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01:57<Peng>MTA-STS looks like such a pain.
02:11<Peng>G Suite before: 5 MX records, 3 TXT records.
02:12<Peng>G Suite now: Also an HTTPS web server, a text file, 2-3 more TXT records...
02:36<linbot>New news from community: Control Panel for Ubuntu 18.10 <>
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05:36<codeistalk>i can't do ssh to my server
05:38<nagchampa>have you possibly set up a firewall and not opened the port?
05:38<codeistalk>I was checking server logs and there was lot of login failed attempts like a sql injection script
05:38<codeistalk>every second multiple hits for ssh login
05:39<nagchampa>oh, that's normal
05:39<codeistalk>so I changed ssh port in /etc/ssh/sshd_confg
05:39<nagchampa>if you run ssh on the standard port you'll get scanned constantly
05:39<codeistalk>but now I am not able to login
05:39<nagchampa>you're adding the port to your ssh connection config?
05:39<nagchampa>then I would guess some sort of firewall
05:39<codeistalk>ssh root@ip -p port
05:39<codeistalk>so how to resolve it
05:40<codeistalk>I tried to reach linode on call but no one is picking up
05:40<nagchampa>log in through lish (either via ssh or through the web control panel) and check
05:40<codeistalk>I can't do ssh as I mentioned
05:40<nagchampa>also i would heavily recommend disabling root logins through ssh and using su or sudo to get root access when you need it
05:41<nagchampa>ssh to lish is different to ssh to your server
05:41<codeistalk>can you guide how to do it ?
05:41<nagchampa>each datacenter has its own lish server
05:41<nagchampa>if you log in to the website you can open the console through there
05:41<codeistalk>I have never done it before
05:41<nagchampa>unless you've set up an ssh key for lish access you won't be able to do it through ssh
05:41<codeistalk>let me try
05:42<codeistalk>so only option is web console
05:42<nagchampa>if you haven't set up a key for using lish via ssh, yes
05:43<codeistalk>I came to know about it just now
05:43<codeistalk>any reference link how to do it
05:43<nagchampa>one sec
05:43<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
05:43<nagchampa>thanks Peng
05:44<codeistalk>now I am on weblish
05:44<codeistalk>but it seems hanged
05:45<codeistalk>okay I am logged in
05:45<nagchampa>there's also glish through weblish
05:45<nagchampa>no problems
05:46<codeistalk>yeah i saw
05:46<codeistalk>so how to solve this too many login attempts issue ?
05:47<codeistalk>how to disable root login
05:47<codeistalk>and login as user, and use sudo then
05:49<nagchampa>what distribution are you using?
05:50<nagchampa>the login attempts can be mitigated with fail2ban
05:50<codeistalk>debian 9
05:51<nagchampa>you'll have to read the documentation on how to set it up for your distro
05:51<nagchampa>sshd has configuration options to disable root logins
05:51<nagchampa>and if you have the root password you can just su with that after logging in with a regular user
05:53<codeistalk>installed fail2ban
05:53<codeistalk>I hope now less attempts will show up
05:54<nagchampa>it essentially scans your server logs and looks for failed login attempts, and then temporarily bans sources that go over a threshold
05:57<linbot>New news from community: why is my server running but website is not responding? <>
06:27<linbot>New news from community: Postgres seems to keep getting shutdown after a while <>
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08:17<linbot>New news from community: How can I specify the mount-point of my volume when I attach it to my Linode? <>
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09:28<bobby>what do you recommend using for emails for my vps nginx?
09:29<bobby>it can get costly paying google for a bunch of domain emails
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09:33<DrJ>Oh how much I hate the 15-30 minute DNS update delay for linode dns
09:33*DrJ twiddles thumbs as he waits
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09:34<DrJ>bobby: zoho is pretty good and a bit cheaper
09:35<DrJ>if it is just for you you could go my route... I use Office365 with about 15 aliases
09:35<DrJ>can then use mail rules to move emails to appropriate folders
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10:02<bobby>its $20 a year through hover per email
10:02<bobby>i should probably avoid setting up my own mail server?
