support ticket and we'll see what we can do
15:04<Neto>ticket 11776962
15:05<Neto>Thank you very much guys!
15:05<@bbigger>sure thing Neto — we'll take a look and get you an update soon.
15:06<Neto>Wow, amazing!
15:07<Neto>We never had problems with payments, but now we are in a crises in Brazil...
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15:14<frodeborli>Quick question: if linodes communicate between each other over public IP - will that take from my public traffic?
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15:30<jaskal>5 days and counting of failed backups on 2 linode's :(
15:46<@rdaniels>jaskal: Sorry you are having this issue. :( drop us a ticket id number, and we'll have a look.
15:47<jaskal>It auto generated two tickets after the backups failed twice - 11757538 and 11759457
15:49<@rdaniels>Thanks for the ticket numbers. someone will look into this shortly!
15:50<jaskal>Cool thanks
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16:23<@mcintosh>!point rdaniels
16:23<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to rdaniels. (3)
16:46<csnxs>!point mcintosh
16:46<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (8)
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18:24<nuevu>There some issue in Frankfurt? My machine there's dropped off the face of the Earth, and I can't seem to connect to Lish there either (it's not accepting my pub-key or password).
18:25<nuevu>Annnd ... everything's back. That was weird.
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18:25<gparent>You can see those scheduled maintances here:
18:25<gparent>you probably got an email too, but not sure about that one as I do not have a VM in Frankfurt.
18:26<gparent>Oh maybe not, seems like it was posted as it occured.
18:27<gparent>Also it looks like the text doesn't match the schedule?
18:27<gparent>Scheduled for Apr 10, 02:00 - 04:00 UTC "We will be performing network maintenance on our A side gateway router in EU-Central (Frankfurt) on Tuesday, April 9th from 22:00 UTC until April 10th 00:00 UTC."
18:28<nuevu>Bah, I'd forgotten about maintenance. I watch the announcements, but totally let that one slip and didn't check before opening my mouth.
18:28<nuevu>!point gparent
18:28<linbot>nuevu: Point given to gparent. (8)
18:29<nuevu>And yeah, the scheduled time doesn't match the text, as you mentioned. That's super helpful.
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