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01:22<linbot>New news from community: Can’t set up reverse dns ... <>
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02:18<wraeth>This is the community support channel - channel ops are Linode staff and know what they're talking about, the rest of us are just (mostly) helpful community members. And sorry, I only speak English. Someone else may be able to help if you need to use Chinese.
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02:18*wraeth shrugs
02:36<nate>google usually translates simplified chinese pretty well
02:36<dwfreed>probably what wraeth used
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05:00<max26292>anyone there ???
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06:25<Yaakov>Hi max26292! It's nice... Oh. it left.
07:24<PipeItToDevNull>Woo, more DOS attacks from Linode
07:33<Zr40>from people using Linode, you mean
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07:45<PipeItToDevNull>Yes, but Linode approves of the usage
07:46<PipeItToDevNull>Nope, I send all reports to that, they respond that the usage is approved
07:47<csnxs>do tell how you are being DOSed
07:47<PipeItToDevNull>SSL vulnerabilities being exploited mostly, the attacks come in batches of 40 hits
08:03<Zr40>maybe fix your server configuration?
08:12<PipeItToDevNull>It doesnt affect me, the CVE is from 2016, the fact that it is allowed is the issue
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08:21<@lvenn>Hi, PipeItToDevNull. We definitely do not allow DoS attacks on our platform. I'm happy to look into this some more if you can pm me the email address you made the reports from.
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08:31<Ali>i want to know that linode has any limitation on resources or not?
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08:34<@lvenn>Hi Ali. Can you be a little more specific on this question? One thing I'd say is you'll be limited by resources depending on the Linode plan you choose.
08:41<Ali>i mean when my cpu utilization goies on 80 will it be considered as over loading?
08:45<@lvenn>Brief spikes over 80 percent are not a problem but we will restrict your Linode's cpu use if it remains over 80 percent for hours at a time and is impacting the resources of your neighbors.
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08:46<@lvenn>We do have Dedicated CPUs now, that do not have this restriction.
08:47<@lvenn>Here's a link to more info on our Dedicated CPU instances, if you want to check that out
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09:04<linbot>New news from community: Why am I receiving multiple invoices per month? <>
09:07<Adam-_>the linode manager has recently started auto resizing disks when a linode is resized, is it possible to disable this?
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09:25<@lvenn>Adam:At the moment, we do not have a way to disable this feature. We have received this feedback from some other customers and we are investigating making this feature optional. I have added your feedback to our internal tracker.
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09:49<justin108>is there any reason i could not use linode to host discord bots writen in javascript?
09:50<@mcintosh>go for it
09:50<justin108>okay, thanks
09:50<justin108>got them running on a rapsberry pi atm and want to migrate to something more stable
09:53<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
09:53<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (9)
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10:31<Abi12>holy bollacks. Why is wordpress such a cpu hog.
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11:26<hkpiash>I need help
11:26<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:31<@jmetz>hi, what did you need help with?
11:35<hkpiash>I am interested of taking a managed server from linode
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11:41<csnxs>not that interested clearly
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14:22<Zr40>lvenn: add my +1 as well for letting me keep my disk images at their current size
14:23<Zr40>I keep them purposefully small so that future migrations and resizes won't take hours
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14:31<@mcintosh>Zr40: noted your +1
14:32<poky>Hi. Can I route the DB requests that is made to 'localhost' to some other machine? I have moved my MySQL to other server and want all database requests to go there. Too lazy to edit bunch of configuration files and replace 'localhost' to 'newIP'
14:33<Zr40>poky: I'd recommend actually going in and doing the replacement to save yourself headaches in the future. But to answer your question, yes, you can set up a tunnel (like with ssh -L for instance)
14:35<poky>#1. Thinking of possible headaches I would land into. #2 any link or guide that I can learn how to do this? I am not an expert
14:36<Zr40>for example, forgetting about this setup and wondering one year from now why you're connecting successfully to localhost while no server is running
14:36<Zr40>and it's another piece you'll need to maintain
14:37<poky>Ah gotcha
14:38<poky>So any guide for this. I will decide should I do that or not. Atleast I will have knowledge on this. Thanks!!
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15:24<newprogrammer>hi. is it possible to increase only specified resource of system ? i mean if i want to increase only ram then what i should do ? iwant to do that, because it will be cheaper solution
15:38<zifnab>!wx ksea
15:38<linbot>zifnab: [metar] OBS at KSEA: 50.0F/10C, visibility 10 miles, wind 11.51 mph, chill 45.56F (altimeter: 30.03) [KSEA 111932Z 20010KT 10SM -RA FEW007 BKN011 OVC020 10/08 A3003 RMK AO2 RAB07 ]
15:38<zifnab>!help wx
15:38<linbot>zifnab: (wx <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$1&requester=$nick".
15:39<zifnab>whoever owns that, i am upset you locked it to linbot.
15:39<zifnab>i have no nice words for you.
15:40<@bbigger>newprogrammer: we're looking into offering the ability to resize specific resources — I've added your request to our tracker.
15:40<zifnab>mcintosh: fixit
15:41<@mcintosh>zifnab: it's Yaakov's :p
15:42<Yaakov>Too bad you aren't nice.
15:44<Yaakov>Even though I would love to be able to leave out the whitelisting, it would be foolish to do that, don't you think?
15:48<zifnab>i have found a different api and made it work. thank you for your interseting bot utils though
15:48<zifnab>!lick Yaakov
15:48<linbot>zifnab: Point given to yaakov. (2)
15:48<newprogrammer>bbigger: thank you very much !
15:49<Yaakov>You are welcome, Also, you could have asked for access, for the record.
15:50<@mcintosh>why ask when you can complain! ;p
15:50<@mcintosh>!point bbigger
15:50<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to bbigger. (7)
15:54<linbot>Yaakov: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
15:55<Yaakov>Yeah, yeah.
15:55<Yaakov>All those things need to use https now.
15:55<linbot>Yaakov: [httping]": ,
15:55<gparent>neat output
15:55<Yaakov>That's not right.
15:55<gparent>just enough info
15:56<Yaakov>I need to do something about that.
15:56<gparent>if you do, make sure it's not a single-line commit with the content:
15:56<gparent>+ verify=False
15:57<linbot>Yaakov: ('The read operation timed out',)
15:57<linbot>Yaakov: [mtr-newark] 7 hops, no loss, last hop average RTT was 36.0ms
16:31<zifnab>i could have, but that would entail me tracking you down later if it broke
16:31<zifnab>i just threw together a json plugin to grab it with `json get .raw`
16:31<zifnab>which works fine
16:36<zifnab>oh hey look another api that i shouldn't be able to see at home...
16:36<zifnab>i have a 172.92 address at home
16:37<zifnab>the number of people who whitelist is....very much larger than 0.
16:37<zifnab>i can see about 5% more of the internet from home
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17:12<Yaakov>Apparently, tracking me down involves saying my name in the channel.
17:12<csnxs>but that's doxxing!
17:16<gparent>zifnab: ahaha!
17:17<zifnab>Yaakov: yes but I had no idea it's you, and I'll still forget in a year or three
17:17<Yaakov>Whatever works best for you, surely.
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19:49<chesty>I love you all with a great Yaakov love
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22:10<linbot>New news from community: How do I clone a linode via API? <>
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