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11:05<ZeeshanMudassir>hello i have question about vps
11:05<dzho>!to ZeeshanMudassir ask
11:05<linbot>ZeeshanMudassir: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:06<ZeeshanMudassir>if i buy starter vps plan what will be internet speed on my vps
11:07<dzho>ZeeshanMudassir: the pricing page lists this information
11:08<ZeeshanMudassir>its said 40GBs in and 5000mb out
11:08<ZeeshanMudassir>i don't understand what will be my vps speed
11:08<dzho>I don't understand what you are asking
11:08<dzho>I also do not see the same numbers you are seeing. Where did you find those.
11:08<ZeeshanMudassir>like inmotion vps servers have link speed of 100mbps
11:09<dzho>5000mb is not a speed
11:10<dzho>ok that is the same pricing link I am looking at
11:10<dzho>which plan are you looking at?
11:10<ZeeshanMudassir>linode 8GB
11:10<dzho>5000Mbps out
11:10<dzho>so there you are
11:11<ZeeshanMudassir>when i upload something what speed will be of my vps
11:11<ZeeshanMudassir>and when i download something on my vps than what speed will be for my vps
11:11<dzho>assuming by "upload" and "download" you mean "into the vps" and "out of the vps"
11:11<Peng>Wait, what do you mean by "download something on my vps"?
11:12<ZeeshanMudassir>like i am migrating a website for my client when i use wget i will get 5000MB speed ?
11:12<dzho>because the vps is not the only link in the chain
11:12<SleePy>Incoming into your VPS is 40 gbps, outgoing away from your vps is 500mbps
11:12<dzho>you probably will not see those speeds, but the limit will probably not be linode
11:12<Peng>SleePy: 5000
11:12<SleePy>Yea my bad
11:13<ZeeshanMudassir>are you sure internet speed of my vps will be 5000 MBps ?
11:13<dzho>if you are migrating from another site into linode, then the incoming limit is the relevant one on the linode side
11:13<SleePy>Unless the connection between the systems is really good, your not going to hit those speeds though.
11:13<dzho>which is to say, linode's network connection will almost certainly not be the limiting factor
11:14<ZeeshanMudassir>still confused
11:14<ZeeshanMudassir>i just want a number to understand
11:14<dzho>we can give you a number, but the understanding is up to you
11:14<ZeeshanMudassir>mostly hosting provider have 100mbps link which will be 12.2 mbps during using wget
11:15<SleePy>bits to btyes is what you are seeing there
11:15<ZeeshanMudassir>what internet speed will be mine when i use wget on my vps
11:15<ZeeshanMudassir>let me know an avarage speed
11:15<dzho>ZeeshanMudassir: if I have a 100L bucket, how much water will you give me?
11:15<Peng>ZeeshanMudassir: That's impossible to answer.
11:16<Peng>ZeeshanMudassir: Linode's pricing page tells you what the maximum speed is -- which is much better than your other host, apparently.
11:16<ZeeshanMudassir>its complicated on linode
11:16<Peng>No it's not.
11:16<dzho>it is very simple on linod
11:16<ZeeshanMudassir>i still didn't understand what speed i will get
11:17<dzho>ZeeshanMudassir: perhaps then you should do a test
11:17<SleePy>40gbps down/ 5000mbps up
11:17<ZeeshanMudassir>how can i get trail ?
11:17<dzho>linode offers a 7 day money back guarantee
11:17<dzho>you sign up and start using it.
11:17<dzho>they do not do trials
11:18<SleePy>Your problem is not going to be your linode speeds, but getting data into your linode at those speeds as other providers (such as your current host) have limitations on their speeds as well.
11:18<dzho>I recommend you do your test on the nanode, if network speed is a concern, because the incoming speed is the same on all plans
11:18<SleePy>Such as your current host sounds like even though your linode can operate at 40gbps, you couldn't move data from your current host faster than 100mbps
11:18<dzho>or, to use my example ...
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11:19<dzho>if I have a 100L bucket, but you only have 5L of water, it doesn't matter that I have a 100L bucket, you can only give me those 5L
11:19<ZeeshanMudassir>yes i understand the limit of my current provider but if my current provider also have 100GBps speed than what will be linodes speed
11:20<Peng>You already know what Linode's maximum speed is.
11:21<ZeeshanMudassir>i am taking it as 40GB in upload and 5000mbps download speed
11:21<ZeeshanMudassir>is it ?
11:21<dzho>incoming and outgoing, from the perspective of the linode
11:21<SleePy>Yes if you mean upload INTO linode and download FROM linode
11:22<ZeeshanMudassir>is there any promo code for monthly billing ?
11:23<dzho>y'all go ahead
11:23*dzho has never bothered with his own referral code
11:24<dzho>istr linbot can be induced to give out caker's or someone's though :-)
11:24<ZeeshanMudassir>is there any promo code for monthly billing ?
11:24<dzho>well, there certainly isn't a promo code for spamming the channel with the same question
11:24<dzho>please don't do that
11:25<ZeeshanMudassir>i am not spaming
11:25<@mcintosh>promo and referral are a lil different, since the person signing up doesn't get a bonus for using a referral code
11:25<ZeeshanMudassir>i am asking again
11:25<@mcintosh>ZeeshanMudassir: LINODE10 will give you a $10 credit when you sign up
11:26<dzho>ZeeshanMudassir: asking once within the span of ... 2 minutes should be sufficient.
11:27<ZeeshanMudassir>any recurring promo code ?
11:27*dzho rolls eyes
11:27*mcintosh rolls dice
11:28<linbot>New news from community: navigating to https tells me NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID <>
11:28*linbot rolls royce
11:28<ZeeshanMudassir>can i get a link for complete feature details of vps
11:29<ZeeshanMudassir>like softclouse or cpanel or whmcs anything that i will get with it or ips etc.
11:29<@mcintosh>cpanel/whmcs you have to install yourself
11:30<@mcintosh>Linodes come with a single static public IP - additional IPs are $1.00 a month, and require justification (you have to open a ticket and explain why you need an additional IP)
11:30<@mcintosh>IPv6 /64 ranges are free, though - just have to ask
11:35<ZeeshanMudassir>its mean i have to buy cpanel license separately and whmcs separately ? and soufclouse too is it ?
11:44<@mcintosh>yes, that's what it means
11:45<ZeeshanMudassir>can i share a link for understanding
11:45<ZeeshanMudassir>someone claim they are better than you but i know it can be their marketing stunt
11:45<ZeeshanMudassir>so you can answer me in better way
11:46<ZeeshanMudassir>if you allow me
11:46<@mcintosh>sure, I can try
11:46<@mcintosh>but, full disclosure, I work for Linode, so I'm probably going to tell you we're better :)
11:46<ZeeshanMudassir>have a look at link please
11:49<@mcintosh>ZeeshanMudassir: those benchmarks are two years old (they're not particularly detailed in the first place - but their age arguably renders them fairly useless)
11:50<millisa>hosthatch - support via tickets/email, no phone. linode support via ticket/emails, phone, and fax.
11:51<ZeeshanMudassir>what about
11:51<millisa>hosthatch - no backup product? linode - has backup product that is relatively inexpensive.
11:51<ZeeshanMudassir>they claimed they are most fast than everyone in field
11:51<@mcintosh>i doubt that's true
11:51<millisa>hosthatch - where's the docs. linode - docs docs docs
11:52<@mcintosh>hosthatch and inmotion also have zero mcintoshes - big selling point imo
12:03<csnxs>^ agree
12:03<csnxs>if they dont have a mcintosh, why bother
12:20<SleePy>So the benchmark source is on a hosting providers site and they are the winner... Sounds legit
12:21<millisa>if they didn't hide away their billing terms and docs, I might give them a chance to see what they can do
12:21<millisa>they have a $5/month plan
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12:39<ray_>I am having issues with SSH
12:41<millisa>want to give more details"
12:42<ray_>I just did a CentOS install and tried to connect to it via ssh root@ip
12:42<ray_>it is not finding it
12:42<ray_>Maybe I have to call linode
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12:43<millisa>did you boot the linode?
12:46<millisa>what is the IP?
12:47<millisa>pings, but ssh shows filtered.
12:48<millisa>the default centos install doesn't block ssh; did you modify the firewall setup?
12:48<ray_>no. I just did a fresh install
12:49<millisa>Have you logged in with lish to see what shows on the console?
12:50<ray_>let me check the documentation there. I have just installed and tried connecting. Nothing else
12:51<millisa>lish lets you look at the system like you are on the local keyboard (it's great for when the network config or firewall config is screwed up)
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13:16<ray_>filters had been placed on my account by linode administrators. Issue resolved
13:16<millisa>interesting. ssh does look open now.
13:17<ray_>there was an attack coming from my account so they opened a ticket and I didn't responds.
13:17<ray_>Thanks for your help
13:17<millisa>Sure thing, good luck with cleanup
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13:40<Peng>I did not anticipate that
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14:57<onlyme>What ssl provider would you guy's recommend for home use there isnt Lets Encrypt because have to many issues with them after they removed TLS-SNI.
14:59<millisa>lets encrypt without tls-sni...
15:05<onlyme>millisa: well that is not posible. I do not allow a automated system to update dns ( because I do not store password or api key to dns administration on the server ), and over http is also not posible
15:06<onlyme>so after lets encrypt removed https then that is no go
15:07<millisa>and you don't want to use http-01?
15:09<onlyme>port 80 is not posible no
15:22<nate>onlyme: There are no other automated ones that don't basically just use LE as far as I'm aware (there's an obscure one out of europe somewhere I believe but it's coverage is still very limited?). So you're gonna probably have to do them manually from one of the various reseller things
15:22<nate>That said if you had no issues otherwise using the potentially insecure TLS-SNI model I don't see why you wouldn't trust the DNS update model (you can literally write the code to do it yourself so if you don't trust yourself maybe web things aren't for you :P)
15:23<millisa>Cpanel stuff doesn't use LE for their freebies, but it's still an http check. You could do LE manual.
15:24<nate>Yeah but since cPanel isn't free I'd argue their certificates by proxy aren't really either :P
15:25<millisa>if it's storing the api key for dns that's the issue - I suppose you could setup linode dns servers to slave from your hidden master and use whatever method you like to update your hidden master.
15:25<millisa>dirty perl scripts is my vote.
15:25<onlyme>nate the reason I dont trust dns updating the is because lets say if the server get hacked some how ( hope it never happen ) then there would also be posible to take over dns and maybe redirect all mail, visitors etc. And thats why I never are going to use a way where the system it self update dns
15:26<onlyme>millisa: I have no way to setup slave dns
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15:28<onlyme>I were actually thinking of switching everything to cloudflare until I noticed the low allowed client upload
15:28<millisa>put it on your linode?
15:29<onlyme>millisa: not sure what you mean
15:31<millisa>setup dns on your linode, update it with whatever letsencrypt wants for dns in whatever way you see fit. you can then use linode name servers to slave off your hidden master name server.
15:32<millisa>LE dns auth ends up on the public name servers, you don't store the api key. use whatever method you want to update the zones on your hidden master (write your own certbot plugin if you want)
15:34<onlyme>unfortunally I dont trust myself that much to run dns myself that is the reason I use a hosted dns service
15:35<onlyme>nate: but which reseller whoud you them recommend because I would have no issue with if I should manual change the certs each year
15:39<nate>onlyme: comodosslstore or are the only ones I really ever dealt with for cheap stuff
15:39<nate>that said, if your server gets breached, them getting your DNS API keys (which you can easily rotate) is probably gonna be the absolute least of your controls
15:40<nate>some DNS providers also let you limit exactly what can be changed with the keys, though I don't think linode is one
15:41<onlyme>thanks nate I will take a look at those two
15:43<onlyme>wow is it that expencive guess I have to figure out what to do then
15:43<nate>that expensive? Make sure you're looking at basic DV certificates
15:44<nate>General DV certs are usually like $10 tops on there, now if you start trying to get into wildcard stuff yeah it gets pricy
15:45<onlyme>well the numbers of subdomains I have there use ssl then it were wildcard I were looking at
15:46<onlyme>and that were from 73 USD each year
15:47<nate>Yeah wildcards get pricy even for reseller/cheap DV's
15:47<onlyme>and that I need 4 off ( four private domains )
15:47<nate>Honestly I really just recommend using LE, and if you don't trust yourself to secure your box well maybe hire someone to do it on a contract basis or get linode managed?
15:48<onlyme>if I had to go linode managed then I would cancel them all tbh because that is not worth it for private servers
15:49<onlyme>because just linode managed would be 400 USD each month
15:50<Abi12>most people would do it for a one time rate then hourly for break/fix
15:50<Abi12>s/one time rate/one time payment/
15:53<onlyme>Abi12: well that would still not help anything
15:54<Abi12>it might. Pay 400 bucks to secure your server once, pay them like 100 monthly for updates/upgrades and bleh, and then pay them 50.00 an hour if something breaks.
15:54<Abi12>Those numbers aren't average btw. It might cost way more xD
15:56<Abi12>err I actually had a question about php7.0 and sendmail. My mail.force_extra_parameters isn't working?? I'm receiving it from a mail@domain.tld address rather than info@domain.tld ( which is what I override the From field with )
15:56<onlyme>and 400 USD for private servers that is way to expensive just for managing it. That is 8 times what I pay each month. And if they set anything up then there I really have problems because then I actually dont know what is change what settings is set etc
16:03<@mtjones>Abi12: Did you restart PHP/Sendmail after changing the force_extra_parameters setting?
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16:22<Abi12>mtjones: yup
16:23<Abi12>It's weird because the info@domain.tldr is set as the envelope-from: address , but the 'From' field is set to mail@domain.tldr
16:23<Abi12>I'm using the '-ifinfo@domain.tldr' btw
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16:48<@mtjones>Abi12: I'm seeing that you could also set the outgoing value by setting the sendmail_path to have the setting. For example: sendmail_path = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -f info@domain.tldr"
16:48<@mtjones>Along with any other flags that you'd normally use.
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18:38<Abi12>mtjones: yeah, that's also possible too. That's what I was originally doing, before I saw the extra parameters field.
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19:29<montigny34>best method to go about for setting up my own mailserver
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21:19<Abi12>dam that reverse resolution is sweet
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22:23<zifnab>important linux question! would y'all buy a condo where the previous owner died in the condo, if it had gigabit
22:33<@mcintosh>i have gigabit now so, prob not :p
22:36-!-ZeeshanMudassir [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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22:38<ZeeshanMudassir>if i buy vps from linode , i knew its unmanaged but do i get any kind of help to manage them i don't know very much about these things
22:39<ZeeshanMudassir>i am quick learner and i have used some of vps for play not for my professional website or resale etc.
22:39<ZeeshanMudassir>i want to setup alpha to sale reseller hosting plans for to my customer i will buy cpanel and whmcs licenses
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23:26<Peng>zifnab: Are you asking if I'd kill the previous owner if I found out they had gigabit?
23:27<zifnab>Peng: no, if the building has gigabit, and the owner died in the condo, would you buy it.
23:27<zifnab>lets assume they shot themselves in the living room
23:27<zifnab>this is an actual real world scenario i'm currently looking at fwiw
23:27<zifnab>"building has internet" "building is probably haunted"
23:28<Peng>I'm not sure I trust the cleaning job they would've done, TBH.
23:31<zifnab>that's where i'm at.
23:31<zifnab>i just found out hte hoa is a mess, so that's probably out anyways
23:31<zifnab>2mil in needed repairs, 400k on hand
23:31<zifnab>new roof, new elevator, new sewer, new siding
23:31<zifnab>sooo, erm, next?
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